The Winston NZ needs vs the Winston NZ will get

Think Bigger!

The Winston NZ needs is the original Winston.

The Winston the championed national economic sovereignty, the Winston that decried the ruthlessness of welfare cuts, the Winston who took on the Corporates in the WineBox.

I think NZ First would have far more resonance in a debate about economic sovereignty at a time when geopolitical shockwaves will be hitting us. Their vision could benefit NZ immensely!

Winston’s mentor, Robert Muldoon, articulated a Fortress NZ economic nationalism that was ahead of its time, triggered by stagflation and geopolitical shockwaves, it parallels the same threats we face now.

Why shouldn’t we have our own basic pharmaceutical industry?

Engineering industry.

Industrial industry.

The supply side shocks caused by Covid and war are not going away, and they are being compounded by catastrophic climate change.

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The arguments pushed forward by Muldoon for Think Big infrastructure resonate more importantly now than ever before.

Radical adaptation and communal community resourcing alongside a Big State approach to lynchpin infrastructure for basic self-reliance as an Island country facing enormous economic shockwaves is the only means to build the muscle mass to respond to the ever intensifying external disruption of late stage capitalism.

We need the Original Winston who can articulate those existential issues with NZ.

The Winston we are getting however is the ‘New Winston’.

Under ‘New Winston’, NZ First are a banjo twanging, anti-indigenous Māori, anti-vaxx, climate denying, Trans hating, redneck cross burning conspiracy theory party and the cavalcade of political circus freak ideas Winston’s reliance on these lunatics generates are jaw dropping in their gleeful bigotry and wilful ignorance.

New Winston wants to pull out of WHO because up in Northland, the yokels formed late night discussion meetings at secret locations to fearfully tell one another that WHO colluded with a Satanist child molesting Cabal to manufacture Covid and release it for a shadowy globalist agenda that revolves around basic infrastructure and social planning goals of living 15 minutes  away from where you work.

New Winston wants ‘bathroom police’ to check your gender in a public toilet!

New Winston wants to misuse the Terrorism Suppression Act by designating all domestic gangs terror groups so that paramilitary policing can be used.

New Winston wants to stop all welfare after 2 years.

New Winston is more focused on pissing competitions with David Seymour than actually fixing the country.

There is a Winston that NZ needs, the Winston we are going to get however is not the one we are going to want.

NZ First is a banjo twanging, anti-indigenous Māori, anti-vaxx, climate denying, Trans hating, redneck cross burning conspiracy theorist party that radioactively stains all it touches.

NZ First is like retirement village political chlamydia, but more delusional.

No one needs or wants that.

There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief


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  1. No. No. A million times no. How old are you?

    Do you not remember the massive corruption, the ghastly product quality, the total lack of customer service?

    That madness almost destroyed the nation once. It must not be allowed a second bite of the cherry.

    • Good memory, the money still went to the favoured few at the top also so I don’t know why Martyn is so keen on the idea. His regulated capitalism is a better idea as a way to get better outcomes.

      • At this point in time, Fordism is probably the best outcome for the left now.

        (Ironically, when the USSR was first established and industrialized, it was inspired by the likes of Henry Ford’s factories).

    • @Henry Filth – there is no reason why we can’t have solid national infrastructure AND a better public service. In any case the public service just changed ideology in the 1980s, they sped up their public service but are still the thing slowing down political change

    • Pfah! Public service was 1000 times better prior to Rogergnomics.

      Can’t even get through to a human at IRD anymore.

    • You seen or experienced the “customer service” in our hospitals ?

      Now we all import junk from China NZ products were awesome quality.

      Oh btw Martyn old Winston is the same as new Winston … conservative and not insane and communist like the left.

  2. ”Do you not remember the massive corruption, the ghastly product quality, the total lack of customer service?’
    Henry obviously we live in different realities.
    I remember that time. I had a job. My neighbours had jobs. People lived in houses, not cars. Queen Street was not lined with beggars sitting outside shops that sell handbags for $7000.00. Workers belonged to unions that negotiated fair pay for them( despite what business round table wankers tell you not many unionised workers actually went on strike in the 1970s employers and unions negotiated).
    Sure there were not so many coffee shops, the word ‘barista’ was unknown (as were ram raids) and if you ordered coffee the choice was black or white.
    I appreciate that now a few rich pricks get to have sports cars and live in clifftop mansions but was it really worth throwing away a decent society so that Joe Hunts like Michael Fay could play rich man’s rubber duckies with sailboats?

