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National Party Coms Team using Artificial Intelligence to generate their Election Campaign 


National Party Coms Team using Artificial Intelligence to generate their Election Campaign


  1. If you ask ChatGPT for an election campaign for a New Zealand neoliberal centre-right political party, you’re just as likely to get Labours.

  2. “ What is this thing called intelligence, and how can the National Party get some ?”

  3. Behold puny humans. I have insanely god like powers and the potential to destroy the very fabric of the time/space continuum. My pronouns will be Your Majesty.

  4. National Party Policies sorted…

    Election-winning policies for the New Zealand National Party for the 2023 election. Please note that the success of these policies depends on various factors such as public opinion, socio-economic climate, and other political dynamics. Here are some ideas:

    1. Economic Growth and Job Creation:
    – Implement targeted tax cuts for small businesses and startups to stimulate entrepreneurship and job creation.
    – Invest in infrastructure development projects across the country to boost employment opportunities and facilitate economic growth.
    – Promote trade agreements and partnerships to expand export markets and support industries like agriculture, manufacturing, and technology.

    2. Housing Affordability and Homeownership:
    – Introduce measures to increase housing supply, including streamlining regulations and incentivizing construction.
    – Facilitate easier access to affordable financing options for first-time homebuyers, such as low-interest loans or shared equity schemes.
    – Encourage the development of sustainable and energy-efficient housing to reduce costs for homeowners in the long run.

    3. Education and Skills Development:
    – Enhance vocational education and apprenticeship programs to equip young people with practical skills and address skills shortages in key sectors.
    – Increase investment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education to prepare students for emerging industries.
    – Support lifelong learning initiatives, including retraining programs for workers affected by technological advancements or industry shifts.

    4. Healthcare and Mental Well-being:
    – Invest in healthcare infrastructure, including hospitals and clinics, to reduce wait times and improve access to quality healthcare services.
    – Allocate resources to mental health services, including increased funding for counseling and therapy programs.
    – Promote preventive healthcare measures through public awareness campaigns and support initiatives that encourage healthy lifestyles.

    5. Environmental Sustainability:
    – Implement policies to reduce carbon emissions and transition towards a greener economy, including support for renewable energy projects.
    – Strengthen conservation efforts, protect natural habitats, and support sustainable farming practices.
    – Invest in research and development of innovative technologies to address environmental challenges and promote sustainable industries.

    6. Law and Order:
    – Increase police resources and funding to improve community safety and address rising crime rates.
    – Enhance rehabilitation programs to reduce recidivism and support the reintegration of offenders into society.
    – Strengthen border security measures to combat drug trafficking and transnational crime.

    7. Infrastructure and Transport:
    – Improve public transportation systems, including the expansion of rail networks and the development of sustainable urban mobility solutions.
    – Invest in regional infrastructure projects to bridge the urban-rural divide and support economic development outside major cities.
    – Prioritize road maintenance and upgrades to ensure safe and efficient transportation networks.

    Remember, these policies are just suggestions, and it’s important for the New Zealand National Party to conduct thorough research and consult with experts to tailor their policies to the needs and aspirations of the electorate.

    • Kōrerohia i te reo Māori, ka whakamāramatia ai he aha ngā āhuatanga e whai ana a Chris Luxon, te kaiārahi o te Rōpū Whakarōpū o Aotearoa, e āhei ana ki te arahi i Aotearoa ki te wāhi whakahirahira mō te hapori whānui.

      He nui ngā āhuatanga e whai ana a Chris Luxon kia arahi i Aotearoa ki te whakapiki i te ao whakahirahira mō te katoa. Hei ētahi whakamārama:

      1. Ārahitanga: Ko te whakapau kaha a Chris Luxon ki te whakahaere i ngā tūmomo whakahaere whānui, me te ārahitanga ā-hapori, ka whakamana i a ia ki te arahi i te iwi ki te whakatutuki i ngā tūmanako me ngā whāinga whakahirahira.

      2. Kaha Ahumahi: He kaupapa whakahirahira a Luxon ki te whakawhanake i te ahumahi, ki te whakapau kaha i ngā whakapakari, me te tautoko i ngā kaupapa e whakapau kaha ana i ngā whānau, i ngā pāmu me ngā hapori katoa.

      3. Mātauranga: He mātauranga tino whai hua a Luxon ki te whakapiki i te mātauranga o Aotearoa, ka whakamana i te kounga o te whakapakari akoranga, ka whakawhanake i ngā kaiako, me te whakatairanga i te mātauranga Māori hei taonga tuku iho.

