Labour + Māori Party candidates attacked – If you are voting for race baiting National, ACT or NZF you should be ashamed of yourself!

If you vote ACT, NZFirst or National, you are racist.

Guess the Party Conference: a)ACT b)National or c) NZF TRICK QUESTION: They are all the same now.

Jesus wept…

Labour’s Angela Roberts ‘slapped’ following political debate

A Labour candidate says she was slapped by an aggressive member of the public while at a local election debate this week.

…and yet somehow it managed to get worse…

Te Pāti Māori candidate’s home invaded in ‘politically motivated attack’

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Te Pāti Māori candidate Hana Maipi-Clarke’s home was broken into twice today in what her party is calling a “politically motivated attack”.


Angela and Hana are incredible human beings and amazing political candidates. To have them physically intimated and harassed in this manner just because of their political views is a fucking tragedy in the 130th anniversary of universal suffrage!

The frantic race baiting hatred that NZ First, ACT and National have all indulged in to twist 3 Waters and Co-Governance into ‘apartheid’ has consequences, and we are seeing those consequences in the unhinged hatred of right wing extremists!

Here is the quote from the NZ First Candidate…

“Cry if you want to, we don’t care. We are the party with the cultural mandate and the courage to cut out your disease and bury you permanently.”

NZ First Rangitata candidate Rob Ballantyn

…Luxon was very clear from the Paddy Gower Debate that he would prefer to working with racists than allow Labour, the Greens or MAORI PARTY form a Government!

Let that sink in.

ACT, NZ First using Māori as ‘political football’ – Māori leadership

A group of Māori leaders have accused ACT and New Zealand First leadership of playing “political football” with indigenous people, and wants potential coalition partner Christopher Luxon to call it out.

Of course National will do a deal with NZFirst despite such deplorable race baiting from NZ First, because National AND ACT have built their entire campaign on using Māori as punching bag this election!

Let’s be very, very, very clear!

National will throw thousands out of state homes with no where for them to go, while cutting 14 000 public service jobs while cutting 140 000 off welfare with sanctions while using māori as a political punching bag!

If this is honestly your political preference, then YOU are the problem!

The political Right and their proxies have whipped up levels of racism in this election not seen for decades, pretending they are not is as disingenuous as Luxon claiming he didn’t know Winston during the devastating Paddy Gower debate.

If you vote for this, if you vote ACT, NZFirst or National, you are rewarding this type of malice and political spite.

If you are voting for this because you hate Jacinda for saving the country from a mass death event, then you need to have a real long hard look at yourself in the mirror.

If you vote ACT, NZFirst or National, you are racist.

It’s become as simple as that now.



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  1. NACT First (Aka KKK) vs LAB/Greens/TMP definitely shaping up as a Race Based Election IMHO.

    Also a Socio-Economic based Election of the Have’s vs the Have Not’s.

  2. Could a marriage between Luxon and Winston etc, really work. Here is a possible scenario, for such a wedding, on approx Oct 14.
    Luxon pops the question. The sparkle in Winston’s eye, gives his response.
    Luxon then books the venue.
    Luxon buys a ring, and memorises his vows.
    Luxon sends out the rsvp invites.
    Luxon gets his tailor, to weave an immaculate crushed velvet white tuxedo.
    Luxon is anxious, but knows his plans are coming together nicely.
    Luxon gives Winston, directions to his boudoir.
    Luxon lights the candles, chills the wine, and dims the lights.
    Luxon sprinkles rose petals over the duvet.
    Luxon applies eau de cologne, and waxes his scalp to a brilliant shine.
    Luxon hears the front door creak open, so beckons: “Win Wins, I’m upstairs.”
    Luxon turns on some soft music, and reclines in a suggestive pose.
    Luxon hears footsteps coming up the staircase, stopping at his bedroom.
    Luxon excitedly calls out: “come on in Win Wins, I’ve been expecting you.”
    The bedroom door opens, and Luxon hears: “actually it’s David Seymour here…you needn’t have gone to such lengths, just for me – I mean, a house wine would have been more than adequate, to celebrate our win, but this is Dom Pérignon, for gods sake. But not to waste the opportunity though, may I be the first to make a toast then…for we managed to pull off the biggest scam in our political history, bigger than the Saudi sheep scandal, bigger than the Oravida scandal, bigger that the dirty politics scandal – our biggest scam, has scammed the whole country and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, for it’s just like the saying from Matchstickmen: “you didn’t steal our votes, we gave them to you.”
    The way we did it, was that we already had the rich vote in our pocket, and then we managed to appeal to redneck racist simpletons with our constant race baiting, and then it was just a matter of bribing enough of the squeezed middle with a block of cheese a week tax bribe, that relied on that illegal foreign property buyers levy, that was never going to add up, and we never had to produce the numbers for.
    And now here we are, all set to move into the Beehive. It’s all been such a whirlwind!
    Oh, by the way, where’s that other fellow…I thought we were going to have a threeway? I brought the Seymour special, my vibrating lichtenstein tickler.

