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ACT ramraid their own conference


    • Roger ‘Pig Meat’ douglas was a two term finance minister for Labour and the brains, for the want of a better word, behind ACT. *don brash was the governor of the reserve bankster, also an ACT ‘thing’.
      To quote don brash.
      “When I first became politically aware, I was well to the left on the political spectrum. I was never Marxist, but certainly Christian socialist. For me, being a Christian meant being a socialist. ” don fucking brash aye.
      If you’ve just read that and you’re not vomiting all over your carpet you’re not paying attention.
      The Don ‘Bare Chest’ Brash, a fucking christian socialist. How that fuck’s not been struck by lightning is a mystery to me.
      If you’re a good person and you vote for ACT you’re letting your stupidity be your guide. ACT is nothing more than a motley crew of narcissistic psychopaths who will tell you anything they think you’ll want to hear just to get back into a position of power over you. If you, in any way, enable them to do so then you’re part of the greater problem, not a part of the solution.
      * Yes. I know brash isn’t standing for act in the up-coming election. I’m merely trying to remind you that ACT is a toxic haemorrhoid on National’s arse hole but worse, ACT’s like an evil lolly cake that’ll creep up behind you and kill you with its insipid and saccharine brain-fart toxins.

  1. Couldn’t get a speaker with anything worthwhile to say to come on stage so had to bring a prop on stage. (and a car).

  2. Labour and the Act parties joint policy release, present by Act cause the Labour party we too scared to turn up!

  3. Cunning! ACT runs campaign starting off with fund-raising lottery to win car emblazoned with act (axe) emblem – not to be painted over till after the election. Great promotional idea. (No charge Axe – I know you’re always willing to swipe advantage from anyone.)

  4. “We paid $1.6 mill in donations and all we get is a fucking mini! Surely there’s a black Mercedes floating around?”


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