Luxon’s New Plymouth tour and Wayne Brown’s cheerleaders reminds us NZ has become the Land of the Long White Hate


I remember the anger and the shock wave that was the Springbok Tour.

I remember the righteous fury over the nuclear free stance.

I remember the rage of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill.

I remember the grief of Bastion Point.

They are all patterns of understanding from growing up in New Zealand as a Gen Xer.

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Emotional tsunamis that ran through our communities, forever shaping their world view but throughout those moments of anger, I don’t remember ever seeing what is happening now  in this country.

I remember anger, dislike, disagreement but not hate.

There is now a tribal hatred of one another at almost atomic levels of being that dictates our legitimised emotional responses beyond the solidarity of ideas that connect and unite.

You can actually win an argument in NZ now simply because you ‘feel’ it more.

Logic, objectivity, reason, the capacity to debate ideas without hating each other – these are all the oppressive tactics of heteronormative white cis males, and so feelings with more feelings and an additional side order of feelings are the only social currency now.

Social media hate algorithms manipulate our emotions with the ease of offence the new trigger culture of Outrage Olympics generates for our ever diminishing circle of interaction on a Global World now atomised and fluent in a level of virtue signalling and elite condescension that permeates all it touches with a toxicity that never forgives.

The howling of frightened angry old white people at Christopher Luxon in NZs retirement village, New Plymouth, is a symptom of this digital cultural dislocation. Change has come to their ears that invades their space in ways their privilege as the dominant culture have always dampened.

They stormed the venues he booked because they feel left behind and because the only currency is feelings (thanks to the new Millennial culture of micro aggressions), they shouted those angry alienated feelings and Luxon had to try to douse the torches.

These old angry frightened kiwis are as lost as the feral Qanon Anti-Vaxxers, the Professional Managerial Class, the ever cancelling woke, the fourth wave feminists, the offended Farmers, the spoilt Bankers, the 501s, the damaged children from a nation of fatherless children looked after by bitter solo mothers, non-binary activists, gender critical feminists, politicians of all wings, deluded talkback hosts, elite journalists and incels.

Most older supporters of Wayne Brown care more that he is shitting on the woke media and serving them up abuse than they do about him privatising our fucking Airport!

It’s a cacophony of wounds screaming for social hierarchy based on feelings!




The planet is melting, the ramifications of which are barely being comprehended.

The radical shift we are all going to need to make politically, socially and economically for what is coming is beyond your fucking feelings.

NZ has become the Land of the Long White Hate – you are either white and hate, or you are white and hated.

We better start finding identity in the collective or we will all hang separately.

We need to be kinder to individuals and far crueller to Corporations.


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  1. What a hate fulled post.
    I wonder how many of the posts made on TDB don’t fuel exactly what you are whining about?

    • Hatred towards who, or do you think that a corporation is a person? That’s only for tax purposes.

      • The divisions in New Zealand society were engineered by Jacinda Ardern and are continuing under the Chipster,with Meagan Woods as cheerleader.

        • so the nats had nothing to do with any of it?

          bob the last I’m starting to suspect you are a lefty who posts rightard twaddle so that it can be shot down in flames

        • What bs Bob. Ardern was here for a brief moment. Winston Peters was very successful playing up the fear of older folks well before Ardern can along, because those levers have always been there to pull. You go on about people being able to think for themselves, but only when it suits. When they act like fruitcakes you blame the government. Of course after the election when Kojak is PM nothing will be the governments fault.

          • The brief moment during which she did irreparable damage and long enough to land a cushy job off shore.

            • She’s off shore?
              So who’s the MP for Mt Albert now?
              Is she still getting paid as an MP?
              Is that why we haven’t heard anything at all from her since she stepped down?

          • That moment was 5 long years of agitprop.
            People have such short memories. We were a team of 5 million, remember?
            Unless of course you owned a supermarket, ran a gas station, were a landlord, or a tradesman with a truck, or refused vaccination, or couldn’t find the word ‘partnership’ in the treaty.

        • Bob the first
          Writing from his retirement home – storing up his latest comments to have a giggle with his mates who live in luxonury land.

      • Did you miss the individuals named in the comment?

        Government is stupid….. Hipkins is stupid! Spot the difference.

    • What an excellent way to demonstrate an utter inability to understand even the most obvious points made by this post.. Are you about ready to learn to dress yourself without mixing up the trousers/underwear matrix yet? Just take it one step at a time junior..

  2. Wayne Brown is an idiot. It’s nothing to do with old or left or right, he’s just an idiot who is so hell bent on selling every single share in Akl airport with no compromise that it borders on suspicion. I would take Desley Simpson over this plonker any day of the week. My god you can see the incredulous look on her face, and she’s no lefty.

    • You can curse like Bomber but you don’t have his brain. I don’t think Wayne Brown is an idiot. I think he campaigned on not selling state assets and when he saw his opportunity to sell state assets he moved so quick I’ve never seen a more beautiful triple back flip while rotating sideways a few times and landing on his little toe. I mean his argument isn’t to lower rates it’s that it’ll ease slightly then up just in time to save the Auckland Airport Expansion Project. It’s straight out of Nationals we will not privatise state asset playbook it’s so predictable.

