Liam Hehir vs Davey Cormack and Luxon forced to u-turn his Law and Order Conference Garbage (exactly as TDB predicted)


Watching right wing wet Liam Hehir and the chinless wonder from down under, Davey Cormack fight is tough because you want them both to lose.

It’s like a cage death match between a Wellington Dalek and an effeminate Brown Shirt.

Liam Hehir summed up in one image – a vacant light chocolate turtleneck

Hehir is the wettest right winger in NZ, less brown shirt, more vacant light chocolate turtleneck blouse while the chinless wonder from down under, Davey Cormack, is the insufferable Professional Managerial Class woke Wellington fuckwit who Guyon Espiner hilariously outed as the arsehole helping Pharmac escape media scrutiny.

The world according to the chinless wonder from down under, Woke Welly General Davey Cormack

In any fight, between Liam and Davey, you want them to both be fatally wounded.

Or permanent mutilation/disability.

I’m not mean, I’m open to options other than outright death. As long as they are hilarious.

Here they are fighting over when National put their bullshit law and order brainfart together. Cormack says it was weeks, Hehir says months, either way, who gives a fuck what these two talentless clowns think, the reality is that National’s law and order virtue signal was fucking stupid, unworkable and EXACTLY as TDB predicted

Watch this muppet walk all this back by the end of the week once journalists start asking actual details of the rehab programme in remand and if that means they don’t have to admit guilt and watch how many times Chris comes up against National’s own self imposed bullshit on these rules.

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…well well well, they are ALREADY walking this bullshit back!…

National clarifies exceptions to sentence discount cap policy

National’s justice spokesperson has clarified that a new policy to restrict how much judges can discount sentences could be more lenient in “extreme cases”.

…Luxon was forced to u-turn these stupid policy ideas within 24 hours because ultimately neither Luxon nor National have any idea how the current prison policy settings work!

Look, I’m all for having a law and order debate, let’s defiantly have one, but National is NOT debating the reality because they have NO idea how the current policy works or what is actually driving the crime!

All they have are vacant ZB talking points that only gives volume to their ignorance without providing any actual workable solutions!

National are manipulating the Prison and Crime narrative.

They say the soft-on-crime-cuddle-a-crim Labour Party are fecklessly letting out 4000 prisoners while the crime rate soars.

They are not only confusing correlation as cause, they are ignoring how and why Labour gained those prison reduction numbers in the first place.

When the National Party tightened Prison policy they allowed for non violent offenders to apply for home detention while in prison. All Labour did was provide assistance to the Prisoners eligible for that process to fill in the forms, because most of the prisoners are illiterate.

They aren’t skipping out the front gate and ram raiding Michael Hill Jewellers, they are on home detention and we put them on home detention because we know being inside prison is the best indication you are going to go back to prison!

70% reoffend after being released for two years!

They do that because Prison is a brutal, violent, corrupt, understaffed nightmare that is deeply traumatising and damaging for those who don’t pose a violent threat.

Only the worst are being kept in there, people whose actions are deeply damaging and all we are gaining is time inside where they can’t hurt the general public. Our prison system is damaging, it takes angry hurt men and turns them into angrier monsters.

No one seems to have explained to Luxon what the 30% prison population reduction policy actually is (it’s a National Party policy btw that allows for nonviolent prisoners to apply for home detention) and National don’t understand that Prisoners have to accept their guilt to gain access to rehabilitation programs!

National’s desire to extend rehabilitation programs into remand utterly misunderstands that everyone in remand ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! Why the flying fuck would prisoners awaiting trial and sentence admit guilt to gain access to a rehabilitation program BEFORE their case was even heard?

Why would any prisoner do that???

National don’t actually understand the Prison Empire they built when last in power, their solutions to remove discretion from Judges, impose harsher sentences while pretending rehabilitation programs that can never and will never work in remand is the silver bullet.

This isn’t a law and order debate, this is a wet dream fantasy that has little basis in reality. None of the ‘solutions’ National are offering will do the things they say they are attempting to solve!

If anything, it will cause an explosion in the prison population which will ultimately lead to a full blown prison riot as the underfunded, over crowded violent jail popualtion minus any of the joke rehabilitation National are promising will event horizon into black hole of misery and suffering.

So why is our crime rate soaring?

Let’s be honest, some certainly are sawing off their ankle bracelet and joining the Frey, but that is a single digit minority, not anywhere near what is generating the current crime wave.

We also have to acknowledge the unprecedented importation of 501s bringing a culture of criminal violence far in excess of what was generated by our domestic gangs. Labour can’t be blamed for that!

We also have to acknowledge that dairy crime was far higher when National were last in power than they are now!

