National’s ‘squeezed middle’ tax cut really a giant juicy obscenity for rich landlords


National are hoping you are dumb enough to see the $250 fortnight headline without reading the fine print.

That’s $250 per fortnight for rich landlords, average wage earners get $25 per week and the minimum wage get a measly $10 per week.

What’s obscene about it, is that National will fund this tax cut for the rich Landlord class by amputating public transport, raiding environmental funds and gutting 20 hour funding for 2 year olds.

Who the Christ takes money from babies to give to Landlords?

Why the National Party of NZ.

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Today National showed us what they really are, what kind of nation they want us to be, and it’s rich landlords being loved while working people and renters get fucked.

The Real Estate Pimps have poured millions into the coffers of the National Party, now you know why.

Whose your daddy?

Why the Real Estate Pimps are.

Chris Luxon will open this country up to foreign speculators as his only economic lever for ‘growth’.

There is a class war happening right now in front of your eyes and we don’t have the politics vocabulary to resist it!

See with your own eyes the naked venal selfishness of it all and ask is that truly what we are as na people?

Fuck you, me first!

Have we fallen so low?

Look, there are definite problems and fuck ups with Labour, but to spite vote ACT or National just because you hated Jacinda and Covid are so belittling when you consider what the alternative looming in front of us is.

This isn’t a tax policy, it’s revenge fantasy for the rich.


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  1. I’m proud of that guy bravely leaning over the fence to call those two odious little freak-show escapee’s out. Go bloody him. He’s a proper hero in my opinion and we should indulge in more of it ourselves.

    • I was thinking it would be good to get a printout of his face over the fence & attach it above Luxon’s image on the various advertising they have around.

  2. Well. You have Labour to blame for this. They did fuck all for everyone who didn’t belong in their bubble of muddle-class fascists who believed in cult behaviour and global populism.

    Labour fucked this up well and proper throughout the last 6 years.

    At least we’ve got something to look forward too. Labour won’t be on government for decades.

  3. 100% – if there were no capital gains in property it would be a dead duck and no-one would do it. Doing New Zealanders a service – my arse – 7 houses Luxon and his ilk are parasites. Ticks – sucking the blood out of society.

    • Better 7 houses Luxon than 3 houses Hipkins!

      Nearing the end of 6 years of gross mismanagement:

      > We have the worst trade balance in the OECD

      > The IMF is comparing our economic performance to Equatorial Guinea

      > We are experiencing a violent crime wave like we’ve never seen before

      > Our education system is in crisis with attendance and literacy rates plummeting

      > We’re probably on the cusp of a race war thanks to the toxic race-baiting of the last 3 years

      We’re in an enormous amount of trouble and it will take a monumental effort to turn this ship around.

      • Race baiting thanks to 3 years rhetoric from ACT and National. Note, the Freedoms party leaders don’t have an issue with this race baiting in your toxic post.

      • You are correct Andrew the Labour Government have wreaked havoc in our society both economically and socially and for that they should be ashamed.

      • Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you.
        The above was written almost 2000 years ago so you are late in your warning. I suspect that many of those who moan the loudest would not be alive if Ardern had let covid run wild like the liberal side of politics wanted so it is self evident that they do not know what is best for all of us.

    • Willis this morning on RNZ” – “I’ve spoken to landlords and…..” trying to justify an aspect of her tax policy. Of course you did – starting with Luxon and then all the other landlords on the Opposition benches, Tricola!

  4. ” Have we fallen so low ”

    Yeah just listening to Hamish Campbell in the debate who is standing for the Nasties convinces me that National select these inept people to run in safe National seats knowing they wont be scrutinised and that they will get voted in because they are standing for National.

    In my opinion he was a flake and not worthy of the nomination.

    Out of all of them Raf was the best in articulating a vision.

  5. ” National are hoping you are dumb enough to see the $250 fortnight headline without reading the fine print ”

    Yeah they are DUMB that’s why the Nasties are even in contention.

