Why Labour lost, why Māori Party won and why Greens must step up


Watching Woke Wellington General Max Rashbrooke who has championed Labour’s incrementalism suddenly renounce his faith is probably the only acknowledgment we’ll ever get from the Professional Managerial Class that their virtue signalling and interests harmed Labour’s chances.

Funnily enough many of the wokest Wellington acolytes are very quiet on social media right now as they fear the retribution and backlash that is coming.

I like the idea of ‘woke watch’ – a weekly list that highlights the worst of the Woke. Like the Disinformation Project but far more personal.

The woke will get theirs soon enough but right now I want to look at why Labour lost, why the Māori Party won and the need for real leadership from the Greens.


Why Labour lost:

There are already moves to cull Chippy, but Labour needs to understand why it lost before they replace leaders.

Jacinda The Cautious: It was weird that while Covid shaped everything, we refused to talk about it like it was a taboo trauma. So much bitterness towards a shared universal experience was always going to cause cultural and political backlash. For many their Covid sacrifice was unequal in an unequal society and for those who made anti-vixx and anti-mandate their identity it created an ostracisation they had never encountered and warped them with terminal resentment forever. How else can you explain the existence of The Platform?  As the election closed, research was released showing Jacinda’s leadership in her Covid response saved 20 000 lives! Labour were ready to fight the Covid War but lost the Covid Peace.That research was a reminder in the dying days of the campaign that Jacinda’s courage will be noted by the historians even as those who benefited rebelled against her. Most of the 20000 she saved were boomers who ironically voted for NZ First. Pity she did nothing with the unprecedented MMP majority and reverted to incrementalism instead of true transformative change because she was locked into the neoliberal economic straightjacket.


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Trever Mallard and the Parliament Lawn Protest blunder: Mallard’s handling of the Dumb Lives Matter protestors on Parliament’s Lawns provoked and escalated this violence while recruiting and radicalising thousands!

REMEMBER! By the end of Wednesday, the factions within this ‘movement’ were already turning on each other with various groups criticising other faction leaders. They hadn’t been able to use their numbers to seriously threaten Parliament and they were already leaving because of internal disputes over the attempt to force conflict on the Wednesday.

This was a protest movement the was dying on Thursday morning!

That all changed when Trev had a spurt of blood to the head, and got all grumpy protector bear and ordered the State to clear the lawn…

…Let’s be very fucking clear.

He didn’t have to do that, and he shouldn’t have done that!

He immediately created a common enemy for the protestors while live streaming a 10 hour recruitment video to the country!

That weekend there were 5 times the number of protestors!

His basic bitch warehouse bargain basement psy-ops using the spraying of water and loud music at night which provoked the riot on Parliament’s lawns combined with his Office trespassing politicians from Parliament made this a cluster fuck of gasp inducing enormity.

The reason the wider Left are so silent on criticising Mallard’s actions (as seen in the zero criticism of him in Stuff’s Fire and Fury middle class propaganda docudrama) is because many of the Middle Class Wellington Woke Maoists screamed for the Police to bash the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis because they had their work from home privilege threatened by angry scary brown poor people whom they claim at Wellington dinner parties to care about.

This is woke edge lord Clint Smith, high priestess of the Wellington woke demanding Andrew Coster be sacked for not bashing the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis…

…Mallard’s role in provoking what happened on Parliament’s Lawns will never be examined by Wellington’s middle class Woke Maoists because he protected their sense of privilege as well. He has managed to get away with causing all this radicalisation without any accountability whatsofuckingever. Labour lost 5% permanently from people who would have been appeased if the Government had made the attempt to hear them out and de-escalate. Labour refused to de-escalate even when Willie Jackson, the only MP who walked through the protest each morning to work, offered to meet the protestors, Jacinda said no. Those protesters went home with a dark treacle of hate in their hearts and they actively worked against Labour.



3 Waters & Co-Governance: Never before have so many fragile white egos all risen at once to scream, ‘but what about cracker’ quite like this election. Because Labour are cowards, they never explained what the fuck 3 Waters or Co-Governance was and on the odd occasion they did try to explain it, like the fishhook laden 3 Waters and the ludicrous Tamati Coffee induced attempt to weight votes more to Māori, it only fuelled white fragility fears even more. Because Labour wouldn’t engage, Astroturf dark money filled the void and convinced white voters that this was an existential race war secretly developed by Radical Nationalist Māori to steal da water when it was nothing of the sort. As raw sewage pumps into Auckland Harbour and water contamination rises with 70% of rivers unswimmable, watching fragile white egos forced to boil their water before they can drink it after muttering ‘but He Puapua is apartheid’  seems a perfectly acceptable outcome.


