Posie Parker violence arrest, where leniency is needed and the drive by NZ Media to paint protest as peaceful


Posie Parker protest: Man accused of punching elderly woman appears in court

A young Gisborne man accused of punching an elderly woman in the head during the heated Posie Parker counter-protest in Auckland late last month appeared in court for the first time today, waving briefly to the magistrate before nervously folding his hands in front of him.

He was granted interim name suppression and told to return to court in two weeks to enter a plea.

He appeared to be accompanied in court by an older relative, while controversial Auckland restauranteur and former Auckland mayor candidate Leo Molloy sat behind him in the Auckland District Court gallery wearing a fluorescent orange jacket and sunglasses.

The charge comes nearly a month after British anti-transgender rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, self-described as a women’s rights activist and also known as Posie Parker, had to abort her two-event New Zealand tour when her planned speech in Albert Park was drowned out by counter-protesters.

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The pro Trans ally who punched the 70year old feminist in the head was first denied by the movement that it ever happened until the footage came out.

For the identity politics crew, they have to sell the protest as pure trans joy and not a violent mob because the rest of the country were shocked by the violence meted out to the 200 lesbians who wanted to talk gender critical feminism.

Most Kiwis thought the trans community were under threat but it was the old lesbian feminists who wanted to debate who were in danger.

The identity politics crew literally chased a woman from the town square and called that progress.

What we urgently need is leniency and healing here.

There should be a serious attempt to find resolution and a means to remedy this ugliness. The protester and the elderly women he punched need to meet and via some conflict resolution process if she is open to it.

Likewise, I  think it is pointless and stupid to arrest Trans activist Eli Rubashkyn for assault. That would make those appalled by the woke violence from the weekend happy, but we can’t afford to feed our vengeance fantasies here.

Slay indeed.

People have a right to protest as much as Posie Parker has to speak, what happened on that weekend however went from protest to mob violence.

The pouring of soup on Parker was the least of the intimidation meted out to her on that day.

She was assaulted, shoved, pushed and pelted on her way down to the Rotunda, then had the soup pouring which was comparatively gentle. While in the Rotunda, Parker was pelted and shoved, and after the Police refused to get her out, she slipped on liquid poured by protestors and was almost torn apart by the mob…

…if we prosecute Eli Rubashkyn it will allow the rest of what happened to be glossed over.

We need the woke to step back, appreciate their militant cancel culture is part of the reason why someone like Posie Parker exists and actually re-engage in the debate with some humility!

Will they?

Like fuck!

This appalling attempt by The Spinoff to justify the ‘Pure Trans Joy’ is unfuckingbelievable, here you have a serious political commentator like Ian Powell calling for more street violence and here is ANOTHER post from The Spinoff, hilariously this time, it’s more public money from Creative NZ to propagate the lie that it was a peaceful protest ON A WEBSITE that is already funded by NZ on Air money.

It’s like one giant never ending social engineering propaganda arm paid by the taxpayer and their network of NZ on Air funding mates…

…so public money to fund a story on a platform that is already paid for by taxpayer money to tell you no violence occurred and any suggestion that there was any violence is transphobic.

That is what we are spending public money on, lies and more lies?

The woke are screaming that you look at the following and only see pure trans joy, look with your own eyes again…

…the woke must downplay the mob violence they unleashed and then follow that up with statements like this…

…just so that it’s clear that the mob violence wasn’t really violent, but it was and I quote, ‘pure trans joy’.

The woke are so reliant on echo bunkers and cancel culture rather than debating that they have lost the gift of persuasion and instead can only censor.

I believe Parker is a toxic trans troll anger grifter who says grotesquely offensive shit, but we deal with her not by censorship because it is the woke cancel culture that manifests people like Parker.

Those pitiful woke justifications as to why we had to violently chase a women off a public stage is beneath the mana of our movement on the Left.

We have to lead with the forgiving and we need to start with Eli Rubashkyn and the young trans activist who punched an elderly women in the head.

I know, I know, I know, but one of the sides needs to start attempting to heal this and the woke sure as fuck aren’t.

Political violence is never acceptable and if we allow the woke to drive us into violent political street movements we are doomed.


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  1. So, physical assault should be allowed to go unaccounted for depending upon who is doing the assaulting should it ? I don’t think so.

    So, physical assault should be allowed to go unaccounted for depending upon who is assaulted should it ? I don’t think so.

