Landlords have declared class war on Renters and National/ACT are promising more ammunition this election


Trade Me data: Weekly rent hits record high of $610, prices soar in Auckland after weather events

New data shows rental prices are continuing to soar, with Auckland now the most expensive region in the country as Kiwis continue to battle the cost of living crisis. 

Trade Me’s Rental Price Index for May shows New Zealand’s median weekly rental prices claimed another record high for 2023. 

The latest figures show the median weekly rent rose to hit $610 for May, which comes three months after reaching $600 for the first time. 

This means tenants are paying an extra $35 a week or $1820 more a year in 2022, according to Trade Me’s director of property sales Gavin Lloyd. 

“It appears that after the large pay increases we saw throughout 2022, landlords are still feeling confident to ask for more. But we expect rents to taper off later in the year as landlords respond to stalling wages and tenants’ lack of disposable income. Until then, renters’ wallets will feel the pain,” Lloyd said. 

There is an unspoken promise between the neoliberal State and the untaxed capital gains private landlord class that the neoliberal State never builds enough State Houses to alleviate housing desperation so that the untaxed capital gains private landlord class can exploit that housing desperation ON TOP OF getting a $1.5Billion annual subsidy in the form of the Accommodation Allowance EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

So the neoliberal State work hand in glove with the interests of the untaxed capital gains private landlord class to constantly keep desperation in the Housing market by never building enough State Houses WHILE handing taxpayer funded subsidies to the untaxed capital gains private landlord class!

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This rigged casino where Landlords can constantly use their own debt to buy more property and out leverage first time home buyers just adds insult to injury.

On top of this, ACT and National want to give that same untaxed capital gains private landlord class the power to evict you at will so they can kick out the smelly domestic renters and exploit the new 100000 migrant workers coming into the country, remove all the healthy home and environmental regulations and put back in place the tax loopholes that benefit the untaxed capital gains private landlord class.

On top of this, the Real Estate pimps are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Right and are dangling the promise of house prices jumping 20% if National and ACT win.

The Housing Crisis is a political decision and you as renters should be incandescent with motherfucking rage at how this has been allowed to continue!



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  1. Landlords only get away with high rents and crap standards because there is a scarcity of apartments and other rentals.
    That scarcity was deliberately created by the anti-developer Greens, the NIMBYS, the heritage fanatics and local body politicians working together.

    It was all the political parties.

    • Developers only ever build expensive luxury housing. They never build cheap housing for the masses. They never have and never will.

      • My impression is that they build cheap attractive houses & sell them at expensive prices. Luckily we have a building code so we can be sure they won’t fall over in a hurry though.

        • if we adhere to the regs ada and where regulaton is is hire an inspector till you get the result you want..and inspectors wanting future work trying to please developers…regulation in NZ is a sham

        • Went past a flood plain the other day that regularly floods, it was a hive of diggers probably building houses. Looked like raft foundations that fall over in floods.

          NZ officials don’t seem to learn from poor engineering and building mistakes and act quickly to stop them reassuring.

          I hope insurance takes a big look at raft foundations and refuse to insure them if they are on flood plains.

          This might be quicker to stop the rot, than the stupidity of government and councils wasting resources on housing that isn’t designed to last, but a quick flick to an unsuspecting buyer who has more money than sense (probably Kainga ora).

      • Now now millsy you couldn’t be suggesting that Labour selling state houses to developers to bowl over and put luxury flats in their place is a bad look, could you?

      • Millsy, they only ever build expensive luxury housing because the land costs upwards of a million bucks, thanks to Council land use restrictions: There’s no point in building a 200K home on a one million dollar section.

        Ada is absolutely correct in his statement. The intensification zealots with their bikes and their lycra are the main problem here. They infest Auckland Council. The heritage people? They mostly just want to be left alone.

        The problem is easily fixed in two steps:
        1. Force councils to release land for housing. We’ve got plenty of it.
        2. Take some of the GST revenue off the bloated Wellington bureaucracy and earmark it for infrastructure projects in new suburbs.

