The Hui Māori Policy Debate


Willie takes the lead and reminds everyone why he’s the best.

Tama is asked how many of the 3000 who will get the $250 tax cut will be Māori.

Tama doesn’t answer, but at least this time he’s not pulling the rage routine that he pulled in the last debate.

Can’t say if any of those 3000 are Māori.

Julian sticks it to Shane over Winston not knowing his own policy on GST off food.

Shane claims he can only answer once he’s had a working group.

Says he wants to break up the Supermarket duopoly.

If only.

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NZ First once had a strong argument for reform of Capitalism but they’ve given up all that mana for toilet police and bashing Māori.

Karen is lost when she is trying to explain why race isn’t used in health when race is such a huge issue in health.

Julian can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Attacks Karen’s position that race isn’t a health issue.

Shane promises to destroy Māori health.

Julian demands to know if the frontline wants the Māori Health Authority why NZF will dump it.

Shane can’t answer that.

Tama is challenged as to why National will spend more money dumping the Māori Health Authority that just keeping it.

He calmly can’t answer that properly.

Willie points out that Tama and Shane are flying in the face of the entire Māori health movement.

Marama is righteous in pointing out the structural racism across the health system and damns Tama and Shane for their shameful decision to destroy the Māori Health Authority.

Shane is grifting his anti-Māori brown bashing. Julian destroys his nonsense by pointing out there is a Māori version.

Julian asks Tama if he is comfortable being in a Government with someone like Shane and Karen who articulate such a racist version of the Treaty.

Tama calmly talks in circles.

Willie admits that Labour didn’t explain co-governance well enough.

Points out that co-governance and 3 waters never appears in voters concerns.

Marama fires up and notes Māori never gave up sovereignty.

They all note the racism this election.

Julian notes NZF are climate change hypocrites.

Shane is a climate denier in that he pretends because NZs emissions are so small, why bother doing anything.

Julian was excellent as Host, Willie and Marama were the best, Shane was the most entertaining, Tama was Tama, Karen looked lost.

The Māori Party missed on opportunity by not having Debbie in the debate.


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  1. Looks like TPM have been caught making shit up according to the latest police report. But then if you believe the Police are racist your off the hook.


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