    So, the police allowed New Zealand women to be intimidated and bullied because apparently those women were elderly lesbians did they? I really don’t think so.

    • When times are difficult, modern woman adopt feminine traits which goes to show that masculinity is more important for survival.

      To answer your questions. Equal rights come with equal lefts.

      It’s delusional to think that woman can confront biological males who have psychotic episodes.

      • Clear who the trans movement is attracting and it seems to be men who like punching woman and getting away with it!

        • Even more cowardly they are often weaker effeminate men with inferiority complexes that have been bullied by more masculine men and our now seeking out biological women to dominate and harass.
          It’s no coincidence that trans men have an extraordinarily high rate of disorder, self harm, suicide and delusion.

          • Jack. It’s possibly even worse for the kids. Most have co-morbidities, so that gender ID issues may be a symptom of other issues, such as depression and anxiety, and “ changing” their gender, doesn’t necessarily resolve these, and can in fact worsen them, hence mental health issues can worsen after transgendering and taking sometimes irreparable steps, and becoming infertile. This sexualisation of children is one of KellieJay Keen’s and many other parents’ concerns.

            They’re up against a massively profitable industry, and also here in New Zealand, a government criminalising parents unsupportive about their underage children being subjected to treatments and procedures which can harm, and which kids may later regret. I suppose this is one of the reasons that the government wanted to shut her up.

            At a basic level, teaching young school children that penises and vaginas don’t mean that they’re male or female, and that their gender is what they feel they are, has been described as satanic. Putting aside rare cases of hermaphrodites, and genuine gender dysphoria, it has no basis in science and is a sometimes socially contagious ideology, which is now part of the school curriculum.

  2. Are you calling on the 70 year old victim to sit down with the trans leadership or with her attacker? Are you asking the judge to direct the 70 year old to sit down with the attacker or the trans community leadership? Are you asking the attacker to contact his victim through an intermediary and ask her to meet with him so that he can apologise to her? Are you asking the trans community leadership to apologise……

    Are you asking me to forgive the attacker and the trans community and their supporters? I forgive them. But the forgiving is not up to me.

    I think you should ask that the police investigate and prosecute those who have transgressed. I will not forgive the police if they do not do justice for the victims, after failing us all on the day. (Us = Trans community, their supporters, speak for women, the general public, the police community, ….)

    • We can’t allow the idea of a woman to be destroyed. I don’t want a third bathroom anymore. The transhuman community refuse to answer questions. So it’s straight male and female toilets. Penises in one, vagina in the other.

      Yknow if transhumans want to compete on sports they can compete as the gender assigned to them at birth.

    • Is it fair to blame the police “for failing us”? I think it was parts of the “us” that failed. We all want freedom but then blame the authorities when we act like dicks.

      • I think you’ve been mislead Geoff.
        You need to see the clip, from a different angle, showing the full sequence of the assault including before the old girl was punched in the face. She is walking along the periphery of the mob when the assailant head butts her in the upper chest. The shorter clip shows her stumbling forward and has been (deliberately?) misconstrued as her attacking him – that is not what happened.

      • You mean the closed fist carrying her shopping bags, that closed fist. While she was running towards them being chased by other thugs.

      • No she didn’t. The footage is there for all to see. He headbutted her, and then punched her at least 3 times. Even if she had his response would have been disproportionate.

    • “Small incidents add up to a larger incident”……..in fact one of the woman standing had the rotunda had the impression that the sauce throwing was the signal to the mob to storm the rotunda.

      One thing for sure his actions were orchestrated.

      I am wondering what the other assault charge is

  3. I agree, do not waste time on the bloke in the pink jump suit who tipped whatever it was on Posie Parker. It looks like his full time reason for being is winning drama queen of the month. Look at me, look at me. Tool!

    But as for that prick who brutalised that woman, fuck him, throw him to the wolves. It was hideous to see. And there better be no “cultural reports” and woe is me shit with more discounts than Briscoes, come sentencing from our weak judiciary to hide behind, either.

    Good work Leo Molloy and TDB who via a comment link publicised this madness. Leo practically twisted the police’s arm up their back to actually do something about it. So much so police bosses in Wellington will be beside themselves that they were forced to act. Very sad that it takes a Leo Molloy nowadays to achieve this though.

    • If the police did their job and prosecuted the dildo thrower and the person who broke eggs on an idiot politician’s head with assault, we would not be here.

