Dear NZ – National are deceiving you, ACT will start a race war and voters need to accept Labour saved 6000 lives from Covid

National - Fighting for Colonisation since 1840

Dear NZ.

3 things as we implode into this election.

National are deceiving you:

Their tax plan is nothing short of a disgrace!

They will steal from 2 year olds, mutilate Public Transport and literally rob climate change funds to pay rich landlords $250 per fortnight in tax cuts using revenue from foreign buyers which economists say will never eventuate!

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National have taken millions from the real estate pimps, will give Landlords back their tax loopholes and give them the right to throw tenants out onto the street and you stupid sleepy hobbit will allow them to do it!

This is a class war for Landlords being waged against renters and owner occupiers!

Look at how easily you have all been conned here?

Rather than screaming, ‘why the duck are these rich real estate [imps being allowed to flog NZ houses off to overseas speculators, we are all instead arguing over how much tax take that will generate.

You are having your nation sold from under you, you sleepy stupid hobbits!

ACT will start a race war:

National’s class war enough for you? Wait, there’s more!

ACT’s bottom line with National is a racist referendum that will redefine the Treaty of Waitangi and force it upon Māoridom with nothing more than a 1% basic majority.

What in our 184 year history makes you think Māoridom will ever accept that?

The backlash ACTs racist referendum will generate can’t be calculated.

It will make the Hikoi to Wellington for the Foreshore and Seabed look like a polite gathering of babies.

If ACT ram this racist referendum through it will provoke a race war. Can sincere citizens vote for conflict policies like that and still look at themselves in the mirror?


Voters need to accept Labour saved 6000 lives from Covid:

The Government’s borrowing requirement is set to dwarf pre-Covid levels. Over the five-year forecast period, Westpac sees the Government raising $140b in bonds, $12b higher than the previous forecast of $128b.

Westpac is now pointing to 6% OCR because of huge immigration pressures, that’s the umpteenth time in a row the economists have been wrong about an OCR peak.

Yes our economy has been malformed and warped by the Covid response, but all those screaming at those ramifications ignore why we had to take on that debt in the first place!


It’s bizarre that Covid which has shaped all these symptoms in our economy and society, from debt to crime, is not mentioned at all!

It’s like it is Taboo to even speak of it!

This silence damages the Left because we are unable to explain why we are facing the symptoms of the cure we took to protect life in the first place!

We faced a once in a century novel pandemic. We had to make decisions that hurt and damaged many lives.

We all sacrificed for the greater good because that was the best means of dealing with a novel virus.

Were there mistakes?

Of course and there were consequences, and those consequences were worth the alternative which was tens of thousands of dead in a mass death event altho would have mutilated this nation.

Critics pointing at the lack of a mass death event as proof that there never was one ignores what we had to do to ensure that didn’t happen!

It’s the most idiotic argument!

The ease with which we rewrite the recent past, to determine with the luxury of hindsight that Covid was just a cold when it has killed tens of millions around the globe is sophistry.

3283 – NZ (population 5m)

24755 – Sweden (10m)

9162 – Ireland (5m)

191211 – Italy (59m)

Those are the numbers.

That’s how many died from Covid and the population of each nation, compared to Ireland we are talking about 6000 lives difference.

That’s the price we sacrificed to protect as many people as we could, to leave no one behind.

There were sacrifices made that generated unequal consequences in an unequal society.

Labour’s mistake was believing society could just go back to how things were when things were so unequal, we needed the transformative change Jacinda promised but couldn’t deliver.

But the decisions made were courageous and righteous and saved 6000 NZers lives.

That’s a price that was worth paying then, and it is a price that any honourable leader would implement again if faced with the same situation!

Too often we ignore what was saved to rage against what went wrong.

Labour need to rouse that universal shared experience that was Covid and remind us all what we saved with those decisions and that the duty now is to see those challenges through.

New Zealanders leaned into Labour in crisis, because they see in Labour someone who wants to help them, where as in National and ACT they see someone who will kick them when they are down.

Chippy is likeable, Luxon wants you to like him.

