ACTIONSTATION are right to be terrified – but do the woke have 3 friends?


ACTIONSTATION have every right to be terrified of what is coming…

Our general election is one month away, and we are at a real tipping point. 

At ActionStation we genuinely believe in the hope and possibility of a fairer, flourishing Aotearoa. But right now, we want to be honest about what is at stake. 

The outcome of this election could cut right through some of the kaupapa that you and other ActionStation members have worked hard to protect over the last few years. This includes proposed attacks on: 

    • Our public services1
    • People on income support and minimum wage2
    • Climate justice3
    • Renters’ rights4
    • The LGBTQIA community5
    • Te Aka Whai Ora / the Māori Health Authority6
    • Pacific peoples, marginalised ethnic communities, and women7
    • Our constitutional commitment to upholding Te Tiriti o Waitangi8
    • The rights of workers9, including fair pay agreements10
    • The Human Rights Commission11
    • Public housing12

And that’s not all. 

On the one hand, we are facing the biggest threat to the gains made by our ActionStation community over the past decade, while on the other, many people who care about a fairer future already feel defeated and are at risk of not voting. 

This is a dangerous situation for us to be in.

Every single progressive vote that doesn’t happen increases the power of those driving attacks on our communities. 

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We need to mobilise, and we need to do it now. 

…as TDB has been pointing out for 3 years, the Left’s incrementalism and the wokes alienation are driving voters into the arms of the far right and risks electing the most right wing extremist party since Roger Douglas!

ACT want to wage war on drug addicts and the mentally ill while National are giving rich landlords a $250 per fortnight tax cut funded by robbing 2 year olds, mutilating Public Transport and literally robbing climate change funds, and they are basing this all on a foreign buyer’s tax that will lock the next generation out of home ownership!

ACTION STATION has every right to be terrified by this right wing Government and they are right, the way we stop that is by getting the vote out, their solution is the tripling  vote strategy…

If we harness the enormous power in our movement, we have a real shot at electing a government that will protect people and our planet. To harness this power, we need a plan. And we’ve got one. 

It’s called vote tripling, and its power lies in its simplicity. 

All you need to do is: 

    1. Sign up here (this is super important, don’t skip this bit!)
    2. Have a conversation with three friends about voting
    3. Then follow it up once ballot boxes open 

You should choose three people who care about people and our planet, and are unlikely to vote or are undecided on who to vote for.

Behavioural science shows that vote tripling is effective because people listen to people they trust. And it’s proven to work! Our sister organisation in the USA tripled their vote to get Donald Trump out of office in 202013 and in Brazil, they used it to push out Jair Bolsonaro. 

…the problem is do the Woke have 3 friends?

Their alienating pure temple dynamics create culture war ammunition that has driven many  into the arms of the Right doesn’t celebrate recruits, it punishes them!

The unforgiving Woke are the best reason not to vote for the Left!

After this election the middle class woke identity politics clique who ACTION STATION service and who have done so much to grow ACT from a .7% party to the 14% behemoth it has mutated into need to have a good long hard look at how their woke dogma cancel culture social media Lynch mobs have generated the backlash that risks gifting the far right this election!

No one is sitting around the table cancelling each other for misusing pronouns, they want to know how we are helping them pay the bills!

The middle class woke pure temple echo bunker Action Station represents should be bloody worried at how some of their activism has caused counter productive outcomes!

Their triple vote strategy is however sound and we must work urgently to ensure the extremism of an ACT/National Government doesn’t see the right of day!

If the Left Vote, the Left win!

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Now is the time to show solidarity with the Left.

Step up this election!

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  1. Action Station is full of/run by the type of people who are always correct, and anyone pointing out ‘the king has no clothes’, is promptly cast out and beheaded. (Cancelled)
    When an organisation becomes deaf and blind to its own failings it’s doomed.

  2. As comrade Trotter neatly summed up, the ideals of 20th century progressiveness have given way to 21st century wokeism in the name of progressiveness.
    It is not progressiveness at all, it is revisionist, anti enlightenment cultural and scientific vandalism.
    Turning it around will require the village to be destroyed in order to save it. That certainly does not include voting the very same people back into power that are responsible for the current situation.

  3. So they’ll be able to get 3 votes from each of the 3 of them? So that’s 9 votes if they recruit each other 3 times eh?

    That’ll work??

  4. I am tripling the vote by encouraging left wing friends who are appalled by Labour and Greens to vote National, Act or NZ First.

    Thanks for a good idea Action Station


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