How on earth did Avi Yemini get allowed into the country? Immigration NZ have made a terrible blunder in free speech debate

How Shaneel and Spinoff saw protest vs reality

Jesus wept…

Far-right conspiracy theorist Avi Yemini allowed entry into New Zealand after originally being denied

Far-right conspiracy theorist Avi Yemini will be allowed into New Zealand after being denied from entering the country last year. 

Immigration New Zealand general manager Richard Owen said Yemini was prevented from travelling to Aotearoa in September “as we were aware of character concerns that he had not disclosed”.

…Yemini is a radioactive far right Troll who is a rabid zionist and Australian hate grifter crypto-fascist and he is not the sort of spite anyone should welcome.

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I think this is a terrible blunder by Immigration NZ in the free speech debate.

We acknowledge incitement to violence is a legitimate threshold for concern and since the Posie Parker fiasco, the militant woke reset the rules. If Yemeni tries to pull the same stunt in a public space, the actual far Right will turn up in droves as a backlash to Parker.

When the woke went from protest to angry mob and chased Posie Parker from the town square, they stepped over a line the far Right could never hope for.

Allowing a malicious bad faith actor like Yemini into the country when street politics are this volatile is a fucking stupid idea that is almost begging for conflation.

Will the woke take the bait?

You know they can’t help themselves.


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  1. Meh…who cares, will just give John Minto something to do in organizing protests at each venue and give the NZ Muslims somewhere to go for a family outing.

    • The mistake with posie parker was that the police allowed warring factions to clash. Bad policing all round

    • Minto might be advised to tread carefully. Avi is a trained marksman, former Golani Brigade IDF. His new book, A Rebel From The Start, is flying off the shelves.

    • John Minto is an extraordinary fellow with an incredible, global re’sume’ for championing the rights of the oppressed and abused that all of AO/NZ should be proud of. The soulless israeli weapons industry using Palestinians as test victims needs John Minto, and others with as much balls and intellect as he clearly demonstrates, to go to bat for the down trodden Palestinians, IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.
      The snappy little apologist fleas found here are the tinnitus of a broader and looming problem and we should be very, very vigilant over the coming months and years as to who takes a dead-eyed closer look at our beautiful AO/NZ.
      At Maori. You will be particularly vulnerable to what I’d term israeli psy-ops manipulations. At Non Maori. We have a duty and an honour to help Maori stay safe and on their own lands by what ever means necessary.
      Avi Yemini should never have been allowed to land here, and yet he did and that, right there, is further grounds for an enduring public royal commission of inquiry into the general landscape of our politics and our greed-based bureaucracy.
      Well done @ MB for bringing this to light.

  2. Haere mai, Immigration NZ welcomes all war criminals, racist fanatics and mass murderers to this great land.

  3. Prevented from entering Aotearoa , but allowed to enter New Zealand….sounds about right…

  4. Where is the ‘Juicer’ and ‘Nana-Beater!?’

    They’re terrorists that need to be imprisoned and deportation.

  5. Avi Yemini is a hero and one of the few real journalists left: He’s prepared to ask awkward questions to the point that he’s been beaten up by Victoria Police for questioning their nonsensical lockdown marathon.

  6. I hadn’t heard of this individual but a quick search of media (including mainstream) points to the Police & immigration unethically & possibly illegally colluding to keep him out of the country last September. They seem to have denied entry using a conviction which did not actually remove his eligibility.

    They claimed it was not politically motivated and the conviction was the sole reason he was blocked. Yet a fine (no time served) is not sufficient to deny an Australian citizen entry to NZ and in my opinion, they knew that.

    I’ve seen enough BS character assassinations done by this government and their Ministry of Truth to know that if they don’t want somebody to speak, there is often a reason to hear what that person has to say & to judge for yourself.

    • CeeJ – The NZ Government is quietly packing itself, knowing Avi ask uncomfortable questions about Governments, and powerful people around the world

    • 100% CJ.

      I dont support the man but the law allows him to enter NZ and speak. If during his speaking he incites violence we throw the book at him. But the law in NZ allows him entry and if we have free speech we dont get to tamper with the law and pick and choose. If we want him to change his views then we go to his meetings and we challenge him with the strength of argument. Not with intimidation, violence and deplatforming.

      The last time he got turned down, it was fairly spurious and I believe he has got his ducks in a row and has come back to make a point.

      However, I agree with other posters who say in reality, how many people will actually come out and listen. Very few.

      But we shouldnt forget, currently we still live in a democracy.

      • We only know about the end result not what lead up to him throwing the chopping board. Don’t get me wrong.. if he walked in and picked up a chopping board and threw it at his wife while she was quietly having a cup of tea we should condemn him. But i suspect here was a lot more to and fro before it came to that.

      • Tipene – and yet the NZ courts have allowed him in, and ordered the NZ Government not to prevent this…the NZ Government broke the law in stopping him…now what Tipene?

  7. Would anyone even show up to his speech? Even Geert Wilders couldn’t pull a large crowd. (And how long until anti-war campaigners are banned from entry?)

    • Kristoff R. Yep, but we should have learned a lesson after letting a seemingly-innocuous murderous thug also from Australia into New Zealand, who subsequently carried out such a terrible massacre in Christchurch. This tragedy triggered the call for the so-called hate speech legislation which may be shaping up to be a direct assault upon freedom of speech for New Zealand citizens, and for reasons as yet unclear and unknown.

      • @gentle.annie —
        In their op-ed in the New York Times, Agent Ali H. Soufan (F.B.I., Ret.) and Rep. Max Rose (Dem., N.Y.) claimed that the Grafton gunman had travelled to Ukraine, and that he was wearing a type of Azov Battalion patch during the assault.

        We later found out that he had followers in Ukraine. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Odin Youth association (German: Wotanjugend) was raided by the Ukrainian S.B.U., and found the group to be publishing associated literature and running an electronic newsletter with 3,000 subscribers.

        • Ok. I struggle to see him as particularly well-informed or well read, or intelligent for that matter. He looks a runt, the sort of inadequate loser who needs to have others to look down on to make himself feel big; massive psychopathology to go ahead and do the terrible thing he did. Chances are if he’d not inherited the dosh to escape a small town and encounter the outside world unable to process it, the tragedy mightn’t have happened, but that’s another unknown.

  8. The only incitement to violence was the mainstream media, our politicians and senior police who green lighted violence against women asserting their right to free speech in a public place.

    • Thank you Jack. We New Zealand women need men speaking up for us when the powerful forces of the government, bought media, and police , successfully combine to silence us. Thanks again.

  9. Someone stopped me on my bike early morning last week and asked me questions about another old guy on a bike demanding money from a woman. For some unknown reason I cooperated with him, provided a lotta info.

    Disturbed me during the day and made me think of possible enemies. The prick nearby, Peter Theil, came to mind. If we had addressed his fascism he would never have been allowed in but we addressed his money. You should see the ignorant major entrepreneurs who recommended him for helping them. He by no means is a NZer.

    The rich mostly don’t understand anything but their widgets.

  10. Absolute madness. Yemini is a violent criminal who shares the same hate for Muslims spread by maniacs like Brenton Tarrant and David Cumin.

    • Hope Yemini doesn’t get any traction publicly, tho’ I guess the Counterspin Media lot will do their best. Re David Cumin- he’s too pro-Israel for me, just as some commentators are too pro-Palestinian. But he’s not anything like Tarrant.

      • I suppose if you think the genocide of Muslims is not a biggie, there’s no difference there.

  11. So often I read the news or just walk down the street and wonder who on earth let that person in. INZ is quick to approve and slow to remove.

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