      Apologies to the idiot politician.

    • Indeed. I can’t abide the smug expression on the trans assaulters face. So much for her saying she was prepared to face the music – first thing she flees the country. We should revoke her citizenship. Why let people like this in to our country?

  4. Wow between 200 feminist lesbians and trans people the destiny church thugs must have not known who to intimidate first ( though to be fair they must have expected an earthquake any second)

    If they have proper footage of common assault and can verify perpetrators should they not charge them, regardless of their views? I think they should. A while ago people were saying the police would not to do anything (like they were somehow anti Dosey Parker) so at least they have. They can’t see every point of contact as it happens real time.

    • If they had done their job properly on the day none of the assaults would have been possible. They failed. Deliberately in my view.

      • It looks that way. The intimidated nervous woman who was interviewed on ‘ The Platform’ said that when she approached police officers sitting in their car and asked for help the officer told her that it was ‘not their job to protect them,’ viz biological women. I gathered that this lady was making a complaint to the IPCA.

        Police also failed to have the normal buffer area set up between the speakers’ area and the counter-protestors who the media, and politicians who should have known better, had been enflaming beforehand, so it was a potentially very dangerous situation, more so with police’s extraordinary hand washing behaviour.

  5. Fuck em.
    How come the cops aren’t spending hundreds of hours trawling through the hours and hours of video evidence and prosecuting the perpetrators from documented video evidence like they did in the parliamentary protests. Is violent assault and harrassment against women by men a crime or not?

  6. Martyn – it was in the face, not the head…a lot more nasty, and it was twice…no mistake…ALSO, he, the young guy, was caught after a bounty was offered, and paid by Leo Molloy after Police inaction

  7. I can only disagree on one point – your continued slur about Posie Parker. It is Shaneen Lal who is the toxic trans troll anger grifter who says grotesquely offensive shit. The dude has serious mental issues and yet he is put on a pedestal by the media.

    • Sorry Salacious the slur is well and truly earned, or have you not seen her demented rantings on twitter?

      • You don’t get it do you. She cleverly knows how to wind up trans activists by stating biological truth and then letting them act like the hysterical out of control mediaeval lynch mob they are.
        I congratulate Posie Parker for waking a lot of the sleepy hobbits the fuck up and credit her with the beginning of the end of this abject nonsense.

        • What utter bullshit. I would wind you up if I told you your existence alone means you are a child groomer. She is a f’ing idiot

    • yeah, where is the evidence that PP is a grifter? Martyn keeps saying this but I’m genuinely curious to see some evidence – still waiting Martyn…

    • You are correct Salacious Crumb Shaneen Lal is a dreadful person in serious need of help.
      (Probably receiving some form counselling already.)

  8. The Woke is the new middle. The former silent majority who have found their voice and refuse to be shouted down anymore.

    The Woke are wise to the machinations of the left and right using them as pawns in their never ending culture war.

    It is the trad left/right with their echo chambers and cancel culture looking to neuter the new found power of the woke.

    To be woke is to challenge the powers that be, the corporate and Crown overlords, the mealy mouthpieces in the media and hold them to account.

    Woke is fear to the trad political factions. Woke is freedom. Woke is the future…

    Woke is the new Black, and it seeks Vengeance.

  9. And yet you are telling us that Chloe – there was no violence, stop ‘revisioning’ the events’ Swarbruck is an acceptable leader of the Queer Party.
    No, they broke the law, incited actual hate (for all to see and boy did the world see that), and almost killed a bunch of middle aged women for having the audacity to state that males can’t be women, that women as a term that defines something is taken and that males should not compete against women in the female category.
    Saddest part of all this is, the bloke in pink will go to a female prison and will be totally ok to bully the incarcerated – mostly – non white women there, ditto fort the bloke that got himeslef all bothered beating up a 70 year old women. All they have to say is’ btw, i am trans’ and off they go to the female estate and if any of the women in prison have a problem with that and want to have the audacity to state that these males aren’t women, well we know what they will do, and can do.
    You need to make your mind up, do we have laws that apply to all, or are women – human females of all ages – not human and thus these rights to apply and any male can feel free to put them in their place by threats of rape, violence and actual physical violence.
    Are women full human beings with rights, or are they just a thing that males can use and abuse in order to feel rightous and better about themselves and their choices?
    Are women full human beings with rights, or is the right to dignity, respect and privacy only something that applies to males as man and males as ‘women’?
    Are women full human beings with the right to not be ambushed by a mob that was whipped into a frenzy by media, bloggers, political figures and parties?
    And if women are no longer considered humans with rights, when did that happen? And shall we then build a big pyre in the middle of Auckland Town for public burnings of dissenters?

