UN/Israel fight escalated quickly – war serves no human

What Israel calls 'proportional'

The rage Hamas purposely inspired by targeting civilians was intended to provoke a disproportionate Israeli response that would trigger flash points in the West Bank and Lebanon while dragging Iran and Russia into a proxy war with the West.

The point of disproportionate retaliation has been reached some time ago in this bloodbath.


Helen has spoken out…

Helen Clark: ‘Collective punishment’ in Gaza ‘completely unacceptable’

A group of global leaders, including former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark, say the collective punishment of civilians in Gaza as Israel targets Hamas is a clear violation of international law.

…and when Joe Biden starts becoming critical of Israeli aggression, you know things have gotten intense…

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Israel-Hamas War: Joe Biden criticises West Bank killings, Gaza ground invasion delayed

US President Joe Biden has spoken out against retaliatory attacks by Israeli settlersagainst Palestinians in the West Bank in the aftermath of the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel. He also said he was redoubling his commitment to working on a two-state solution to end the decades-long Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Biden said the attacks by “extremist settlers” amounted to “pouring gasoline” on the already burning fires in the Middle East since the Hamas attack.

“It has to stop. They have to be held accountable. It has to stop now,” Biden said at the start of a news conference with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who was being honoured with a state visit to Washington.

Settler violence against Palestinians has intensified since the Hamas attack, and Palestinians have been killed by settlers, according to Palestinian authorities. Rights groups say settlers have torched cars and attacked several small Bedouin communities, forcing them to evacuate to other areas.

…and this extreme situation at the UN where Israel has called on the UN to resign is extraordinary…

Israel envoy calls for resignation of UN chief who said Hamas attack ‘did not happen in a vacuum’

    • Antonio Guterres last week traveled to Egypt to oversee U.N. preparations for a convoy bringing in humanitarian aid to Gaza.
    • In a press briefing following the U.N. Security Council meeting, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s representative to the U.N., demanded Guterres’ resignation for his comments.

…meanwhile the war pimps make money from the death…

…Israel has never been proportional in their response to Palestinian violence and the desire to make group punishment merely sows the seeds of the next army of militants.

Israel risks starting an uprising on the West Bank and in Lebanon, escalation and death are the only masters this event serves now.

The only solution is an immediate ceasefire, the immediate release of all hostages, immediate aid into Gaza and an immediate summit following all that to hammer out a deadline for the two state solution.

War serves no human.


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  1. ” War serves no human ”

    Except these vultures…” meanwhile the war pimps make money from the death… and Western corporations and their military backing the brutal Zionist state protected by the international MSM propaganda.

  2. Release the hostages Hammas, all of them, without condition, and there will be a ceasefire. But Hammas prefer to sheld behind civilians and hostages. Except for the Hammas elite, of course they’re not in Gaza! They’re in 5 star accomodation in Quata.

    • Why would Hamas release the hostages without condition? That makes no sense. As if Israel will suddenly play nice after getting the hostages back.

  3. Evidence shows Israel allowed this Hamas invasion to happen to give a cassus belli to impose a final solution to the Palestinian problem. Which appears to be happening.

    • That’s right. Netanyahu is loving it. First it takes the heat off him domestically, secondly the USA has now basically green-lighted the creation of a Greater Israel at the expense of Palestine

      A final solution

    • @ kh. Why are you here? What purpose are you? What do you think you achieve? Do you think you achieve something, anything? Do you think your opinions serve a purpose? Do you think your comedic glibness is witty? Do you think comedic glibness is appropriate in regard to people and animals dying and suffering at the hands of murderous racists? Do you think your attitude is appropriate? Would you say that your attitude is in step with the racist, murderous Israeli’s boldly committing war crimes born of racism? Do you think that’s funny in some way, in any way?
      Yes, The Daily Blog is saying stop, while you think you”re being witty and clever. That makes you read the way Israel is behaving. Do you think that’s ironic or hilarious? Perhaps both? What do you think of this image? Curiously amusing? Have you something witty you want to express? You probably do. It’s what you are.

  4. Hammas ain’t it. Probably best to just mosad every last one of them while Isreal has it in them. Peace talks just won’t happen with Hammas around. Sorry, not sorry.

  5. None of us can say we didn’t know.


    Israel is clear about its intentions in Gaza – world leaders cannot plead ignorance of what is coming
    Owen Jones

    But it is not just our leaders who can’t plead ignorance. None of us can.

    How many of us have said to ourselves that if we had been around in the 1940’s and we knew about the Holocaust we would have done everything in our power to stop it?

    There is no excuse now for doing nothing.

    Make sure if you can get to one of the protests organised in your area against this genocide, get there.

    If you can’t get there spread the notice of these protests as widely as you can.

    Make them the biggest protests against war and genocide this country has ever seen.


  6. It’s an American, EU, Western nation sanctioned Genocidal, Holocaust being allowed to happen by them all.

    The American Naval Blockade in the Med is to prevent an intervention and a green light to Israel to slaughter Palestinians without interference.

    Ethnic Cleansing happening right before our eyes.
    Good on you NZ for doing nothing because you’re a housenigga to the Colonial West.

    • ‘housenigga’
      Isn’t that what the maori party and Willie Jackson call maori who are not ‘in their camp’? Not real maori if they align/vote for the right.

      Guess that means the ones ‘in their camp’ are freedom fighters and ‘true’ maori?

      See how it works!

  7. A Pause?

    From being the biggest open air prison in the world. Gaza is being turned into the biggest open air extermination camp in the world’

    Dictionary Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more
    interrupt action or speech briefly.
    “A pause in the rain”
    take a break
    take a breath
    hang back
    mark time
    let up
    take a breather
    a temporary stop in action or speech.
    “I went outside during a brief pause in the rain”

    I wonder if during the period of Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ should Hitler have been asked for a pause before continuing with the Holocaust
    What are talking about?
    How long do you want the gas ovens turned off for before turning them back on?

    Demand the acting Prime Minister and the Prime Minister elect join their voices to the voices of other nation’s leaders calling for a ‘ceasefire’ (not a pause).


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