What is generating the majority of the current crime wave however is the same thing that is generating crime waves throughout the post-covid Western World.

The same is happening in Australia,  UK, Canada and America.

Post covid societal and economic stresses causing crime waves at the same time there is 12.1% food inflation and a cost of living crisis while surviving the ongoing economic, cultural and social impacts of climate crisis storms and geopolitical shockwaves is as predictable as National having to walk something back 24 hours after Luxon says it!

Of course crime is exploding everywhere because the covid sacrifice was felt unevenly across our unequal society, pretending building more fucking prisons is a solution to all of that is sophistry at its most intellectually bankrupt.

National’s law and order debate is as stupid as Liam and Davey fighting over when this inane brainfart was squeaked out.

A plague on all their prison cells!


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  1. Absolutely. After years of having no t.v. I was shocked by the blatant materialism displayed on the huge screen I encountered at an acquaintance’s place. This represents what we aspire to?
    For those at a frustrated disadvantage, crime is perhaps the only logical channel to ride.
    For those with the financial upper hand, well, buy yourself an island and enlist serfs, deploy alternative I.D, whatever, but you’re still ultimately accountable for your life’s work and the amount of lives you have shattered.

    • There are plenty of ways a serious left-wing government could deal with this. Actually providing social services would be a good start. Implement something like Cuba’s block committees or Chinese grid-based management to directly address social needs- and anti-social behaviour- at a local level.

      Neoliberalism is incapable, as ever, of addressing any of New Zealand’s problems.

      • Meh.
        Neoliberalism IS [Aotearoa] New Zealand’s problem. Or rather it’s the pus in the head of roger douglas’s personalised, Kiwi-As version of milton friedman’s neo-liberalism. There was thatcherism and reaganism and no doubt many hand jobs under board room tables that lead to satanic orgasms from the global disciples of greed is good and if it causes pain and suffering then all the better. Aye Boys?
        Neo-liberalism isn’t something that came by AO/NZ as if it seemed like a good idea at the time. roger douglas’s pimped up version did a tremendous job for the now 14 multi-billionaires, the 3118 multi-millionaires who’s wealth exceeds $50 mil each and the positioning of the four once were Kiwi retail banks now literally stealing a reported $180.00 a second in net profits annually 24/7/365. My personal grind is that it was MY fucking money they stole to feather their beds with. I’m a farmer and I know a few good farmers who are not red necked bogan wastes of perfectly good jizz who seem popular with the MSM.
        AO/NZ is an exporting agrarian primary industry. That means that, in reality, it was farmer money earned by the scant few and defenceless family farmers whom the swift little foxes stole from and aided and abetted by a corrupt institutionalised political mafia who’s own family ties go back to AO/NZ’s earliest farming enterprises. ( No disrespect to Maori intended. )
        And guess who the mafia are..? Yep. The dreaded National Party behind whom there lurks the Kiwi-As deep, dark, state wallowing in our money. The Natzo’s, who have amongst it’s scabby urban ranks old traitor cockies sniffing around the easy money, whores and gin.
        Brushing off rogers neo-liberal crime wave with an “Aw well, never mind. Moving on.” isn’t going to fucking wash with me MK.

      • There is too much rugged individualism in the kiwi psyche for neighbor hood committees to work without authoritarian backing.

    • Nathan. Good question. When misogynistic politicians and police buy into its breakdown the way they did at Albert Park, it makes accountability that much harder, but mindlessly politicising it without addressing the underlying causes is plain bad. Most people still live safely in their own spaces, so it may not be much use as a political weapon, but that still leaves the societal issues side-lined.

      • Tipene – Sure did…acknowledging the problems is a good start, according to the article, so what are the solutions??

  2. I heard an interview of Ursula Kerpen on the radio a couple of days ago. She is a senior policy adviser at the MOJ.
    She believes that there should be no prisons in NZ and that crimes committed by Māori are all the result of Captain Cook. She writes cultural reports for murderers and drug pushers to help keep them on street.
    That just might be part of the problem….

    • Andrew, Or part of the problem could be the neo-liberal state that the underclass have to maneuver through with the cost of living sky-rocketing can also be the problem.

    • Andrew What New Zealand is doing to Captain Cook, possibly the greatest navigator and cartographer of all time, apart from his scientific pursuits, is on a par with what the barbarians controlling the gates, did to William Shakespeare, insanely labelling him an imperialist colonialist. A Stuff comment that Cook was known for chewing the nipples off babies, was utterly nauseating. But still government departments rely upon extremist propagandists as policy advisors. They’re scared of them. The Education Department’s damaging Gender ID curriculum for kiddies is a tragic case in point.

