What National and ACT represent is a full scale assault on the Egalitarian State of New Zealand


The above graphic is the true economic comparison between National vs Labour and Labour always protect the people while National always use the people to subsidise the wealth of the rich!

With ACT’s attack on the mentally ill and drug addicts alongside their pledge to build a new prison empire for all the State Tenants that National are about to throw out onto the street plus Nationals plan to rob 2 year olds, public transport and climate funds to give rich landlords a $250 per fortnight tax cut is an affront to the very egalitarian state these fuckwits claim to champion!

They want to take from the poor and give to the rich!

They want right wing revenge fantasies as social policy FFS and voters seem more than happy to allow that because they can’t stop being angry at Jacinda and the Covid lockdown!

3 things as we implode into this election.

National are deceiving you:

Their tax plan is nothing short of a disgrace!

They will steal from 2 year olds, mutilate Public Transport and literally rob climate change funds to pay rich landlords $250 per fortnight in tax cuts using revenue from foreign buyers which economists say will never eventuate!

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National have taken millions from the real estate pimps, will give Landlords back their tax loopholes and give them the right to throw tenants out onto the street and you stupid sleepy hobbit will allow them to do it!

This is a class war for Landlords being waged against renters and owner occupiers!

Look at how easily you have all been conned here?

Rather than screaming, ‘why the duck are these rich real estate [imps being allowed to flog NZ houses off to overseas speculators, we are all instead arguing over how much tax take that will generate.

You are having your nation sold from under you, you sleepy stupid hobbits!

ACT will start a race war:

National’s class war enough for you? Wait, there’s more!

ACT’s bottom line with National is a racist referendum that will redefine the Treaty of Waitangi and force it upon Māoridom with nothing more than a 1% basic majority.

What in our 184 year history makes you think Māoridom will ever accept that?

The backlash ACTs racist referendum will generate can’t be calculated.

It will make the Hikoi to Wellington for the Foreshore and Seabed look like a polite gathering of babies.

If ACT ram this racist referendum through it will provoke a race war. Can sincere citizens vote for conflict policies like that and still look at themselves in the mirror?

Attacking drug addicts, the mentally ill, the unemployed, amputating all the Ministries that aren’t white and male plus killing off the Human Rights Commission is crypto-fascist.


Voters need to accept Labour saved 6000 lives from Covid:

The Government’s borrowing requirement is set to dwarf pre-Covid levels. Over the five-year forecast period, Westpac sees the Government raising $140b in bonds, $12b higher than the previous forecast of $128b.

Westpac is now pointing to 6% OCR because of huge immigration pressures, that’s the umpteenth time in a row the economists have been wrong about an OCR peak.

Yes our economy has been malformed and warped by the Covid response, but all those screaming at those ramifications ignore why we had to take on that debt in the first place!


It’s bizarre that Covid which has shaped all these symptoms in our economy and society, from debt to crime, is not mentioned at all!

It’s like it is Taboo to even speak of it!

This silence damages the Left because we are unable to explain why we are facing the symptoms of the cure we took to protect life in the first place!

We faced a once in a century novel pandemic. We had to make decisions that hurt and damaged many lives.

We all sacrificed for the greater good because that was the best means of dealing with a novel virus.

Were there mistakes?

Of course and there were consequences, and those consequences were worth the alternative which was tens of thousands of dead in a mass death event altho would have mutilated this nation.

Critics pointing at the lack of a mass death event as proof that there never was one ignores what we had to do to ensure that didn’t happen!

It’s the most idiotic argument!

The ease with which we rewrite the recent past, to determine with the luxury of hindsight that Covid was just a cold when it has killed tens of millions around the globe is sophistry.

3283 – NZ (population 5m)

24755 – Sweden (10m)

9162 – Ireland (5m)

191211 – Italy (59m)

Those are the numbers.

That’s how many died from Covid and the population of each nation, compared to Ireland we are talking about 6000 lives difference.

That’s the price we sacrificed to protect as many people as we could, to leave no one behind.