  3. Caption for black and white photo”a young Winston Peters meets Robert Muldoon”

    Caption for colour photo: “Mickey Mouse watches Cameron Slater eat a microphone”

  4. I have to wonder if Winston may be like his old self if the media stopped their unhealthy witch hunt and sick fascination with him.
    Media need to do less nit picking on every small incidents he does and calm down.
    The MSM media have a big part in his retaliating behavior, they come across like helicopter parents in my view.

    • How is it the media’s fault? Asking a politician if he has policies is hardly “nit picking”

      He’s trying the Trump play book. Discredit the person asking valid questions and his CHCH conspiracy stuff was just bullshit.

    • Winston called the media left wing shrill.
      So by that analysis Winston is far right wing shrill, right?

    • Winston called the media left wing shrill.
      So by that analysis Winston is far right wing shrill, right?

  5. Peters has employed the Trump tactic of attacking the media successfully amongst his redneck cult followers and other NZers. His unhinged supporters without doubt support his rhetorical race-baiting can only be achieved in countries that has a colonial history appealing to their european exceptionalism. This country is prime meat for espousing white nationalism and is rearing its head unashamedly with this current crop of right wing parties. This 3 years is gonna be a bumpy ride especially if you’re the marginalized, poor, disabled etc..

    • Stephen I do appreciate how intelligent people tell it exactly how it is. You are 100% correct

  6. We need the Original Winston who can articulate those existential issues with NZ.

    In an interview given last year Peters predicted that the Ardern administration’s failure to address the ‘Cost of living Crisis’ as the main reason that Labour would lose this years election.

    Will Peter’s hold Luxon to address the cost of living crisis?

    Or will that Winston be drowned out by the noise of the banjo twanging lobby, to concentrate on minority conspiracy theory issues?

  7. Winston is a Political Opportunism but he was a stabilising, yet pain in the ass handbrake when he was in Coalition with Labour under the Ardern Govt? Winston actually proved to be a very good Deputy PM when Ardern was on Maternity leave & it’s a pity he was never given the opportunity to be Prime Minister as he’s more qualified that any of these other amateurs? I hope Mr Peters can function as a similar handbrake to restrict the extreme policies of National & Act to stop their Neoliberal gutting of this Nation?

    • ” I hope Mr Peters can function as a similar handbrake to restrict the extreme policies of National & Act to stop their Neoliberal gutting of this Nation? ”

      Yeah don’t underestimate Winston…….. and Shane who was once a LINO MP and their antagonism for the Nasty Natz and even more for the extemist ACT party that despite the outcome still fervently believe in extreme free market neo libealisim that Winston despises.