      Incarceration is basically awful, but is sometimes necessary to protect society, and to protect the wrong-doers themselves. But blaming James Cook or Bishop Pompallier or any other dead man for crime, and then using them as an excuse for criminal activity, is a reprehensible betrayal of the victims of crime, and of the social community which it impacts on by utilising racism to absolve criminals from any personal responsibility for their own wrong-doing. This way nothing changes for the better. That suits the ‘ divide and rule’ neoliberals just fine too.

  3. Most NZ are fed up,with the soft approach to criminal behaviour from this government . Judges seem to be nearly as out of touch as Labour and Green politicians .I feel they have been given the word to keep the prisons nempty so Labour can say they have kept to their promise of redicing prison numbers .They have failed on most of their other promises .

  4. I still can’t work out how a man who rapes a teenager gets home detention, a trans-Nazi who punches out an elderly women gets diversion but a coder for Dotcom’s website gets 2 years imprisonment. It’s almost like the judiciary hate women.

    • Don’t you know it’s only non violent offenders being given home detention. If you disagree you’re a nazi race baiter and don’t you know it’s because people are poor that they must commit crimes

  5. I think its all just scare mongering PR for a population to thick to comprehend the drivers of crime. I’m sure there is no person ever that thought ‘ i could go to prison for this’ let alone ‘I wonder for how long’

    • Gidday Bruce. How’re ya goin’? Sweet as?
      Sorry, I’m trying to pick a vernacular that’ll best suit your education/intelligence.
      Ever heard of a bloke called Alexander Solzhenitsyn? Interesting bugger. He reckoned that criminals were the product of their society, and I might be paraphrasing there.
      We have a thieving, disloyal, money grasping, talent-less, soulless, greedy, narcissistic sociopathic money fetishist upper class who will never enjoy the marvels of prison food. And yet they did this to us on our paradise and only because they could and they knew they’d get away with it because it is in fact they who designed the social, political and economic systems we fall prey too or must *acquiesce too.
      * acquiesce:
      verb: acquiesce; 3rd person present: acquiesces; past tense: acquiesced; past participle: acquiesced; gerund or present participle: acquiescing
      1 accept something reluctantly but without protest.”Sara acquiesced in his decision”

  6. The gang recruitment metastasized under the Jonkey regime with the tough on crime approach 3 strikes Sensible sentencing rhetoric. These right-wing policy are the reason the numbers of gang members is not because of Labour

    Prisons are a breeding ground for radicalism, discontent, and anti-social behaviour that get reinforced by their peers. You have to be tough, more anti-social to be accepted and the gangs provide that atmosphere in spades.

    • Agree with you Stephen and the lock them up mob need to remember eventually those incarcerated at least the majority of them have to be released eventually and reintegrated back into society. We as a country don’t seem to be very good at reintegration and we know this as our recidivist rates are so high.
      So, there are huge costs to locking people up both socially and economically.

    • In 2016 there were 3900 patched gang members and approx twice that many police.
      The last official count numbers 8875 gang members and 10,000 police.
      I predict that if we continue with our current policies gang members will outnumber police by the end of 2024.
      Gang culture infects and destroys. Young men are tormented in many towns with the reality of choosing one gang over another for their physical protection.
      They become enculturated to using and selling drugs. Easy money.
      They learn to intimidate – a corrupted form of respect and power.
      For many the use and sale of firearms. And finally rape and murder.
      None of this is in dispute.
      Lets try some thing else.

      • Michael Scott, rubbish and how and who or what measurements did they make to come up with these assumptions? remembering not all gang members are criminals and not all criminals are gang members.

        The research is flawed if they assume these types of numbers from 2016 because the gangs especially the Maori gangs that are more likely to experience prison time don’t always wear patches or even have tattoos so can be hard for researchers to detect.

        Its not as black & white as you make it out.

      • They become enculturated to using and selling drugs. Easy money.

        when your back is against the wall – follow the money.

        In a world awash with drugs why are we still fighting this war. Give it up. Synthetic herion, cocaine and mdma for everyone. When drugs are everywhere I’m assuming it will be cool to be straight.

  7. Agree with you Stephen and the lock them up mob need to remember eventually those incarcerated at least the majority of them have to be released eventually and reintegrated back into society. We as a country don’t seem to be very good at reintegration and we know this as our recidivist rates are so high.
    So, there are huge costs to locking people up both socially and economically.

  8. Agree with you Stephen and the lock them up mob need to remember eventually those incarcerated at least the majority of them have to be released eventually and reintegrated back into society. We as a country don’t seem to be very good at reintegration and we know this as our recidivist rates are so high.
    So, there are huge costs to locking people up both socially and economically.


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