Lack of Transformation and lack of Covid build back in Auckland:: Voters gave Labour an unprecedented MMP Majority and fecklessly Labour had no idea what to fucking do with it! A once in a generation political victory squandered because they are all too frightened to piss off treasury! Pathetic. While Jacinda sacrificed Auckland for the well being of the country, Aucklanders saw none of the rebuild and took all the sacrifice and they now HATE Labour.

I mean fucking HATE Labour.

How much?

Look at how Labour were utterly repulsed by the Auckland electorate

The loss of the centre throughout Auckland is evident in the fall in Labour’s share of the party vote in seats that traditionally lean left: Mt Albert, New Lynn, Te Atatū, Kelston, Mt Roskill, and Maungakiekie.

What’s even more indicative, however, is the collapse in support in traditionally right-leaning seats, suggesting heavier losses among blue-centre voters who tried Labour and then abandoned it.

In electorates including Epsom, Tamaki, Pakuranga, North Shore, Upper Harbour, Kaipara ki Mahurangi, Whangaparāoa, East Coast Bays, Botany and Northcote, Labour’s share of the party vote more than halved between 2020 and 2023.

All of these seats returned a Labour Party vote below 2017 levels.

And even in Labour strongholds, voters stayed home this election: 13,000 fewer people voted Labour in Māngere in 2023 than in 2020. In Manurewa, it was 11,000 fewer.

The swing to Labour in 2020 and then the collapse - especially in traditionally blue seats - in Labour's vote in 2023 to below 2017 levels.
The swing to Labour in 2020 and then the collapse – especially in traditionally blue seats – in Labour’s vote in 2023 to below 2017 levels. 
…whoever the next Labour leader will be after Chippy gets dumped for his fucking up the election, they HAVE to be an Aucklander. The mass immigration policies of Labour and National have finally tilted electorates away from domestic residents to migrant residents and those new populations lean National, they don’t lean Labour. There’s a reason National sucks up to China.


Chippy’s Captains Calls: You sausage roll eating muppet! ‘Captain’s call????’, and who were you the Captain of Chippy? The Fucking Titanic! Every single step in the campaign Chippy fucked up because he was cut from the exact same timid incrementalism Jacinda was locked into. When the GST off fresh Fruit and Vegetables was leaked, Chippy had a chance to save this insipid meaningless policy by extending it to ALL Supermarket bought food, but he didn’t because he was too weak. He killed the bloody Wealth Tax, something that would have been funded by the mega wealthy to give every Kiwi their first $10 000 tax free, but he refused to do it because he’s weak. Sure he kicked arse in 2 debates, but 2 debates do not a revolution make! What the fuck was the point of Bread and Butter politics if no one could afford the Bread and Butter? I don’t want to see another fucking sausage roll for the rest of the year!


600 000 Kiwis needing food banks each month: It truly says something about how much the last election was a class war fought for landlords and property speculators that this wasn’t mentioned once this election…

Cost of living crisis: More than half a million people rely on food charity each month

Hundreds of thousands of people are relying on an Auckland food charity each month as the cost of living crisis pushes them to the brink.   

The New Zealand Food Network rescues food that would normally end up in landfills and give it to families in need. It is dealing with a drastic spike in the number of people needing help.   

CEO Gavin Findlay told Newshub months of high living costs are starting to collide for many Kiwis and they’re unable to afford the basics.   

“Earlier on in the year, we kind of took a pulse of post-COVID needs and we saw an 165 percent rise in demand for services across our food hubs. Six months later, it’s risen by another 20 percent.  

“We thought the demand would kind of flatten out after COVID but obviously the cost of living is really prevalent.”  

…half a million fellow Kiwis are dependent on food charity each month in a rigged capitalism that the IRD told us is biased in favour of the rich. Shouldn’t it shock us all that we didn’t know it was half a million each month and that it was never mentioned? This election was a class war against the poor but because the middle class woke activists have robbed the political vocabulary with their ‘Me! Me! Me!’ identify virtue signalling, there was no language to describe what just happened to renters. I fear the half a million Kiwis needing food charities each month will despise the Left for our incremental solutions.


