Chippy’s diplomacy tightrope walk with a threatening China just got harder

Chinese Foreign Minister: "Tiny flightless bird, you shall bow before your master the mighty red dragon!" Mahuta: "Yeah nah".

This is an incredibly interesting escalation…

Nanaia Mahuta received ‘dressing down’ from Chinese Foreign Minister – reports

Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta was subjected to a major dressing down from the Chinese Foreign Minister during her visit to Beijing in March.

The Australian reports that Mahuta copped an “epic haranguing” by her counterpart Qin Gang, quoting sources familiar with the incident.

The news comes as Prime Minister Chris Hipkins prepares to leave tomorrow for his landmark meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

A source told The Australian: “She was harangued for a whole hour.”

…this is an amazing disclosure and if we had newsrooms that weren’t focused on reporting about their feelings and not triggering the woke, we’d have wall to wall coverage.

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Instead we have The Project, Seven Sharp and Paddy Gower’s got issues.

Doesn’t he just.

There are a lot of things to unpick here in this exchange between Mahuta and the Chinese Foreign Minister.

First it helps explain Chippy’s refusal to back America and call Xi a dictator. If this is the private tone our largest economic partner is expressing towards NZ, calling Xi a ruthless dictator would go down about as well as Trump at a Feminist Folk Festival.

Secondly the timing of this disclosure, clearly leaked by Australia to Australian media, was meant to undermine Chippy’s diplomatic deference after Biden called Xi a dictator just as we are meeting Xi.

Australia has effectively farted in the diplomatic elevator just as we enter it.

Cheers cobber.

How much more American arse can you kiss?

So Chippy’s diplomatic deference is part of NZs peaceful diplomacy stance and the Australians are undermining that by releasing the notes on this exchange.

The third thing we can see is that Mahuta, who is a battleship, would not have accepted this attack meekly. She would have stood up for NZs mana in no uncertain terms and defended our collective honour as a nation and as a people.

Thank Christ we had her in this meeting! John Key would have been too busy bowing towards the Foreign Minister while crying, “Tiny Flightless bird loves it’s red dragon master”.

John Key loves China more than Donald Trump loves Donald Trump.

John would disown Max for Xi. I believe this.

It’s insane the same day Australian media point out that China attacked our Foreign minister, John Key is out in the media telling people the funny jokes Xi likes to make???

John Key on what Chris Hipkins needs from China trip, and Xi Jinping’s sense of humour

Xi the dictator? The private humour of repressive regime strongmen.

Are they Knock, Knock jokes?

Knock, Knock.

Who’s there?

The Chinese mass surveillance communist human rights abusing Police state.

The Chinese mass surveillance communist human rights abusing Police state who?

The Chinese mass surveillance communist human rights abusing Police state who are going to kick in this fucking door and shoot everyone while sending the bill for the bullets to your next of kin if you don’t comply immediately!

Lols all round.

The fourth thing we need to take from this extraordinary escalation is that maybe we have misread China, that we had hoped our trade would be a bridge between us that could ensure stability, but for the Chinese Foreign Minister attempt to rag doll us for righteous and legitimate criticism of China’s abuse of human rights shows us that we can not pretend our trade with them will protect us from the inevitable.

This remarkable private insight shows China will clearly use our trade with them as leverage in their looming conflict with America.

The urgency with which we need to rebuild relationships with India and diversify our economy so that China doesn’t have leverage has never been higher.

While we urgently attempt that, let’s be crystal clear that doesn’t and shouldn’t mean we run into the arms of America.

Fuck getting into another bullshit war for America.

We need to start seriously considering what a neutrality position requires while acknowledging that we need to spend more on our military to achieve that neutrality.

For China to attempt to diplomatically attack NZ in a private session between Foreign Ministers is totally unacceptable.

We have nothing to answer for!

We will not temper our criticisms on human rights just because China buys all our milk powder!

This is Aotearoa New Zealand. We are not for fucking sale!

But that China would ‘go there’ tells us that is how they intend to use that trade relationship, and if they are pulling stunts like this now, it will only get far more intense as conflict builds between America and China.

Neutrality, friend-to-all-enemy-to-none diplomacy and a military large enough to defend that neutrality is a foreign policy worth considering.

The Māori Party are the only ones discussing neutrality this election.


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  1. Knock Knock as much as I would love to one up manship to China on violence and human rights abuses- in this country we have literal psychopaths jumping out of bushes stabbing raping even an innocent disabled woman on a walk- psychos stabbing a woman walking home from work killed in front of her 12 tr old son – a young man walking from uni home from work, and recently a random killer stabbing people out to eat. All in the braindrain of the MSM. I have Chinese friends that literally say they feel more safe in China.

