MEDIAWATCH: What NZMEs outreach to the Platform really tells us about the state of Media


Interesting story about NZME meeting The Platform

ZB boss discussed possible relationship with founders of The Platform

The bank-roller of the fringe online radio station says in a recent meeting, NZME wanted to know their ‘secret sauce’.

…put aside the audacity that The Spinoff was part of the Lynch mob that went after Sean Plunket at MagicTalk that helped create the space for The Platform to exist, I think such a meeting between NZME and The Platform highlights the stress and struggles the media industry are currently suffering from.

MediaWorks has received a lot of media attention lately regarding the new media environment struggles, but at least they have a plan for turning things around.

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NZME, TVNZ, Stuff, RNZ and TV3 have more problems than MediaWorks.

Radio, Newspaper and TV ‘audiences’ were always a mismatch of diary readership surveys and polling.

Generating these audience numbers was always more an art than science with clients believing a million eyeballs saw their advert or a million ears heard their advert.

The brutality of online viewing stats however alongside the inflated numbers social media sold as ‘impressions’ robbed radio and newspaper of their audience numbers.

Online is all that matters now and the stats they generate provide more than the old school radio and newspaper surveys.

RNZ missed their recent audience targets, TVNZ is haemorrhaging cash, NZME is asking The Platform for insight, a recent copy of the Dom Post had no adverts in it and there are already rumours that TV3 won’t replace The Project with a current affairs show at all.

Social media has not only stolen the advertising, they have trashed the previous system Radio, Newspapers and TV used to generate the audience numbers.

With tighter budgets, advertisers need to show their clients enormous social media numbers and that online data breaks the Radio and Newspaper models.

Those media companies that can transition to the new online rules are the only ones that will survive.



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  1. If the establishment press employed intelligent educated adults instead of so many dingbats, the print media could experience a renaissance, but enticing listeners or viewers back would be a Sisyphean task.

  2. Social media didn’t trash anything, MSM trashed themselves when they chased social media nonsense over news.

  3. Good on Sean..(and you Martyn)…you guys are on point and I always appreciate it.
    Full respects to you both for reading the media landscape.
    A big thank you!

    • I wouldn’t really describe The Platform as “doing so well”, the article highlights the fact that they were talking to ZB about how to increase advertising revenue, which indicates to me that the backer must be starting to look at making a return on his investment.

  4. Sean Plunket is racist, homophonic, mysoginstic, a prude, transphobic, aporophobic and is antivax. He and his app need to be scrubbed from the face of the earth. Free speech is a luxury we cannot afford anymore, thanks to the surge in racisim and homophobia these past few years.

    • Aw shucks @ millsy, Steady on! He’s just a decent bloke with an over-sized ego that knows better than everybody else. And there’s a lot of that about. If His current gig turns to shit, he can always turn up on Voices for Freedom alongside a few other RNZ hasbeans

    • Sean is on record for his pro vaxx sentiment. In fact he gives anti-vaxxers short shrift. Clearly you’ve never listened to him.

    • “Free speech is a luxury we cannot afford anymore” – Millsy stating him/her/they are happy to be canceled 😉

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