In it for you (as long as ‘you’ are a property speculator, Banks or mega wealthy’)

New Labour Party slogan

Chippy has launched Labour’s slogan, ‘In it for you’, which is only true if the ‘you’ is a property speculator, Bank or the mega wealthy’.

They’ve moved from the collective ‘Let’s’ to the individual ‘you’.

The ramifications of Chippy’s ‘Captains Call’ can’t be felt all the way in Lithuania but he’s going to get some on his return.

Ginny Anderson claims Chippy ‘read the room ‘, oh really Ginny, and what fucking room was that love? A room full of Landlords?

Let’s remind ourselves what we could have gained here

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The beauty of all this is that Chippy’s call will hold the timid middle while empowering The Māori Party.

The Greens are just too weak and feckless and we all know it, John Tamihere on the other hand is a working class bover boy who plays to win and in any post negotiation Chippy will be given the following ultimatum – either give us our wealth tax or go back to the Polls, a second election that will destroy whatever is left of the Labour Party.

Chippy can say what he likes while Labour have an MMP majority, once he doesn’t have that majority, he don’t have jack shit.

A Labour/Green minority Government with supply and confidence from the Māori Party is still the win I’m expecting post election.

This is where real power will come to play, this is where real change for the poorest NZers will be had, when JT enters that room with Chippy, Grant, David Parker and Willie Jackson, he will be coming to force that change.

John Tamihere’s Māori Party is the only hope for the poorest Kiwis.

As for the Greens, they’ll get what they are given and consider themselves lucky.


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  1. “In it for you” *

    * definition of “you”:
    Transgender Maori vegan cyclist members of the Wellington bureaucracy.

  2. Chippy folds like a deckchair and Labour voters look as nervous as a long-tailed-cat in a room full of rocking-chairs.

  3. J.T. and Chippy vs. Mr. Potato-Head. It’s the Bondi Party vs. the Brisbane Party, because that’s where all their demoralised voters are desperately trying to escape to!

  4. There will be no negotiations for chippy after the election. He will be lucky to hold his seat.

    When the public of New Zealand send this particular message I believe you will see the collapse of the current labour party and a new beast emerge, one closer to it’s roots but unless they are prepared to concentrate on improving the lives of our citizens rather then practice the childish politics of envy they are doomed to history.

    A good thing to, most will think.

  5. ‘ in it for myself ‘more likely.

    In it for Mallard, in it for Nashy , in it for Mike Woods shares, in it for the professional high earning managerial class, in it for the kitchen cabinet.

    • Yes Marco Battler Labour have looked after their failed MP’s including an overseas appointment for Mallard the bully.
      So they are in it for who?
      Reads more accurately “I’ve got it in for you.”

    • Yes Marco Battler Labour have looked after their failed MP’s including an overseas appointment for Mallard the bully.
      So they are in it for who?
      Reads more accurately “I’ve got it in for you.”

  6. In it for you. Really? They seem to be in it completely for themselves.

    Did no “clever” PR person tell them how easily ift will be to mock them for this?

    • No because they are all ‘mind blind’ (usually describes some people on the spectrum, who can only see – one side of an argument ie: there is no nuance).

  7. Almost as gag worthy as “Let’s do this” and “Team of 5 million”
    Glib wank really, isn’t it. How depressing and rage causing.
    Well, as I write, and given my back ground, I feel more comfortable with being wrong than correct, so in saying that Labour’s still neo-liberal. We’ve suffered 39 years under the pall of the toxic fumes of the charmless neo-riche who have their fists up our politics.
    “Stop being Poor” should read “Stop being schmucks”
    Labour should stop thinking they have the right to do as they please, or worse, that they know better, and instead do as they’re fucking told and that goes for the natzo’s and SL-Act. We, and I mean the collective ‘WE’ must come to comprehend that is we who tell politicians what to do, not the other way around. If our politicians think and do otherwise, that’s not democratic politics, that’s autocratic fascism and if you’re switched on and functioning those words should make your hair stand on end for the gruesome familiarity of it all.
    I read that only three people can travel the globe without a pass port.
    So lets ask King Charles to swing by for a cuppa tea then launch a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the lunacy that’s neo-liberal user pays scams.