When the books get opened this week, the World will be able to see how significant the China economic slow down is and NZs exposure to that decline.

Voters will ask themselves in that sense of crisis, ‘who will look after me, Labour/Greens or National/ACT’.

Chippy and Grant or David and Chris Luxon.

Who will look after you when you fall over?

Chippy and Grant will help you up on your feet and dust you off while Chris would lecture you about not falling over as David kicks you for being weak.

These are the choices in front of us this election.

This election is become a grudge fuck election. Voters are voting not on policy, but for malice, to hurt the ‘other side’ for all the imagined crimes of Covid, 3 waters and co-governance.

We are being tested this election on who we really are as a Nation.

One that fights for the people vs one that rules in the interests of the Banks, Corporate  Farming and property speculators.

There are 4 weeks unto the 2023 Election.

It ain’t over until the Fat Blogger sings.

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  1. AM Show is Cheering for National Bridge pretends there was no COVID. The Right wing of Mutch Mackey Lynch and Hosking are basically campaigning for National

    • They are, which is why there should be no polls.
      We don’t need people like them telling us who to vote for.
      That’s what they are doing under the guise of ‘news and current affairs.’
      It’s simply speculation.
      As usual the media is trying to make news rather than reporting it. Otherwise, they would be unemployable. They have no useful skills.
      They are paid performers.

    • Yes …it is unbelievable that the headlines are not reading in big bold letters…NATIONAL & ACT to cut 15,000 jobs by Christmas if voted in…

      Because that is what was clearly stated at the finance debate in Queenstown and Jack Tame repeated it for clarification to make sure both he and everyone els was hearing right..

      Where’s that headline today??.

      That is catastrophic !!!

  2. I think u hit the nail on the head National are trying to deceive us and Seymour is intent on starting a Race War. This Election is a Race based Election NACT/ACT/NZF vs LAB/Greens/TPM.

  3. Hard to disagree with any of that, but who is the right person to be conveying the message.
    Of course, it is Labour themselves. And yet we know they never will as they are au fait with National’s greater agenda and complicit themselves.

  4. No one cares that National may have a $500 million dollar hole in their tax plan, you and I both know they can make that up without cutting services. Yet it’s a bit galling that we on the left call this out whilst Grant has blown his last six budgets by several billion each…

    As for Covid, people are sick and tired of it. If Labour starts talking about it like you want them too, expect a low 20s election night result.

    • But we on the right know the damage that was inflicted by Nact in their previous 9 years and they have sold people lies in that they’re reformed.

      • Of course people die in car crashes! Two tin cans, now increasingly covered in plastic, hurtling along with soft bodied creatures in them. Whataya expect? But better a seat belt than no seat belt inv. They’ve saved plenty. The analogy doesn’t work all that well. Not sure of the point you’re trying to make @ R+C.

  5. Clear to see. The Nats are playing middle Nu Zullenders (oh, now the squeezed middle) for fools. What did Brash call them back in the day? Punters. Not necessarily offensive but neither a particularly endearing term. Suggests they’ll gamble their hope’s on a dodgy set of assumptions.

  6. Labour got their thank you vote in 2020 and blew the chance to make us believers in their way of running the show . They need to move aside and give the other side a chance and while in.ipposite ponder how they could have done better and prepare for the next election.

  7. Hipkins said we were front of the Que…he either liared or is incompetent.

    Then he extended the lock down s because he was enjoying the power so much. Now voters want revenge.

  8. ” This is a class war for Landlords being waged against renters and owner occupiers!

    Look at how easily you have all been conned here ?

    Bomber until we have a movement that can confront the current plutocracy with strength , intelligence and resources we will continue to be seen as what we are ………………no threat to the current plutocracy and unregulated capitalism that enslaves the many all in the name of freedom and democracy so they can continue to rort and finacially rape our people with no consequences.

  9. Andrea Vance pointed out today that a recent poll showed half the voters want a referendum on The Treaty. Given the left want it to create 2 classes of citizen that’s hardly surprising
    Racism is not necessarily a White Supremacist thing . Brown supremacists Co leaders in TPM are still making racist statements about Maori genes being superior

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