MEDIAWATCH: The Working Group beats whipsmart Tova


NZs best weekly political podcast The Working Group – with no money from NZ on Air and whose live debate coverage was amongst the best in NZ over the Election, has managed to beat political podcast Tova, the whipsmart podcast on Stuff that gets enormous support.

To paraphrase the Wu-Tang Clan, The Working Group ain’t nuthin to fuck with.


  1. Really been enjoying Mathew Hooton. I never used to like him, but he has some pretty good interactions challenging the other guests.

  2. Hooten seems to have to have gone off realityward. Cut me off on Twitter like Peters and an Irish named guy I don’t regret for a minute. Still remember the last guy staring, disgustedly, at my bare feet. Egalitarianism not worth the money, for him. He still seems impressed with himself. Keep up the mortgage.


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