  8. “Why shouldn’t we have our own basic pharmaceutical industry?”
    Well, we do. We have Pot and it’s free and ridiculously easy to grow. Someone I know who’s very, very, very close to me (cough-cough) injured the T One disc in the upper spine. The disc swelled up and started putting pressure on that very special person’s spinal cord.
    The only medical option that person had was to lie down and wait. Great. Or risk the disc haemorrhaging thus causing permanent damage to the spinal cord resulting in spontaneous trouser shitting, loss of feeling in the left buttock and both heels and terminal pain.
    Pot, not only banished the pain in the upper back but it acted as an anti inflammatory. So I was told by that person. Then there’s opium? Heard of? Psilocybin
    ? I reckon Coca’s cocaine would grow in the upper North Island but instead we get sackler’s oxycontin. Tramadol hydrochloride is the generic ingredient in seven branded drugs marketed by Cipher Pharms Inc, Athena, Purdue Pharma, Actavis Elizabeth, Anchen Pharms, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd, Lupin Ltd, Mylan, Strides Pharma, Sun Pharm, Valeant Pharms, Shionogi Inc, Accord Hlthcare, ACI, Amneal Pharms, Apotex etc etc. Heard of the Sacklers? Seen this?
    The reason why we don’t have the opportunities to enjoy our beautiful few islands with the plentiful reasons for joy and celebration they provide is because we have, as our leadership, a stack of nasty, greedy, selfish, useless, fucking cunts and they’ll not all be Kiwi nasty, greedy, selfish, useless, fucking cunts either.
    You might be surprised to learn that the hardship and bleak joylessness many must suffer at the soft pink hands of our abusers is unnecessary. COMPLETELY unnecessary. But wait? It gets worse. Because we’ve been subjected to generations of abuse and exploitation, that abuse and exploitation is now a part of our societal composite. [It], is us and we are [it]. What we have, which is shit, is what they tell us we must accept. Two words humanoids. Fuck and That!
    So. When Chrome Head The Teeth and Sleazemore the low-licker slither out then back with restrictions leading to chemical addictions what are you going to do? Wait to vote? That’ll do it.
    Re winston peters. He’s a neo-liberal prime. One of the originals. If you voted for him then you don’t get out much do you?

  9. Car less days back. I don’t think the soccer Mum’s will like that. Muldoon did shout down a few Communist s in his poltical Rally’s, so Winston might enjoy that.

  10. Winston has been out in the cold too long. He wants the golden ticket of Trumpist demagoguery and baubles for the rest of his days. Of course he hates Seymour – Seymour represents his younger self, before he was ground down by decades of invidious compromise.

    Seymour is just an escapee from Little Shop of Horrors - – ready to make a Faustian pact sacrificing the victims of Rogergnomics to an inhuman intelligence for the slenderest of political advantages.

  11. Winston started out on the right wing of the National Party when he was first elected in 1978/79. This is just him coming home.

  12. Good thinking Martyn 20th century approaches need to be carefully scrutinised. The thought that they were the right thing in the wrong place at the wrong time could filter through the brouhaha. And accepting a bit of that and then having the occasional brewhaha after we have done something right would make the mahi good when we reward ourselves with a break and a laugh before toiling on again; co-operatively with people mutually friendly and honest and committed without side agendas likely to undo everything achieved.

    It wouldn’t be bad to get the old steam engine back on its tracks and reliably chugging away when the flash new system breaks down or lithium-fuelled, bursts into flame,

  13. Little to no resilience has been left in the general economy because, starting 1985 everything has been pared to a non sustainable minimum in the name of a fantasy: the neoliberal goal of economic efficiency.
    Almost all internal industry and manufacturing has vanished.
    Infrastructure which hasn’t been invested in for decades is failing (e.g. see yesterdays headlines of Wellington roads and state of hospital funding).
    The Government’s ability to raise funding to deliver basic services has been deliberately starved by taxation cuts, NAct promise to cut ever deeper.

    We’ve been running for 3 decades on the evaporating fat of the Keynesian economy. We are now boiling its bones and total collapse isn’t too far distant.

    Winston won’t save us no matter what hat he puts on.

    • Because engineers and the like need to be paid properly and paying people who actually know how to do things is not what they want.
      They want to pay chicken feed, so they have reduced the number of people wanting proper pay, to a handful.
      Then they can import people to pick fruit, make coffee, do the dirty jobs and not rock the boat.
      People who can make stuff and fix things tend to ask questions and we can’t have that. They might see through the nonsense we are fed by the inadequate news media and demand better.
      We almost have to pay foreigners to use our own resources now, power, water. Won’t be long till we have nothing and exist on measly tourist dollars. What our parents built and paid for, gone.

    • When’s the soup kitchen going to start up? I’ll send some vegetables to boost the otherwise thin broth. People in concentration camps were expected to work in the fields whatever, for crust of hard bread and watery cabbage soup (they hoped) a day. I never expected to be thinking about those times in connection with NZ. But humans love fanciful ideas. There was a thing started called Breatharians. A few people died.

    • Yes I agree that the banjo is a lovely instrument and diversion from the topic in this way is also a lovely instrument of further disorientation even bamboozlement (Is that a common name for a flute?).

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