Green on Green unfriendly fire: A Sustainable Eco-Village divided against itself cannot stand!

I ask again, why has no one in the mainstream media picked up on this and demanded answers?

The Rainbow Parakeet and her Woke Emerald Stormtroopers

When I first argued that Dr Kerekere was part of a new woke clique inside the Greens who were manoeuvring her for co-leadership because incredibly they don’t think Marama is woke enough, many laughed at the mere concept of something so unhinged because a Green Party co led by Dr Kerekere and Ricardo would be barely a 3% Party.

Terrifyingly, the woke clique are under the impression that with uber woke leaders like Dr Dre and Ricardo, they will soar in the polls when in reality it would fucking implode and end up a 3% Party if we are lucky.

Well, here are the factions she is using now rushing to her defence…

Māori, Rainbow Greens say Elizabeth Kerekere bullying claim is ‘dirty politics’

In the fallout from Elizabeth Kerekere’s leaked “crybaby” text, two clear factions have emerged in the Green Party – with team Kerekere accusing the leakers of “dirty politics”.

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Kerekere has gone to ground, but a group of Green insiders is speaking out in her defence. They believe the leak, and subsequent reports of her “bullying”, were part of a smear campaign from Greens unhappy about their proposed list rankings ahead of the election.

Inside sources say tensions are boiling and the party is becoming divided, as the Green’s base put together their power rankings of the MPs and candidates. They say navigating the Green factions has become “delicate” during the ranking period.

This political popularity contest is how Green members get into Parliament. A high ranking guarantees a seat. And if an MP’s ranking goes down, it could mean they’ll be booted from the House come October 14.

…the new constitution adopted by the party in 2022, expanded the guidelines for selecting candidates whilst allocating voting rights to previously informal interest group networks. One effect of this has been to de-prioritise talent, effectiveness and electoral appeal in the list-ranking process in favour of a kind of horse trading over how to fit in the right quota of geography, ethnicity, ability, youth & gender into the various positions on the list.

It is this new network that a far more puritanical woke clique have seized upon and manipulated to ensure their identity candidates have most influence.

I have voted Greens most of my adult life and I barely recognise this current mutation.

The Greens must move against the alienating woke middle class politics by urgently focusing on the economic pain voters are living with.

To that end the top 6 candidates as ranked should be:

1: Chloe

2: Golriz

3: Julie Ann Genter

4: Efeso Collins

5: Steve Able

6: Lan Pham

While this battle for power erupts inside the Greens, there are still large questions over other woke manipulations of the List, as I argued in yesterdays special report

On the Green Party list right now is a candidate who has actively fought environmental law yet has been given a higher ranking than actual environmental campaigners like Steve Able and Lan Pham!!!

This candidate, as the CEO of a Māori Trust Board, went to the Environment Court to stopTe Uri O Hikihiki, a hapu of Ngatiwai, using the RMA to protect life in the sea in their own area (just south of the Bay of Islands) and allow recovery.

The Trust Board took this position to defend the value of the Board’s fishing quota, which is controlled through their company.

Fortunately the hapu and community groups won the court case. Read about it here.

This ground-breaking work using the RMA to protect marine diversity is exactly what’s needed not just on this coastline but nationally. Given that the ocean is in crisis from overfishing and now climate change, a key question for Greens members ahead of the list ranking vote is, ‘Can candidates who have fought against marine protections protect those marine environments?’

How did the Green Party select and elevate to the top of the list a candidate who went to court to defend a corporate fishing interest over a hapu and community initiative to secure marine biodiversity protection?

Is it because the candidate ticks the right identity boxes?

What has happened within the Green Party to enable such a candidate to be in an electable position on the list while high-profile campaigners like lan Pham and Steve Abel are not?

Is the Green Party now being used to greenwash the activities of its own candidates?

I ask again, why has no one in the mainstream media picked up on this and demanded answers?

If we can pause the career of a National Party candidate for liking a gross joke and offensive poem, how can the Greens select a candidate who actively fought against environmental protections for the fishing industry over and above actual Greenpeace campaigners?


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  1. “We” didn’t pause the career of a National Party candidate. He resigned after his party clearly decided he wasn’t worth sticking up for. Luxon said he never even met the guy and Willis and Erica Stanford seemed genuine in their distaste for him ( because they probably put up with his teenage girl fantasy type way too often).

    Surely Dr K will lose this battle. Aren’t there others coming out and complaining of her and saying ‘don’t give me that race card bullshit because I am Māori’?

  2. Martyn – Kick the Greens out next election…not one of the top 10 candidates of the Greens would most Kiwis sit down with, and have a beer…

  3. I’m enjoying the antics of the Greens I hope they keep it up.I would enjoy more,less than 5%.

  4. Knocking a Maori is a dangerous game so the media seem to shy away from any of their corrupt going on . The genuine Maori that I know are embarrassed by the posturing of some of their so called leaders They are the ones causing division both within Maoridom and with other races .

