The Māori Party and Greens at their best is worth supporting


Beyond the political pantomime of the Māori Party and the factional infighting inside the Greens, both parties had moments where they shone this week and they were moments of such importance that they genuinely demand voters consideration.

When Luxon went full blown Don Brash with his ‘One law for all’ dog whistling this week, the stand up interview with Rawiri and Debbie  was some of their best commentary since entering Parliament.

Rawiri denied the Māori Party were a race party, ‘we are a rights Party’, he cleverly stated and he lectured Luxon by arguing, ‘it’s not one person one vote, in NZ it’s one person two votes’.

Likewise, beyond the nonsense of the Kerekere soft coup, Chloe was hammering back that we are facing climate crisis event after climate crisis event and continued to demand a response to the IRD reports highlighting how the wealthy have rigged NZ Capitalism.

I appreciate these are rare glimpses of what both Māori Party and Greens are capable of, but when we look at the insane food inflation and the ongoing damage from climate change alongside poverty and inequality, we need solutions not right wing knee jerk policy and when you consider National will give landlords the right to evict and ACT want to pour 1billion into a new Prison Empire, voters who want positive change must rally around those Parties who can stop National and ACT taking power, and that means holding our nose over some of the more woke extremes of the Greens and Māori Party to ensure that.

Here are the issues voters are most concerned about…

…culture war shit makes noise, but the poor are not sitting around the kitchen table cancelling each other for misusing pronouns, they are trying to pay the bloody bills.

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This election is too important to allow middle class work identity politic activists to fuck it up for us.


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  1. “…the poor are not sitting around the kitchen table cancelling each other for misusing pronouns, they are trying to pay the bloody bills.” 100% correct.

    But someone needs to tell the Greens and TPM.

    Yet the well paid Green Party social worker MP’s getting off on their narcissistic culture war wank, couldn’t care less. They are too blind to see.

    And TPM and Labours Maori caucus see co governance and segregated government departments, for now, as the next stepping stone to self determination nirvana. Fantastic for the Maori elite and power brokers, tough shit for everyone else. And their favourite pastime, pointless interference running. So they’re are a waste of space.

    I’m aware of a recent survey that asked the group consisting of different cultures and races in NZ what their biggest concern was? Same as everyone else, having enough money to live!

    I just shake my head at these dickheads in parliament who wrongly think they speak for us! I only see poor D grade actors not worthy of our votes!

  2. Martyn – Agree — but the question still is when will both parties shake off the silliness, and start to show some leadership?

  3. The government has raised a shit ton of money in a short period of time. I truly wonder if their roadmap is both encompassing of enough vision, and executable enough, to outrun the margin compression coming down the pipe considering the fact that I doubt they’ve even had the chance to progress much themselves. Y’know we could have seen much the same policy from Jacinda, Key, Clark, Shipley, Bolger and so on.

    It smells like rancid business models sowing chaos when they gave property portfolios a massive boost yet the spending problems is supposed to be Labours fault? Get the fuck out of here scum lords.

  4. Sadly, neither party are at the best of what they can be currently. And fwiw, the last few month the members of both parties – inclusive Labour – showed us whom they are, and as Maya Angelou once said : When they show you who they are, believe them the first time. And i guess a lot of the electorate saw them, and no longer likes what they are seeing and hearing.

  5. None of the politicians actually represent public opinion on the major issues. There are no moderates of the post-war consensus, nor anyone with a new vision.

    The major parties have forced extreme free trade (the so-called ‘globalisation’) on the population, when it never had any popular support in the first place. The huge exodus to foreign countries would otherwise never have happened.

    The quality of the candidates has also greatly deteriorated. At some point most of these people will be swept from office by large angry crowds, and it will probably take entirely new political parties to do it.

    • Who gravitates towards this?
      We need free speech to protect our democracy and hold the elected to account.
      We should complain whenever we see dishonesty and “corruption”.

      We need a principled and strong fourth estate. Eagle eye scrutiny from the left and right. The wealthy should support left and right wing media through donating the journalism schools.

      • 100% John. The silencing of the Commissioner for Children’s voice, and in fact ruthlessly abolishing the only independent voice which our children have ever had, is sickening evidence of this government’s determination to censor speech.

        The refusal to listen to the voices of the Parliamentary protestors. There was no good reason for this.

        The denigration and character assassination of Kelly-Jay Keen and successfully sabotaging her mission to let New Zealand women speak.

        A muzzled and ineffectual MSM.

    • Globalisation has delivered massively to the improvement of the average wellbeing on the planet. It has also concentrated wealth on the hands of the “elite”.
      Woods, LeBron, Musk, De Niro, Nadal, Zuckerberger, Bernard Arnauld, Jeff Bezos……… Less Mills, Ian Taylor and I see even Cunliffe now signs petitions on behalf of the wealthy who wants to pay more tax……….

      The caveat; as long as the load is shared fairly with our wealthy mates! So much for that, then!

      PS: All these people share their wealth and many of them support communities where governments fail to reach the needs of groups. And those who do this are not held up by the caveat.

  6. Of course they are.
    When these parties work for the betterment of their group interests and not against the principles of free speech and democracy, what is not to like.
    What is better than an honest and open contest of ideas.
    Like giving groups a voice and the right to fe heard?

    O, yes, there is that…. shut them up, our shout them out.

  7. Both parties deserve a voice but to me neither party deserve any power .I dread the outcome if we get a 3 way split with Labour ,Green and TMP .They will all work against one another especially the Labour Maori cabinet and TMP as both think they are the voice of Maori and Greens think they represent the oppressed groups .

