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    • Well, the Chinese communist revolution led to many failures but ultimately delivered billions from grinding poverty and servitude and from periodic genocides. (see for example the Taiping rebellion)
      As for other attempts to implement Marxism around the world, none ever managed to get a fair shot at it. From the outset capitalist interests and forces relentlessly and violently attacked, harassed, boycotted and economically sabotaged them, resulting in the creation of internal and external paranoia, fostering authoritarianism and diverting their resources. To top it off, idiots such as your good self then proceed to crow, claiming that Marxism’s failure to overcome the shit thrown at it is illustrative of a claim that it cannot function, a conclusion not justifiable from the events cited. In reality, things are not as simple as the workings of your mind.

      • Chinas enrichment occurred after they embraced capitalism of course following tens of millions dead, and yes “ no one has done it properly yet” is the cut and paste response from the left.

        Marxist’s are responsible for millions of deaths especially of the poor.
        Wet western liberals playing at communism in a democracy are the worst kind of hipocrite.

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