  10. Will be interested to see the outcome of this trial, especially as the widely circulated video of the punching incident has been heavily edited to remove the incident from any context and to increase its political impact. Must remember to buy some popcorn.

  11. They called for a mob, they got one, and now its time for humble soup and taking responsibility for their actions. And in saying that, these two losers are prime example why women – human females don’t want them in their space. You can cut of the dick, but the male mind set stays.

  12. “That is what we are spending public money on, lies and more lies?”

    Why do you think spending on “comms” is way up? Lies don’t spread themselves.

  13. Assault is assault. Doesn’t matter if it is a fist or sauce: there is no room for this sort of violence in our society and people using violence to push their agenda must be punished or it will just keep escalting

    The end.

  14. Tax payer funded gold plated arse covering for our idiot government.
    Anyhow I am still waiting to read just exactly what Posie Parker has said that is so offensive?????
    A loud whining immature minority section of the population is getting on the majority’s nerves . Your plan for mediation is a good one Bomber here’s hoping it happens before it’s too late.

    • women wanting to compete in their own category is obsene and grotesque.

      women not wanting to change/shower/toilet in front of men is obscene and grotesque.

      women not wanting to lock up violent men in female prisons is obscene and grotesque.

      women not wanting to share changing rooms with men is obscene and grotesque.

      women not wanting to watch the 43 year old offspring of a white millionaire be given the chance to compete in the Olympics while denying that same spot to a poor pacific islander women in the name of kindness is obscene and grotesque.

      and if the women state all that they deserve to be doused in liquids (luckily it was not acid, hot oil, hot coffee/tea as has been used by other males who wanted to chastise uppity women), get elbowed and headbutted and beaten with the naked fist of a young healthy male.

      in fact the only women who are not obscene and grotesque are the males that have women feels in their heads above and below the belt.

      so the women that had the audacity to come out that day to state that this is not acceptable got what they deserved and they should all write thank you cards to the dudes that doused them in liquids, bashed them in the face, broke eye sockets and almost trampled them to death. Maybe they should send a wee hamper with that ‘I am so sorry to have offended you with my womenly ideas of ‘dignity/respect/privacy/ and right to politically assemble with peers of my own choosing” hallmark card. Nothing else would do, cause the woke sure as fuck are not gonna stop threatening women who want cower to their demands, and we all know what it takes to put women in their god given place, seen but not heard, used but not cared for, taken for granted but never respected.

    • So Shona you are complaining about a small vocal minority getting on the majority’s nerves. Last time I looked we live in a democracy where all voices are supposed to be heard . Sorry Shona you and your ilk can’t have it all your own way. Some of us are allowed opinions even the dreaded so called woke amongst us.

      • Queens “where all voices are heard”…..yes the small vocal minority ensured one set of voices ie the let women speak women were not heard. They used violence and intimidation to do so.

        Trans rights artists get an excessive amount of air time.

    • Asking armed men to go into womens toilets is pretty offensive and scary too. She’s a bit too close to neo fascists too.

        • No – I saw her actually say the words in her – I presume Youtube – video produced for her US audience. I don’t read Stuff or the Herald – I get probably 70% of my NZ news from here.

      • Jack. It’s possibly even worse for the kids. Most have co-morbidities, so that gender ID issues may be a symptom of other issues, such as depression and anxiety, and “ changing” their gender, doesn’t necessarily resolve these, and can in fact worsen them, hence mental health issues can worsen after transgendering and taking sometimes irreparable steps, and becoming infertile. This sexualisation of children is one of KellieJay Keen’s and many other parents’ concerns.

        They’re up against a massively profitable industry, and also here in New Zealand, a government criminalising parents unsupportive about their underage children being subjected to treatments and procedures which can harm, and which kids may later regret. I suppose this is one of the reasons that the government wanted to shut her up.

        At a basic level, teaching young school children that penises and vaginas don’t mean that they’re male or female, and that their gender is what they feel they are, has been described as satanic. Putting aside rare cases of hermaphrodites, and genuine gender dysphoria, it has no basis in science and is a sometimes socially contagious ideology, which is now part of the school curriculum.