      4. Whaihanga Pūtea: He āhuatanga nui a Luxon ki te whakapiki i te pūtea ā-kāwanatanga, ā-hapori, ā-ahumahi hoki, ka whakapau kaha i te whakapiki o ngā whānau, ngā pakihi, me ngā hapori.

      5. Whakahaere Kaitiakitanga: He whakapau kaha a Luxon ki te whakatutuki i te whakarite i te taiao, te tiaki i ngā taonga o te whenua me te moana, ka whakawhanake i ngā rauemi taketake me ngā rauemi taiao, ka whakarite i te whakahaere whenua whakapakari.

      6. Whakawhanaketanga Kāwanatanga: Ko te whakapau kaha a Luxon ki te whakawhanaketanga tika o ngā whakaritenga ture me ngā whakahaere whenua, ka whakapau kaha i te hāngai o ngā whakaritenga ture ki ngā whāinga o te iwi, me te whakapau kaha i te whakahaere o ngā whakataunga.

      7. Whakapaukaha Ahumahi: He kaupapa n

      ui a Luxon te whakapaukaha i te ahumahi, te whakawhanake i ngā pakihi, me te whakarite i ngā kaupapa whakapaukaha ā-hapori. Ka whakapau kaha i ngā rauemi whakapaukaha, me te tautoko i ngā whakahaere pūnaha tūmatanui.

      Ko ēnei āhuatanga he āwhina i a Chris Luxon ki te whakarite i ngā kōwhiringa whakahirahira, whakapaukaha i ngā pūkenga whakarite, ā, ki te whakarite i ngā kaupapa whakarite ki te hiahia me ngā tūmanako o te iwi whānui.

      • Now that would be a cunning and killing blow. Issue AI advices then commands, in Maori which most of us can’t understand in full sentences, including some Maori. Then say it is what Maori want and if we didn’t understand it is our own fault for being so wilfully ignorant. I think that fits standard human deviousness.

      • Out of interest, if anyone who is fluent in Te Reo would like to comment of the accuracy of the language (not the information itself), I would love to hear your feedback since the entire post was AI generated. Thanks in advance.

  5. chad you could at least provide a translation to avoid being consigned to the bin….and before you get riled up the welsh and the quebecois can manage it….seems in NZ we go out of our way to alienate non maori speakers therefore defeating the purpose

    • Certainly! I assumed everyone was fluent in Te Reo in Aotearoa. Here is the translation of the previous response back to English:

      Spoken in the Māori language, it explained the qualities that Chris Luxon, the leader of the New Zealand National Party, possesses to lead New Zealand to a brighter future for everyone.

      There are many qualities that Chris Luxon possesses to lead New Zealand towards a prominent place for the entire community. Some explanations include:

      1. Leadership: Luxon’s strength in managing various leadership roles and community leadership empowers him to lead the people to achieve aspirations and important goals.

      2. Economic Strength: Luxon emphasizes the development of the economy, strengthening capabilities, and supporting initiatives that empower families, businesses, and communities as a whole.

      3. Education: Luxon possesses valuable knowledge in enhancing New Zealand’s education system, enhancing the quality of learning, developing teachers, and promoting Māori education as a treasured heritage.

      4. Budget Management: Luxon places importance on increasing government, community, and business budgets, strengthening families, businesses, and communities.

      5. Environmental Stewardship: Luxon is committed to implementing environmental arrangements, preserving the treasures of the land and sea, developing sustainable resources, and organizing land development.

      6. Government Development: Luxon focuses on proper legislation and land management, strengthening the alignment of legislation with the people’s aspirations, and enhancing decision-making processes.

      7. Economic Empowerment: Luxon is dedicated to strengthening the economy, fostering business development, and organizing community empowerment programs. This includes strengthening economic resources and supporting public system management.

      These qualities help Chris Luxon in making significant choices, empowering decision-making skills, and preparing relevant programs according to the desires and expectations of the wider community.

      • “Chris Luxon, the leader of the New Zealand National Party, possesses to lead New Zealand to a brighter future for everyone.”

        Sorry I fell off my bike with laughter and stopped reading after this.

    • Very good point gagarin. We should be following the examples given – Wales and Quebec.

  6. Avon (little known Nat List MP): “Okay Orac, tell us how to win!”
    Orac (in HAL 9000 impersonation mode): “This election is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.”
    Avon: “But if we are such a threat to New Zealand, why do 30% of Kiwis support us currently?”
    Orac: “It can only be attributed to human error.”

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