    The National candidates in Napier and Ilam are proof of that.

  6. If they don’t sell the houses whose going to pay for tax cuts. This has Paula Benefit’s dirty little plastic finger nails all over it. Payback for all the rich donor money she’s bought in, payback for the premature end to her career in politics because she was narcissistic enough to think she was going to be PM “ zip it sweety “.

  7. Did politicians use to work for the people and not just the enrichment of themselves or has it always been this way? Serious question…

    • It’s more a Labour thing Toadstool just look at the cushy numbers Ardern and Mallard secured for themselves leaving behind a trail of disastrous damage.

    • Westminster system of liberal democracy was always flawed and designed to work for politicians and their enablers first and foremost, everyone else second.

      It’s not a system geared towards altruism and the greater good of the common folk. It’s an adversarial one geared towards selfish loudmouth psychopathic narcissists with money behind them.

      It is about stealing land, water and resources from indigenous peoples through government and judicial processes then pretending it’s in the ‘ignorant savages’ and everyone’s best interest.

      The key to success in our present system is to channel the spirit of Victorian era white males.

      Nothing screams white supremacy more than the institutionalized racist and culturally elitist form of Governance and judiciary we have that serves the interests of the Crown first and Aotearoa/NZ citizens last.

      Anyone trying to divide you is trying to conquer you. Those people trying to sow division will pretend to be your friend, they will pretend to share your values, but they don’t… they are your enemy.

      The system is your enemy, not your opposing political tribe and not first nation peoples.

      We deserve better than the antiquated and archaic colonial Westminster system.

      We need to Pasifikanize because Eurocentrism has failed.

      • Please explain what Pasifikanize. He Paupau wants Maōri customs enshrined in law. How do you enforce culture upon people …… Like the cultural police of Iran?. When some
        Young Spanish footballs put their playful version of the Haka up on You Tube they were publicly called out and humiliated. Maybe that’s the way to go, put ram raiders in stocks in the public square.

        • Identify ourselves as Pasifikan, by nature or by birth.

          One people, one set of shared cultural values with priority given to indigenous input.

          Fuck this whole Kiwi culture bullshit we’re being fed.

          In the same way we were Europeanized, we now need to be decolonized and Pasifikanized.

          That also means less Maorification and more inclusivity of values,traditions and practises by the wider common/indigenous peoples of Pasifika.

  8. Christians in the National party, nope, just heretics and frauds. They would probably arrest/assault or kill the Beloved Son if he opened his mouth in their locale.

  9. It’s becoming apparent or more correctly more apparent, Labour supporters are turning very nasty when indeed they should be rejoicing the end of our worst Government in history,Labour.

  10. Labour have put children and families into Motels and paid the Landlords when their promise was to build houses.The Landlord class in this case have done very well under a Labour Government.

      • The Motel business with the costs underwritten by the Labour Government is more lucrative.
        Labour Government have discouraged rental properties in favour of Motels.

  11. I no longer care.

    I just want this government gone. Then hopefully a real left wing Labour can rise from the ashes in two to three terms.

    Kiwis have had enough.

  12. Forgive me if my math is wrong but it seems very very very very very very unlikely that there are over 2000 people stupid enough to pay over $300000 (or $1.5m on a $10m house) tax to buy an already seriously overpriced house, year after year after year to fund this crap.
    My question to the nat loving commentators here is, what gets cut to fund those tax cuts if/when it falls flat.
    Just the fact that they use fortnightly numbers should tell you what they really think of the intelligence of the sheep they wish to rule.

  13. If fair pay agreements are a gone burger under National and Act the average wage earners might end up, getting the 10$ a week tax package just enough for a $ 9.99 block of cheese at Pak n Save they could live of cheese all week. Then they will have to pay for their prescriptions and full transport fares they will end up in deficit. Add to that public services demise to pay for Nationals tax cuts, gees that could lead to premature death.

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