Professional Managerial Class: Labour are over run by the Professional Managerial Class, they see the solution is better bureaucratic structures rather than an upgrade of the Capacity of the State and so spent 6 years recreating bureaucratic structures without the necessary upgrade of capacity. They have no interest in challenging the economic hegemony because they all have their first foot on the property market ladder and identify politics virtue signalling is easier.



Why Māori Party won:

The backlash to this being the most racist election ever held generated an enormous drive within Māoridom to step up for themselves. Nanaia being beaten by a 21 year old highlights the power of demographics that now rule Māori politics.

70% of Māoridom are under the age of 40 and they won’t put up with the Right using them as a political punching bag any longer.

When ACT start their racist race war inducing referendum, the resistance will be based from these Māori electorates and will generate immediate friction to any referendum.

The reality is that the next generation of Māori will not have their Treaty redefined to them by ACT and if ACT try it on, there will be a backlash that will make the Parliament Lawn and Seabed/Foreshore protests look mild.

The Māori Electorate are the most tactical in NZ and they clearly voted Māori Party candidate for the electorate and the Party vote for Labour.  That right there is the strategy to win every election from 2026 onwards.

It’s time the Māori Party accepted that their heart lies with Labour, not National and this election proved that. If White voters are going to be this racist, there is no political choice but to work together strategically for Labour and the Māori Party and use MMP to its fullest capacity.


Why Greens must step up beyond identity politics:

Will do far better from the Specials and picked up two new electorates because the woke like to live together. So on paper a great night, but they are now totally impotent with Labour out of power.

The worst mistake the Greens could make now is to misconstrue this result as proof positive their alienating woke middle class dogma was somehow successful, it wasn’t.

‘Pure Trans Joy’, Marama’s claim cis males caused the worlds violence and the middle class Green activists promoting woke dogma drove an entire generation of male voters into the arms of the right.

According to woke green activists: ALL white men are irredeemable cross during racists; B-E-L-I-E-V-E ALL WOMEN that ALL men are rapists and anyone supporting free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans community.

That dogma is for pure temple politics, not Broadchurch solidarity and the Green activists are the worst at promoting this alienating bullshit. They gave ACT and Winston the culture war ammunition that we couldn’t beat.

Half a million need food charity every month, but tell me again why we must persecute people for misusing pronouns and not loving Te Reo enough?

Here are the true winners of woke identity politics.

White men in blue suits.

Greens only gained because Labour were so spineless. The Greens need to step back and consider the future because resistance to what National/ACT/NZF are about to attempt will be desperately required.

It is obvious Chloe is the future leader and that transition should occur after the Summer.



Look, I’m not saying there wen’t some gains over the last 6 years: Free school lunches, trust tax, new top income rate, free prescriptions, most state houses in 50 years, record investment in housing, healthcare and investment, regulate property managers, clean car discount, apprenticeship scheme, benefits to wages, FPAs – all great first steps, but after 6 years of ‘first good steps’, you realised you were just jogging on the spot!

We were promised transformative, what we got was less left wing than the British Tory Party!

Fundamentally Labour needed to tax the rich to pay for the social infrastructure we require but because Labour at heart are intellectual cowards, they refused to engage in that, which left voters asking, ‘why bother voting for Labour’.

Why indeed.

All the Left had in the end was the fear of what National and ACT and NZ First would do, but if you were one of the 600000 using food banks monthly, how could it get worse when your hopes were shattered by Labour?

Labour face oblivion, will probably gain 2 MPs from the Specials so will limp home with 28% and taking back some electorates.

The Greens and Māori Party have only done well BECAUSE Labour were so weak, so we all end up losing because the Right are now in power!

There needs to be a fuck of a lot less cancelling and a fuck lot more open debate because the Left have lost the ability to argue and persuade rather than cancel and censor.

I will argue at what the Left must do next on Monday.



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  1. “ There needs to be a fuck of a lot less cancelling and a fuck lot more open debate because the Left have lost the ability to argue and persuade rather than cancel and censor.”

    I like this comment. There is so much truth in it. I don’t think it’s just the left in that both sides shut down any dissent outside their own tribal echo chamber, but the cancelling that has happened – that has been a tragedy for us all.