      • Truth and certainty is only obtained from facts.

        If one follows the discussion one finds debate, trade offs and then there will be a vote.

        You are correct, he is not an idiot but more importantly, he also not an actor of bad faith. He speaks his mind, like it or leave it.

      • I am not sure “idiot” qualifies as a wash your mouth out with soap curse offence but maybe I misspoke. He’s just an objectionable individual. There is simply no reason to act the way he does.

        • He feels good when he sees Simon Wilson does not realise the joke is on him.
          Leads a walkout of one and then sneaks back into the room.

          Let the man have his bit of fun.

  3. Planet is melting but the woke are cancelling the defenders for being not being the right sort of protestors.

    The true issue of what is happening is more akin to American Maoism A blood thirsty movement to cancel, create violence and unrest in the west, instead of getting people to unite and fight the issues of climate change, move to a post oil age and anti democracy together.

    Woke can cancel other people on race, freedom of speech, men and woman for their sex, cancel fairness in woman’s sports, have biological men convicted of rape fighting to be put in woman’s prisons, and have the lefties on their side.

    War over trans lobby is manna for the right
    Only obsessive minorities on opposing fringes benefit from a confected combat in which most of us are on the same side

    • The ‘woke’ are really just neo-liberals, but barely concealed by a coat of red-looking paint. Any slogans stolen from ex-Maoists are bolted onto an anti-Enlightenment philosophy — that is, it is opposed to Maoism itself.

      Chairman Mao, being a loud opponent of such subjective idealism, would probably have considered these people to be lunatics and shills.

  4. Wayne Brown is wrong about selling the airport shares but he’s not wrong about trying to get rid of the copious amount of Auckland Council staff and consultants, fiefdoms, Council controlled organisations, and money flying out the council while rates go up and services go down.

    He’s right to investigate the flooding and why Auckland is so poorly prepared for disaster, and building roads and housing on flood plains, concrete and traffic everywhere, while floods get worse.

    They need a leader to get rid of all the creep and only have proper services to council that the rate payers use. Not fringe ideas from woke with too many grants everywhere funding their rise and the essentials are ignored and badly run.

    • Investing $100 a year to gain a return of -$70 a year on the potential that the share price will outgrow the cost of your investment when you spend other people’s taxes should make one unfit for any public office.

      Not selling the shares borders on criminal negligence.

      • You are conveniently leaving out the dividend income from shares that were gifted to the council essentially. Are you under the impression the council won’t borrow any money in future? Do you have sell all of the shares?

        • Not it was not left out.
          That is the $30: 100-70 =30
          I under the understanding that AC will continue borrowing the $100 per year to pay the interest on borrowings to receive a dividend on the investment plus share price growth.
          I also know that the airport needs to find more money somewhere to fix the airport. So the 18% shareholding as a percentage will drop significantly and the dividend is unlikely to grow until the airport is up to scratch. The important shareholders are investing with an objective to grow the asset value, pension funds…. Do that.

          So no this is not a good asset to own when you need to borrow money to keep doing your core business.

      • Yeah but that $100 of interest is not attributable to the the purchase of airport shares which I assume were inherited from ARC. Really the $100 interest is incurred across all of council activities. There is always an alternative TIAAA. Brown has not looked at getting increased return from other assets. He could increase the petrol tax to pay for the cycle ways, or levy a cyclist tax, or increase the rates under the airport, or put a toll back on the harbour bridge, or make the cycle ways user pays, or increase the bus fares, or charge higher rates on the higher density apartment buildings that are pressing on infrastructure, or increase the infrastructure contributions from developers, or increase the train track lease, or cut the bus fare subsidy, or tax tourists, or charge a departure tax, or cut bureaucrats pay above $100k by 50% (those on $200k drop to $150k). The fix is in and Brown and the top bureaucrats thought they were heading through the revolving door to the Airport company but it seems Mike Lee is showing a bunch of councillors how to Unscrew.

        • Good luck.
          A public utilities do not buy shares using borrowed money. End of story.
          That is what speculators do.

  5. Desley Simpson- Mike Lee co-mayorship would be the best option for us.
    But they did not run for the office.

    How about Gummint buying all airport shares and enjoying the benefits? That would be much wiser use of taxpayer’s money than subsidising already wealthy $80k EV buyers.

    • Lightbringer – Spotlight! What about from you regular short pithy whatabouts that gummint and /ir the agency czars could do to advance the NZ polity? Like little darts penetrating the fat of the fatheads (and necks). Little words expressing practical ideas that cut through our rhetoric that builds and obfuscates rather.

  6. I thought Tauranga was NZs retirement capital. When did New Plymouth take the title? Has this been fact checked? 😉

  7. New Plymouth ? I remember two New Ply Mouths, both allegedly mayoral candidates, who said that they came to the Parliamentary precinct protest, because they wanted to be part of history. How inane is that?