    • ‘brought up’, please, Ted. If I thought it was a typo I would not have commented. But judging by your previous comments, I think you would need an English tutor to help you distinguish between bought and brought.

      • And some need an English tutor to be taught not to start a sentence with a coordinate conjunction such as “But” and “And”. Correct start of your “But” sentence should be; However judging by your………………….

        English is the most frustrating language to spell, speak and get grammatically correct. Especially for those who have English as a second language. Those people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  8. In it for you (as long as ‘you’ are a property speculator, Banks or mega wealthy’)

    Got it in it for you. (For the rest of us)

    Is Chris Hipkins deliberately trying to throw the election?

  9. “either give us our wealth tax or go back to the Polls, a second election that will destroy whatever is left of the Labour Party.”

    That’s a vote winner, but not for Labour. Everyone knows the wealth they’ll target is the low hanging fruit of the struggling middle class, not the extremely rich.

  10. Ginny Andersen says Chris Hipkins “read the room”.

    Talk about sychophantic horseshit divorced from the reality.

    If Chris Hipkins had read the room, he would have realised, people are hurting, and they are angry.

    The angry vote will be gathered up by the Right and even Far Right, Cue the rise of Act and even NZ First.

    ….Peters was asked about censorship of people who dispute climate change; the WEF; the “propaganda” of the mainstream media; vaccine mandates; what a woman is; how to “bring democratic society back”.
    He was asked traditional questions at this campaign event, too – about the cost of living, coalition agreements, and crime. These core issues were the main subject of his speech and were consistent with New Zealand First’s policies. But compared to previous meetings, they were fewer: Some in the audience had other issues on their minds.
    In the early stages of his 17th general election campaign, Winston Peters has drawn growing interest from the self-proclaimed “freedom” movement.
    These are people with views that range from rejecting Covid-19 vaccines, dismissing the scientific consensus of climate change, and emphasising what they believe to be the sinister influence of global institutions like the WEF and the WHO….

    If this stupidity continues, Labour there can be little chance that Labour can win the election.

    Chippy and Labour are delivering us up to the most frightening Right Wing National/Act coalition government in a generation, if not ever..

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • Pat+O’Dea. Andersen’s ‘Hipkins read the room’ statement was either a blatant gob-smacking lie, or evidence of the pair of them being totally deluded. It was also dumb, patronising, insulting poppycock from yet another brain-frozen fool. If Hipkins read any room, it was an empty one.

      Andersen was using jargonese the way that all these cliched fools do, thinking they impress the punters just because they impress each other.

      “In it for you” sounds rather like “ We’ve got it in for you,”. We know that. We’ve known it since Ardern. We know that the Ardern government wasn’t gutless, or lacking in courage, but that she knew exactly what she was doing, just like cutie sausage-roll boy knows what he’s doing, within the limitations of his own ruthless grey matter.

      Winston Peters has announced his intention of addressing the genderID agenda with its transgender ideology which is being promulgated in the school system as science, when it most certainly is not, and which is confusing and damaging vulnerable children under this government’s watch.

      Yes, they are trying to curb freedom of speech, and not just for nutters, for everybody, and Ardern and Hipkins may see Klaus as Father Christmas which he most certainly is not, and they brutally kneecapped the independent Commissioner for Children, but Peters being the only politically significant person discomforted about the damaging sexualisation of children in the New Zealand state school system is good reason to vote for him and to jettison Labour with their peculiar priorities. Damaging kids while simultaneously depriving them of all sorts of basics and essentials is indefensible, and the alternatives may be worse, but this is all down to dodgy Labour and the useless Greens.

  11. Copyright or IP problem?

    “The New Democratic Party has revealed the party’s main message to voters during the 2019 federal election campaign: “In it for you.”

    The New Democratic Party NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh delivers the message.

    Can somebody drop them an email please? 🙂

  12. Greg Presland. AKA Mickey Savage, is whimpering like a beaten dog about the coming change of government.

    Why a change of Government would be a bad thing – school lunches
    By: MICKYSAVAGE – Date published:12:14 pm, July 14th, 2023 – 59 comments
    Categories: chris hipkins, david seymour, Economy, education, politicans, poverty, tax – Tags:

    Good hearted Labour Party liberals like Greg Presland whimpering about the negative effects the coming change of government will have, but won’t attack the policy direction of his current government that are making this change of government inevitable.

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