  2. How fascinating! One wonders WHY she got her dressing down.

    >Was NZ not vassal state enough? If so, I cannot see how! We’ve been craven since forever with respect to China.

    >Was it a performance by the Chinese foreign minister designed to Chinese impress onlookers? (i.e. not even about us)

    >Is the CCP feeling particularly threatened at the moment (the answer is yes) and Mahuta just happened to be there at the time?

    >Is it something to do with 5 Eyes or another military/intelligence issue that we’ll never know about?

    The take-aways from this include:

    > They are our largest trade partners, so we need to tip-toe around them, at least for a while.

    > China is evidently a fickle and unreliable trade partner, so we need to encourage our exporters to develop products and channels other than China. Note that NZs farmer co-op structure has been an abysmal failure when it comes to developing high-end products. It’s been said before many times; we desperately need to go up the value chain in order to secure our exports and trade balance.

    > We need to improve our naval capability so that if the post WW2 era of ‘Pax Americana’ should end, we can police our own shipping routes. In this regard we should increase our strategic fuel reserves so we can get through a period of instability.

    > Learn an important diplomatic lesson: Our childish antics over the nuclear issue in the 1980’s have put us in a corner because with military ties comes diplomatic and trade ties. Maybe now is a good time to reconsider ANZUS if we could also have a successful negotiation with the US/AU/UK over trade access.

    > Last point: Just how fucking useless is our own media that we have to find this out from Australia?

  3. What did the New Zealanders say about the Chinese in the few months prior? I can’t remember. (Any ideas, Wayne?)

    Presumably this spat is related to the U.S. Alliance policy of containment (and where the U.S vassals sit within an ongoing deepening of the encirclement). They are most upset at the attempt to try and edge away from the One China Policy, in preparation for a U.S./China war (arming Taiwan, the Pelosi trip, Biden’s promise to “defend Taiwan” in the event of a final break in reunification efforts, etc.)

  4. The Australian media isn’t the most reliable source biased with western talking points and infiltrated by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute that specifically targeting China.

    The One China Policy was even confirmed by Nicola Willis on your weekend podcast noticeably even the Secretary of State Antony Blinken reinforced the One China Policy with his recent visit to China.

    India has a Caste system and massive human right violation with threatening Hindu nationalism but that not mentioned because India is a democracy? Cows are more important than a human life in some parts of india proselytize as a deity which might be problematic culturally of exporting our milk there?

    India has broader issue with China namely the Ladakh region high in the Himalayas but also Pakistan which China has economic trading ties and the RBI with the Gwadar, Balochistan Province bypass towards China Xinjiang region, and Myanmar economic pact with China oil and gas pipelines running towards the Yunnan province.

    There more here than meets the eye and India has a stake in undermining China rise. The M.E is the key point to this contentious issue which is why Iran and Saudi Arabia peace agreement is important for China to work.

    • Stop talking mindless drivel.
      Don’t recall Ardern instigating the incarceration and torture of millions of religious minorities or murdering tens of thousands of innocent people simply for their organs. Xi makes Hitler look like a cathlic school boy.

  5. India wants visa free status for their citizens to enter NZ as and when they want to like NZers can do with Australia. Yeah, nah. If that’s the price of a FTA with India, no thank you.

  6. We are fortunate that neutrality is our official position.
    I agree we need to return to it and make careful, sober decisions, outside of kneejerk feeling-based tribalism.
    These are dangerous times.

    I dont agree that haranguing Mahuta is ”attacking” NZ. Breaching politeness is not synonymous with international attack.
    Politicians routinely consign some of its people to far, far worse.

  7. If you’re the Leader of an economic superpower how do you get control of natural resources from a people who are proud and independent and whom don’t want anything to do with you. If it were the 1800’s you’d probably send and army to occupy there lands. But this is the twenty first century if an economic superpower sent an army you’d probably create an insurgency and your own people would kind of look at you like an asshole and then you’d probably invest more resources than the resources that could be extracted.

    But if you’re smart you’d pull a Ukraine war by manufacturing completely fake wars by causing revolutions to install puppet leaders and use those separatist forces to assualt places you might have your eye on, and equip those forces and use those forces to occupy I mean defend their own lands because who would say that the Ukranian army has to leave Ukraine. This is a sly strategy Washington has used to take control of dozens of independent states like Libya and now Australia. It’s actually a brilliant strategy which is why western reporters of the war in Ukraine focus more on tactics, morale and figures rather than strategy.

    There for the only enemy are those opposed to regime change war.

