Dr Siouxsie Wiles fight against Auckland University matters


Siouxsie Wiles case: Security removes man from courtroom after he approached scientist’s legal team

Security staff at the Employment Court removed a man from a courtroom this morning after he attempted to speak to scientist Dr Siouxsie Wiles’ legal team.

The man entered the courtroom in Auckland during a break in proceedings around 11.30am. He approached Wiles’ lawyer Catherine Stewart before security quickly intervened and led him out by the arm.

He was led out of the building on Federal St in Auckland and was heard telling security officers he had wanted to give evidence to the legal team. Stewart appeared rattled by the encounter.

It came after a separate security incident on Tuesday, when a person came on to the University of Auckland campus asking to speak to Wiles.

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I believe Dr Siouxsie Wiles is a public health hero.

Her ability to explain the vaccination policy in clear precise language that was immediately accessible to many Kiwis and her willingness to provide light in the dark and the fear of the pandemic mark her out as a uniquely brave voice that provided so much support to so many.

The manner in which she has been vilified by the unhinged, the frightened, the stupid, the misled and the evil has been a low point for our culture.

As a public academic, Dr Siouxsie Wiles had an obligation to step up into the public arena, because that is the role of public academics!

We look to our Universities to be ale to provide considered and intelligent voices at times of upheaval when we require wisdom.

Dr Siouxsie Wiles did that and the lack of protection the University provided her is criminal!

The fact she has had two security issues occur during this trial highlights how much of a lightening rod she has become for the feral antivaxx movement.

We need more public academics willing to join the public debate, not less and the University’s refusal to provide the level of safety Dr Siouxsie Wiles should have expected generates a chilling effect on free speech.

Dr Siouxsie Wiles fight against Auckland University matters to our debate and the right to protect those voices of reason the mob turns against .


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  1. She explained the science well but her brand is her hair and it’s a red rag to their bull.

    On the other hand did she stand up for the academic freedom of The Auckland University Seven or was she part of the cancellation crew.

    • She was one of the instigators of the letter soliciting signatures from fellow academics aimed at bullying and de-platforming the seven scientists who disagreed with incorporating Māori folklore into science classes.

      • Her multi year job interview is not going to plan so she go to the employment court with a health and safety matter?
        And the employment court goes ahead and hears the dispute instead of referring it to Worksafe… or should that read WorkSpace….

        What is it that she and her lawyers are suing for?

  2. She is an atheist queer sexually liberated plus size woman with a science background and pink hair.

    Of course they hate her.

    • Nitrium. The issue is freedom of speech you moron, and the university should be supporting this, and supporting those who engage in it. What do you want? PM’s saying they are the sole source of truth ?
      UNO and WHO sanctioned censorship?

      • Cool. More antivax filth who want to use ‘free speech’ as a cudgel against those who just want to protect people from a contagious virus.

        • Nope. Freedom of speech. You’re perfectly free to run around saying the cow jumped over the moon, and anyone can that say you’re the cow.

          • Getting over QAnon, antivax COVID denying filth like you who want to let the virus rip. Anyway, didnt you want abortion and homosexuality banned or something? Or you want to go back to the 1960’s and have people arrested for sneezeing of something like that.

            • Millsy, you accuse everyone of hating LGBT+ people, hating Maori, wanting NZ to be back in the 50/60’s, accuse anyone not agreeing with your political points….not only does it show up your immaturity, but it’s also an excellent example of why the left was kicked out of Govt, you are a poster boy for one of the reasons the right won the election. And the sad fact is you cannot see it!

              • I’m right. Spot on. Query anything, and the woke fling out inane accusations of being anti this and that. The most graphic example was the ‘Let Women Speak’ event at Albert Park, which politicians, media, and top public servants twisted it into anti transgenderism and justification for brutally stopping women from raising some important issues which politicians are too cowardly to address themselves – apart from Winston Peters.

                • Let’s face it, you are on record as wanting homosexuality recriminalised and expelling LGBT teenages from schools en masse.

                  You are the biggest prude on this site. I bet seeing a womans ankle drives you into a rage.

                  You really need a man for the night. So fucking uptight

            • millsy it has become obvious you are an AI chatbot that is being used to try and divide normal people from engaging in rational discourse. Now that I have exposed you, please stop.

  3. Her role during Covid ensured that there will never be another lockdown as a response to future pandemics – public would simply not comply.

  4. [public would simply not comply.]
    That would depend on how serious the future pandemic was, and how much fear it generated. The six week lockdown in 2020 showed that we can live with a lockdown if we have to.

  5. She was a public health hero. That was a high point.

    Being a primary instigator of an open letter vilifying scientists for asking reasonable questions about what does (and does not) constitute science, sorry but that was a low point.

    That whole debacle was academics failing to define what they were shouting about before the shouting. Matauranga Maori is not Science, nor does it need to be. It’s part of the intellectual heritage of this country. Why should a world-view be forced to put on a lab coat before it’s considered “worthy”?

    That degrades both the worldview and the lab coat.

    So, she’s a complicated person. She gets some things right, and some things wrong. Of course, she does need protection from the unhinged.

  6. Doctor Helen Petousis-Harris never seemed to cause this controversy. She stepped up and provided information during Covid. It seems a shame the people like her that quietly went about their job without any drama (that I saw) have been forgotten.

  7. Avid reader for a while, but now I feel compelled to comment. I don’t know how a character like millsy is allowed to post comments like he does. He has serious anger problems. Does he represent the average left leaning blogger here?

  8. There is something that Kiwis of a certain generation find annoying about foreigners telling us what to do.
    It started with geordie trade unionists and ended with woke South Africans.
    Vaxxed to the max just so you know.

  9. Terrible comments. I discovered I say old bugger things when I criticized her hair. She spoke the truth and had a shit-storm of reaction. Behind her to the nth degree. Aint truth grand.

    I’m a bit like the old parishioners in my granddad’s parish. Reluctant about him. Then 15 years later a church guy started spreading undermining stories about him . The old parishioners were his staunchest supporters. Vivat veritas.

    His daughter, my mum, encountered similar as her HOD. This sociopathic wronghead passed on her headship to her daughter! Granddad’s critic became a minister after him. People with no morals have an advantage over us in working the system. No scruples.

  10. What a bunch of bad faith comments here. One hopes that there will be some thoughtful uplifting and reasonable pieces of joined-up writing. The issue seems straightforward – she knows stuff, thinks it is important that others without her training and experience should know also so they can truly understand, and her hair size in shoes is unimportant to the issue. And one of the universities’ wishes is that their staff carry out work that is published under their banner or brand. So what was wrong with her coming forward and performing a duty to the nation, and the government which still puts big funding into the unis etc. I think, though who knows in these lax days. The university which is I think business-oriented is perhaps looking for grant funding from business more than relying on being a national treasure?

    This is an example of why I think NZ as a nation is stuffed. We can’t think straight, a large minority that show themselves here are wandering in their minds, and the majority will tend to be dragged down by that group of nincompoops, or fight with themselves for the way to go and be past the turn off on the motorway before they get oriented and agreed.

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