Why an early election is a possibility you can’t rule out

This is the worst threesome in NZ History – they all cry out their own names when they orgasm

Externally it’s all smiles and glad handing.

Internally it’s a fully fledged panic.

The loathing between ACT and NZFirst makes the TERF vs Trans debate look mild.

NZ First is like retirement village political chlamydia, but more delusional. ACT have values that would embarrass your average Drug Cartel and shame flesh hungry piranha while Luxon looks like a frightened virgin at an orgy.

National built their entire economic model on the fake premise they’ll make billions in revenue from a tax on foreign buyers speculating in the domestic market.

Problem is NZ First had the foreign buyers ban in their manifesto and helped Labour put in place in the first term of the Labour led Government.

The Real Estate Pimps have pumped millions of dollars in donations to National and want the foreign buyers ban lifted on top of re-opening tax loopholes, on top of dumping healthy home requirements, on top of the right to evict.

The solution is no lifting of the foreign buyers ban, dump the tax cuts and make the savings in the slashing of public services, or go to a second election.

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This is why there is still so much of a chance that we may well go to a second election because National can’t budge Winston and ACT hate Winston.

The right have the money for a second election, the Left don’t and if Winston can be painted out as the problem, they could burn him politically.

National, ACT and NZ First expects the electorate to behave like Pavlov’s Dog.

In one breath we are told the negotiations can be immediate and quick, while in the next breath Winston and David re-state how they can walk away altogether.

The diametric policy differences will produce a buffet of dead rats that will led to the same incrementalism that doomed Labour.

That lack of traction on the social problems we face alongside the cost of living crisis demand responses National/ACT/NZF won’t have in their political DNA.

The full bite of the new mortgage rates many first time home buyers are rolling onto is denting hospitality, advertising slumps is destroying media and inflation keeps a new rate rise before Christmas a possibility.

600 000 require Food Banks each month, 300 000 face energy and housing poverty, 24 717 languish on the social housing wait list and the planet is melting.

The idea this grudge fuck of a Government can last 3 years without imploding is a gamble.

National/ACT/NZF represents Old Zealand and right now, Old Zealand is bound by a shared hate of beneficiaries, gangs and prisoners, but beyond this common malice towards the poorest and disenfranchised, the Alliance of Arseholes has nothing to offer but right wing vengeance.

How long will the NZ electorate find that bitter cocktail politically palatable?


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  1. Right through the year, the wider electorate saw Cluxon as smug, untrustworthy and aloof. Yet they voted for him.
    He made no secret of the fact he wanted to sell our country from under us, helped by Seymour. That’s what the right does, they have donors to placate.
    Every wee while J. Key popped his head up and offered unsolicited advice. At least it’s supposed to be unsolicited. But has Cluxon has been asking him for advice and Key now thinks this will be The Key Govt. version 2.
    No thanks.
    Have that pair cooked up a neat little scheme? They’d both get knighthoods and Key would get to be prime minister again through his puppet.
    Ok, apparently Aucklanders are really angry with Labour. At least parts of Auckland still belong to us. We see the depredations of the real estate
    non-industry all around, every day. Don’t landlords and foreigners have enough.
    People were told they were angry and so the gullible ones got angry. How pathetic. They should be getting damned angry now, about the threat posed by this new govt.

    • All good points Joy….

      It’s pretty obvious that Luxon is well out of his depth and is hoping that a bullshit and bravado approach will do the job.
      Unfortunately for Luxon, politics doesn’t work like that…he’s in for a hiding..
      Bullish can baffle brains …for about 5 minutes..
      He has already made the biggest of mistakes…
      Over promising, and as will prove to be inevitable, undelivering.
      It’s all over for him…and rightly so..he won’t go the distance.
      He’s just another Liz Truss…Goodbye!