      • “ What utter nonsense “ Talking to yourself again are you, Bob ? Meghan Markle does that too, you know, the grifter who snagged a druggie wee prince from the country that ejected you.

      • Bob the first – I wonder why Labour is not putting forward either Carmel Sepuloni or Nanaia Mahuta in front of the cameras? Racism from Labour??

      • No … that is not “utter nonsense”…that scenario doesn’t get any more accurate than that!!…

        …except …. National …will …not …win…the …election.

        The electorate has awoken to the woke right and their vote is disintegrating rapidly.

        There will be no definitive result this time round….and the 2nd election will go to Labour.

        Wondered why Luxon now has massive bags under his eyes looking more like a dead man walking with every passing day ?…..

        All that corporate money down the tubes…That’s why !!

        This is the new reality for the over privileged….

        • If the election result is not definitive, I don’t think there’d be much enthusiasm to hold another one. Can’t there be some arrangement, that instead of a second election, we let Luxon and Chippy fight it out on live TV, like the charity fight for life events, with the last one standing allowed to form the govt.
          It’s probably similar to how they did things in the dark ages, and it would be much easier and quicker and entertaining for everyone. We have to get them to both agree, before Oct 14.
          I think @Grant is onto something regarding Luxon’s strategy. For Luxon, without his tax package, doesn’t leave much that is appetising. His tax package was supposed to make it easier on the squeezed middle, but without it, he just sounds like he’s going to get tougher on everyone except landlords, which isn’t the greatest. Instead of his message to “get NZ back on track”, his real message may be, “take your medicine”.
          And so far, the country’s leading economist’s have lambasted in, and Brad Olsen doesn’t sound too convinced, and David Parker has said that the foreign buyers levy could be illegal, and John Key wouldn’t do it because he thought it wasn’t feasible, and not one accounting firm is prepared to back it up with accurate modeling, and orthordox economic thinking is that pumping more outside money into our economy at this time will be inflationary, and former treasurer Winston Peters has said that it wouldn’t be responsible to implement at our current level of GDP growth, and Winston doesn’t want foreigners buying property here anyway.
          So does Luxon and Nicola Willis, who have never held the finance portfolio in govt, think they know better the Winston, our former treasurer?
          Maybe someone should ask the PRC embassy what they think of the 15% foreign buyers levy, and how it fits in with the China+NZ FTA, for their answer may be enlightening. Luxon’s tax package is becoming a stinking decaying albatros around his neck, with more holes in it than swiss cheese.

    • Sink. Agree. Travelling down to the Wgtn CBD, it’s the National billboards which are defaced and vandalised, not Labour’s. Punters screaming intemperately at candidates, but not actually engaging, is also bad, and in some cases, alarming.

    • Typical bullshit response – it’s the right who are doing the violence not all the houses. And as always the far right never take responsibility for their shit.

    • There is more than a little difference between NWA styled poetry than a physical assault and a B&E into someones home. Use your fucking skull.

      • So we must know the perpetrators political leanings, or how can it be “politically motivated”?

        BTW is ram raiding an Indian dairy a racist hate crime…BTW I think it is.

        • The reason you seem so stupid, is because you didn’t read the links, did you?