      • Of course the shit thrown at police at the parliament protest were assault.

        Assault is assault whoever is doing it

  15. Yeah, nah. The 70yo who was repeatedly punched in the head should not be told she “needs” to do anything.

    And people who commit assault should be charged with assault.

    Seriously. WTF?

    • Possibly they discovered if you strike first, you get hit second (and possibly harder & repeatedly). It’s an important life lesson and I’m surprised at her age, she didn’t know it, maybe she thought her sex protected her from retaliation.

      • Your desperate attempt to make aggressors into victims and victims into aggressors would be laughable if it wasn’t sad.

        • I’m not desperate to prove anything, the legal process, in possession of the full facts of this case will do that. My statement is that if you hit someone, don’t be surprised if you get hit back. Try it sometime, give a gang member a good old boot in the balls and see what happens, it’ll be fun.

      • Of course the shit thrown at police at the parliament protest were assault.

        Assault is assault whoever is doing it

  16. “I know, I know, I know, but one of the sides needs to start attempting to heal this and the woke sure as fuck aren’t.”

    so the women are to shut up, pretend they did not get bashed, trampled, halfway killed and should just meet up with the violent male fucks and sing kumbaya?

  17. At least 3 months prison for both. They can share a cell in a mans prison to keep each other safe.

    • Surely they should have their own billion dollar private prison built for them. Nothing else good enough for woke! Just like the toilets that they are too precious to use that are dual gender aka disabled toilets already built and everywhere!

    • Weird how so many of the issues involve prisons with the transgender movement but a top priority it seems for woke government, rather than worrying about, you know, less important issues, like Kids in poverty and increased law abiding citizens being abused via family and assaults on the streets.

  18. NZ is attracting extremists everywhere, the police ‘hug-a-crim’ and slow ability to act, while the woke in senior positions, virtue signalling of crims is enabling them.

    Soup is a significant assault, designed to humiliate and stop her speaking. An object (like a dido) is much less of an assault than liquids – liquids can not be removed easily and derail the speaker. It would be unknown whether they are laced with something harmful or what temperature they are at. Very harsh punishment is needed because it is only going to get worse if the courts give this level of escalation a slap on the wrist.

    Maybe overseas trans are more loveable like Marama says, but in NZ they seem to be enabled to attack others and have criminal records, from torturing and murdering a teen in Auckland https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/woman-jailed-for-life-for-torture-and-murder-denied-leave-to-appeal-to-supreme-court/BZTRTTU5NZWIURVL7JGCEVRPAM/, to ‘granny’ who murdered and has multiple convictions https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/hunted-and-wants-freedom-jailhouse-lawyer-arthur-taylor-defends-74-yo-dangerous-woman-on-the-run/6OZ3RAJWEJDO3ATZC6GDSJC2WU/ to this person about to be deported to NZ, knowingly infecting people with HIV. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/sex-worker-jailed-for-infecting-a-client-with-hiv-fighting-deportation-to-nz/BQEXZV5TJBF2TOB6TUTXTB776A/

    Extremist groups should not be enabled to stop woman’s rights groups speaking nor should the police be slow to act while members of the public are being punched and assaulted.

  19. This is very interesting reading.

    “New Zealand rates of puberty blocker use are much higher than the UK, where the Tavistock Clinic’s Gender Service (GIDS) was closed due to unsafe practices. In New Zealand, Dr Sue Bagshaw reports that 65 per cent of her clinic’s 100 patients receive them. The Tavistock GIDS clinic prescribed blockers to about 6 per cent.

    (ok then a practise in the UK that gave 6% puberty blockers is closed as unsafe. In NZ they give them to 65%!!! – but still going strong!)

    Jan Rivers: Questions mount around the use of puberty blockers for children

    Would not surprise me if there is a lawsuit going forward against the NZ government for their abuse of children in this space.

    “The “guidelines for gender-affirming healthcare for gender diverse and transgender children, young people and adults in Aotearoa, New Zealand” require no diagnosis. Rather, clinicians are advised they should “recognise that each individual is the expert of their own gender identity”. That is, each child, regardless of their age, and any other mental health issues, is to be treated as an expert.”

    They seem to have learnt nothing from Dr Selywn Leeks and abuse enquiry about experimenting on children. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/07/victims-allegedly-tortured-by-new-zealand-psychiatrist-fear-time-is-running-out-for-justice

          • Conversion therapy is illegal but it is not illegal when the conversion therapist prescribes puberty blockers.
            You both may well be an the same page.
            That must come as a shock.