  8. Hell no! They’re both CRT theory worshippers! And also Gwenyth Paltrow vag worshippers too.

    They need timeout or time on the Russian Front.
    That’ll get them tuned into getting their priorities right.

  9. Surly no one is suggesting we condone the waste, stupidity, nasty and often delusional Greens. That rats just to rotten to suck. I voted Green back in the day when they were a environmentally based party.

    Can’t do Maori party. They got a vote from me last time but since they have gone too far down the separatist path.

  10. I am afraid I wouldn’t trust the Greens to run a bath. Utterly ideologically driven, captured by gender ideology. Their Minister of vionce and sexual violence prevention turns up to a counter protest(her party posing that they are going to Ishtar Nazis). failing to condemn the violence against women (including the 70 year old woman repeatedly punched). When I think about this outrage, I have to pinch myself.

    I got put off Te Pati Maori when I heard the leaders intervened saying they want to abolish prisons. I mean really? They are ok to have very very dangerous people in the community? Sex offenders, rapists, repeat offenders who are violent. It’s a juvenile position worthy of an idealistic 15 year old.

    • Greens running a bath – that’s blasphemy – lol.

      The Greens tap returns what a septic tank took from somewhere else.

  11. Martyn what is dog. Whistling about one law (I had thought it was one vote) for all.

    Of course there should be one law and one vote for all. What is the alternative

  12. A significant issue is really passivity and low levels of participation in political affairs all round by many NZers.

    If some halfwits just comment on blogs, or worse–troll on blogs–rather than being active they are part of the problem.

    I am always involved in something political and something in the community. For instance am helping transfer station workers get organised to get their gouging employer to pay for safety equipment and clothing rather than the workers pay! Am assisting setting up a new weekly artisan showcase in a Doubtless Bay community hall (a previous one is still operating after 20 years, in Mangonui Courthouse and providing an income for artists, and keeping a historic building open for tourists). I helped in FNDC Mayor Moko Tepanias historic win against the tories of Kerikeri who thought victory was theirs by right etc.

    It is only a little bit in the scheme of things, but I do it–what do some of you loud mouths do?

    • Power to you TM. I agree, this is why instead of ideologically revision of history being taught in schools, we should study civics, ethics or some version of.

      You look at the Royal Family and think, poor B’Stards – a life sentence but by and large they dont view it that way. They see it as a duty to serve, one they were born into and one they have been raised to expect. What could we expect to see if we had some compulsary time spent on this aspect ages 5 -8 on the need to get involved, contribute, support and shape the future – what a country we could be then.

  13. Saying goodbye to ‘Climate Change’. Saying hello to ‘Climate Changed’
    (Getting more changed every year from here on in).

    Representative of this dawning reality among New Zealanders, CC has become number four on the list of ‘The Most Important Issues Facing New Zealand’
    (Equal in importance to New Zealanders as health care and hospitals).

    Important, if our leaders are ever to face down the powerful farmers lobby which represent our biggest climate wreckers.

  14. They managed to sail here to Aotearoa without a compass or fear of the world being flat Bob the first what’s your problem.

    • The people who found NZ, who some time later become Maori, got to NZ the same way Columbus got to the US, by accident not intention.

      To suggest someone sailed here knowing land was here is just wrong in so many ways. Basic logic being the easiest for most to understand i.e. how do you navigate to a place you do not know exists?

      I can navigate without electronics and have had first hand experience of Pacific peoples traditional nav so I know it can be done. But to ‘navigate to XYZ’ is very much dependent on knowing XYZ exists and pretty closely where it does.

  15. Goodbye, Green Party, goodbye
    You’ve left us all behind
    You’ve lost the next election
    And now your time is done

    You were once a party of hope
    A party of change
    But you’ve become divided
    And you’ve lost your way

    You’ve failed to act on climate change
    You’ve failed to protect the environment
    And you’ve failed to unite the country

    So goodbye, Green Party, goodbye
    We’ll find another way
    To protect our planet
    And build a better future

    We’ll find a party that’s united
    A party that’s strong
    A party that will fight for the environment
    And for the people

    So goodbye, Green Party, goodbye
    We’ll find another way
    To make a difference
    And to build a better world

  16. On this I am 100% with Chris Trotter, NZF for the handbrake baby and NO LOSS OF FREE SPEECH.

    I too cant bring myself to vote ACT and though I have never voted Nats before, may have been persuaded if they had any signs of there being anyone at home so it’s NZF all the way for me.

    Labour + Greens + Maori means loss of democracy, organisational and possibly economic chaos (Services going down the tubes) but MAJOR MAJOR chance of the annihilation of Free Speech and growing authoritarianism.

  17. ” Rawiri denied the Māori Party were a race party, ‘we are a rights Party’, ”

    Then why are the named The Maori party ?

    Sharples and Turia and the membership were actually right in the first place this is a Maori rights party except they left out the ” brown corporate elites ” in the name because that’s is all they stood for !

    There people are no further ahead economically than when they joined the shyster and his gangsters as they let their UTU and revenge cloud their judgment.

  18. Former child activist Hipkins just threatened Te Pati Maori with a shackling and a whippin if he is triggered by their statements leading up to the election. Has plantation manager Chippy gone full blown dictator?

  19. Both maori and the greens even at their best are not worth a single vote.

    Voting for them is a useless wasted vote.


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