The Working Group Special Vote Special with Brooke Van Velden, Shane Te Pou and Damien Grant



TONIGHT: ACT Party Sith Lorde Brooke Van Velden, the last socialist standing Shane Te Pou and Libertarian Voldemort, Damien Grant.

Issue 1: Specials are in – final result ramifications

Issue 2: Government negotiations and Winston’s games

Issue 3: Chippy re-elected as Leader evidence Labour learnt nothing

and Issue 4: ACT criticise Chloe for pro-Palestinian chant

It’s Politics done unlike anywhere else.

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  1. The best thing to be said about Brooke is that she knows the difference between ‘bought’ and ‘bRought’, even though she was probably bought up in Auckland.
    Maybe if things turn to shit she could get a job teaching a few “journalists”.

  2. A metaphor for neo-liberalism might be : A place and time where psychopathic rats gather around the plentiful public riches.
    Our economy is one of supplying foods and wool, timber, fruits and fishes to the top end of a winter bound planet where the consumer human-being majority live, breed, shop and survive.
    There are only 5.2 million of us. We have a beautiful country to live well beyond our wildest dreams on. We have a first world public service infrastructure i.e. health, people transport, housing, educations, trades expertise and then there are those extraordinary talents who lead, and led, the world in their various endeavours and expertise. Farmers, engineers, Doctors, writers, actors, artists are some of the talents that lead the world. So I must ask. Why are we fucked again? Why are Maori over represented in fucking prison? Why are there sometimes fatal waiting lists for medical and mental health? Why are there no passenger trains from one end of the country and across like there were? Why are houses worth millions when, in reality, outside the rapacious greed of those who compare the insanities of house ‘values’ with plentiful supply? Why young exuberant, enthusiastic people not allowed to build their own homes? Who cares if they fuck things up. That’s called ‘learning’. Why is it better to pay The Beasts in the form of the four foreign owned banks to lend us money so we can have a stamp on a contract that says a house that cost $20 K in materials is now ‘worth’ $1.2 million to live in and breath the plastic air.
    Aotearoa / New Zealand could be yet another first for the benefit of the world. We could revolt! We could lead a revolution! We could revolt against the Banks. The banking ‘industry’ is the enemy-prime of we humans, our brother and sister animals and plants and of our fragile climate and the broader natural environment. We all have the same cancer. We all have the same disease. We all have a deadly sickness that no one’s immune to. The only thing we can do to protect ourselves from it is cut it out and chuck it in the furnace. That disease is the Banks.
    We need to begin to understand that specifically the foreign owned banks but the local banks too are an invasive species. They’re an alien entity who’s mandate is to dominate to consume. Surely, that’s the very definition of a parasite. The foundations of our every dysfunction and disorder which bedevils us has it’s origins within the banks.

  3. Ask Brooke how categorically ruling out working with NZ First & Winston is working out for her.
    And also ask how many more Tim Jago types remain lurking in ACT.

    • Its Aoterao Anker.. Poor God still has to swing the Sun UPP each day poor man, sure hes about to take it another place and let NZ just drop into the water.. Waste of time huou armans mostly here.. Dont expect even the rain to come Gods thinking why should he do his part on such a luciferic lost generation.. Damien eat zit and That demonic creature yeah.. getting a youtube working you expect too much

    • There were obvious problems at the time *as there often is). I wasn’t to waste too much time trying to listen to shouty-man and (some) shameless self-promoters so I left it till 4am this morning.
      They should probably ask for some technical advice from the people at “A View From Afar” Damien could probably also ask for some counselling or wrap around services from Paul Buchanan.
      Having said that, [ultimately] let’s be grateful The Working Group continues to provide a platform [In this space, going forward, as a matter of fact, ekshully, rhubarb rhubarb]
      After I watch each episode (I prefer to watch rather than just listen), I ask myself if I was any better informed by it all.

  4. Brooke is excellent. Calm clear thinking.

    Shane Te Pou was very aggressive and shouting at times. As was Martyn.

    It is stupid to say Winston wants genital checks in bathrooms. Winston wants male toilets for men and female toilets for women and other accomoodations to be made for transgender people. We have always had women only toilets (and men only too) without genital checks. We have taught kids at school to go to the boys or girls and this is now being undone by the MoE.

    • Brooke is young and has been shield by her white privilege. She needs to understand that Parliament isn’t nice to nice people. Grow a pair Anker the Maori hater

      • Stephen you see the the world through the most cliched of glasses.

        Brook = white = privileged

        Anker = against cogovernance = Maori hater (ironic as I am married to a Maori)

        I don’t know what you mean by brook needing to understand parliament isn’t nice to nice people. I haven’t heard her complaining that people aren’t nice to her. God knows she would have had reason to last night, with the three men, who were aggressively shouting at her or each other. Brook remained calm, didn’t shout back or try and fight back by out shouting them. Brook is an adult. We need more of them in Parliament.

      • She took one of my (Great maternal) nephews under Her wing (a yoof politician and one constantly in the media who has also managed to capture Jesus Christ – aka John Campbell). He “woke” to ACT’s agenda just in time as he turned 18 and was eligible to vote. (It wasn’t for ACT)
        Brooke is in the wrong Party – as many a politician seems to be.
        Hopefully she’s beginning to realise what a complete wanker Her dear Leader eeeore eeeore Seymore is. Muppets come in all sizes and shaoes, and some even have an intelligence quotient, as opposed to just animal-like cunning that keeps them coming.

  5. I have no background on the Intifada 2.0 almost whatsoever.

    That said, I was always constantly seeing in the news that Israel seems like it’s always getting shelled, rocketed, rushed or randomly infiltrated with secret terrorist murder tunnels. What’s more, is it seems like, if you don’t automatically side with a side the anti-whateverside go borderline crazy by calling you a Zionist or antisemit — which I have no fucken idea WTF that means — start busting out crazy conspiracy theories, and then conclude by accusing you of throwing in with the other side regardless of the fact that you don’t even know what’s going on and haven’t picked anyone. Meanwhile, some samesex relationship couple sporting pink and blue hair walking around the streets with a Palestinian flag ripping down pictures of dead israelis and chuckingbthem in the bin while I guess like a day later a different couple walked around with an Israeli flag and people started going out of their way to go beat blast the shit out of them even beating some up.

    I am now prepared to say that based on these experiences, I am pro-‘the guys whose fanbase is not f***in’ nuttier than a hard shit.

    Go Israeli, I guess.

    • Sam, you clearly aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Notice how the Oct 7 attacks are inundated by your venerated state genociding innocent Palestinians? Tactically strategic by Hamas who are fighting the occupier. I guess your Israeli/Palestine one sided conflict started on the above said date?

      Free Palestine


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