    • Jacinda isn’t even those things – she was the agent of non-change. Her response to the Christchurch attacks was proundly good for us and we should never forget that but it was obvious Labour were never going to do anything well before she got near the PM’s job. Look at what happened to Cunliffe – all he had to do was mention the word socialism and his own MPs were campaigning against him. Labour is no longer fit for purpose and should be disbanded.

  2. I can’t add anything more than the incredible, horrific but entirely predictable account of how Labour absolutely bottled this Election Martyn, what a incredible article, you summed it up perfectly, please send this to every goddamn incompetent Labour Politician who still has their seat because they need to understand WHY THEY LOST? This entire Labour Party needs to be dissolved & done away with, all these feekless, hopeless, university trained Neoliberal lite lot need to buggar off & Labour has to get back to its grassroots & why they were setup in the first place, a fresh start is needed, to begin again with new blood that cater for the majority of NZers who are poor & middle class! If not, Labour will be in Opposition for decades, what’s sad is the fact that you said, they squandered a once in a lifetime opportunity to change things & did nothing with it, that’s the tragedy of all of this, the what if’s & missed opportunities & now we have to endure the next 3,6,9 years of National fucking this Country over & running it into the ground! Chippy can jam that sausage roll where the sun don’t shine, he needs to resign immediately, feekless, hopeless & spineless, you hit that on the nail!

    • Agreed the Labour’s party need to get back to the grass roots. Watch the support of the working class if they go back to a.party more focused on supporting the working class without Neokindness at play. It would clean the floor of the current right wing bunch hands down. Will watch with interest at where the labour party heads next. Much soul searching will be done I am sure.

  3. Bomber we on the left could see what went wrong and the reasons for it and how to fix it.

    LINO is still in denial if you listen to people like Meegan Woods who is blaming overseas trends.

    The Labour party membership should look at the people who are being selected like Helen White and others who support the economic status quo and the managerial class.

    Hipkins in my opinion is to blame but that has to be shared around including the caucus who backed the so called captains calls that have also played a part in their defeat.

    Why they were going to lose and by how much has been covered relentlessly on this blog and Hipkins should not be shocked as they had the polling data telling them that and had they listened to people and not just arrogantly carried on the result would have been different.

    2020 was an aberration , most of those seats were coming back to National now the pandemic has died away but I think its been a massive strategic and political mistake alienating Winston Peters and NZF.

    Had LINO strengthened its relationship rather than destroying it and delivered better outcomes to their supporters and provided a long term vision the result could have been very different and as frustrating as the Winston handbrake would have been without it LINO has had its on foot on the break pedal for the last three years all done with huge caucus support so that argument is dead in the water.

    Even Sepoloni can’t see the wood for the trees after listening to her and some of the others since the loss last Saturday.

    The Greens and TMP have already signalled where the debate needs to be on the left with their economic policy starting with tax and its time LINO decides once and for all what direction its going to follow and who it should be representing , not just one section of the community like the managerial class.

    LINO and the people its selecting as party members and candidates have to force change for what were once Labour principles.

    The last three years has provided the lessons of what you don’t do if you want to win re-election and allow what maybe a long term National led government.

    • When Meegan Woods understands that she is part of the problem & not part of the solution there might be hope for the Labour Party (obviously it is more than her at fault though) although I won’t be holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

      • Meghan Woods is the Diane Abbott of NZ politics. Totally useless and somehow found herself at the top table with nobody else having a clue how. Useless.

      • Bonnie I agree,Megan Woods may be sincere and passionate but she’s not very bright.Indeed she’s representative of most Labour MP’s.

    • The rank-and-file Labour membership are now almost powerless. The new leadership primary rules make it impossible for an insurgent candidate to ever win.

      That change was made to prevent a repeat of the 2013 race, when the Labour Party base began revolting against the donor-controlled Clintonite establishment (two years prior to the primary campaigns by Corbyn and Bernie).

      The only plausible way that organised labour could overcome such branch stacking is a situation like SYRIZA. vs. PASOK. — the labour movement would need to mount a Third Party run that crushes the remains of the Labour Party into near-irrelevance.

      • ” The rank-and-file Labour membership are now almost powerless ”

        Then on that basis the NZLP is dead and will not survive as a political alternative up against the next National neo liberal government for the next two or three terms ……maybe longer if the entitled and privileged vote for a four year term something the current managerial class LINO party supports to maintain the stranglehold of unregulated capitalism.

        The current LINO has failed but I doubt that the current leadership , its caucus and the undemocratic process that the membership invokes to keep the bottom feeders out or without real representation will acknowledge that or actually be bright enough , or not arrogant enough to actually notice or understand.

