JT’s slam of Green Party over Māori land return policy and the only way Greens could make it worse


JT’s response to the bizarre call from the Greens to lose the election by handing ACT political ammunition with their call to hand back private land to Māori is priceless…

Te Pāti Māori: The Greens will never out Māori us

Te Pāti Māori president John Tamihere said the Green party can never “out Māori Te Pāti Māori”. He also said Te Pāti Māori will always be able to “out green the Greens as Māori are the indigenous custodians of te taiao [the environment]”. Tamihere’s remarks were in response to the Green party announcement of its Hoki Whenua Mai policy on Monday morning, which focuses on returning land to Māori. When asked by BusinessDesk what Te Pāti Māori thought of the move, Tamihere said it already had a policy that covers addressing the loss of whenua Māori (Māori land). He added that there was already a commission of inquiry process in place. “The Waitangi Tribunal has inquired into 70% of Aotearoa; what is the Greens Inquiry going to do?”

…he is of course right, there are existing protocols in place for this which makes the Greens call a virtue signal that only helps ACT.

People are screaming for solutions to the cost of living crisis, many pakeha feel that te reo has suddenly been foisted upon them, we are tearing each to pieces over bloody bilingual signs and here are the Greens trundling off down some cul-de-sac handing political ammunition to ACT for meaningless virtue signals!

ACT are now telling everyone that the Māoris want private Pakeha land back which is a bastardisation of what they are calling for but the Greens just walked into it!

The only way the Greens could make this worse is if they argued all Children will be forced to wear genderless clothing while every Pakeha must donate a body organ as reparations.

The Left needs to focus on the cost of living crisis this election, build trust AND THEN try to win consensus for those big issues, otherwise we will lose this election to ACT and National!

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  1. JT’s interjection must be worth a couple of percent for the center-right at the next poll, and a couple more for TPM.

  2. No racial will tolerate being governed over by another racial group but niether will Maori tolerate being governed over. For whatever reason Maori are over represented in the worst stats and they’re not the only ones but what they do have are a set of legal frameworks in the treaty and the political will for co governance that pretty much says if you make things so expensive no one poor can live then you don’t get to govern.

    • True that Sam but it’s futile on sites like this as most pakeha that visit this site will put their racial superiority narrative clique monotonous undertone or just be straight out racist to prove their white supremacist presences is all powerful.

      • That attitude is the reason why non-Maori just don’t care about Maori issues anymore. No matter what opinion is offered people like Stephen will cry “racist”.

        Well call us all “racist”, we simply don’t care. Whatever burns your racism wick, we have no interest in.

        Mind you here is a “racism” question. Will Maori wealth ($100Billion worth by 2030 according to Willie Jackson) be taxed? Hope Maori wealth has a cashflow of greater than $1.5B to pay those taxes.

        • Gerrit, your comment just proved my point. Similarly when you ranted on about P.I recenting Maori but was clueless about their culture adopted pakeha racism when they were brought here for low wage working for greedy pakeha businesses in the 1960,70 and were housed in poor social areas where Maori lived. You just don’t fucken get it and you probably never will being from the dominant privilege group.

          • Surprised you are still using a European name Stephen . . surely it’s time to start using a Maori name instead (i.e. ‘go all Mihingarangi Forbes’).

            You know – colonialism and all that . .

          • Love it. You prove my point again and again. Even making Pacifica people as being racist due to the influence of the “dominant” culture.

            You don’t get it that people have a choice, create a New Zealand as they want with democratic one person one vote institution or revert to Mugabe style tribal entities to which their non racist vote is worth 1/6 to that of a Maori voter.

            As I said, we ignore all labels of racism for to call out racism means you are the racist. The moral high ground belongs to the majority, it would be wise for Maori to join the majority on the high ground and bring their culture with them for all to enjoy. Let all people “born of this land” be equal and share their cultures. To promote one race based culture above all others is racism.

  3. Marama’s seemingly exceedingly strong aversion to the colour white may blank out realities such as the existence of the Waitangi Tribunal and what it’s job is. Even the Albert Park event organised by Maori women to give all New Zealand women voices, she utilised as an opportunity to sock it to Pakeha again, this time exonerating Maori men and women, plus gay and transgendered persons from any responsibility for any violence anywhere in the world. The facts may differ, and they certainly differed on that shameful day, but there’s none so blind as pronouns who will not see. It’s surprising though, if Green policy advisors are oblivious to the existence of the long- established Waitangi Tribunal, or are dismissive of its legal framework.

    • The Maori women who organised the event at Albert Park were all affiliated with the Destiny Church and other Pentecostal Evangalical Lutherian organisations and all are driven by the belief that LGBT’s should be strung up with piano wire in accordace with Biblical law.