        • Step 1, not so easy, as you have roads, water, sewerage, schools, transport that need to be bought in and more people equals more schools, hospitals, amenities, social services, justice, jails to be there for the increased populations.

          Step 2, Who is going to build the houses and infrastructure and provide the workers like teachers and nurses and doctors, as there are plenty of high needs people, bureaucrats and labourers, mentally ill folks living in NZ, but those with skills and experience willing to work here with the circus at the top, woke and hard right workforce and low wages, not so much.

          And it is getting worse.

          Officials have the money, aka homelessness budget unspent, as there are so many managers and task forces putting forward ‘strategies’ and best ways to get their preferred criteria the money, the actual homeless can wait.

          Where did the billion go on mental health!!

      • @Millsy.
        Michael Joseph Savage.
        Heard of?
        The real and actual reason for not having state housing to house the victims of ACT and National’s neo-liberalism ( Yes. They did this to us. NOT Labour. The pro neoliberal Natzo’s merely wore Labour’s skin until the dirty work was done and all the backs were stabbed ) is because cheap housing values would trickle back up and fuck the foreign bankster scam that’s property values. And property values are a logical fallacy designed to syphon off agrarian primary industry money via the rapacious greed of the four foreign owned banks at the behest of the 14 multi-billionaires and the 3118 multi-millionaires with individual wealth exceeding $50 million EACH.
        But I’d a thought you’d a known that by now. How long have we been fucking around here discussing the in’s and out’s of a cats arse hole while self legitimising criminals steal our wealth while they blame poor people for their crimes via the MSM they fucking own in the same stale breath?
        I’m beginning to wonder if The Daily Blog’s where good ideas come to be lured down a dark ally then strangled to death.
        Encourage our farmers to weld themselves to @ Maori then strike the fuck out of everything. Wouldn’t that be a fucking start? Wouldn’t that make all nouveau riche racists and bankers, money lenders, real esnake agencies and sundry fat rich cunts have a sleepless fucking night? Would it? It would, wouldn’t it. Yes, it fucking would. Stop dicking around with the same old info and actually do something pro-active for Christs sake! Voting’s not waste of time at all but our political choices are non existent. Everything political is fucking neo-liberal. No matter where you go, you can’t get away from it.
        You got to watch this film. Trust me, it’s surprisingly bloody good. An excellent depiction of what’s going on here and that is crooks doing crooked shit.
        ‘The Big Short’.
        Clearly, we have no fucking idea what to actually do with the bizarre matrix of tangled bankster/politico high-wankery as the homeless line up for shit food and as @ Maori make up the numbers in prisons. We actually don’t know what to do next. In short. We’re fucked.
        We need help. We good, normal, healthy, intelligent people desperately need help. And we’re not going to find it here. At the epicentre of a gross societal dysfunction that only makes good coin for the terminally crooked.
        We’re a sovereign country to the Crown so lets make them work for their fucking money and demand help. A leg up. A public ( So we can know exactly what the fuck’s going second by second.) Royal ( Because we’re a member of the fucking British Commonwealth) Commission ( Because it’s a thing. ) Inquiry ( Because what’s going on here and now needs exposure urgently so we can make informed choices that may lead to informed dicissions which just might lead to action.) Because this shit’s gone on long enough. Self aggrandising scumbags have had their unfettered way with us for far, far too long. ( I just had jonky and peter thiel come to mind. thiel got AO/NZ citizenship within twelve fucking days. What the fuck’s that about, I ask? My own answer is “Crooks doing crooked shit.” It’s that simple, isn’t it? )

    • Good to know that the penny failed to drop with lefties, with the exciting branded ‘Kiwibuild’ which a Thatcher inspired policy, about giving away state house land to others to develop and sell off!

      Worked a charm to get the state housing list down…… Sarcasm.

      Good to know there is millions of money now being spent on luxury apartments for a few lucky state house tenants – the luxury housing, may not last long judging by the floods, but a good photo op!

      Hey the growing poor, can enjoy Loafers lodge and emergency accomodation while they sort it all out.

    • This reminded me of NZ, apart from the penny has not dropped to how to become prosperous as a migrant in NZ – only they don’t have to enter illegally in NZ, just get an easy ghost job offer, student visa or visitor permit.