There were sacrifices made that generated unequal consequences in an unequal society.

Labour’s mistake was believing society could just go back to how things were when things were so unequal, we needed the transformative change Jacinda promised but couldn’t deliver.

But the decisions made were courageous and righteous and saved 6000 NZers lives.

That’s a price that was worth paying then, and it is a price that any honourable leader would implement again if faced with the same situation!

Too often we ignore what was saved to rage against what went wrong.

Labour need to rouse that universal shared experience that was Covid and remind us all what we saved with those decisions and that the duty now is to see those challenges through.

New Zealanders leaned into Labour in crisis, because they see in Labour someone who wants to help them, where as in National and ACT they see someone who will kick them when they are down.

Chippy is likeable, Luxon wants you to like him.

Chippy and Grant will help you up on your feet and dust you off while Chris would lecture you about not falling over as David kicks you for being weak.

These are the choices in front of us this election.

This election is become a grudge fuck election. Voters are voting not on policy, but for malice, to hurt the ‘other side’ for all the imagined crimes of Covid, 3 waters and co-governance.

We are being tested this election on who we really are as a Nation.

One that fights for the people vs one that rules in the interests of the Banks, Corporate  Farming and property speculators.

There are 4 weeks unto the 2023 Election.

It ain’t over until the Fat Blogger sings.

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  1. National’s economic promises have been exposed as straight up fraud (the Tame and Wright interviews are compulsive viewing).
    They won’t supply the numbers ‘cos they don’t actually have any.

    Imagine how their richlister donors are feeling after showering them with bribe money only for these clowns to piss it all away on a fraudulent flimsy campaign.

      • So you have access to the numbers then Bob?
        Do share, so the rest of us (voters, media, economists, political pundits) can believe too…….
        Oh, and give them to Christopher and Nicola.
        Apparently they haven’t seen them.

        Or maybe it’s what it is – fraud.

        And “Labour bad so vote National” isn’t an election campaign.
        It’s an admission that despite millions of donations from rich listers, you got NOTHING.

  2. egalitarian
    believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

    So where does co governance and He Puapua fit into this scheme?

  3. Bwahahahaha, Labour will never talk up what they think they achieved during the weezer as the majority of the population are now aware of just how farcical it was. Look at vaccination figures now to prove that.
    Only pure fearmongering cultists like you Bradbury still believe in the false narrative.

  4. Martyn – Again, you are somewhat right…however, the Covid figures for NZ are incorrect…the death toll is higher, and growing every week.

  5. ” What National and ACT represent is a full scale assault on the Egalitarian State of New Zealand ” that happened back in 1984. Now these wretches want to ” finish the job ” Roger the pig farmer style.

  6. You keep going on about how Act’s policies on Maori issues are going to start a race war.

    What makes you so sure that Lab/Green/MP incessant Maoirification of everything isn’t going to start a race war?

  7. Its only a matter of a cigarette papers difference how this country get screwed over by whom but I would much rather be screwed over by an anti woke government than a woke one.
    Unfortunately there is not even that option with the current offering.

    • Agree Jack. So we know what Labour does or mostly doesn’t, except for the very obvious partially hidden agenda that have yet to finish, and it’s not good so if we change and it’s still not good and/or comes with hidden agendas then we’ve lost nothing. If we swap and it pans out better then lucky us.

  8. We aren’t and have not been egalitarian for decades.

    Labour seem to think only they know best and only they can tip the scales away from equality towards their preferred causes, they’ve done it with one person one vote, they’ve done it with Maori ethno nationalism and now they want to tip the scales of justice in favour of the accuser. Big time.

    TPM want to bring in a segregated justice system to go with the segregated health system and the currently hidden segregated education system agenda.

    I just ignore the Greens deep wokery because whatever they propose is pure conflicting misery.

    As Chris Trotter so rightly pointed out, the progressive left are joyless and to vote for them continues the relentless cultural warfare. Why would anyone want to continue that?

