Political Caption Competition


If you have any issue whatsoever with this advert then you are a homophobe who must be publicly shamed and harassed out of your job!


  1. Looks trendy – who dat? Those who watch television images rather than living their own life amongst the other citizens doing the same might know.

  2. “you are a homophobe”
    Transphobe you bigot (sarc). Homophobia and misogyny are acceptable in the context of modern trans activism (different from trans people) because “punching-up”. Unity through intersectionality!

    • Do you honestly believe that a man cleaning up trash to provide a good wage for his family is trying to punch down on trans rights? No you modernist. Of course there are going to be acceptions but overwhelmingly the vast majority of men aren’t trying to oppresse woman and trans. Oil rig workers aren’t trying to destroy the planet they’re trying to feed and provide for a fucking family and make life easier for everyone. Feminism and transactivists all through out history have tried to twist biological reality so they can have equal pay and equal rights while destroying everything that men built. Fuck those ungreatfull pussies. There’s plenty of natural beautifully soft woman in the third world looking for husband’s fuck modernists. Get your passport my bros.

        • Or maybe I’m actually transphobic. I’ll have to get tested by AUT humanities department.

          Nah I know what it is there are emails coming down from corporate HQ saying I’m different words but it’s always the same that males can’t look at anyone fornmorentyajnfive minutes because that’s discrimination it makes woman and trans uncomfortable because of the threat of rape.

          Y’know we are at a point now that if it’s unacceptable for men to act like a normal human being then woman and trans rights activists with a lot more rights than men are going to have to fight to give me back some rights to make the playing field equal.

          • @Sam it’s much bigger than just men (or white, straight, etc people). Those with less identity based privilege, or those that claim to act for them (according to the intersectional model) can be prejudiced towards anyone with more.

            A woke feminist (not all feminists are woke) can be prejudiced towards men and that is no longer sexist (punching up), but women cannot be prejudiced towards trans (punching down). However a trans activist can be prejudiced towards women and men (punching up).

            Note the conflation of the identity demographic with identity activism. Attacking the activism, is framed as an attack on the demographic. (Motte and Bailey argumentation).
            The activism often has little to do with the individuals in the demographic. Anecdotally, most trans people I know respect women’s spaces, think there is a lack of safeguards around children and (AFAIK) none of them think children should be medically transitioned.

            Wokism does not really care about the people in a demographic, they are leverage. A trans or any ‘minority’ individual with an anti-woke viewpoint looses all their oppression points and is often treated as a literal heretic. Wokism cares about believers and propagation.

            So it’s much bigger that just crapping on men. That’s why I joke “unity through intersectionality” because the ideology typically achieves the exact opposite of what it claims to stand for.

    • All confusing to my simple mind. We protested for a breadth of understanding and changes in rigid mores in the 1960-1970s and got change. We weren’t intending to overthrow our species. Next thing will be insectionality!

      • I get it. infact I would suggest that men doing all the dirty work of keeping society running get it more. Y’know a woman shacking her ass on social media earns more than a plummer or electrician. I think feminism has put value in places where value doesn’t exist.


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