The real difference between having a beer with Chippy vs Luxon


The difference between Chippy and Luxon is that Luxon wants to be your Boss Mate, the kind of emotionally draining relationship where you are always laughing at the Boss mates jokes and always doing what he wants in the weekend. It’s a relationship many workers are forced to play along with in NZs tiny pool and it’s one that we all willingly run a mile from if we have the option.

Chippy in the other hand just wants a sausage roll.

There’s  security in knowing that.

Put up with Boss Mate and his weekend workathons or throw Chippy a sausage roll.

Chippy has the greatest of NZ values, basic dorky competency while remaining affable.

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Verity Johnson asks, Why doesn’t Luxon harness Auckland rage? and it’s because while there is a smouldering resentment towards Labour over that second Covid lockdown, it hasn’t transferred into support for Luxon or all the crazy shit National are promising and will come alongside ACT.

Chippy is the family Labrador where as Luxon is a territorial high maintenance lap dog barking at every passing car.

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    • I don’t.
      Why do we have to go along with cutesy stuffed dolls?. We need direction, goals, action, leadership – not sound-bites from wardrobed ‘mascots’.

      The time of Key/Ardern is over. Time to get real.

  1. The difference would be Chipkins would tell you its wine, even when it was patently obvious it was beer. Luxon would say it was probably beer but later retract that statement and suggest it was most likely wine.

  2. Why are you attacking Luxon, hes Labours best asset?

    One thing about Hipkins is that every portfolio he touched be it police, education, MIQ, COVID etc he screwed up… And gets promoted.

    Just one question: why is it ok to call Hipkins, Chippy, yet it was misogyny to call Jacinda, Cindy?

  3. But Chippy is like a boss who’s a good bastard who knows how to play the politics game at work, real well, but you know he hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing otherwise. There a certain level of discomfort at that and a feeling it won’t be long until the actual bosses find that out too!

  4. Martyn – Luxon would be interesting in terms of Air NZ stories, while Chippy is a professional politician – so no real stories

    • oh like the one about not knowing about refurbishing saudi fighters that were being used against tribesmen….he should have been sacked for that, a ceo that is that unaware of his organisations activities is just a pr drone not a manager..that the kind of anecdote nate?

  5. Both are largely useless and you know it. Unfortunately what NZ politics seems to come down to now is “who you’d rather have a beer with?” Even though you know is beer is spiked with Rohypnol, and that when you wake in the morning, you’ll be feeling woozy, sore & used. Again, and again, and again… Hooray New Zealand, you’ve just been fooled again.

  6. Cripes Martyn. What makes you think anyone on this site wants a beer with either of them?

  7. Hipkins demeanor is a carefully crafted image just like Ardern’s “kindness” facade. Behind it is a Wellington technocrat neo-socialist that wants to run your life and is crap at doing that. Te Reo Luxon on other hand is a woke corporate. Will stick a knife into you quicker than you can say “inclusion?” but will attempt to say the ‘correct’ things. Neither are/will be outstanding or transformative leaders and ultimately the only thing that changes between the both of them is the level of competence in ministers and top public servants.

    Let’s face it the only politician worth having a beer with would be Winston. He is the only one that has a personality outside of politics and the only likely not to ‘talk shop’ while having a pint.

  8. Just remember that it was National’s Chris Bishop’s hungry old dad who drove around petrol stations searching, unsuccessfully, for a sausage roll, and wrote a column about his sad plight. Who’s in the wrong party here, a Bishop or the Bishop’s father?

  9. Luxon is promising to run the country more efficiently and with better decision making and although many National voters are happy with that, many of the other voters National are hoping to attract won’t think that’s enough of a change and will vote labour or the others. To me Chippie is a boring little fuck who will walk the straight line to the election and hope not to fall off. Luxon hasn’t come up with anything new but could be the leader that gets us back on track but I doubt we will find out. Neither party will have a mandate, so Luxon will struggle to get things done even if he does win. The same will happen with a Labour led Government who would have to govern with no money while trying to appease their coalition partners. It’s more of the same and don’t you lefties complain when it happens. You lot at times describe Luxon as a barking dog when the reality is he’s never governed and so has never failed. This government has.

  10. I try to only have beers with people with personalities. With those two you’d need smack then a line.

  11. Headline in Chch Press 700 children homeless tells me while the leader has changed the lies of a caring government carries on through him .He has a nice smile and smooth manner but is as shallow as Ardern.
    Luxon on the other hand is a proven leader .A good CEO does not need to be everyone’s mate but he needs to make the staff comfortable he knows where he is successfully taking the company or country .

