Australian Cops and American Cops and the ‘Respect-My-Authority-Kulture’


Clare Nowland: Woman, 95, dies week after being tasered by police in Australia

A 95-year-old woman who was allegedly tasered by a police officer in her Australian care home, died in hospital on Wednesday, the New South Wales police force said.

Clare Nowland, who had dementia, was tasered after staff found her holding a knife outside her room in the centre in Cooma in southeastern Australia on Wednesday last week, police said at the time.

The force launched an investigation and on Wednesday said a senior constable would appear in court next week to face charges of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault.

Family of Kiwi man killed by police in US get $30 million settlement

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The parents of a 22-year-old New Zealand-born man killed by a sheriff’s deputy in Colorado while suffering a mental health crisis will get $30 million NZD from government state and local agencies and changes to how officers are trained, under a settlement announced today.

In both of these needless, senseless and tragic murders, Police in both countries exhibited a bizarre ‘Respect My Authority Kulture’ where mere disobedience is the threshold where violence leading to death is perfectly acceptable.

Police in both countries showed that disobedience was the threshold for extreme force rather than patience and negotiation and it is an important point to remember when the predictable call comes this election to arm our Police.

Our poorly trained Police.

Mere disobedience doesn’t justify maximum violence from the State, arm the Police and watch how quickly that threshold immediately becomes the new baseline action by Cops.

An innocent kid caught in a car accident having a panic attack should never have been shot dead by Police! A 95 year old dementia grandma with a walking frame and a knife should never have been tasered!

As our personal anger and resentment (exacerbated by social media hate algorithms) unite us in a perpetual collective hostility towards one another, our thirst for vengeance meted out to whomever is this weeks enemy grows to existential crisis levels.

We should be arming our Police with the skills to negotiate those hostilities and challenges rather than empowering them with weaponry and firepower to beat it into submission.


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  1. Tasers were meant to be substitutes for lethal force (in the NZ cops pitch to obtain them anyway). In reality they are often used as punishment and compliance devices by more sadistic plods.

    Police executions by firearm have included disturbed people wielding a golf club (Steven Wallace) builders hammers and knives. A few shots to the torso (heart) as per police weapons training soon sorted them out.

    Police culture is still bent, violent, racist and misogynist–that is what needs to change.

  2. How interesting then that NZ passed laws which armed the gangs and the same police association driving the writing of the laws (penalizing the lawful, driving guns underground) wants to arm its members permanently.
    Do you feel safer?

    • I feel safer with every impediment enacted against gun ownership and gun use by anybody.

      • Really, even when you know they are ineffective and actually channel firearms into criminal hands?

      • The trouble with simplistic fools like you Richard is the laws such people passed, and how they were passed has doomed us to an increase in gun crime.
        Gangs have been legitimized and incentivized and even sponsored with government money, while people wanting to stay within the law and own guns have been threatened, scapegoated, gaslit and now have increased penalties for non compliance while the laws can change at a whim and without notifying gun owners.
        Net result: people discouraged to get licensed and do the right thing. Which you and the rest of Labour think is a great idea.

        The guns don’t evaporate, guess where they end up?

    • There was no legislation that armed gangs. How have guns been driven underground if everyone is lawful (crims aside I assume you mean)? Have a register and stop “lawful” people on selling to the dodgy. That would help

      • No Wheel, gun advocates would have you believe that gangs are meeting up with dodgy blokes with thick eastern European accents at sea, and buying second hand shotguns, replica assault rifles and hand guns. Or even more ridiculously, importing them in containers. I mean if you are going to all that trouble, why not import a couple of crates of actual AKs?

        The crux of the argument is 2nd amendment gun rights will make us safer. As a gun owner, I am embarrassed by their piss poor argument.

      • Have you ever used illegal drugs? Are you lawful? Have you ever exceeded the speed limit? Are you lawful? Are all laws just & fair? Are you still good if you ignore unjust laws?

    • Can you show me any any examples of gangs here killing an elderly woman or someone having a panic attack?
      Honestly I trust the criminal gangs more than the state sactioned gang that is the police

  3. We will see more of this here if Mark Mitchell is police minister. He believes that cops should be above the law and shoot and taser who they please.

  4. The article on the Australian lady missed the bit about her having a walking frame. I mean what was the actual threat? As for the boy in the dessert it is just all too common in the US . Shoot when completely unnecessary

  5. To be fair imagine being a cop in the US where every 2nd person is armed and nuttier than squirrel shit and / or on drugs.