          BTW are you suggesting that ram raiders are doing dairies because they don’t like Hindus? BTW I think you are an idiot.

    • There was outrage , but that was an awful poem directed at no one in particular not an actual physical act against two people based on their political beliefs.

  3. There is more than a little difference between NWA styled poetry than a physical assault and a B&E into someones home. Use your fucking skull.

  4. Breaking into someone’s house is really low some have sunk into the gutter in our country. Robert’s should have got on her cell phone and called the police re the Inglewood incident. There’s some pretty feral pakeha losing it in our country and we need our other pakeha whanau to call them out. We seem to becoming a little America people can’t speak without being assaulted or threatened. I hope the police treat these scumbags as serious as they treat the gangs.

  5. Pretty sure ‘cultural mandate’ is an oxymoron if not nonsense. Culture isn’t bound by authority or dictate commands but is guided by inclusivity, diversity, equality, participation and history.

  6. I’m only voting ACT to overturn Labour’s firearms legislation. If you supported that, you can own the outcome.

    • Why do you need to admit you’re as stupid as Americans? ACT ironically create the targets you think you need to defend yourself against. Or are you still so unevolved that you need to shoot animals?
      The Guardian.
      Experience: a whale saved me from a shark attack
      He swam underneath me and lifted me out of the water on his flipper
      Owning a gun, and trust me, I know, is more about power and insecurity than the need to eat things with bullet holes or to defend oneself. The only thing guns do effectively is to defend the ego and that’s ACT in a nutshell. Seymour’s a puffed up bag of dehydrated ego. Just pop him in the microwave.
      If, on the other hand you think you might need a gun to defend yourself and your Whanau against The Chinese, The Russians, The Australians, The Stewart Islanders, The Martians, The Moon People, The Moon People’s Mouse People because the moon’s mad of Cheese, everybody knows that, then look to our Royal Navy, Royal Military, Royal Air Force and soon, no doubt, Royal Space Force. They’re the one’s the dodgy little ACT seymour the Twerk wants us to distance ourselves from because Republic!
      How long do you think we’d last if we became a republic? A day? A week? 5.2 million people on a fertile land area larger than the UK and ocean-miles away from nuts with guns, no disrespect intended, as climate change floods NYC and fries L.A. while Greece burns as Londoners turn from blue to white to red to the colour of a cooked sausage.
      We don’t need an in-fighting politic who says YES to pop guns. We need the Crown’s military, navy and Air force armed with drones carrying tactical nuclear war heads.

    • For fucks sake. If owning a gui with no controls is your priority go live in the bush or get some counselling. You are so stupid. Look how many convictions recently of people of your ilk buying guns and selling them to the people you profess to hate. You’re demented and sick and are no better than a common criminal.

    • Or.. you could just improve your aim so you don’t need 15 shots to bring down your target. No serious deer stalker needs a semi auto unless you can only get a semi without one.

    • Hey Dave, can you rank these issues in importance for me (and yes, it’s a trap):
      Childhood abuse of all kinds
      Climate and other ecological crises
      Firearms legislation
      Housing crisis
      Sexual abuse
      War in Ukraine

    • ” I’m only voting ACT to overturn Labour’s firearms legislation. If you supported that, you can own the outcome ”

      By voting for just that one issue Dave you are voting for the following economic violence against so many of our people and at any time you could be at the mercy of ACT and its attack on the many working slaves of this free market economy.

      ” The ACT Party says its small business policy package will abolish Fair Pay Agreements, put a hold on minimum wage increases for three years, and remove the 2 January public holiday. ”

      ” “‘Fair pay’ agreements amount to compulsory unionism that will reduce productivity and make it harder for employers to grow their businesses. ACT will get rid of them immediately. ”

      ” ACT would also abolish tariffs and exempt overseas investors from OECD countries from needing to apply to the Overseas Investment Office for approval. ”

      That’s where all the donated money to ACT is going to ensure any vulnerable immigrant or new school leaver and parent is denied decent wages , protection and conditions are denied them under the NASTIES so you and the other delinquents can own more guns.

