Luxon’s desire to start Paramilitary Policing of Gang Funerals highlights he shouldn’t be trusted with Executive power


Can we just pause and let what Christopher Luxon said during the Paddy Gower debate?

Luxon is such a moron that he would start a war with Gangs.

Now some of you might be sexually aroused by the idea of the State smashing da Gangs, but reasonable, intelligent human beings who went fuckwits know better!

This bullshit argument that National are going to ‘ban the patches’ is insanely stupid and celebrated by only the dumbest banjo twanging rednecks in NuZilind.

Firstly, the State policing what you wear is Iranian in its needless authoritarianism.

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Secondly, it’s utterly unworkable as we ask Police to arrest and remove clothing from incredibly angry people who will react with violence FFS!

Thirdly, Luxon’s demand to send Police into a Gang Tangi to strip patches from Gang members is a recipe for radicalising organised crime into a political vehicle for violence.

Could you imagine the scenario?

500 patched gang members turn up not mourn their comrade, the Police (numbering at least 1500) would have to turn up and enter the funeral and take patches.

You fucking know what would happen you stupid redneck hobbits!

There would be a fucking meltdown and Police officers would be shot at and Gang members killed before they allowed their patches to be taken from them at a. fucking funeral!

That Luxon is so keen to do this highlights that he isn’t prepared for Executive Power.

He will start a god damned war and while the stupid rednecks might become sexually excited by the idea of starting a domestic war against those they hate, the danger of allowing someone like Luxon to hold Executive Power is actually very high.

He could barely run a state owned airline ffs, why do you think allowing him to start gang wars at funerals is a good idea?

You are all so angry that Jacinda prevented a mass death event and saved 6000 lives that you will elect a ill qualified idiot whose inexperience and conservative Christin knee jerks will start conflict he can’t comprehend.

Part of me almost wants to see ACT/NZF/National win because the carnage they will generate can be rammed down the throat of every ACT/National and NZF voter and damned forever.

Luxon’s desire to start Paramilitary Policing of Gang Funerals highlights he shouldn’t be trusted with Executive power!


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  1. I’m feeling the same as you Martyn, let these “thick as” right wingers take over this country, then we will see the Freedom/Groundswell morons screaming like there’s no tomorrow.
    I’m imagining Luxon, Seymour, and Peters uniting as they lead our overworked and under resourced police force remove gang patches at a gang members funeral.
    Talk is so cheap as long as someone else’s lives are at the front line.
    National/Act/NZ First keep waffling on about a so called Coalition of Chaos, oh well they should know, that is exactly how they are behaving.
    Go for it NZ, vote these evil ratbags in – but then keep your mouths shut when the shite hits the fan.

  2. Luxon might be a reckless lunatic, but Police Commissioners tend not to be. They’d simply refuse to do such a thing. Mark Mitchell will oust Coster as soon as he can – but not even Mitchell will be able to find a Commissioner sufficiently demented to do such a thing. (Unless he has a twin brother lurking somewhere.)

  3. Luxon doesn’t need the police to remove gang patches from ferals. Instead, he needs to build a drone airforce so they can carry out drone strikes against 100’s of gang members attending a funeral.

    Imagine watching the drone footage on news as a missile strikes the gravesite, while all these gang members stand around the grave.

    • I don’t think The New Zealand state is permitted by its own laws to conduct extra-judicial killings of its own citizens. Seems quaint and old-fashioned eh? Having our hands tied behind our backs like that can only be described as “woke”.

    • Thankfully so far the msm are sensitive enough to not show any images like you mentioned. If thinking about that sort of stuff gives you a thrill you need to mix with a wider part of society so you can learn what is socially acceptable.

    • We need to declare that gangs are terrorist organisations. Then we can carry out preemptive strikes using drones against terrorist funerals and gang houses etc.

    • Could be a bit more humane about by rounding them all up and sending them to somewhere where conditions are bleak and remote, like down to Macquarie Island, Antarctica or Mataura.

  4. ” That Luxon is so keen to do this highlights that he isn’t prepared for Executive Power. ”

    Its all hot air and designed to look tough on crime. He has no intention of carrying that ridiculous policy out its all about looking mongrel nasty because it wins them votes.

    The Police deal with the operational planning and would soon advise that along with the Police union its unacceptable to put their officers into such a deadly environment with seriously dangerous outcomes.

    Once he is on the ninth floor and enjoying the status , power and privilege the gangs will be somebody elses problem.

  5. I can’t recall where this was said in the debate but I suspect it was a Luxton off the cuff – there were plenty others, by both Luxton and Hipkins – something he believes should happen but the conviction held without any consultation. Surely. Or a clever ploy to secure the votes of those he knows are demanding a tougher hand. Of course, its just an empty promise, spectacularly unachievable.

    From those in the ivory tower: For opposition parties, it’s easier to present simple solutions and make bold promises, or what researchers of populism have bluntly called “bullshit statements”.