      Café owner jailed for trafficking hundreds of migrants

      “Mohammed Hossain, 54, ran a café in east London while acting as an illegal “travel agent” using a network of taxi drivers and lorry drivers to move people in both directions across the English Channel.

      A ledger was found with details of the hundreds of men, women and children who used his services. Passengers were charged up to £15,000 to enter the country illegally, but only about £1,000 to leave because it was easier.

      Investigators found he made more than £1 million, had a fleet of expensive cars and sent at least one of his children to a private school.

      Hossain arrived in Britain from Bangladesh with his wife in 2005 on a six-month visitor visa. The Home Office rejected his request to remain in 2010 and tried to deport him. He challenged the decision in 2017, citing the fact that he was now a father of four children, all born in the UK.”

  2. We will never vote our way out of this mess. Of the big 4 parties, 3 are firmly wedded to neoliberalism and the 4th is only willing to tinker with it.

    Renters need a mass co-ordinated rent strike. There aren’t enough cops to evict them all (roughly a third of all NZ households rent).

    • You’re talking about something that could take multiple years to organize. It will likely require some new press outlets to be formed (replacing the many defunct labour press outlets), some new labour movement associations (as Labour and all the unions they control will be against it), deep integration with similar international movements, and some retired progressive political figures to lend support.

      These activities would eventually lay the foundations for a refoundation/replacement of the Alliance Party, i.e. a replacement for the corrupt, liberal political machine that controls the Labour Party

  3. Time to bring your narrative to the 2022s. Actually a path to middle class has been removed with taxes including a capital gains tax (brightline). So less competition more cost. And the fear of missing out means rents will go up every year cause you can only do it once a year.
    All that clever policy with completely bad outcomes and it will only get worse as interest goes up as a cost and deduction disappears- Grant Robertson quote from the time the rule changed here please

  4. It won’t happen overnight i.e. before the 2023 General Election–but it will happen…peoples direct action is required.
    –occupy ghost houses around the country on an organised basis, they are there in their thousands from the Far North to Auckland to National Park to Queenstown. Everyone knows the dwellings in their neighbourhood that are kept empty on purpose by speculative owners.
    –political campaign for rent freeze and rent control
    –Capital Gains Tax on more than a family dwelling and one “bach” or holiday home
    –political campaign for state house and apartment mega build, using offshore sourced flat packs to stick it to the parasitic local building industry and developers

    This will be seriously on the agenda one way or another after the Election–if Labour led wins things will move too slowly, if Natzo led win, the sales of people mover vans (mobile flats) will rise–so there is ample room for a political and community campaign.

  5. Taxpayers and renters would prefer to have a surplus of rental properties at $610 a week than be putting people into ‘business led’ ‘warm, dry’ establishments like Loafers Lodge and Compass and emergency accomodation at $1200 a week which they often expect taxpayers to pay 100% of!

    Be sensible and wise up, it is not a good idea to promote accomodation which is a quarter of the size at double the cost, while pretending it is working – and it’s less safe to boot! At $1200 per week for an emergency room/lodging, which the taxpayers are picking up the cost for, the previous system of private landlords was superior in both quality and cost to the very people that need it, renters!

    In addition more kids are growing up in this toxic environment of emergency housing, filled with high needs people unsuitable to be housed together, instead of a 3 bedroom private house at half the price. All due to woke ideology – woke can’t bear the thought of anybody actually getting something who may actually have a job and be a worker themselves. They should all do nothing, and hope like fuck, that the state will be there for them to provide at retirement. (Unlikely for younger people).

    I mean Meng Foon has just be caught not declaring a 2 million conflict of interest in emergency housing. Go WOKE!

    Kainga Ora CEO is the 2nd most highest paid boss! What an amazing job he is doing, sarcasm!

    Seriously the problem with the left is that they can’t admit they have made a massive mistake with housing, corruption and pretty much everything else. Everything they do seems to makes everything worse for the people they supposedly help.

    In addition there is an inability to understand that if you have 12,000 migrants coming to NZ monthly then there will be a huge demand on rentals, but stopping the migrant Ponzi is something that those making a fortune from it (and they are from all classes and ideologies), are reluctant to do.

