Finance Debate in Queenstown Review


Queenstown’s reputation at risk after revelations of workers living in cars

Queenstown is the jewel in our tourism crown but revelations some out-of-town workers are living in their cars is putting its reputation at risk. 

Every. Single. Year. it’s the same bloody story.

Queenstown is so expensive and elite that it can’t house the workers those elite require and that even in Queenstown, the entire town is reliant on the low wage economy!

If Queenstown – rich, snobby, elite Queenstown can’t build houses for their crucial workforce, doesn’t that highlight how warped the market has become?

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If Queenstown – rich, snobby, elite Queenstown is reliant on the low wage economy, doesn’t it highlight the addiction throughout the country?

If Queenstown – rich, snobby, elite Queenstown is endlessly trapped in this cycle, what hope for the rest of the country?

Queenstown has become a symbol of just how weak our social infrastructure reliant on free market myths has become.

Holding a Finance Debate in the heart of Aryan Coloniser Capitalism like Queenstown really tells you everything you need to know about the shallowness of our political debate and .

National’s tax plan is nothing short of a disgrace and even the rich white and wealthy of Queenstown groaned over Nicola Willis and her stupid answers!

The crowd at the ASB Great debate in Queenstown also clearly didn’t buy some of Willis’ claims, with the audience making a large noise of disapproval when she suggested her party’s policy wouldn’t lead to house price growth in the region.

National will steal from 2 year olds, mutilate Public Transport and literally rob climate change funds to pay rich landlords $250 per fortnight in tax cuts using revenue from foreign buyers which economists say will never eventuate!

National have taken millions from the real estate pimps, will give Landlords back their tax loopholes and give them the right to throw tenants out onto the street and you stupid sleepy hobbit will allow them to do it!

This is a class war for Landlords being waged against renters and owner occupiers!

Look at how easily you have all been conned here?

Rather than screaming, ‘why the fuck are these rich real estate pimps being allowed to flog NZ houses off to overseas speculators’, we are all instead arguing over how much tax take that will generate!

You are having your nation sold from under you, you sleepy stupid hobbits!

James grumbled, David did eveything to look like he isn’t as extremist as his Candidate selection and racist rhetoric suggests he is (and which is leading to a drop in the polls), Nicola was arrogant because she is banking on everyone hating Labour to get elected and Grant reminded everyone just how fucking good he is as a debater.

The problem for Labour after such feckless incrementalism on the issues that matter and insane political capital burnt by the woke and their middle class identity politics bullshit, this election has become a grudge fuck election.

Voters are voting not on policy, but for malice, to hurt the ‘other side’ for all the imagined crimes of Covid, 3 waters co-governance and Trans cult issues.

We are being tested this election on who we really are as a Nation.

One that fights for the people vs one that rules in the interests of the Banks, Corporate  Farming and property speculators.

There are 4 weeks unto the 2023 Election.

It ain’t over until the Fat Blogger sings.

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  1. At least they all agreed to extend the housing allowance ( I think it’s called) boundary s for the workers, which is one positive.

    Grant and David seemed to agree on some things and Grant is still sad about Chippie taking his wealth tax away.

  2. Absolutely agree with you Martyn, people will vote over malice against Labour due to Labours incrementalism & insipid policy decisions despite receiving a huge mandate at the last Election with their unprecedented majority win? Jacinda Ardern squandered this opportunity to implement real Social change in NZ, then cut & ran, leaving a mess for Chippy to cleanup, these are Socialistic changes that could have made a real difference in people’s lives? But as you said it ain’t over till it’s over & yet for people wake up & see through the insipid, vapid policies of the National Party & Act who only care about Rich entitled NZ Elites!