    • It’s more that the Left’s interpretation of “egalitarian” is utterly incompatible with merit. You sort of knew everything would go south with Labour when they announced that 50% of their ministers had to be women – which potentially forces the hiring of women that are unfit for a job vs men that were. Imagine if corporations were to adopt a similar policy. How about police, army, forestry, builders, etc? It doesn’t work because it can’t.

      • Yep, the gender balance policy was the start of the problems. We were assured just how forward thinking and deeply progressive it was and it’s proponents getting that through got that warm feeling in their tummy’s they are so addicted to. Trouble was, it was bullshit! We just ended up with incompetence.

  9. I think the MSM should lead with “ thousands of people will lose their jobs so you can get a $2 tax cut”. I seriously think that people think the public service is a faceless machine, not made up of actual people but moving parts. This faceless machine has got families, mortgages and bills to pay just like normal people. These people are already feeling worried,concerned and worthless. If NACT get in there will be an abundance of more mental health crisises. The worse thing about this shambles is the tax cut is nothing but a sham, a false promise based on a false un costed policy. They are actually playing with people’s lives and if people don’t wake up we are fast heading for the biggest catastrophe of a three way muppets government run by a blue Smurf and Smurfett.

    • Given that the private sector is crying out for talented workers, surely civil servants made redundant will have no problems gaining peoductive employment? Unless……….

    • These jobs were not there before Labour came I to power .Hirering none productive workers made their job figures look good but it is not good for workers or our bottom line to keep them on .Is the country running better with them being engaged.Those laid off will be absorbed into the productive sector

      • Trevor,Bob and Wiley sorry to say you are spouting a crock of s**t. We are talking about thousands of workers being made redundant at the same time. Its all very well to say they will be absorbed by the private sector but don’t you all think that at least the nats need to tell people before the election who is and who isn’t going to lose their jobs. No probably not because it’s obvious that they don’t know how to do modeling or spread sheets for their tax cuts policies so there is no chance they will be able to produce spreadsheets and modeling for loss of jobs. Wake up this lot ain’t got a clue and the sooner you lot realize this the better.

    • The tax payer doesn’t owe public servants overpaid jobs just because they might have to leave their roles to a private role, if anyone wants them, and where KPIs actually count.

      • BG what happened to the saying “ pay peanuts you get monkeys “. You do realize the private sector is more expensive than any public servant. Probably as we speak there are companies lobbying NACT up and down the country for the business that won’t be able to get done after this tax charade. Do private businesses have to tell the taxpayers what they get paid by the government???

  10. Chrome Dome Christopher Luxton is another Snake Oil Salesman the same as his Mentor Honest John Shonkey who was not going to Sell State Assets or Raise GST to 15%.

  11. AO/NZ billionaires don’t need taxing, they need investigating. And lets go up OUR IRD while we’re at it.
    We farm, then we export what we farm. That, is what we do. And until the day comes where people don’t need to eat, drink or be Mary, that is all we will do. I know, I know. There are the likes of the real esnake industry ‘specialists’ out there, including fucking hideous paula bennett who’s a Bayleys real esnake employee who’d sell AO/NZ to anyone with enough money but other than that, we have fuck all else by way of foreign, exports dirived income.
    “A spoon full of staples stops the arse going round.”
    My point is, where from, and how, 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires each with wealth in excess of $50 million and four foreign owned banks scamming us out of $180.00 a second in AO/NZ, a country with a population of Melbourne, Australia? I smell a racket. A Ponzi scheme, a Pyramid Scam. The instant we tax the billionaires, the millionaires and the banks we legitimise their behaviour. Essentially, OUR IRD will launder the rich crooks who will then walk away with our blood sweat and tears and I don’t know about you but I’m far from fucking OK with that.

  12. While I always thought this idea that National are the better economic managers was just mythology but that first comparison image is wrong about National starting the housing crisis in 2011. .

    This blog should know the foundations for that were laid by Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson. I remember house prices rising faster than inflation in the 90s and things were really going up heaps under Helen Clark too. It just got really bad under Key and it was apparent National didn’t care about the consequences and now this current crop seem to revel in creating policies that will make it worse.