  6. If, God forbid, Luxon gets his way he should be made to lead (from the front) the first Police contingent sent to take patches off gang members at a Tangi.

    • National’s spots never change, Muldoon had the same policies on the 70s and did it achieve anything NO and will this achieve anything NO, we’re in for at less 6 years of National looking after the farmers and the business sector, while attacking beneficiaries and lower income earners, which Nats refer to as bottom feeders and losers. I’m retired now, my father advised me many moons ago, to move to Aussie, I wish I had taken his advise. Rant over.

  7. Luxon, Willis, Mitchell, Stanford, Seymour… et al


    ………………………………………………………………CATASTROPHIC FAILURE!!

    • And unfortunately the polically ignorant, self serving Kiwi voter have already decided to vote for, the “I don’t give a shit National party” to the treasury benches. Unbelievable.

  8. National us basing their gang control on Australian laws that ban consorting so the large numbers at funerals would not be allowed. Less numbers would mean stopping those breaking the law re gang patches would be easier to handle. They would only have to do a show of force a couple of times to prove the police are in charge and calling the shots.

    • So Trevor are you telling me that if all the gang patches were removed the gangs would magically disappear like “puff the magic dragon” . Doeth patch maketh man , will there be no more tangi’s . As they say in the castle “ they must be dreaming “

    • Most of the police I know would love to be able to have a tough stance towards the gangs. They hate the kid glove treatment that they are working under at the moment.

  9. And Mumbling Mark Mitchell reinforced Luxon’s comments on Newshub’s Nation this morning.
    Will the police enforcers wear Brownshirts, I wonder?
    Probably, but only after Mitchell gets rid of Commissioner Coster with an expensive payout (which is, no doubt, already included in Willis’s promised pre- 2024 promised Budget).
    Things are gonna be a lot different and more uncivil if the Righties govern.
    Be very, very careful and thoughtful who you vote for.

    • Correct Verity Verdant….We are so close to becoming like America it’s like a nightmare that you cannot wake up from.

      That simpleton Mark Mitchell, on TV 3 The Nation, like Luxon, refused to answer any questions that might have challenged the block of wood that sits on his shoulders, instead loudly accusing the interviewer of being a mouthpiece for Labour …How very very Trumpian!!

      You can safely say that if Nat/Act get in then N.Z will be changed for the worse for decades, because they are going to reek havoc with their stupidity.

      John Campbell’s piece today on the TV N.Z One website about poverty, and his interview with the one of the founders of the world renowned Dunedin Study, should be compulsory reading for everyone before election day.

    • Do mean Mark the Mercenary who got rich by pimping himself out as a gun for hire but hid when the shit got reels? That Mark?

  10. God, surely there must be something else we can take seriously other than a funny little power-freak bald man making squeaking noises. Seymour’s over there at the other end of the bar making similar grunts and squeaks to appease the dumb, gruff and gutless. ( Seymour’s got a $4 million dollar fortune and he’s paid $350 K a year. FYI. News Hub : David Seymour’s Parliamentary perks top $500,000 His funding, allowance and salary come in at $572,000.
    If I were a politician right now I’d supply AO/NZ with an enormous bulk carrier ship laden with Ecstasy tablets and I’d invite the gangs to head over to Port with high sided car trailers and square mouth shovels.
    I’d have another bulk carrier berth with the largest shipment of Afghani sativa ever to set sail and supply ice creams and chocolate biscuits to whom ever wanted them, which would be everyone.
    I’d have the ministry of health on stand-by with respirators in case of over-laughing syndrome and I’d instruct the local council to supply good mattresses to every public space and office.
    We don’t have a gang problem so much as of having a pragmatic sense of humour deficit. Imagine being stuck in dull fucking little New Zealand, sober and miles from anywhere with seymour and luxon telling us how best to be like them, or else. Yeah/Nah, Fuck that.

  11. We have been there before. Goes to show how lazy National are.
    “National knows New Zealanders are sick of worrying about the surging levels of violent crime in this country. We are not going to put up with it. So National will launch a full-frontal attack on gangs and the ‘P’ trade they support.”
    From Creepy Key’s election speeches 2009

  12. We have been there before. Goes to show how lazy National are.
    “National knows New Zealanders are sick of worrying about the surging levels of violent crime in this country. We are not going to put up with it. So National will launch a full-frontal attack on gangs and the ‘P’ trade they support.”
    From Creepy Key’s election speeches 2009

  13. I saw a couple of guys sitting back outside a cafe sipping their coffee. Clean and tidy, wearing comfortable warm looking hoodies. The sort of gentle suburban scene you wouldn’t particularly notice. Oh, across the polar fleece backs the name of a prominent gang..

    The sort of comfortable scene which I suppose would have Mark Mitchell all orgasmic as he calls out the AOS or whatever special squad is to clean up the country.

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