    • Excellent piece @ Joy.
      A suggestion, more questions, really, to aid in an attempt to achieve even greater clarity. AO/NZ’s an odd one in how we earn our money, and who gets to play with it.
      Ask yourselves. Who earns our money by way of production? Who then exports our primary industry product and what’s exported to where? Perhaps most importantly, what’s the full history behind those goods from production to export then consumption? Where’s the money from those endeavours? Through what banking systems did that exports earned money travel?
      Before we start to unravel our perverted politics we must first come to understand exactly what we’re about to unravel. What are we going to find? Are we ready for the truth?
      At that point, things could go either way. We could tear apart the very fabric of our politics and our economy to reveal Grand Master Lies and autocratic fiefdoms riding mile high horses with legs so spindly they’d defy all veterinary principles. Or. We ignore the crooked past and the crooked present and sell our AO/NZ to hoards fleeing global climate change which will mean the very few of us will surely find high ground to hide on while the rest of us will be fucked. If you want to see the future then go to one of the two crooked bastard supermarkets and see all that lovely produce. Now. Imagine there’s nothing there at all. The foul four trading banks are going into receivership and are calling in all mortgages, privatised essential infrastructure are broke and have shut down supply and because we’re broke we can’t buy fuel we’re stranded within our neighbourhoods and smaller rural towns and is that when we start hearing of the shelling and bombing of our harbours and airports. What I’m trying to write is we’d better start giving some serious fucks about serious matters and we need better leadership than the Three Stooges can provide. https://youtu.be/DLWhjfNSwsw?si=RPBGKVMlCyf–NEP

      • Watch this. Enlightening and generally and broadly a superb piece of work
        Saving Capitalism.
        Saving Capitalism is a 2017 documentary film directed by Jacob Kornbluth and Sari Gilman, following former Secretary of Labor and Professor Robert Reich, speaking about the current state of the American economic system, and presents ideas how to “save capitalism”.

  2. Every forty years, or fewer, accumulated social tensions have combined with a feeling that Ao/NZ’s rulers somehow lack credibility, to cause a ‘big blue’, e.g. 1912/13 shortly after the election of W F Massey, 1951 shortly after the election of the first National Party government, and of course, 1981 with the Springbok Tour. I wonder whether a second election right now–with the consequent perception in some circles that a state now seen in many circles to consist of little more than a committee of landlords can’t even get its act together internally, let alone tackle any of our real problems–might trigger another ‘big blue’: which on a chronology of one-every-forty-years, is due in any case.

    • Interesting theory Chris. It’s ironic that William Massey is remembered by having a very working class suburb of Auckland named after him. Would he have approved, possibly not.

      I agree that it’s very unlikely the self-serving rabble heading to Parliament now, will be able to govern anything, let alone tackle the problems we now face. They are all compromised, have baggage which proves they have few wits, only egos, and probably no intention of making life better for ordinary people.
      Their impractical suggestions beggar belief. e.g. foundation to cover tattoos. I’d be too embarrassed to advance such silly ideas in public.
      It’s all divide and rule. Get people worked up about diversions so they can slip their nasty little schemes past while no-one is looking.
      What’s Key on about now, pandas? The world is burning, humans are adding to the conflagration everywhere and Key is talking about renting pandas. Is he serious and would his puppet listen to such nonsense? Does Auckland need the problem of having someone else’s pandas in their zoo?

      These idiot ideas will keep dropping, taking attention away from what matters, and unless we have an early election and people come to their senses, this rubbish will still be grabbing headlines and nothing substantial will have changed in 3 years’ time.
      It’s a lot more complicated than running a very small airline, which actually ran itself in spite of the CEO. Let’s hope our country can do the same.

    • Or maybe… How about them forming a government by the end of this week?

      I bet they won’t. Just because they’re all feeling confident by saying publicly they will have a government this week! Hehehe!

  3. Helen Clarke said don’t count out the possibility of Winston turning left. If he feels there can’t be a stable right of centre government he would make a deal on the left rather than be blamed for a second election. If there was a second election who knows how he and Act would fare. If he did get back in he would have to go left.

      • What’s wrong with Labour? Like seriously – why can’t they see this possibility, or if they can see it why don’t they act on it? It’s like they’ve got Chris Hipkins’ family locked up in a cellar somewhere.

    • If there were a second election who knows how ANY of the parties would fare. Just a guess, but it would be very different to the Nov result. NZF might not even reach 5%, penalized for failing to ‘deliver’ first time round. But a second election won’t happen. The three clowns will find a way to compromise for a while before the cracks start to show. What’s important is that those compromises are made transparent. Hoping too much?

  4. While a second election could happen, it would essentially be over differences among capitalist supporters and advocates with a side of culture war. So it would come down to a mock FPP Election. Left or Right? and NZ Labour will not go left at this juncture it seems, but thankfully Act is not feeling the love either!