    • Could you explain what you mean by genuine Maori? Because obviously by using the word genuine, you have inferred that there are not genuine Maori. So an explanation of what the difference is, would help me greatly in understanding your post with better context.

      • Willie Jackson has questioned the authenticity as Māori of Simon Bridges and David Seymour, as an example.

  5. “I ask again, why has no one in the mainstream media picked up on this and demanded answers?“

    Because mainstream media is more motivated to dig dirt on National, even if it’s a social media comment from a decade ago, or something from a candidates school years.

    Because mainstream media has been bought off by this government.

  6. … because the Greens are no longer an environmentally focused, political party. We need to ACT now to change this.

    • ACT will bow to Treaty of Waitangi principalities once in govt. They use the anti-maori BS to garner voters like you who clearly exhibit anti-Maori sentiments, then when elected into govt they do the Winny the poo trick and backtrack.

      • ACT and NZF are targeting the same demographics, however Winston and NZF have gone silent, I heard Winston was resigning from politics however I can’t find any evidence.

      • And that is a good thing, the Treaty of Waitangi is very important to New Zealand. However Labour has pushed things too far and have put their party offside with many people. As long as ACT brings some sense & reason to our firearms laws, I don’t care what else they do or don’t do.

  7. Watch the submissions in regards to the Self ID bill and watch this person together with Deborah Russel (quota “woman”) Labour Party make a right mockery out of a political process and be bullies. These are your guys. Start holding them to account.

  8. Nothing Eco about these grifters. They all like the trappings of colonialism and capitalism. Its a case of do as i say not as i do.

  9. How can you put Gloraz so high? She of the ‘here to fight nazi’s’ brigade. What has she achieved? Nothing.

  10. No joke now, luxon are you reading this?!!! Talk to Chloe to join National as their Minister of Climate Change and Environment. Being green, the environment is her main focus, right? Once in power with National, she will finally get the budgets required to make a real difference. As it stands the Greens are unpaid whores to their Labour pimp. Must be cold at night on that street corner.

    • Yep. That is true. They are stuck in the corner and Labour is not letting them out as without the Queer Party L would never win a thing again.

    • She has no political ambitions beyond being a member of a minority party.
      She gets paid to have a giggle not to work.Snide remarks from the sideline her speciality?
      Ok Boomer.

  11. So the 2022 constitution needs to be changed.
    Some Green Party members now seem to argue pick three women and then three men …….
    Or are you arguing that the constitution should say pick the candidates on merit. WTF! Merit and the Green Party.
    Meritocracy! That does sound like a plan… to destroy the Green Party.

      • More Kiwis with talent are now enticed to move across the ditch and we keep replacing them with those who cannot get into their first, second, third …… choice destinations.
        What to do? How do we retain our locally trained doctors, educators, police, whatever…..

  12. Well we need some party that is genuinely concerned for the environment, not pronouns.

    Dickhead announcements from National about regulation in agriculture as we see nitrate levels in the Ashburton area go higher just shows what a stupid country we live in. It IS NOT anti farming/agriculture to say intensive dairy is f’ing us. I am picking on National as those idiots are likely to replace the current idiots.

  13. The Greens do not understand the meaning of good husbandry to compare it to dreams and fables and their confused concepts.

    • Yes the farmers of New Zealand have more concern for the environment.
      The Green Party is a convenient vehicle for freeloaders.

  14. The greens selecting their candidates just need to remember their point of being – “Its the environment stupid.”

  15. Someone even punched him in Public doesn’t seem a bad chap, definitely a little bit more mentally balanced than some of the others.

  16. This ongoing, internecine warfare is wonderful to watch – much like a slow moving train wreck .
    You simply know how it is going to end and cannot take your eyes off it.
    Better yet, it totally stuffs up Labour looking mournfully for a coalition partner post election.

    • Winston has ruled out Labour however they will struggle to get past 5%, so unless the Te Maaori Party get some extra seats which they probably will (I am picking 5 x seats), it is going to be a very close race, too hard to call at this stage.

  17. I really really hope these woke fucktards don’t get back in to power. They are poison and are not doing anything for the environment.

  18. ” I ask again, why has no one in the mainstream media picked up on this and demanded answers ? ”

    Because the MSM are made up of children pretending to be journalists …just read stuff sometime and the current Green party is just simply not threat or a real credible force in politics.

    Even the neolibs and their leadership that control the NZLP know that the Greens will take a punch to the face and not strike back !
    James can attest to that !

    The Green party is being destroyed by the contagion of identity woke dogma and is being poisoned from the inside and out just like the environment and the huddled masses who are marginalised by another disease unregulated capitalisim that they used to say they cared about.

    If Chloe is as clever and intelligent as they say she is she will be planning her future in politics away from the current party that used to represent her values and ideas.

  19. I’d have a coffee with Chloe and that’s about it with the greens.

    The rest gesticulate at picking news event stars out of the heavens and run with that agenda instead of the Flora and Fauna Preservation I wanted them to do.
    If only they did things like get less food into plastic packaging and recycling machines for refunds.

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