Political Caption Competition

The AntiVaccination Movement in one meme


The AntiVaccination Movement in one meme


  1. The Covid vaccine wasn’t subject to peer review or even trials. So the top photo should represent those that questioned the fascist covid movement (including the leading academics in the field) and the bottom photo describes the dimwits who disgraced themselves by mindlessly going along with forced medical procedures without resistance or self study, in essence self absorbed grifters whose identity is more important than science.

    • @EW – ew That same self-centred stuff again. “I Am Man/Woeman Hear Me Roar’ was that a song or a statement?

    • @EW
      Not correct, the vaccines (plural) were trialled and the documentation reviewed by government agencies. There is no evidence that manufactures withheld any data from the regulatory authorities but plenty of evidence that obvious questions were not asked by regulators. For example in the case of Pfizer, transmission after vaccination wasn’t studied before rollout, neither was degradation rate or systemic distribution of mRNA and spike protein. The frequency and nature of adverse side effects from trial data was also not communicated sufficiently in the context of what is typically acceptable. There were naturally no long term studies.

      The issues are more around corporate indemnity, government policy and communication of data to the wider scientific community and general public effecting how the data was processed in a politicised environment.
      There was also a failure to consider tradeoffs in covid era protocols or adapt them in a timely manner as knowledge increased and the virus evolved (making vaccines less effective and the virus less severe).

      The top picture could be historical regulation of vaccines and the bottom, covid era regulation of vaccines.

      • Thanks Tui that is the most reasoned information about the start of covid that I have read/heard.

        • @GW
          Thanks there are a number of loose threads arising from the covid era:
          – Regulation of vaccine manufacture under emergency conditions
          (What was left ‘unknown’ in the Australian TGA report before the rollout is very troubling)

          – Scope of mandates and the tradeoffs between mandates and lockdowns vs secondary consequences such as other neglected medical conditions, child development, mental health and social cohesion.
          (The Great Barrington declaration attempted to address this but was successfully disparaged in media).

          – That the pandemic almost certainly originated as a lab leak in Wuhan that was part funded to do gain of function research by the American NIH, sanctioned by Fauci, despite GOF being banned in 2014 under Obama.

          – Censorship and the cultural discourse on disinformation, misinfomation and malinformation when government and social media overreach in a politicised environment, with media obsequence, dictated a narrative since proven in part to be wrong or unlikely.
          This led to dissenting experts being censored, discredited and smeared in the mainstream. Notably Stamford University virologist Prof. Jay Bhattacharya who was successfully dismissed as ‘fringe’.

          Sadly this all contributes to the decline of institutional trust and credibility. In the same way as calling everything racist or sexist dilutes the meaning and obscures actual racism and sexism, calling every dissenting position a conspiracy theory (especially when it originates from credible sources and is later proven correct or highly likely), stifles genuine debate, obscures the line between reason and superstition and primes society for political exploitation in multiple directions.

          There are many superstitious nutters, and reasoned thinking can be mistaken. However the meme “I did my own research” essentially means it is shameful to engage in critical thinking.

        • Turns out I may be incorrect and that data may have been withheld from the regulators by the manufacturer, in the case of Pfizer, or a further failure of regulation.

          Peer reviewed Danish study shows a clear link between vaccination batch and frequency of side effects (of 3 batches used sequentially, the first has a high occurrence, declining to near zero by the third across all age groups).

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