ACT attacking KFC is like Colonel Sanders criticising plantation slavery



Well hold on now! Was it a bucket plus sides or just a bucket?

Cause if they were throwing in mashy and gravy – come on David!

Who wouldn’t come down off a roof for that?

ACTs policy when confronted by young people protesting on top of buildings is snipers.

I find it hilarious that the Right attack underfunded public services while promising tax cuts.

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If our prison system is so weak and buckling now, how will it cope with all the extra people National and ACT want to throw in there?

The naked reality is Oranga Tamariki don’t have the facilities to look after these damaged kids safely and ACT wants Corrections to take over imprisoning them.

Prisons don’t heal broken and damaged children.

But this is where we are now, promises of vast incarceration and money into the Prison Empire as if that was the fucking solution!

These Staff used KFC to bring down angry kids from a roof. They should be applauded for using tactics that diffused the situation rather than open fire on them from a Helicopter with heart shaking missiles because these kids “didn’t respect muh Authoritah”.

ACT Party voters are gun nuts who will always pull the trigger.

We don’t need more trigger pulling policies.


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  1. So here we have the Libertine Beltway attitude to crime in a microcosm…Do the wrong thing and get rewarded instead of punished. Great life lesson for these kids – which will surely stand them in good stead to make a future contribution to society. Consequence – where art thou?

    • Where does it say there are no consequences? They “escaped a youth facility” in Seymour’s own words. Hardly sounds like freedom.They are talked down with food. Did they disappear into the forest after a feed? I doubt it. If KFC is a reward what’s second prize? Two buckets?

    • When has a poor person trafficked humans and drugs or committed mass murder? Come on now the only reason ACT want to criminalise poor behaviour is because seemore wants to rip them off.

    • Jason. Chicken and spuds to break a stalemate is better than tasering or shooting. It worked. That’s what matters. Full bellies are also better to work on than gnawing hungers. Same with kids at school.

        • Still doesn’t change the fact that Seymour is deliberately milking this situation for cheap emotional impact and God defend New Zealand if he ever gets to be a power monger. It’s scary, and it’s dishonest, and he knows it, IMO.

  2. Seymour and the other Libertarians want such low taxes that they won’t have enough money to build all the prisons, and they’ll be constantly short of policemen.

    I suppose then they will follow what has happened in Surrey and the West Midlands, where Serco and Group Four Securicor get to run police stations for a profit. Maybe they’ll hand over the prisons as well.

  3. All crimes committed by anyone, violent in actions such as words, thinking and physically should be sent to the Russian Front! One way ticket. Fuck’em!

    • Point? Yes Seymour’s head. I wonder how the grandstanding little shit would have handled the situation if he’d had a real job. He’d shout one liner cliches at them while hiding behind the corrections officers.

  4. Hot heads need cooling down. Cold shower would do. But water is so expensive in NZ.
    KFC is not a healthy choice. Swedish Broth would be much better.

  5. So…like ram raids that are high reward, huge damage, low consequence in the best sense of monkey see monkey do, how will this go NEXT time?

    Will they get a banquet if they wound someone whilst escaping? I mean, this yet again high reward, low consequence! I going guess that’s what exactly will happen! Honestly, why wouldn’t they?

  6. What the hell has Colonel Sanders got to do with plantation slavery? He grew up dirt poor himself and only experienced his enormous success very late in life.

    Equating any old white southern man with slavery is just lazy stereotyping.

    • Factoid about the Colonel Sanders name?

      Sanders (1840–1864), a colonel (and brigadier general) in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War.
      Colonel Sanders (disambiguation) – Wikipedia › wiki › Colonel_Sanders_(disa…

      Was Colonel Sanders a real colonel in the military?
      Sanders served in the military but was an honorary colonel. Sanders, who falsified his birth date in order to enlist in the U.S. Army in 1906, served in Cuba for several months before his honorable discharge.9 Hep 2015 › Stories
      8 Things You May Not Know About the Real Colonel Sanders

  7. The last thing New Zealand needs is laws that make people responsible for their own actions…Especially when no one is to blame..It’s always someone else’s fault….we all know that…

  8. Gee Wheel, they’ve done it again, this time in South Auckland. Just a little beyond coincidence that these latest daring criminals are doing this, isn’t it! Wonder what their demands are? Can’t guess! As I said, why wouldn’t they!


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