        • Well there was stoning. But the fact is, that nearly to a man (or woman) the Destiny Church will stop at nothing to ensure the LGBT community are driven from public life. They will abuse and harang them till they are nailed back in the closet. If they had their ways, they will launch mass violent pogroms against LGBT’s in broad daylight, and most people here will cheer them on.

          Ironically, I was looking through some old posts on this blog from 2014/15, and the comments on here were largely supportive of LGBT’s. There was even a transgender writer, Kelly Ellis.

      • Millsy Nope. The religions of the book didn’t have pianos, and the Destiny Church event was a separate event, but they gave shelter to the terrorised women fleeing from the violent transgender extremists expressing love and joy in their own thuggish way.

        • OK, but the Bible mandates that LGBT’s be put to death none the less. Presumably by stoning.

          And Destiny church are anti abortion, and support women being submissive housewives who just have babies. They are not allowed to be scientists.

  4. These racialistic nationalists are being fairly dishonest about their land redistribution schemes — which don’t include simple (and fair) land-to-the-tiller.

    They give people the impression that land titles somehow existed in Australasia in the 16th-17th century — which is totally false.

    Back when the colonies were still trapped in the pre-historic period of savagery (palaeolithic, neolithic etc.), there was no such thing as land ownership — but rather a communal economy. A complete system of private property only emerges at the upper stage of the epoch of barbarism (i.e. during the Iron Age, beginning the transition to the epoch of slavery — none of which occurred in the Pacific).

    It was also a classless society, because a system of exploitation of man by man cannot exist in the period of prehistory.

    So really these ‘tribal rule’ nationalists should be calling for sweeping nationalisations, that would create state land and state-owned enterprises. Of course, the tribal businessmen behind this black nationalism — who are desperate to become billionaire oligarchs, at the expense of black workers and farmers — would never allow that to happen!

    • Some truth there Kristoff but also off the mark – There was no common Australasian situation, aboriginal culture and languages (plural) are screeds different to Maori reflecting 60000 years of Jan’s occupation vs 600-700. Multiple aboriginal “nations” existed across the continent.

      Maori society not class based? Maybe worse, a caste system. There were warriors, chiefs and slaves so certainly strata , also no nation but tribes warring over territory.
      No exploration by man? Hardly, the bloodiest wars in NZ history were between Maori tribes, tens of thousands killed. Genocide and slavery and cannibalism practiced on the conquered for generations.
      Some slave families are still shunned by their iwi in modern times, hardly a model of community spirit fit us to revert to.
      Equal rights under English sovereignty were clearly a draw for many tribes and repressed individuals who wanted peace and equality in their own society.

      • @K.C.C.O. — You are right: the local dawn of civilisation, beginning at the time of the discovery of Australasia by the Dutch and British, was certainly a liberation of sorts. Capitalism and liberal democracy is a great progression from feudalism, and a truly giant leap forward from savagery.

        Nationhood anywhere in Australasia was impossible prior to that point. As you allude to, all that existed were hundreds of tribes — there were no ‘First Nations’, nor any private landowners. True nations did not exist on any continent prior to the late period of feudalism, when the old isolated principalities became part of large unified economies, as the transition to capitalism began.

        The reason there wasn’t a generalised system of exploitation in the economy is because the tribes of the Māoris were still part-paleolithic, part-neolithic. As was true for men of all continents during the epoch of savagery, the productive forces in the economy are still too primitive at that stage to produce a meaningful surplus that can be expropriated.

        Thus any small-scale keeping of slaves was not yet a lucrative enterprise overall, something which cannot develop until the end of the epoch of barbarism (eventually marking the beginning of class society).

        • “Capitalism and liberal democracy is a great progression from feudalism”.. Are you trying to assert that the original owners of Australia were feudalists? Your ignorance is breathtaking on this issue, and your hypocrisy.. What do you think Monarchist Gt Britain was? Not a feudalist dictatorship that simply possessed more advanced engineering, and greater manpower than the technically primitive societies they usurped?
          And when did the “benefits” of this “liberal democracy” start filtering through to those who’s country it used to be? How many centuries did it take in some instances?
          Your whole comment lacks any discernable grasp of the forces behind the drive to colonisation that obsessed most of the prominent European monarchies, or any historical timelines that may give relevance to the assumptions that it is base upon..

          • @Stefan — You’ve erected a straw man argument there. As I already said, even the epoch of slavery (i.e. slavery as the primary mode of production) was not reached anywhere in Australasia. The upper stage of slavery was the period when the transition to incipient feudalism was able to begin — but the productive forces were so backward locally that both the transitions from the period of savagery to barbarism, and barbarism to slavery, were still yet to develop.