      • Yes Mosa front page of the Herald this morning about a rich philanthropist hosting parties for the right. How on earth does philanthropy and Act fit together, its an oxymoron. Also all the rich business people hosting the right wing parties. Not a sausage roll in sight but a free private plane on offer to David Seymour ?? Now where does that fit on the scale of allowed donations .

        • Yes Queen a free private for seemore to use but the rich donor said he doesn’t want anything. He then said he supports seemores policies. Perhaps he should get on his plane and fuck of back to where he came from.

    • If we can have driver licensing and car rego then it’s no problem to have gun owner licensing and gun rego. If you and your Act mates think having open slather for more military guns won’t mean there will be more military guns falling into the hands of gangs, terrorists and school shooters you don’t think. Seymour is a fool for embracing gun nuts.

  7. Our Maori people need to be protected or we might end up again being genocided by people that originate from europe. We might have to develop a Maori militia group like Hezbollah to defend ourselves from being attacked by white nationalism? Before the Jewish state was formed, during the 1930s they had militia groups like the Haganah, or Stern gang, Palmach to defend themselves.

    Maori seriously need to be thinking along these lines if more attacks are gonna happen to our people.

    Free Maori

  8. I try and see these things as who has the most to gain. I will wait for the full police report before i pass judgment on the politically motivated part of the b&e. Only because this is a major escalation in the way NZ politics operates and it demands clarification of exactly what happened. The problem is that the police will say they can’t comment on a active investigation as will all other witnesses until AFTER the election.

  9. We need to be concerned – when there is a break between the flags, dangerous weeds spring up. (I’m referring here to flagstones but other meanings can be taken also.) When there is confusion and dissent and obvious difficulties happening or possible, then people get anxious about what steps should be taken to solve or even lessen the problem.

    Don’t forget that a UK women politician was shot and stabbed dead.
    On 16 June 2016, Jo Cox, a British Labour Party politician and Member of Parliament (MP) for Batley and Spen, died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in Birstall, West Yorkshire. In November 2016, 53-year-old Thomas Alexander Mair was found guilty of her murder and other offences connected to the killing in an act of terrorism. (Note:53 year old man, not some young hothead, but an old warped bitter sod. with interest in similar bitter-hate groups in other countries and lauding terrorists.)
    The judge concluded that Mair wanted to advance white supremacy and exclusive nationalism most associated with Nazism and its modern forms. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole life order.

    This is the background to another UK political killing – involving a popular MP – had got 70%.
    On 28 January 2000, Pennington was acting as an assistant to Nigel Jones, the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP) for Cheltenham, during Jones’s constituency surgery. A constituent, Robert Ashman, whom Jones had been helping with legal disputes, attended the surgery and suddenly attacked Jones with a samurai sword. Pennington came to Jones’s defence but was fatally injured; he was stabbed nine times from behind, with at least six of the wounds going all the way through his body. Jones was badly injured in the hands

  10. When we went deer shooting the skill was to shoot to kill with one shot or a maximum of two. I do not understand why we need semi-automatics here in NZ perhaps Seymour could explain ???

      • And if you have a pest control business you can get a special licence to allow a high load semi auto. You just have to prove you have a need and pass a good character test. Otherwise your just a twat that needs to kill defenseless animals for fun. I’m guessing you just leave the carcasses to rot don’t you. Get some skill… and serious reevaluate your morals if you consider that fun.

  11. People like Hana are the future leaders of Aotearoa and the Nu Zillinders are scared of that, but they shouldn’t be because an Aotearoa Hou is for all of as she said in the Hui debate

  12. I note that the labour party candidate did not mention the colour of her invaders.
    Why would that be. Could it be that the incident was not race based ?

  13. I fear this election will be Aotearoa’s Brexit or Trump moment, the public voting against the status quo out of (admittedly justified) anger but in doing so electing a government that will not only bring in levels of austerity we haven’t seen since the Roger Douglas era but also embolden far right extremists to threaten queer people, racial minorities and the disabled…
    We cannot let this race baiting be rewarded
    If the left vote, the left win!

  14. I’m voting left just to watch the haters, moaners and whingers on the so called right, lose their minds. Re-election might not happen but it would be funny.

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