    Nothing to do with the issues, whatever they were, but to ‘be part of history’, dislocating Wellingtonians, causing havoc, wasting tax payer and rate payer monies, enabling cops getting injured and covid infected and reinfected, local businesses impacted and closed down, traffic diverted, school girls harassed, because of self-indulgent puddle swimmers following their feelings and thinking themselves politicians.

  8. Here comes a Grand Coalition btw Labour & the Nats! They’ve got enough hate for everybody!!

  9. If Luxon is packing out venues with people who actually both to vote the right will win govt comfortably…

    • we never see the view of his ralleys from the podium POV just like the orange piglet mans inaugeration

    • Packing out a venue on a Friday with old white people will not win an election.
      Our local paper has a photo of Luxon with two Middle-aged Maori ladies either side, one being Turia and the other Hipango. Two biggest self serving snakes I’ve ever seen.
      The real kicker was the background, thirty or more people sitting down tucking into a free lunch, all white and all over 65. Seemed like Nats were doing a community lunch for the aged and selected Maori.
      The other irony is that Turia a Te Pati Maori member is now supporting Hipango standing for Nats in a Maori seat. Hipango couldn’t get the Nats nomination in the Whanganui seat so is now trying to fall back on the whanau to keep her gravy train rolling.
      Didn’t want to know them while she was in a white electorate or on the list.
      The hypocrisy is mind blowing from all
      3. Luxon who hates Maori and the other 2 for sucking up to him while pretending to be real Maori.

      • Oh thank you Uncle Tom. I agree with every word you say. Turia and Sharples sold their people down the river when they went into government with National. How on earth is this woman who is a National MP going to sell the party’s credentials when all they speak is racist hyperbole. Is it complete ignorance or absolute hypocrisy in that they want to get rid of Maori seats. Also god forbid its a NACT government ,because Seymour want to get rid of the treaty of Waitangi in all its shapes and forms and pretend that Maori do not exist.

  10. Green MPs make a virtue out of hating white males especially older ones as we are the root of all thinks evil

    • We also have the state broadcaster (R.N.Z.) describing the Tory rally in New Plymouth as “mostly” white — an incredibly racialistic and inflammatory statement. In case they’ve forgotten, that is 70% of the country!

    • Trevor. Love of money is the root of all evil Trevor, and in any case the Greens don’t hate all men, just the white heterosexual ones. Should you be gay, or decide to transgender, the Greens could be singing about you, “ This Is My Beloved” , although I’m not sure about your ethnicity; you may still need to keep an eye on your white privilege and unconscious bias.

    • Don’t be too hard on yourself Trevor. You don’t have to take all the blame on your shoulders, and those who think you are evil are poor misguided wretches. After all when one gets down to it there is evil in us all, and the best way of avoiding accepting that truth is to realise that we are all so protean, so adept at philosophical obfuscation and deviousness that we can shed responsibility for anything. We just change the meanings or focus of what we discuss, even our genders.

  11. I generally like Mike Lee as one of the few councilors who has some integrity. However he did pledge during the local body elections to keep rates increases to a minimum. As a rate payer I want him to honour that pledge by supporting the mayor’s budget. Prolifigate borrowing, as Lee has suggested, is a fools folly, just as the Labour Government has ably demonstrated.

  12. Auckland city finances are in a hole, Brown is trying to rectify that without a horrendous rate rise, with cuts, and the media spin off the track. And somehow, we the ratepayers have to factor in flood damaged house buy outs too I strongly suspect!

    Simon Wilson lanuches a walk out protest, no one follows and he slinks back on a minute later. Then the fucking drama queen writes his usual shit-o-gram in the Herald, how Wayne Brown is Lucifer! Is his full time job to hate the mayor?

    I tend to recall John Tamahere campaigning on asset sales when he ran for mayor. And it was recommended we vote for him.

    I think it’s marvelous that Brown couldn’t give a flying shit about our pathetic mainstream media!

    • Yes, good that you’ve jogged Martyn’s memory. Asset sales are ok when his hero JT suggests them.

    • ” I tend to recall John Tamahere campaigning on asset sales when he ran for mayor. And it was recommended we vote for him. ”

      Is that the same John Tamihere Bomber has put all his faith in to start rolling back the system that he actually supports and marginalises so many Maori , the ones who aren’t included in the lucrative tribal settlements ?

  13. There is a reason 20 out of 38 OECD countries make collecting ethnic statistics illegal. It stops the Woke pitting the races against each other with dodgy statistics.
    As Bomber said its time the hate stopped and that only happens if we all have equal political rights and opportunities regardless of race

  14. Martyn is right, it’s all bullshit.

    Adherence to libertarian economics has been starving successive governments of its funding for almost 40 years.

    The system is done.
    Y’all screaming and looking for pet peeves to blame: Brown, Jacinda, woke-ism, religion, Eggbert,

    The real target is capitalism and it’s not your friend.

  15. Wayne Brown is EVIL. He is a dodgy businessman already with his name on a building outside Britomart Train Station so no doubt happy with his “legacy” already. Just sad for Auckland to have another stale pale male when we could have had Inspiring Aspiring Eloquent EFESO! Sad for the motu, sad for the city, why so angry, did your father show you know love? Probably. Happy Colonialists Day tomorrow haha he tangata!

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