            Britain had already advanced to capitalism from feudalism when the new colony was founded. A revolution thus occurred in Australasia, with a giant leap forward from savagery to capitalism. The British constructed capitalist agriculture and manufacture, as the very beginning of civilisation in Australasia (with the isles rapidly progressing from the period of pre-history overnight: skipping slavery, the first epoch of civilisation; and feudalism, the second epoch). This was a titanic advancement in living standards.

  5. Do Maori have to pay the wealth and capital gains tax in the Greens policy?

    You have to wonder what goes in in the Greens tiny minds, put in a wealth tax and guess where capital will go, jobs will disappear and taxes will be taxed else when the wealthy go.

    The country will be more divided as people are taxed and asset rules are based on ethnicity not wealth or social justice.

    You can already see Harry Tan who seems to be a self styled advocate (and favourite for Labeen government) to the gangs whose untested start up projects start receiving millions from the proceeds of crime funding from police or Meng Foon who in publicly appears to advocate for Maori and race relations, while failing to declare payments of $2 million he took for emergency housing while director of an investment company. I wonder what races are in the emergency housing who seem to be expanding in poverty and helplessness with government policy to ‘help’ them. But helping those in charge of the schemes financial and power position, a lot more!

    • You do realise that this tax will pay for health, education, social housing and welfare, dont you, Things that you seem to oppose?

      You seem to think that the only thing the government should run should be police, army and prisons.

        • Save just licks the boots of the rich. He is so willing to devote himself to the rich that he is willing to give up his wages, conditions and public services so they can have more profits and bigger tax cuts

  6. I the Maori care so much about the environment why are they against the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary. Money over the environment.

    • Not to mention Dome Valley Dump turnaround

      Backflip by iwi shocks groups opposed to Dome Valley dump

      “In exchange for the settlement trust’s support, Waste Management has agreed to several conditions, including a return of 1060ha of Waste Management landholdings once the site is no longer required, $2m to construct six homes nearby, and a $10m environment fund should the river be exposed to risk.

      It is also promising jobs at the landfill for Ngāti Manuhiri descendants.”

      ‘New Way” Democracy (sarcasm) at work in NZ when 3 Maori get to decide an entire area’s future and everyone else has to suffer the consequences of polluting flooding, Kaipara damage, and trucks coming and going with rubbish, when Waka Kotahi can’t even get new and old motorways functioning for the public. Joke country but still they plan more trucks, and more trucks, and more trucks and more rubbish instead of proper packaging and environmental rules on rubbish in NZ. Don’t forget, reports are that NZ is taking the Pacific rubbish too apparently.

      • This is surprising, shocking and demonstrates the hollow calabash of …wait on, from my limited knowledge I read ngati manuhiri as tribe of visitors- wtf

  7. SAVENZ under John Key we had millions of dirty laundered monies coming in from China we had a tax haven so what is new.

    • @ covid is pa, Not just under John Key, you mean under all the leaders for the past 30 yearsl…. NZ is now full of scum bags, laundering money because NZ makes it easy for criminals and it’s got worse under both the Natz and Labour/Greens – it doesn’t seem to be a political issue for them as donations are also good for political parties.

      Now people living here are increasingly the victims of crime because NZ now has a name for being lenient and easy to operate in for criminals, liars and opportunists.

      They are so pathetic they might as well give the offical GREEN light to money laundering in NZ and save the court costs to get community service in penthouse or nothing with these outcomes. Not to mention the Meth, cigs and other contraband sold freely here that social services and taxpayers pick up the tab for.

      William Yan AKA Bill Liu to keep NZ citizenship despite money laundering conviction

      Queen St money remitter discharged after laundering Polish and Russian crime syndicate’s cash

      So easy to just take another’s life savings in bank scams or legally steal their cars – Officials know about these for years and do nothing. Burgling people repeatedly etc is just community service. In fact a criminal conviction probably makes it easier to get social services, state and emergency housing. In privilege bingo, it was considered ‘privilege’ NOT to have a criminal conviction. What message are they sending to people!

      • If you look at the US situation, barring people from welfare, social housing, etc because they have a criminal conviction has probably made things much worse.

        If you kicked everyone out of social housing in this country who had a criminal conviction, it is highly likely homelessness will double.

        Of course, I suppose you think that homeless people are all drug addicts who deserve to be homeless.

  8. It is a testament to what little Labour has done for the people, that this type of stuff damages the Left. When you do sweet f-all – good – for New Zealanders, naturally the other mob, whom I believe will do even less – good – for everyday Kiwis, now becomes a viable option.

  9. I see only Chloe gets a mentioned in the prefers’ PM stakes. But the Greens echo chamber said the other 2 are glowing stars.