    • ” A good CEO does not need to be everyone’s mate but he needs to make the staff comfortable he knows where he is successfully taking the company or country .”

      Are you for real !

      Has either one of them actually gone near any of these 700 + homeless and decided to do something about it.

      I work with many of these people everyday and I would take the gruesome twosome myself if I thought it would make any kind of difference.

      A CEO is like the currency trader we got last time and he was sold as the non politician as if that somehow makes them more effective and more in touch. That was proven to be another fallacy just ask the 700 without a home who are in motels and even more living in cars and the pensioners like so many who can’t afford to eat.

  12. A Prime Minister famous for eating sausage rolls is an accurate description.
    We had a Prime Minister famous for making scones for famous people.

  13. Been ages since I’ve had a beer with mates after work. Kinda sad. But when I think back to my drinking days I wonder where Chippie and Luxton would fit in. There’s all sorts of blokes, and I should add women too, you’ll end up with over a beer: the outright hilarious, the know-it-all, the supercilious, the cynic, the optimist, the evidence-based, down the rabbit hole types, the buffoon, the devious, the careful listener, and those who won’t shut up. Maybe we are all a bit of everything. Perhaps for that reason I can’t pick either of them. Inv, Chippie’s sausage roll persona is a smoke screen to give the impression, well, he’s an ordinary bloke who likes a bit of flaky pastry. That’s Karl du Fresne’s take on it anyway. Luxton, well, he has the look of a straight up bloke you can take at his word, but at the same time someone who you want to avoid in a scrum. But as they say, what happens on the field stays on the field. He’s that sorta bloke. Funny, if he grew his hair out he’d look a little like Boris, but no doubt not the same persona.

    Rather than a beer at the pub, I’d go for the bbq. A bit of fresh air and open space does wonders for everyone.

  14. What a sad state of affairs the two main choices really are. Hipkins seems like a decent enough guy but is part of an agenda that will further divide NZ. Sure you could have a beer with him but when it comes to policy etc he is less than authentic. He has undoubtedly kicked the can down the road until after the election with contentious policies and that is alarming especially when you consider how things have unfolded in recent years.

    Luxon may well be a good money man but he is about as authentic as a $2 Shop Gold Rolex Watch. There are so many things hidden from view with him. There is no surprise that the majority of Kiwi’s don’t trust the man. One of the few policies he’s been open and transparent about is his plan to reintroduce the live shipping of animals out of NZ despite the barbaric nature of the trade and diabolical outcomes for the animals both on the water and at their destination country. It’s taken years to finally stop this obscene practice that some farmers view as a goldmine. I’d be very interested to see in a country that allegedly cares about animal cruelty what percentage of Kiwi’s are in favour of the trade? Will National gain or lose votes on this policy? Luxon clearly thinks they will gain but I’m confident he’s pulled the wrong reign in his attempt to appease farmers. If he’s wrong on such an emotive issue, what else is he wrong on?

  15. the use of ai chatbots in attack ads (couldn’t find a actual maori) explains dr evils (luxton) somewhat robotic demeanor….should the nats be led by a bot?

  16. There is such a thing as giving a man a chance, even if he is the leader of the National Party.

    I want New Zealand to get our real economy back, and while petrol prices are now affordable, grocery prices continue to soar as well as rent and electricity prices, and mortgage repayments have increased dramatically since our first lockdown in 2020.

    Moreover Luxon represents traditional values whereas Hipkins represents more of an opportunistic political view. Hipkins is also leader of a third term government which is very tired and expiring.

  17. basic dorky competency

    Seriously? You wrote that with a straight face?

    Are you even vaguely aware of the growing failure that is our Education system, and the specific “Chippy” disaster that is the Polytech merger?

    And as noted above, bloody Luxon is Woke Corporate so that’s going to be even more fun than what you describe because such bosses aren’t even into jokes now; too much danger of being whacked by HR or Marketing.

  18. Frank the Tank would be a better PM then both of them. I agree Seymour or Winston the only ones I would cross the road to have a beer with. Maybe Shane Jones, Stu Nash if they were shouting.

  19. A beer ? only if they set up a bar tab and so I can tell them what an amazing job they both do and how we should all be grateful.
    Then I will take the gloves off.

  20. The difference is Chippy isn’t up himself.
    Christopher Luxon likes to travel first class everywhere and hires a Jag to go 1 km down the road.

    • It was a BMW and it seems the majority want Luxon’s party even if they are not so hot on Luxon himself .

  21. They’d be the same, we were either brought up in the Welfare
    State or remember it. ‘Social’ egalitarianism remains, long after the actual, for which we fight.

    The generation after us … I don’t really know.

    The Right doesn’t know from where it’s come — see Key.

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