ACT keep claiming there is no evidence of them race baiting – so here is the evidence of the race baiting ACT Party doing what they do best – race baiting

When ACT tell you they don't race bait

David claims no one can point to one thing that he has said or done that is race baiting.

Well allow me to clear that up.

When David released the unique code for Māori to be vaccinated, that was a public health vandalism stunt that he used to race bait Māori.

When he called Opotoki ‘Mogadishu‘, he was race baiting.

When he called gang member behaviour, ‘subhuman’, he was race baiting.

When he claims this…

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…he’s race baiting.

When he posted this on Instagram…

…he was race baiting.

When he wants to remove January 2nd as a State Holiday because of ‘Matariki’, he is race baiting!

When he does his pseudo one law for all wank, he is race baiting.

When he looks to amputate all the Ministries that aren’t male and white, he’s race baiting.

Wanting to push for a referendum that renegotiates the the Treaty and then forces it upon Māori is race baiting!

Look, most of the time he opens his mouth, it’s race baiting.

Pretending that ACT haven’t race baited is simply not true!

That’s been the issue and ACT have driven it!


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    • Yes…where is the headline in the morning papers that ACT wants to cut 15,000 jobs by Christmas, which Seymour stated yet again in last nights debate….

      Instead ….silence

    • They have provided nothing other than words at this point and some of their solutions are nothing but more problems coming down the pipe. It’s easy to say I am going to cut 24billion. Seymour came across like a smarmy little wanker in the debate last night

    • Seymour is in the same mold as Phillip Arps (, only Seymour is a lot smarter about it, because he doesn’t really believe what he is saying on race, but he is using race baiting as a tactic, because he needs to appeal to enough bottomfeeders emotionally, in some strong way, so why not use race, since it worked for a budding artist in the thirties, and get enough of the bottomfeeders to support his party, even though his is an elitist party that actually offers nothing to the bottomfeeders, but offers the most to the big end of town, which is where Seymour’s large political donations are all coming from, and who Seymour really owes his allegiance to, as his race baiting trigger tactics are just a means to an end, since the racist elements in his support, will be no better than turkeys voting for thanksgiving, and will receive the same fate, served to them on a plate, by master chef, no supreme chef, no supremacist chef, Seymour the cheap imitation of a low rent Winston Peters, seeking to move into the eagles nest, I mean the baubles of office in the beehive, after the absolute tyranny of the Labour administration, firstly headed by the world regarded JKLA, and now the boy next door, down to earth, honest and trustworthy, Chippy from the Hutt, who’s in it for you, get well soon, I’ll send you my sausage roll and chicken soup recipe (

  1. Act are a minnow and Seymour a petulant child, they are a laughing stock and many of the audience in the debate last night agree.

  2. Its a marketing technique employed by mostly western nations but these type of messagings have been part of european colonization into NZ since the 1850s when Pakeha numbers became similar to Maori and embolden them to use demonizing narrative against Maori.

  3. ACT is simply correct: Getting tough on crime is the best thing for Māori, because they’re disproportionally affected by it.

  4. Are the Green Party race baiting?

    “White people are stupid” and “can be fooled easily” according to a Green Party candidate Sapna Samant.

    Now we all know some of the Green Party don’t like white people, except come election time when they wheel out James Shaw to hide behind, and he’s male as well!

    But it’s it race baiting or a statement of fact? Obviously “all white people” make it stereotyping and blatantly racist but… If it is in context of the Labour caucus and it’s remaining supporters who are white, then the answer is a resounding YES. Because they have been played big time by their Maori caucus colleagues who knew they were stupid and yet still took advantage of them. And destroyed the party along with it!

    So I guess Sapna may just have a point!

  5. just because the green party rep is a small minded racist dickwad that doesn’t give others ieicence do do the same,,,,,miss miss miss but she did it first didn’t wash in the playground and it won’t now

  6. ‘Subhuman’ was beyond the pale for me. I thought the papers would light up the next day, but not a bleat.

    ‘Co-governance’ is worth discussing sans accusations of racism, but not that.

  7. If you’re white and male and over 40 you’re going to get called a racist every now and then, it’s just part of life. It may or may not be justified, but I get called a racist maybe once every two years. People who claim that they are “sick and tired of being called a racist”…. they’re definitely racist.

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