    • Stuart Nash commented on a panel discussion on the night of the election and said the following….

      Bill English was an excellent minister of finance !

      This is where once again LINO and National are interchangeable and should look at merging to allow a real left voice that actually opposes everything the neo liberal status quo including LINO represent and say they believe in like Hipkins who as soon as he became leader was still endorsing the market as the answer to the problems the market created in the first place.

      Once again the members of the public and repressed poor communities could so no reason to vote let alone use vital energy to vote for LINO who no longer can identify with real peoples concerns because they don’t or wont allow real working people to stand or be heard in the current party that simply just wants their votes every three years with glib promises and no real answer to the ravages of neo liberal policies on them their kids and hope and aspirations.

      Its 1916 the year Labour was formed to fight the very forces that were creating tyranny for working people and denying them their human and economic rights by imposing a class system which the settlers thought they had left behind in the 1840s.

      2017 the Labour party only managed 37% support after nine years of a corrupt National , United , Act Maori party coalition which is only 2% less than the National party received on October 14 but to some observers its a landslide but were always going to win most of their seats back from the temporary hold the LINO party had them for so yes a move to the right but hardly a ringing endorsement as they are still one seat short of a majority and will need Winston. Yet LINO and Winston denied the National party a fourth term but reminded everyone how MMP was designed to work despite the two party system that still exists since FPP ended in 1993.

  4. Labour has been on the back foot since infiltrated by Roger Douglas and his like. For tribal voters and the for the traditional working class base old allegiances to
    left and right were severed. It hasn’t helped Labour that dispartities have been exacerbated with neoliberalism.Yes, when getting the numbers to govern there was some attempt at redemption, the repeal of the Employment Contracts Act one policy shift that personally made a difference. Probally more. Long term Labour supporters who kept the faith and still see a fundamental difference between right and left would add more. But while the branding is different, for the new generations of swing voters, as the saying goes, same-same but different.

    We all know 2020 was an anomaly. And the 2017 Labour led coalition was fortuitous. Now it has swung back. Voters wanted change and the right has been given the task of implementing that change. In the bigger picture of NZ politics no real surprises. Why the change? Well, that’s been well rehearsed on TDB. 10 reasons in fact. Inv, at the forefront, a strong Maori cacus and the wider perception across the country that the ToW has been ‘captured’ by an educated and influential iwiocracy. Labor’s position had become too entrenched in the sort of changes that most are not ready for, or indeed want. Then there is the perception that Labour was wasting far too much public money. Indeed the public service sector has grown, but arguably much in response to 21st C challenges. And they won’t be going way any time soon. But all this is hard to defend when the opposition espouses the virtue of fiscal responsibility. And third, the fact that Labour no longer speaks to its former core and younger would-be Labour voters have little idea of what
    the Party truely stands for. That leaves 7 more reasons. But more akin to death by a thousand cuts.

    It’s the right’s turn now, one presumes, Nov 3rd pending. But the road ahead is far from glittering in gold as they would have us believe.

    • “the ToW has been ‘captured’ by an educated and influential iwiocracy.”

      I like “Iwiocracy”, I think I may steal it and use it myself. Sooner or later (and I hope sooner) some dedicated ethno-linguist PhD student is going to carefully pick through all through all the new terms that have been added to the Te Reo dictionary since the millennium. Then we will discover how many of them are cultural, scientific and technical terms that describe ways to enrich and expand Maori life and how many are legal pseudo philosophical terms that describe ways to expand and enrich the bureaucracy. The Western rent-seeking intelligentsia is well on its way to total colonization of Maori leadership.

