MEDIAWATCH: John Campbell on the horror of a new hard right racist Government and why TVNZ must protect him


John Campbell’s powerful and moving review of the spite masquerading as social policy is another reminder of how important John is to Fourth Estate Public Broadcasting…

John Campbell: I hoped to be surprised – actually I’m amazed

OPINION: Climate change dodged, child poverty ignored, landlords and gun-owners dignified. I badly wanted to be surprised by our first formal three-party coalition, writes John Campbell, and in a way I really am.

…no one else has the mana, gravitas and intelligence to critique quite like John.

With the retirement of Kim Hill, he is now the most important journalist in NZ and you can already see the right spitting venom at John for his criticism on the State Broadcaster by arguing TVNZ should be ‘balanced’.

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Firstly, that argument is bullshit – John has earned the right to call it the way he sees it and the role of the State Broadcaster is to challenge the powerful, not acquiesce to it!

We have already seen repeated threats by Winston to have Jack Tame sacked for asking hard questions, it is only a matter of time before the ZB Troll Farm starts a petition to have John sacked at TVNZ.

John represents New Zealand and Old Zealand hates him.

Watch for their attempt to take him out because Old Zealand know the threat to their agenda he represents.


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  1. That Campbell column ended TVNZ’s chance of getting enough funding to survive. In the coming years of austerity, lots of creative industries will see government funding end.

    • Yes…N.Z. is about to be screwed for good because greed is the achilles heel of the human race and in the end will cause the end civilization..

      We are not the stand alone independent no.8 wire thinkers we like we are, but just a country of boguns …white collar and blue collar boguns everywhere, who have no ability to think critically about anything accept for what beer they want or what sports team they support…
      Addicted to tik tok and other tacky forms of media and social media, they have now followed the rest of the clowns around the world by voting in a vacuous, clueless, morally bankrupt government..

      Prepare for a dramatically worse society in what used to be a fantastic little country only 40 short years ago, because unfortunately, that is where it’s heading!!

    • You would fucking love that would you Ada? That is the problem with people like you, you never want to build things up, you always want to tear thing down.

    • I’m calling bullshit on that… Someone who has real world knowledge, and intelligence, would think twice before making such ridiculously oversimplified statements of “fact”..
      Seriously, aren’t you sick of being lampooned for your stupidity? It’s not a crime to be utterly ignorant of reality, but it is less than dignified to be so proudly ignorant…

  2. Hi Martyn,
    I’m afraid that John Campbell and Jack Tame will now be targeted by Winston et al while fellow travelers such as Ryan Bridges and Mike Hosking will be lauded. So sad that we have come to this especially now that Kim Hill has has retired.

  3. Reading Campbell s article is fascinating, a description of a past and impending car crash. The past being nearly 40 years of neolib managerialism, the impending being more of the same with venom.

    So the cure…to quote Big Norm. Basically there are four things that matter to people: they have to have somewhere to live, they have to have food to eat, they have to have clothing to wear, and they have to have something to hope for.”

    So let’s convert that into policy deliverables:
    * housing for the people, not the banks and landlords.
    * affordable food.
    * surplus income.
    * an inclusive society that invests in a shared future in enterprise and education.

    In other words traditional Labour policy.

  4. Will Campbell now be doing documentaries about people living in cars again?, Labour are not the Govt anymore so I guess…yes, more than likely!

    • Perhaps he (Campbell) can do a documentary soon on human rights when our prisons are bursting at the seams (full of Maori), and we take our place in the world as one of the OECD countries with the highest prison rates.

  5. Louise Upston is listed as the new Minister of Child Poverty.

    The smoker’ s are going to pay for everything, which is a novel idea.
    At Least the Vape shops will close.

  6. Isn’t it also racism that minorities can’t get anywhere in modern society without benefits/subsidies/scholarships without whitey? Worse still, if you somehow achieve greatness from these racist programs, you’ll always feel you owe it all your success to whitey. Is that the whole point of this?

  7. I wonder if Hoskings will now ask the hard questions and the insulting pathetic questions now his beloved National party are in…I guess…no, not likely!

    • Hosking is devoid of the ability to think critically about anything except how much money he can make…shallow as a puddle and a DNA shill for the National and ACT Party.

      Expect nothing but a bunch of patsy soft cock questions…he’ll probably write the answers on a bit for paper for Luxo and co. and hand them out at the start of the interviews.

      Judging by the interviews of Willis and Seymour on ‘The Nation’ and ‘Q&A’ this weekend they will all need that help that they can get.

      It’s pretty clear that they are both clueless, and are going to be hopeless .

      Neither were pushed hard by the interviewers on either channel, but both still managed to come across as completely lost around any detail relating to their policies.

      One question not asked, when questioning the financing revenues for tax cuts, now the Foreign buyers idea has been canned, was…
      If NACTN.Z. are going to rely on increased taxes from more cigarette sales, (to fund their tax cuts for ‘the squeezed middle), and there is a continuous decline in cigarette smoking, as N.Z heads towards becoming smoke free, how can that be in any way, shape or form, sustainable???

      Not to mention the quid- pro – quo cost of paying for lung, throat, tongue cancer and heart disease treatment, and, the inevitable lack of productivity from those people, not to mention no productivity any more from those who die.

      I can tell that none of this has been factored in to their loopy scheme!

      This is going to be a ‘make it up as you go along’ coalition in the hope that Hosking and Bridges can run interference for them on a daily basis and befuddle the easily befuddled sheep out there.

      If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny….but it is serious, so it isn’t funny !!

    • The narrative has definitely changed. The headline on Duplus Allen’s column on the threesome coalition includes the word HAPPY.

      • She came across as someone who needs to tell herself that the next three years will be an improvement on the previous three years, but has just realised that she is defending a clown show.

  8. Yeah but Millsy the Greens said we would be able to buy solar panels from the Warehouse on the cheap by now to make power cheaper

    I agree regarding landlords. Have a proper warranty of fitness or don’t be a landlord.

  9. Is anyone going to ask the New Govt why the previous Nat Govt signed NZ up to these So called “Woke” policies, The Paris agreement, the UN declaration of Indigenous people and SmokeFree 2025, John Key obviously signed all these things to look good but had no intention of trying to fulfill the obligations and goals of these agreements. Luxon has scrapped all the things Key signed us up to and then blamed the LAB govt for trying to implement the changes made to meet the goals and obligations set out in these agreements.

    • The ‘living in cars’ numbers INCREASED in the 6yrs Labour were the Govt, so not exactly a high bar set was it?

      • The living wage increased, minimum wage increased, public health wages and salaries increased, teachers and police wages increased. But then after 9 years of a National low wage Government the bar was set extremely low wasn’t it?

      • If Labour did nothing, why are the coalition of chaos repealing so many things Labour put in place?

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