    • Do any of you seriously think that this blinkered country would swallow socialism in all its glory. I suggest to you if the Labour government had given even a slight hint of socialism this election would be more of a landslide to the right. Its telling that the sorry arse businesses haven’t donated to labour since 2021. These same sorry arse businesses kept their livelihoods under this government with government handouts, the workers kept their jobs ( how many of them will still vote labour ), the nurses, teachers police have all had massive pay raises, how many of them will vote labour. Greedflation is alive and well in NZ. NZ is at the mercy of the well funded right wing propaganda machine nothing more nothing less. A catastrophe is brewing of epic proportions, thousands will lose their jobs and FOR WHAT a tiny inflationary uncosted,unfunded tax cut proposed by rank amateurs with some of their big taxpayers money in their back pockets.

      • Yes and those thousands of lost jobs are only seen as a monetary value. They are in fact human beings whose lives will be thrown into turmoil. Yet Willis and Seymour are happy creating turmoil with the simple swipe of a pen. Willis in particular is hideous with her language and its no surprise even the rich Queenstowners are staring to groan, the rest of us have been doing that for a while over her screeching on the economy. It will be a disaster of biblical proportions should she ever get near NZs purse strings.

      • Greedflation is alive and well Worldwide, latest studies from Europe suggest Greedflation is responsible for 40% of the current misery.
        Throw in the fact food speculation on Wall street contributes to 10% higher food prices worldwide.
        Nothing to see here, move along Plebes.

      • Queeny don’t get so upset things can only improve with a change of government,we cannot allow the current bunch to continue they have no idea.

  3. Willis got slaughtered in every single aspect of that debate.. She just ended up making a fool of herself …
    … as shallow as a puddle..

    Has she thought about the ramifications of selling vast amounts of houses to the Chinese year after year after year after year after..
    Of coarse that is unsustainable but also….
    what will that do to our culture as a a people..
    Housing effects …everything…i mean everything

    Grant Robinson and James Shaw were giants..
    There breadth of economic knowledge and deeper thinking was what made that debate so compelling to watch

    Get our Country Back on Track..
    I don’t think so..
    Taking Our Country Backwards..
    Far more appropriate…

    • Sad to say, I fear that too many of our voters are even shallower than a puddle. I am 77, and have seen voters vote in really dumb too many times for me to have any hope about this election.

      • You only need to read rat in a cage/ Krautus Klaus and Bob/ John/ Bob the first to see how really shallow and really dumb people can be.

  4. I’ve been saying the.same thing for months. Some on the left haven’t realized it yet, but it doesn’t matter what Labour say or offer.

    People have just had a guts full of both Labour and all their dramas and are completely over covid.

    Thats why they want change. The staunch left supporters need to wake up to that reality.

    • Why should staunch left supporters do anything of the sort?
      If people are so stupid that they think voting for the blues will improve anything, anything at all, they really shouldn’t be allowed out alone.
      Grant Robertson has been keeping the wolf from the door, just, for a few years now. How is he expected to perform miracles in the current world situation? At least he has a plan which is basically ok, as long as we stick to it.
      Why does letting an amateur take over and completely change the plan sound like a good idea? It only sounds good to greedy people who feel hard done by. They have survived, some have made money. They are not hard done by at all, they simply haven’t had the special treatment and access to influential people that they have come to expect.
      If you don’t like dramas, why would you vote for the rag-tag remains of Key’s govt. with a few prima donnas tossed in. Luxon ran an extremely small airline in good times. It ran itself really in spite of him. He’s not qualified to run a country. There will be dramas aplenty in the next 3 years with those inepts running things. All because, you say, people have had a gutsful of Labour. Better the devil you know, I think.

      • Oh Joy thank you for this insight. You are so right. We are fast heading for a catastrophe and its all for power and greed. Looking at the dregs of the National MP ‘s on the other side of the house makes me shiver .

  5. Queenstown will be the no.1 target market for foreign buyers. Let’s face it,they won’t be flocking to Invercargill or Westport. So if a good chunk of the housing stock is gobbled up by purchase that potentially don’t live there, or will only be occupied a fraction of the year, then how exactly is that improving the accommodation situation in the town?
    Also, you can guarantee it will drive up already exorbitant rental rates.
    Obviously 7 Houses and NatCCP don’t give a flying fuck about the overall situation in Queenstown. 7 Houses just seems obsessed with selling off our houses to his foreign influencers.

