Weekend Election Podcast


You read that right, the architect of neoliberalism on the show tonight with the best Public Economist in NZ and that awful Damien Grant who said such mean things about Chippy in the weekend!

Folks, it’s going to be a big show.

Issue 1 – Has Orr capitulated to the market and shown the limits of Monetarism? 

Issue 2 – Latest TVNZ Poll – should National just give up now?

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Issue 3 – Labour Party Conference – Chippy with a side of chips – carb overload or pass the tomato sauce?

and Issue 4 – The latest Allan Hall revelations – are we locking up innocent people in NZ prisons? 

The podcast broadcasts live 7.30pm Tuesdays from our purpose built studio bunker ADJACENT to Mediaworks studios on Facebook, YouTube & JuiceTV.live, The Daily Blog and replayed on Channel 200 Freeview and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & YouTube 


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