    Nutrality is a luxury and it needs to be backed up by some type of muscle and military power and unfortunately that means NZ would have to stand up its own military industrial complex because economic superpowers really do make the best tanks and so without our own fighter jets New Zealand is susceptible to all kinds of outside influences.

    I mean according to Australian 60 minutes reports there’s a secrete Chinese police station in New Zealand and 5eyes spy’s on New Zealand citizens both of which are dedicated to undermine Kiwi values and principles. I don’t however believe we should just pull out of economic and security ties because all states are pushy and the largest states push the hardest. I’m also very sceptical about the 501 policy overwhelming New Zealand with sophisticated scum. Wouldn’t it be more practical if they could pay for there citizenship through service. You would think this would be the perfect opportunity for violent criminals to swear allegiance to a nation that welcomes them home with open arms.

    I’m also impressed that a bunch of hori’s have been able to make relations with The CIAs plaything namely Mexican drug cartels. It’s just a coincidence that Jacinda would receive support for loosening immigration controlls not long before Albanese cements the AUKUS deal.

    Spirituality make Maori great shock troops or atleast those who are willing to obey. New Zealand also has great designers and engineers claiming The Americas Cup Regatta race multiple times and on a budget. And lastly there’s large deposits of West coast iron ore sands, water and natural energy sources.

    I do think that closer ties with Australia was purposely carried out in order for Washington to establish a presence in The South Pacific without actually having to retake take it much later on which of course would take a lot more resources the importance of the South Pacific can not be understated.

    New Zealands volcanic soil means it can support massive grandfather trees or grow crops. New Zealand also sits on a very important junction monitoring ballistic missiles and satellite communications coming up from the south. And so it’s really a no brainer that New Zealand would be targeted by soft power force and economic coercion going on right this second and Beijing and Washington are fully aware of the favours they wish to pull to there side.

    And so the eagle wishes to push the dragon back to Taiwan and the dragon wants to push the eagle into the South Pacific and there mostly engaging in desperate wars of words so everyone is not really protecting New Zealand. It’s desperate counter actions. It’s sort of like the last ditched counter offensive Germany launched in the Ardern Forest during the last stages of World War Two. The move was supposed to relieve pressure and cause multiple problems for allied forces on where they should deploy or redeploy troops.

    And so Beijing and Washington are deploying forces and redeploying forces all around the world. Eventually New Zealand will have to respond with forces of its own and so with only seconds counting down on the Nuclear Clock New Zealand is surrounded by a bunch of pushy spirit animals who will eventually turn into an occupying force. So not only are economic super powers getting free hits in they’re cementing prime pieces of real-estate without having to fire a shot.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from reading The Daily Blog since it’s inception then it’s that the powerful has a plan for literally everything nothing just happens by accident. Nations like New Zealand are becoming important pieces in growing military industrial complexes of foreign interests meaning the toll exacted on NZDF will always rank among the highest casualty lists.

    New Zealand is an extremely important part of great power games it’s a place where food and water can be exported and with enough resources and quick thinking munitions or whatever could be made. But it will be thanks to quick thinking that a full on war for supremacy in the Pacific would commit terribly resource intensive operations.

    I do think that pre positioning interests and military personal I mean peacekeepers that can be transformed into feared shock troops is a terribly genius move that I think we can all recognise with Kiwi roundels on them representing a democracy of checks and balances functioning at peak efficiency.

    • NZ already has a kind of security. Around Queenstown are the luxury ‘bunkers’ of quite a few of the US political and economic elite.

      That’s a lot about our distance from the epicentre of the catastrophic shit that they themselves may have stirred-up.

      • What about our collective security it’s fine for wealthy foreigners protecting there own interests but aren’t those interests also our interests.

        To quote current Independent U.S. Presidential Candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr. I’m probably going to butcher it anyway.

        At the bottom of the rhetoric of war are lies and suspicion between nieghbours and to choose a different path towards peace requires talking to your neighbour.

        These Kennedy’s really are cut from Royal Cloth.

  8. I think anywhere would be better than a cabinet meeting .By the time election rolls round they will be meeting in a phone booth

  9. Those Chinese ey, we’ll show them. We’ll withhold all oil and gas and coal exports and bring them to their knees. Yeah!

  10. I wonder what the Chippy-Xi meeting photo(s) will look like. In his photo, yank sos Blinken had a shiteating grin on his face and was bent in a manner that suggested he had been caned and possibly reamed.

  11. China’s not threatening anyone! This is just US propaganda! How do I know that? China doesn’t have 800 Military bases in 80 Countries threatening destruction to anyone who won’t follow America’s “Rules based Order”!

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