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  1. Just flipping news outlets this morning, and Earth to Peter Hughes and local body Chief Jee Bung Wonder CEO’s:
    all, ALL, a.l.l., A,L,L Ministries and Departments and heads of cost centres. in their spaces, and going forward:
    Your bigliest “stakeholders” are Jane and Joe Public

  2. Seymour is out the gate and needs to be pulled in. This:

    So who decides who is an addict, first of all?
    Second, does he want to bring back electro-convulsive-therapy (shock treatment). ???¿???

    This guy is a fuckin power hungry madman!

    Oh David Seymour, you tiny minded rat! Back in your box now, good boy.

  3. And I guess my reply to Tiger Mountain on Chris Trotter;s latest may or may not get published, but I bet is it could when today’s various threads become today’s fish n chip rapper.
    Gerry (as in Gerrard not Gerry Brownlee) would be rolling in his grave

  4. More and less from RNZ (that’s Radio NZ not Rail NZ or Rail-Against NZ):
    …”Kim will continue to do some work for RNZ in 2024 and is working with us on some ideas for a series of in-depth interviews. We are delighted and will have more to say about that in the new year.”

    …She has received many domestic and international awards over her remarkable career, including being named the Association for International Broadcasting’s International Radio Personality of the Year in 2012.

    Hill’s final Saturday Morning show will be on Saturday 25 November. The search for a new Saturday Morning host will commence soon.

    Screwed-up law. Thought – Police get away with things when not threatened, people have to actually be harmed before they can even touch the perp. This shop-theft is a different problem. You can’t have any person assuming they know best and coming at you but there should not be an automatic drop-out law against them.

    But people can be innocent and damned by shops such as the supermarket who broadcast about a person and their description in a particular part of the shop who was demanded to come to the office as they were considered to be behaving suspiciously or the like. That is too much open to mistake. I thought it was an awful shaming system.

    The laws need resetting from both sides and shopkeepers considered. A relation owning a dairy caught a schoolkid stealing and slapped him on the cheek, illegal, but the judge said that though not condoned, he would take it as an actual theft but not take charges further.


    Ferry service to Waiheke Island from mainland Auckland.
    Fullers having difficulties – not staff, cutback services, price too high.
    Now bought out by Explore Group – been registered here since 2004 and running tourism, not regular sea-bus transport.
    Looked up on Open Corporates – have a look and see how open the information is.

    …From October, Explore Group will take over the Bayswater and Birkenhead/Te Onewa Northcote Point ferry routes.
    They will take over the three routes abandoned by previous ferry operator Fullers360.

    Managing director William Goodfellow said they are up for the task.The contract is only until June 2025, and Auckland Transport would need to go to market to procure the service for the longer term.
    Goodfellow said Explore Group hoped to increase their ferry services in future.
    “We want to make sure that we’re super reliable, and that we can fulfil what we say we’re going to do, so in time we have full intentions to increase the service.”

    Goodfellow said they would be temporarily deploying the Discovery IV from their fleet in the Bay of Islands before bringing a near new vessel from their Australian operation to run in Auckland.


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