MEDIAWATCH: TVNZ election coverage VS TWG election coverage

Most vanilla orgy ever

TVNZ have done a song and dance over their Election 2023 coverage…

TVNZ confirms election night coverage, debate times and dates

TVNZ will have extensive coverage across the election campaign, with live debates, full election night coverage, and comprehensive news and analysis.

Live Debates

TVNZ will host five live election debates during the election campaign, all live streamed on

The first live Leaders’ Debate will take place between Chris Hipkins and Christopher Luxon on September 19 at 7pm on TVNZ 1 and TVNZ+.

It will be moderated by Political Editor Jessica Mutch McKay and will be the first time voters get to see the leaders of the country’s two main parties going head-to-head in a primetime debate.

The Young Voters’ Debate on September 25 at 7.30pm will be hosted by Re: News’ Anna Harcourt alongside 1News Digital’s Isaac Gunson.

This online-only debate will focus on the unique challenges affecting Gen Z and Millennial voters and be live streamed via all Re: News’ social channels, TVNZ+, and 1News social platforms.

TDB Recommends

Exploring the issues that matter most to Māori will be the focus for the Kaupapa Māori Debate on September 26.

Deputy Political Editor Maiki Sherman will be out front for this online-only debate, which will be live streamed from 7.30pm via TVNZ+, and across 1News social channels.

Q+A’s Jack Tame steps up to moderate the Multi-Party Debate on October 5, airing at 7pm on TVNZ 1 and TVNZ+.

The final party lineup will remain open until the week of the debate due to the timing of TVNZ’s qualifying polls.

The second and final Leaders’ Debate with Hipkins and Luxon airs just two days before polling day on October 12 at 7pm on TVNZ 1 and TVNZ+, led again by Jessica Mutch McKay.

…5 debates, only 3 of them on screen.


The Working Group in association with the Taxpayers’ Union, TDB and Curia Polling are simulcasting 7 debates on Freeview TV 7pm each Tuesday until the election with 5 Unique Electorate Polls!

We’ve done Napier, Ilam, we will do Northland, Auckland Central and Tamaki alongside an after show debate 8.30pm on September 19th at the Backbenchers Pub in Wellington where we will review TVNZs first leaders debate with the leaders and pundits who weren’t invited by TVNZ.

Next weeks Party Debate in Auckland is looking like the best Debate for the entire season AND it will be live streamed on the NZ Herald as well!

Labour’s Willie Jackson vs National’s Paul Goldsmith vs Māori Party’s John Tamihere vs TOPs Raf Manji vs ACTs David Seymour.

Greens and NZ First TBC.


I recommend you book tickets now because this will sell out immediately.

Register your attendance here.

No one else is bringing you 7 live debate with 5 unique polls! Not TVNZ, not The Spinoff, not The Standard, Not ZB, not NZME, not Stuff!

We are.

And all without one red cent from NZ on Air!

To paraphrase the mighty Wu-Tang Clan, TWG Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit.

It ain’t over till the Fat Blogger sings Comrades.


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  1. John Campbell who along with Kim Hill is the best interviewer in the country… where is he?

    I watched the Ilam fiasco where Sarah Pallett lied along with all the Labour party people about housing, they HAVE NOT BUILT 13,000 HOMES AT ALL!

    • Isn’t John Campbell one of the government’s TVNZ propagandist? Doesn’t Kim Hill work for Red Radio, an arguably communist operation?

    • John Campbell: “People are suffering out there. If only your heart were half as big as mine you’d understand.”

    • Exactly, and not only do the claim privately built houses bought with our taxes as houses the govt built, they bid against private individuals (first home buyers) driving up houses prices.

      Idiots. Pity we don’t Mcphail & Gadsby anymore, and a greater pity all our so called comedians, are sucking off the media funds hind tit.