  5. “There needs to be a fuck of a lot less cancelling and a fuck lot more open debate because the Left have lost the ability to argue and persuade rather than cancel and censor.”
    At the risk of repeating myself: But the Left are still unapologetically neo-liberal and that means The Left are all about Money= power=dominance. It’s a cock thing. Just ask old Natzo’s Ruth Richardson.
    Labour could have encouraged unity, togetherness and brother and sisterhood to lean together into a terrifying future but oh no. Labour could have rallied us into regaining control of our country thus, be extension, our lives, livelihoods and our turf. The best logo the The Chip Factory could cough up was ‘In it for you.’ Hot on the heels of Adern’s ‘Lets Do This.’ She did it alright. She fucked off!
    What is it that Chipkins is [in] and ‘for us’ exactly? Six Figure luxury? Adern promised to help us ‘do that’. Do what? Shit your pants then run for it? We’d have all run out of gas 20k down the road because that’s all the gas we could afford and the kids would have already eaten the survival kit and now they’re eyeing up the Labradoodlespoodlefoxyboxer cringing up the back window trying not to look delicious.
    The real and actual problem is simple.
    Waaaay back in the day once farmers gained access to high returns winter bound European, UK,USA markets and money started flooding in to AO/NZ. One could take a penny’s worth of Kiwi wool or meat, dairy, fruit etc and turn it into pounds sterling,US dollars etc. A question could be ” So where did all the lovely money go?”
    Why, back to the greedy, lazy, polluting farmers of course. That’s why Fairlie in central Canterbury’s a sprawling city while little Auckland’s got twelve houses, a gas station and a 4 square store. A forensic accountant might head back to the days of the dawn of refrigerated shipping with a pencil and a calculator and do the cyphering. You’d be amazed by the figures.
    I call it ‘The Great Aotearoa / New Zealand institutionalised Lie’. Our economy, our society, our arts and our culture are being crushed under a vast and complex lie. Our economy’s been blotted up and disappeared, but for Auckland of course. There’s no hiding that town. Auckland’s denizens are like bank robbers or drug dealers. They can’t help themselves. They’ll go all flash and fancy sooner or later and attract attention. In our case, however, our people are too stupid to see the forest for all them banks with some of the highest interest rates in the western world.
    @Farmers? You’re up. Stop producing then selling your goods for poverty prices. Make a strike-breaker agreement that calls for a public royal commission of inquiry in parallel with a team of multi-national forensic accountants to go up our economy like something that goes up another thing with great speed and efficiency.
    @ Maori. You’re up too. DO NOT GIVE THE TREATY AWAY! If you do? We’ll all be sold by lunch time to the global .01% and when that happens you, dear @ Maori will get morbidly fucked without the kissing.
    And if you don’t think that kind of money’s out there to buy our AO?NZ with the chump change they have in their pockets and baring in mind that our only planet is in a climate crisis which equates to dire food shortages looming then check out these dudes. The Rothschilds. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rothschild_family

  6. Good riddance, we already have a neoliberal party the National Party.

    The NZ Labour (only in the name ) party must ditch neoliberalism or face oblivion in wilderness with the tumble weeds.

  7. Centre-right will be here for at least 6 years. No way Labour has any chance next election. They fucked up. Fucked up bad.

    • We vote governments out, not elect them.

      Don’t under estimate the ability of this new crop of Tory scum to be right plonkers, who can totally fuck it up.

  8. Yet, despite everything, polling still gave Hipkins a chance of forming a government until the middle of 2023. Labour then delivered a nothing budget and gave us the Michael-and-Kiri show. The last six months mattered more than the previous six years. Labour couldn’t even manage that.

  9. Why Labour lost was all about their bastard father, Douglas. ‘Woke’ had nothing to do with it.
    Don’t syncretize all your crap opinions into new ones. Reject some! Lot of wrong opinions by me on the Left Blogs, let alone personal life — when I remember those I whisper ‘I wish I was dead’.

    Cripes, Martyn, Trotter has travelled a long path. Many opinions he now opposes. Of course now, he ‘s a bit of a right-winger. But, anyway, we’re not gods, humans make mistakes.

  10. ” …half a million fellow Kiwis are dependent on food charity each month in a rigged capitalism that the IRD told us is biased in favour of the rich. Shouldn’t it shock us all that we didn’t know it was half a million each month and that it was never mentioned? This election was a class war against the poor but because the middle class woke activists have robbed the political vocabulary with their ‘Me! Me! Me!’ identify virtue signalling, there was no language to describe what just happened to renters. I fear the half a million Kiwis needing food charities each month will despise the Left for our incremental solutions ”

    ” The most significant factor in Labour’s crushing defeat is the cost-of-living crisis. During the election campaign Prime Minister Chris Hipkins sought to cover up the crisis by repeating the dubious claim that the government had lifted 77,000 children out of poverty. This is based on official figures showing the proportion of children living in households making less than 50 percent of the median income after housing costs fell from 22.8 percent in 2018 to 15.4 percent in mid-2022—a decrease from 253,800 to 176,800 children living below the poverty line.


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