  5. I like this: “National/ACT/NZF represents Old Zealand and right now, Old Zealand is bound by a shared hate of beneficiaries, gangs and prisoners, but beyond this common malice towards the poorest and disenfranchised, the Alliance of Arseholes has nothing to offer but right wing vengeance.”

    Except it requires a few changes to: National/ACT/NZF represents Old Zealand and right now, Old Zealand is bound by a shared hatred of everyone who isn’t like themselves, including (especially) each other, but beyond this common malice towards the poorest and disenfranchised, the Alliance of Arseholes has nothing to offer but right wing vengeance.

  6. ” The right have the money for a second election, the Left don’t and if Winston can be painted out as the problem, they could burn him politically ”

    A new general election will deliver a NACT majority without Winston.

    Regardless of ” 600 000 require Food Banks each month, 300 000 face energy and housing poverty, 24 717 languish on the social housing wait list and the planet is melting , the right including LINO don’t represent these people and their economic misery otherwise we would had a much closer election of the purple parties had the ” in it for you ” brigade would have had the votes they needed to be in contention of forming a government.

    Winston will get what he wants at the expense of Seymour because Rimmer is far to extreme except for Willis and some of the other dry’s like Goldsmith and Mitchell.

    The other consideration is LINO has just reselected Chipkins who led them to one of their worst defeats in LINO’s history as leader and is on record saying he will not work with Winston or adhere to traditional Labour party principles that was one of the reasons why Labour voters said fuck u !

    I think Luxon will form a coalition but holding it together for three years will be the litmus test considering the extreme crisies he will have to manage.

  7. AO/NZ’s a dirty little shit house of a country where criminals must make sure they gather about themselves like minded criminals to protect their respective crimes and they are that of the theft of our exports earned agrarian primary industry economy spanning a century now. You reap what you sow, aye Boys. ( God, I love irony.)
    What the vile scum the greedy, right wing moron class recently elected will be planning is how to paint over those crimes both recent and historical. My opinion is they’ll be planning to sell us, or rather our country, to a cartel of multi-billionaires given the motivation that’s climate failure.

    • Excellent CB, a cartel of billionaires would have the country running better than the previous 6yrs clusterfuck.
      Keep up the good ideas …I like them!

    • And now ” Maureen fucking useless Pugh”
      has suggested National will mine the fuck out of the West Coast! They’re not even in government yet and they’re wrecking the country. What a cluster fuck of a party.
      You dumb right wing retards are responsible, yes I’m wrong, YOU!

      • Not to mention the crazy consent given for underground tunneling for gold underneath conservation land near Waihi. Air vents along a paper road. Now before the courts. The elephant in the room however is under whose watch was the consent approved. Local body decision it seems but surely the govt of the day had a say.

      • And there is fuck all you can do about it Bert/Squeaky…Labour fucked their chance up, time for the adults to step in to Govt and get to work getting NZ back on track by actions not ‘aspirations’.
        I will admit though, I can’t deny, I will enjoy reading all your and CB, Tiger Mountain et al posts of lefty tears and all the hand wringing/pearl clutching posts for the next 6-9 years…hopefully longer!

      • ‘wrecking the country’…..it’s already wrecked after only 6yrs Squeaky/Bert.
        NZ import thousands of tons of Indonesian coal, why?
        NZ has billions of tons of it under our feet, why import it?
        (This was window dressing ‘green policy’ to make the govt look good….ban mining in NZ!!, shhhhh we will import the coal from overseas instead…. genius! Lol)

        • As I mentioned retard Im wrong/Bert the lift certainly does not go to the top floor with you and you are about as adult as a tadpole, if you think( which you clearly don’t) corrupt right wing Governments are the answer.
          4.44am post reply, stay off those porn sites Im wrong and get yourself a new logo “back on track” is plagiarism but you righties are renown for that, retard.

          • Squeaky/Bert….I don’t wish to scare you with a 4 letter word, I ‘work’ and I get up early to do that to help pay for your disability benefit, no need for thanks…I do it willingly!

  8. The Greens and TPM need to be urgently talking about how to force away from neoliberal rogernomics thinking. Even if a 3 way right wing coalition is cobbled together there is no guantee of a 3 year stable relationship.

    • Sorry should read ‘…… force Labour away from neolubdral rogernomics…..’. Unless Labour can be made to return to traditional values quickly another election would provide much the same result, except NZF would gain more votes.


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