Kelvin’s OT response as toothless as a pensioner with gum disease


Jesus wept this is pathetic…

Govt announces youth justice facilities to get tougher rules

The Government has announced it will push through new laws to toughen rules in youth justice residences while also promising to build two new “high needs” units.

…let me see if I can get this completely fucking straight.

The response to kids in State Care who are hurt and broken and damaged who escaped onto a roof are new search powers and new powers to lock down the kids and some bullshit Family Group Conference funding???


What about the fact these staff only get two weeks training???

Giving Staff who were caught arranging fightclubs MORE powers???

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This isn’t a solution, it’s a list of new powers that will be used to abuse these kids with!

Who decides when they get searched? Who decides when a ‘mass disorder incident’ is occurring? The last one occurred because Staff were arranging fightclubs, do they still get locked down if the Staff are the ones generating the mass disorder incident?

We have grotesque underfunding for places that can look after these kids, and all Kelvin has done is give the people who were abusing them MORE POWERS!

Remember, this is the same Government that removed the Children’s Commissioner as oversight to OT and that Oversight is now a faceless 6 person panel hidden deep inside the Education Review Office!

The entire game here is to abuse kids and then minimise the State’s culpability!

This is a band aid to empower staff to be able to smother any response by kids to the abuse they are getting inside OT.

It’s outrageous, but it’s an outrage you all participate in.

We all hate ram raiders, we all hate kids in trouble, we refuse point blank to see the post covid stress that has impacted all of us also impacts them, that the sacrifice we all made over lockdown was shared unequally in an unequal society.

We refuse to acknowledge any of that and we scream for harder tougher sentences, for the love of fuck, ACT and National are arguing over who can put ankle bracelets on 9 year olds or 10 year olds faster!

We have a broken system that hurts kids in State care and all we do is give the Staff who were hurting them more power to shut down any protests these kids make when they get hurt.

We are a spiteful, tiny, frightened people who are easily led and this is the harvest of ignorance our malice produces.


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  1. So kneejerk I am sure Labour have a groin injury. Perhaps ankle bracelets are the kinder approach.

    I m not sure there is anyone in the State who would know how to rebuild the system effectlively no matter the size cheque book they were given.

  2. Pathetic, definitely. Sad. Desperate. Hopeless probably better decriptors.

    Its finally finally dawned on Chippy that he has a problem with law and order. Well duh! Youth crime especially. Where the hell has he been? So this 100 mph back of a napkin over a flat white policy was dreamt up. Will it work? They have no idea nor care. Its purpose is to last slightly less than 90 days so they can pretend they care about crime and we the voting public are fooled and we vote Labour. Its the worst most cynical politicking I have seen from any party in memory.

    So fear not, if by some miracle of God Labour win, this bullshit will never see the light of day!

    Is this what you call sophistry?

  3. “The response to kids in State Care who are hurt and broken and damaged…”

    And also, a dangerous menace to society.

    If you’d been inside one of these facilities (I have) you’d know that many of these ‘children’ are bigger and stronger than most adults and have committed serious violent offences to in order to be put inside one of those places.

    These are prisons in all but name and sadly there’s a growing need for them.

  4. Wasn’t his performance on TV cringeworthy. No idea when it will be built,
    The costing, age of attendees etc.
    No answer to any of the questions put to him. SHOCKING !

  5. Give Kelvin some credit.
    Both he and Hipkins acknowledged that they were forced to announce this change in strategy and that they will need time to find consultants to plan the response.

    You know, an announcement of an announcement that will be followed by another announcement. The strategy that worked so well during the Jacinda government until it did not work so well.

    At least the Hipkins government has a second string for its bow. Drop projects that were always marginal, announce announcements that will make society better and keep silent on constitutional reforms that they are working on. Oops, three strings.

  6. While the employment law seems to vary across occupations it appears that the public service think they have a right to be paid while ignoring any responsibility to provide the service they are paid for.

  7. The part Maaaari that really is a pakeha ‘Dave Seymour’ wants kids locked up as early as 8 years old mentioned on one of TDB live podcast. This mentality has infected this govt to lift the anti and do one better atleast not as extreme as the ACT leader.

    • Stephen this latest move by Labour is to stop their lack of action costing them votes.
      There are no principles involved it’s about votes only.

  8. Kelvin is like Kris Fafoi. He doesn’t really want the job but it pays well so until something else comes along he’ll put up with it.

  9. “….we refuse point blank to see the post covid stress that has impacted all of us also impacts them, that the sacrifice we all made over lockdown was shared unequally in an unequal society.”

    So one must have a certain level of well-being before being culpable of crime?

    It is precisely because of these societal stressors, that punishments have to be upgraded to match the circumstances.

    It’s like in wartime or other periods of national emergency – punishments are enhanced, and looters are given very short shrift. Whereas in more peaceable times, punishments can generally be relaxed.

    The fact is poverty in NZ is nothing like it is in non-Western countries, and even in those countries, this sort of carry-on would be far less tolerated than it is here.

  10. Lots of comment from most of you, re how not to support these young people from leading a life of crime, but few solutions re how to.
    If you havent worked in this sector, you have no idea how hard it is to keep everyone safe.
    It all started with colonisation and continues today with no bloody wealth tax.
    Until social and economic equity is addressed nothing will change…. well….can only get worse.

    • It is not just Maori youth that is offending so how can you blame colonization for the pakeha and other nationalities young people who are running riot .
      Much of it is poor parenting by people that should not have had kids in the first place . We need a programme to slow the having of babies at the same time improve education . I would say there would be less crime if all kids we wanted and we’ll educated whatever they ethnic group.

    • Apparently not all the participants were down with the first rule of fight club. Guess that means there was something wrong with the fight club.

  11. So after 5 plus years of sitting on their hands this Labour Government has reconized we have a crime problem particularly for young people. 3 days 3 new policies at this rate they will out Act Act.

  12. Two weeks training! Is that two weeks training for qualified social workers, nurses, teachers and psychologists to work in these secure units. Or is this two weeks training for once were bar bouncers? Two weeks training unfknbelievable.

  13. Better ways of dealing with crime., young criminals? What about the police doing old-fashioned working with delinquents such as coaching basketball teams and getting them into a competition with participants getting McDonalds burgers etc. Or what? Did Sir Kim Workman come up with something? If so did any active body pay attention and run some trials. Or were all the administrators etc dead bodies?

    Some ideas from a community worker in USA.
    The first thing to point out is that police officers don’t do what you think they do. They spend most of their time responding to noise complaints, issuing parking and traffic citations, and dealing with other noncriminal issues. We’ve been taught to think they “catch the bad guys; they chase the bank robbers; they find the serial killers,” said Alex Vitale, the coordinator of the Policing and Social Justice Project at Brooklyn College, in an interview with Jacobin. But this is “a big myth,” he said. “The vast majority of police officers make one felony arrest a year. If they make two, they’re cop of the month.”

    We can’t simply change their job descriptions to focus on the worst of the worst criminals. That’s not what they are set up to do.
    Second, a “safe” world is not one in which the police keep black and other marginalized people in check through threats of arrest, incarceration, violence and death.

    I’ve been advocating the abolition of the police for years. Regardless of your view on police power — whether you want to get rid of the police or simply to make them less violent — here’s an immediate demand we can all make: Cut the number of police in half and cut their budget in half. Fewer police officers equals fewer opportunities for them to brutalize and kill people. The idea is gaining traction in Minneapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles and other cities.


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