    Migration is the easy way to make money in NZ now. Just bring in people whether you are a glorified gang leader or big business owner or woke ‘charity’ to keep fresh ‘customers’ coming in! Don’t worry the taxpayers can keep being fleeced to pay the debt it is creating for us all, including other migrants who are being fleeced as well by fuckers who are allowed to get away with every scam under the sun.

    Woke government are incompetent in their policy, they took a 3 billion international student industry and turned it into an $800 million industry with the rest of NZ paying for overseas education for migrant kids now – then they wonder why the poor keep coming to NZ!

    Government could spend their wasted fortune, on free education for all NZ citizens to get the workers and bond them, but nope, they would prefer to gamble on someone from overseas who increasingly doesn’t speak English, operating on fake documentation, as they will just do what they are told by the growing gang and business gangsters in NZ and if they get caught, who cares, the NZ government will provide parole, jail, and justice services. Another free worker is on the next plane, so they won’t dry up for ‘talent’.

    NZ now has entire families and individual migrants who have near zero prospects coming into NZ who will as we can tell from history, likely fall into crime and poverty and violence and fraud which our social services can’t even manage to provide the basics to people already in NZ. Our education system. has become a disgrace that abandoned quality and ethics a long time ago. Decent migrants tired of being fleeced and leaving NZ as fast as the Kiwis did. The problem is not people being here, it is the low wages and lack of prospects in NZ for honest people.

    More money to food banks, more money to mental health, more money to homelessness, more money to justice, education, pensions, social welfare and jails, but everything that woke touch, makes it worse and more expensive. Where did all the billions in government funding go – more bureaucrats and less help to those that need it!

    Apparently the government has increased a record level of tax more than 54% in 5 years, (which workers are noticing big time) but government seems to have wasted the money and fails to understand that they have an obligation to spend wisely.

    Stop being a cheerleader for stupidity, and enable more woke bureaucrats who hire more woke bureaucraps who make everything worse for the public with their dumb ideas and constant spin! It is not just affecting the poor now, it’s affecting pretty much the entire society of NZ.

  6. Land everywhere last time I looked. Build new towns like the Bed Factory near Huntley. That’s your model. Great job, affordable house, out of rat race. Don’t need slime land Lords and real estate pimps then.

    Also move Government department s to provinces. Win win for taxpayer and the consultantancy Leach s will hate it.

    • Bed factory is on a flood plain. Fast track and infrastructure provided by taxpayers money for a private company. Only the ‘right type’ of workers allowed the housing. Sounds very 19th century.

      • SNZ
        Yeah it’s near the Waikato river but I’m sure they’ll raise the foundation enough. At least someone is building mass houses. But it’s not the govt!!

        • How much carbon does that take to raise meters and meters of concrete on land that is unsuitable for building, and where does then water go?

          Note, they already had housing in Hunty, but decided to create a private ‘township’ in the middle of nowhere but close to a train line for the beds. Then tack on government crack, the words, “affordable housing” to get some funding.

          Magical thinking that will turn out to be a massive white elephant, that no doubt the government officials will rabidly support as they have a knack for blowing vast amounts of money stupidity and expensively on something that is not actually there, while failing to notice what is there nearby, aka rejuvenating Huntly existing town at a fraction of the cost, with existing infrastructure and people already living there and fraction of the time to build.

  7. Headline correction:
    Kainga Ora declares class war on renters.
    Hey, come on, KO is the biggest landlord and the state of their rentals is shocking!

  8. if Labour had got its act together and built the 88000 extra houses there would be competition for private landlords .Private landlords have had their costs pushed up by increases in mortgage and rates .They are not a charity so the rents will be set at what the market will pay why would they do it differently

    • no they aren’t a charity – they are people farming parasites. effing labour and national are neo-liberal cuckolds – the proletariat’s and the bourgeoise wedded together in Marxist bliss

  9. the cost of shelter is crippling this country – if you want someone to blame for the desperation and crime wave – start with 7 houses Luxon and his band of parasites


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