    Some disgruntled Labour voters are weighing up either TOP or ACT.

  10. so every single inch and I do mean every single inch of NZ will change ownership….it was all ‘stolen’ so we are going to change that exactly how without our society imploding.

    yes shithouse things were done in the past but this is the 21st century in case no one had noticed

    • Gagarin Much land was unoccupied and / or explored by intrepid European explorers and mountaineers, especially down south. Some of the mountain area there was mapped by one of my family, with his painstaking work subsequently used by the government Lands and Survey Dept. I have the original working hand-printed in ink, on cloth, framed.

        • Gagarin Your comment raised the question of what methodology Marama has employed in ascertaining the locations, topography, boundaries, ownerships, occupations, transactions, histories and so on, of all the land she wants to grab. Over fifty years ago we went looking for the legendary Lost Tribe of Te Anau in Fiordland just as unsuccessfully as others have done, in beautiful rugged mystical country, without any boundary pegs, and the National Parks Authority, if it still exists, did a fine job in saving such places from being despoiled. There was virgin beech forest coming back up the muddy West Coast then, and places no feet had trod in ancient times, unlike England’s pleasant pastures Green.If Marama Davidson ever spent a day climbing foothills clinging onto tree roots, or bent-backed stone picking on freezing farm land not encountered in suburban New Zealand, then I’d welcome learning of her experiences.

          Geography is not my forte, and history certainly is not Marama’s area of expertise, but I would like to know what she’s talking about here, and I hope that she’s not being a cheap rabble rouser the way I think that she is when she tosses out wild accusations about eg white cisgender males. Being a political leader carries moral responsibilities she may not be fully cognisant with, and a few legal ones as well, but that applies to the whole damn lot of them.

    • Is US & OZ going to follow suit and give back all land to indigenous people that they apparently stole from according to woke, looking forward to white, hispanic and black US citizens going back to where they originally came from so that American Indians can take over the country as woke seem to think is right for indigenous people.

      I just hope the white woke driving this Maori agenda are also forced to clear out of the country they were born and lived in first. Lead by example. James and Chloe should lead the charge, by removing themselves from this country as examples of white colonisers doing the right thing and giving all their worldly possessions back to Maori. Giving back their salaries too and giving up their MP seat to only Maori, would be a good start at retribution for past and present perceived evils of their skin colour and gender.

    • Otago was not stolen. Ngai Tahu were in full agreement when the NZ Company sold it in 1844 for 2800 pounds. Governor Gipps of New South Wales signed off on the agreement as the NZ governor had not taken over at that stage and NZ was still under the auspices of NSW by way of the Crown entity. Marama Davidson is an ignorant barely literate racist moron and good for fuck all.

      • Marama is also ignorant of recent history as I was at a meeting where she was asked if we should reestablish the Ministry of Works and she did not know about its great work in building the infrastructure of NZ through to the mid 80’s

        • That is probably why I will never vote for them. It will need a Think Big-style program to reduce carbon emissions and the Greens arent really capable of implementing that. Muldoon’s government did more to reduce greenhouses gases than any other party, and didnt even know they were doing it.

          • You know, I would think you are pretty racist, given the abuse you heap on Marama. You cannot stand brown women in power let’s face it.Fuckung racist KKK member.

            • Respect is earned not an entitlement.

              Making a comment about the ability of politicians to think is not racist. Davidson has self identified as a racist!

  11. Keepcalmcarryon – you forgot to mention the plight of the Moriori people. By some mainland tribes from 1835.

  12. ” The Left needs to focus on the cost of living crisis this election, build trust AND THEN try to win consensus for those big issues, otherwise we will lose this election to ACT and National! ”

    Yes Bomber but arriving at that common sense approach and long term view requires intelligence and strategy something that is acutely missing from the left and why we are no threat to the status quo.

  13. ” The Left needs to focus on the cost of living crisis this election, build trust AND THEN try to win consensus for those big issues, otherwise we will lose this election to ACT and National! ”

    Yes Bomber but arriving at that common sense approach and long term view requires intelligence and strategy something that is acutely missing from the left and why we are no threat to the status quo.

  14. Give back the land. Will my Irish Maori descendents also get back the land our family lost in the Irish potatoe famine? 😉

      • Blazer. Perhaps you could read your history, it’s long been written. If you’re not inclined to reading, there’s much documented on YouTube. You’ll need a strong stomach, just for Ireland, but the Highlander Scots fared as badly, both peoples being forcibly removed and dumped in far off countries, often with nothing but the rags on their starving backs. And the hard working Irish diaspora who came searching for a better life in New Zealand, faced proactive prejudice and discrimination here, just as they did there.


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