The Working Group with Willie Jackson, John Tamihere & Shane Te Pou



When libertarian Damien Grant is away, the Socialists will play!

TONIGHT: Broadcasting Minister Willie Jackson, President of the Māori Party John Tamihere and the last socialist standing, Shane Te Pou.

Issue 1: NZ Herald’s Poll of Polls and what it means for the election

Issue 2: National Party Law and Order Conference – how many things can Chris Luxon get wrong at one event?

Issue 3: What to do with a sickness like Julian Batchelor’s Stop Co-Governance Tour?

7.30pm tonight – it’s Politics done unlike anywhere else.

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  1. “Chippy” comes home with a dream trade deal. 100 days out from the election.
    There will be a price, a cost, an exchange to be paid after an October election Labour win.

  2. No Bomber middle NZ are scared of an Act/Nat government.

    We already have a bloody disastour that is Labour and the Greens.

    They scare me far me than Nact

  3. Shane Te Pou does himself no favours by mispronouncing Luxons name – but it was good to see a left wing panel on a left wing podcast and no proselytizing of conservatism.

  4. Can anyone advise which policies of National and Act they support and explain how these policies would benefit the majority of NZers?

    • I really like Acts school truancy policy. Traffics light system that supports parents to get kids back to schools. Also when kids are absent it goes to a national register.
      I like the idea of public discussion and referendum of Treaty. I am sick of being told I am a racist because I don’t support HePuapua.
      I support Nact getting tough on crime. What labour is doing isn’t working.
      I like the cutting of bureaucracy. Public servants grown by something like 24%. Nothing to show for it.
      Reti seems to have a much better handle on what needs to happen in health eg has costed out a new medical school.
      Oh and both Luxon and Seymour knows what a women is

  5. Great stuff again Martyn. Yes I’m completely on the opposing side but I think we should all listen to every view.

    Would have liked Willie to explain what he means by ‘democracy has changed’ thought and then compare to Mandela who totally advocated for one man, one vote.

    Also not sure how Matt Te Pou’s relative who got sent to prison ‘for a few unpaid fines’? Seems a bit far fetched. We know in NZ it is incredibly hard to actually get sent to prison, even people with multiple rape convictions get home detention or diversion for bashing 70 year old grannys.


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