  6. Is funny. I was there only a week or so ago and I saw a tattered, tacky old dump full of slouching even older neo-liberals taking their botox for a walk.
    I have 8mm of me there as a wee mad red headed kid chasing the ducks in the park and not one tourist to be seen. The Devils Staircase was a gravel track and down in the lake I remember seeing a big brown trout swimming in and out of the oven of an old cast iron coal range that’d been dumped there off the road. I remember back then that I had no idea that those were to be the good ol’ days.
    Queenstown’s an old whore who’s makeup’s running over her drooping skin and she’s beginning to realise, as we all come to do, that our days are numbered and they’re not likely to be the best of the last days either.
    There you go? See? I’ve just described capitalism addicted to that nastiest drug, neo-liberalism. Greed is Good. Live fast, die young and too fucking bad if you destroy, ruin, waste, spend, use, abuse, cast aside and exploit because that’s business and business is business as indeed it is, as can be seen.
    Poor Queenstown with her beautiful Wakatipu under that sparkling sky. She lies down between the mountains and trusts and yearns and loves and even now She greets her abusers and exploiters with grace and dignity.
    I tell this to Wakatipu. 800,000 years ago people who were to become today’s modern humans died out but for about 1500 individuals, so I tell Her, be patient beautiful Wakatipu, you’re time and turn will come again and we humans will be less than the dust on your shores.
    If I was King, God and Lord of Everything I’d mandate that people leave their money behind and take an E instead before they went to within 200 kilometres of Roto Wakatipu.

  7. Most kiwis have been duped by the BS Neoliberal propoganda of the right since 1984 – initally under a “Labour” government which included Richard Prebble and Roger Douglas (well known “sell outs” to their party), and progressed by National between 1990-99 and 2008-2017 (and Nat-lite Labour between 1999-2008). Only the most recent Labour government have started to move away from the Neoliberal paradigm – although Grant R is still enamoured by this failed philosphical position. Neoliberalism is now accepted hegemony despite the lack of evidence of it’s efficacy – and this continues to destroy NZ. Nothing will change until this paradigm is first challenged and second, usurped by more progressive approaches,

  8. Nicholas Willis’ public performances, with the notions she spouts, meet all the criteria in the DSM5 for NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER!

    (sorry about the shouty caps).

    Engage at your peril.

    Do you really want a Narcissist as Finance Minister? Or any minister?

    Seriously scary stuff!

  9. Nicholas Willis’ public performances, with the notions she spouts, meet all the criteria in the DSM5 for NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER!

    (sorry about the shouty caps).

    Engage at your peril.

    Do you really want a Narcissist as Finance Minister? Or any minister?

    Seriously scary stuff!

    in my opinion, allegedly

  10. Nicola knows better than 3 economists?

    Willis was born and raised in Point Howard, Wellington. She is the eldest of three children.[4] Willis’s mother was a journalist in the Parliamentary Press Gallery,[4] her father a partner in corporate law firm Bell Gully.[5] After a “privileged childhood”, she first attended Samuel Marsden Collegiate, a private school for girls, before asking to spend her last two years of high school boarding at King’s College in Auckland – a decision she regretted.[5] Her first job was as a cashier and server at a Wholly Bagel Café in Wellington, later working in retail stores selling clothing.[6]

    She was privileged( typical of the right) and she worked selling bagels?( come back Jacinda)
    Leader Simon Bridges appointed Willis National’s spokesperson on early childhood education.

    She should have stuck to making babies.

  11. how ironic a flooded town where you get to drink shit soup is home for rightist bean feast..

    queenstown is literally killing itself with greed, typical kiwi short term thinking….get the buck today and fuck tomorrow

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