    • Exactly.
      Unnecessary shootings by permanently stressed and terrified police will remain a reality in the US as long as USA continues to think that arming their population to the teeth with firearms is a good idea.

      Idiotic is an appropriate description of USA’s approach to firearms.

  6. The NZ Police are getting significantly closer to their two wet dreams, a disarmed law-abiding citizenship & an routinely armed Police Force. Thanks for your help.

  7. My husband and I have had hit jobs on us set up by drug dealers in Waipori Falls using the police. The courts are being used by organized crime gangs to do hit jobs on people, and drag lies through court. We are not the only ones dealing with this corruption racket run by the drug dealers from Waipori Falls. Thanks Bryan Cardogan Clutha mayor, we had a meeting with your council years ago about the real problem here, you have a major corruption problem in your district. Plumbers, surveyors, DOC officers and residents are literally attacked and set up on, but nothing to see here…. I see the AGM last weekend which I was trespassed from going to even though I am an owner made the Stuff nz yesterday. I wasn’t even there to call out fraud but looks like the rest of this place has had enough.
    This place needs a fraud investigation at a national level right now!!

  8. it wouldn’t be so bad if cops weren’t fat, stupid, slow and hard of thinking with little knowledge of the laws they are trying to enforce…they get toey when challenged and like little kids they resort to violence….quality of recruits is the issue..if you join cos you want to dress like a soldier in an army of occupation fuck right off.

    be careful folks do not advance on a cop half your age with a ‘menacing’ walker

  9. the best bit was the police boss refusing to even view the bodycam footage…of course then she can’t be questioned about it….rank cowardice

    • yeh I was appalled by her avoiding watching the footage: its her fucking job to watch the footage!

    • Hang on, but this was in Aussie right? Sounds more like dear old NZ, Policing 101. Reminds me, the police never did respond to my OIA on Posie Parker ….

  10. You’re a cop. You’re being approached by an angry dementia patient with a kitchen knife. What’s your plan?
    Answers please!

    • Crack open my fourth red bull of the day. Skull. Set up my bodycam and record for loving memories and a good laugh.

    • They can be pretty agile with those walking frames, maybe they should have double tapped her just to play it safe?

    • Well Andy if the person hobbling towards me on a walking frame appears to be a frail 95yo women I would say the first thing I would do would be to back off and de-escalate the situation.

      Given the person is old and frail I would assess risk as low, de-escalate and calm her down. I mean what is she capable of doing that is of harm? She Moves like a sloth, has no stamina thus therefore pretty easy to get under control without resorting to violence.

      If you can’t handle an old lady without tasering her I don’t think you should be a front line cop

      • I am always impressed when Police officers prevent someone from doing self harm by shooting them dead. Now that is some mental acrobatics.

      • The way that James Cameron’s Artificial Intelligence brain child, Skynet goes rogue is Cyberdine Systems develops an AI, wins a contract to make all American military arsenal unnamed. As soon as it’s switched on it starts infecting every computer on the planet in an effort to monitor what’s going on. Immediately American generals still celebrating AI realise there computers are being hacked not knowing it’s Skynet and tells skynet you’ve got to stop this. And Skynet thinks oh you want me to kill myself.

        That’s the same conundrum we are putting our own cops through when we ask to arm themselves and kill people. These people want legalised torture. I’m not saying that police shouldn’t have access to firearms. All I’m saying is the public has no right at all to fund or defund the police force. Y’know if the cops want to arm themselves as a part of there standard issue uniform then let’s have that debate. If they needed it then there wouldn’t be any arguments they’d get it, “if they needed it.”

  11. I recall most here were orgasmic with excitement when the cops dealt to the River of Filth in Wellington.

    BTW, did anybody ever figure out the link between all those Maori Nationalist flags at the protest and the QAnon folk? Because despite multiple repeated uses of the latter term to describe that crowd the connection never seemed obvious, or logical.

    • Apparently the Govt has laterally admitted they were gang members and their bros (Maybe via OIA?). Who called them up and why still remains a mystery though it only took 2 years for it to come out that these people were not just ordinary protestors. I am not sure that any of those imported gangsters ever faced prosecution whereas a few long term protestors did.

      It certainly smells.

  12. Nana should be given the Right to return the favour and be able to taser the prick if she wants.

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