    To be clear, Labour does care but they just lack the balls to do anything about.

  13. Seemorebutt speaking Jack about welfare fraud v tax fraud.
    $50m spent on legal and investigation costs for only $2.5m MSD ‘overpayments’.

    Tax fraud in excess of $1b and little funding for it.

    What’s wrong with the math, logic and rationale?

    What a fuckn moron!

  14. Some times I am not sure what Martyn writes he truly believes or it simply reflect a persona to maintain a livelihood, which is fair enough I find it difficult that some one of his age, life experiences has not evolved his thinking from university left wing politics Irrespective he is entertaining and provides a great service

    • Jonny A political person like Martyn might throw some different ideas around than those readers are used to. As it is said that it is only mad people who expect change by doing the same things, then it is necessary to crank a reader’s brain a bit and see if it can splutter into life long enough to (metaphorically) move the wheels out of the rut they’ve sunk into.

      The times that Bradbury is doing his best work is probably when you find something to disagree with. And if that entices you from your device or the tv and their entertainments, then he’s a star beyond stage and screen!

  15. Those good deeds listed under the Labour column are actually New Zealand First policies…..But hey….It’s too late for Labour now , but Winston is back …and too think the amount of anti Rogernomics people on this site would understand that New Zealand First have been the only long term party wanting to remove the neoliberal agenda, and yet all you lot do is criticise, complain, ignore……

    • No, as someone who campaigns for retiring Rogernomics (39 years) and Ruthanasia (33 years) with a stake through their toxic legislative legacy hearts, I for one have constantly praised NZ First’s PGF achievements on TDB. I have experienced them for my self as a Far North resident.

      Kaikohe business and research park, three needed state highway roundabouts at Kawakawa, Puketona, and Waipapa, new jettys and wharves at settlements few would know exist etc. Logistics centre at Moerewa, Rail networks improved, with lines sunk lower under over passes so containers can be shipped, and lots more.

      What I am not into is Winston’s egomania and incomprehensible bizarre dissing of Māori status as indigenous–what the…really?

      • Tiger…..The bike trail from Waihola to Lawrence bike trail , or Clutha Gold Cycle Trail, as it’s called…..was financed by the Provincial Fund as far as I know……they do well down this neck of the woods…..The Opotiki harbour development must be a good thing…The fact that New Zealand First gets little media coverage, has fought court cases and won , has had the National Party continually treating Winston like crap because he left National over their continuation of Rogernomics under Bolger….And the lies spread by stupid people that said he gave us Jacinda in the 2020 elections….the voters of New Zealand put her in…not Winston….he was voted out…Compare Labour from 2017 and then after 2020 and you will see the difference what a common sense party can achieve…As far as the Māori stuff goes….that’s his business, his views , and that’s what it is….who else is going to keep ACT and the Natz in line….certainly not Labour, there will not be enough of them for nine years or so…..certainly not the Greens, they will fall apart in opposition , probably split into three groups….and the Māori party will be gone when the Māori seats go……the country needs Winston…..there is no one else…she’s lean pickings this election ….

  16. Well, the Natzos first and foremost represent capital and international finance capital, they are all about shovelling the wealth upstairs to the parasite class. Exhibit A–Sirkey’s offshore trust scam–10,000 of which dissipated virtually overnight once IRD required more than an A4 page of bonafides.

    Their usual trick is enlisting the petit bourgeoisie, new gen aspirationals and self employed (including sheep shaggers) to vote for them. So they wish to shrink the state and introduce more contracting out and transfer of the peoples infrastructure to private capital.

    But…there is a flaw in Baldrick’s masters cunning plan…a finite planet, and capitalists need customers–don’t they? Which is why the Greens plan for a Basic Income for all citizens makes sense, it would at least preserve some purchasing ability for all.

  17. Yes, agree Queeny that would equate to at least 20 – 30 thousand votes as we all know 15 thousand job loses is the warmup. Too many NZers are very politically naive they are being fooled by Nationals deceitfulness and the rich are trying to buy our election.


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