  2. They, our political media bacteria, are all neo-liberal. All of them, thus fuck them all. How can the media, what ever the fuck that is, look us in the eye and pretend there are clean and clear debates and that our inclusion in those debates actually matter? What bastards! What cynical, arrogant, grossly over-paid bastards!
    Waaaaaaaaay back in the day my old man was a staunch proponent of a direct action, compulsory Farmers Union who would, by mandate, be in terminal and enduring contact with any down-stream urban unions like freezing workers, truckers, railways, shipping, shearers , etc. He believed, as I do today, that such strength was unassailable and essential.
    Of course NZBC / 4YA as it was known to be ‘in those days’, got wind of this up and coming unruly farmer lot what with their unions and strength-in-numbers rhetoric and all that there and duly came out to our farm to interview my father and his collaborators and you won’t believe what happened next, I bet.
    After a few days, perhaps a week or so there was a phone call. It was from NZBC requesting that my father go to the Invercargill office because there was a ‘development’ that needed to be clarified prior to the interview going to on-air.
    Off we went in our old Ford V8. I was a little kid so I was focused on heading straight up the stairs of the H and J Smiths toy department but first, we had a meeting with the reporter.
    My old man never even made it inside the studio. I was sitting on the back seat when a fellow came out to our parked car and said ” Sorry Jack. We had a phone call from Wellington and I was told that if we broadcast our interview, I’ll lose my job.” That was about sixty years ago.
    Today? The National Party are selling our farmlands to Chinese investors, our urban rich are billionaires and neo-liberalism is a dominant fascist autocracy. The Labour party still stinks of little roger’s treachery and I can see david seymour rummaging around in Labour’s pockets while debasing its reputation.

  3. Hosking or Paul Henry the only interviewers who don’t stand for sound bites and lies.

    The rest are cheerleader s with red and blue pom poms.

    • Hosking and Henry? You are either delusional or brainwashed.

      Henry ran as the National Party candidate for the Wairarapa electorate in the 1999 general election.
      and Hosking Wikipedia profile…

      Politics and business interests
      In an interview with North & South in 1990, Hosking described himself as “a money person, I’m a capitalist. I’m to the right of Roger Douglas.”[11]

      In 2012, Hosking was revealed to have received $48,000 in payments and perks from SkyCity Auckland Casino for doing regular work for them, while still working as presenter for TVNZ.[12] During controversy over proposed taxpayer subsidies for Sky City building a national convention centre, Hosking wrote in defence of the subsidy, describing the convention centre as an “aspirational investment”.[13]

      In 2013, he was the master of ceremonies at Prime Minister John Key’s state of the nation speech, which he also endorsed.[14] Hosking rejects the scientific consensus on climate change, stating on Seven Sharp that he doesn’t believe in the IPCC report.[15]

      In 2015, Hosking was accused of overt political bias by NZ First leader Winston Peters and Labour leader Andrew Little,[16] a claim strongly denied by Hosking and Prime Minister John Key.[17][18]

      During the 2017 election campaign, Hosking was appointed moderator of one of the televised leader debates, and was again accused of political bias by much of the New Zealand public. This led to a petition for his replacement being widely circulated, and collecting over 75,000 signatures. Debate host and organisers TVNZ responded that it would not placate the petition signers, and affirmed that it will keep him on as moderator.[19]

      Hosking is opposed to Māori wards.[20]

      Hosking himself is a soundbite.

      • Endorsement of the shyster Key is definitely a blot on Hoskings reputation. But if he opposes Maaori wards he can’t be all bad.

  4. ” The first live Leaders’ Debate will take place between Chris Hipkins and Christopher Luxon on September 19 at 7pm on TVNZ 1 and TVNZ+.

    It will be moderated by Political Editor Jessica Mutch McKay ”

    Jesus like she is impartial !!!!!!!!!

    Jessica and her ” that’s unfair to the National party ” response to Arden and Davis in 2017 when they dared pull up English and their hypocrisy !!!

    This is why TVNZ are compromised by being in no way impartial.

    But it works because the brain dead Hobbits will tune in and not be entitled to unbiased , unfair coverage.

    But of course to be contradictory there is very little discernible difference with the exemption of the Nasties promising to repeal the FPA between them.

    Nothing really ever changes does it.


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