        • Did you get that education through your Dulwich upbringing?
          We know child abuse exists but you probably know that given your history.

      • Define child and define abuse first and you will find that removing healthy sexual /reproductive organs of children is considered gender affirming health care and anything else is considered ‘conversion therapy’ which is pure hate.

      • ” Do we have laws on child abuse in this country ”

        Yes but that’s never stopped the perpetrators because the Judiciary with their abysmal sentences don’t acknowledge the seriousness of crimes against children and the crimes act encourages weak sentences.

        Our recent history is littered with so many innocent children being butchered and tortured when they should have had the protection of an amended crimes act carrying severe penalties for anyone who harms a child under 16 in any way and a dedicated ministry for the protection of the child.

    • because everything from trans to economics is based on a ‘look at me’, I’m with the big boys inferiority complex

  20. Another article – the woke and extremists are being enabled everywhere – another warm, dry, home destroyed. If it’s not the weather, destroying homes built on flood plains, it’s enabled, angry vandals!

    Meanwhile police missing in action.

    “A landlord has been left devastated after a group of more than 22 people completely destroyed his rental property, kicking in walls, smashing windows, ripping out cabinets, and leaving taps to run.

    The group allegedly went to the Papakura house a week ago and ripped out fittings, kicked holes in every wall, smashed all of the windows, kicked in the exterior cladding, pulled out insulation and left rotting fish at the home.

    Taps were also turned on to flood the three-bedroom home.”


    Don’t forget the pensioner farmer who was burgled four times, then attacked by the teens while asleep in bed, was taken to court when he retaliated. (Jury found the farmer, not guilty. What are families supposed to do, when there are repeated break-ins and the crims are getting away with it and escalating to attacks and police and justice do little to stop the escalation?)

  21. Sorry, I think you are wrong on 2 counts.

    Firstly any level of violence is wrong and should be punished.

    Secondly small incidents add up to larger incidents and often something so “innocent” as throwing soup leads to the next step. Take away the initial act and what then happens next?

    • “Small incidents add up to a larger incident”……..in fact one of the woman standing had the rotunda had the impression that the sauce throwing was the signal to the mob to storm the rotunda.

      One thing for sure his actions were orchestrated.

      I am wondering what the other assault charge is

  22. If I, as a 70 year old man beat up a trans activist at a protest I would have been arrested, charged the been given an extra sentence because it was a hate crime.
    The two thugs who committed common assault as part of a hate crime should face the same sentence

  23. All this is is an attempt to cover up the ‘incitement’ to violence and hate that left to this debacle. And that incitement to hate did not come from the women that organized this meet up and who invited Posie Parker to come here and hold such a meet up. that incitement to hate came from all the TV stations, it came from the Mainstream Media, it came from the most unpleasant person of the Year – guilded by the Kiwi Bank – it came from all the little soyboys and girls that thought that going to bash some ‘nazis’ some ‘faschist’ some ‘phobe’ was ok and approved by the higher caste of NZ.

    That is what this is all about, innit? It just shows that hate is well alive in this country, and it is hate that comes from top down.
    And as always it is those at the end of the latter that gets to pay the bills, the women, the lesbians, the girls, the old people, the homosexuals all those that don’t want to deny their sexed reality.
    After all, castrating and sterilizing neuro diverse people, or just people who have issues with puberty, or people with sexual trauma, or people who have some interesting fetishes, is excellent money, and Media, Politians, and their followers all want a bit of that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
    Never mind the landscape littered with broken mutilated bodies. That will get better surely after enough experimental surgery on these poor people that have the misfortune to be ‘transed’ and not allowed a different opinion, cause that would be hateful.

  24. Interestingly the mad authoritarian left wants hate speech laws but the ability to use violence when it suits them, everyone else is a Nazi.

    When the actual Nazis rose to power in the 30s there were hate speech laws in place and it didn’t stop fascism. Very importantly there was also a permissive wet bus ticket attitude to (political) violence.
    So I’d suggest that any deviation from the rule of law -as is being done regularly now on skin color or upbringing or if a protest is deemed acceptable or not is just proving the left have become what they once stood against.
    We saw them during BLM overseas, antifa violent extremist permitted to run rampant.
    Actual little fascist tyrants.

    One law for all, period.

  25. There is not going to be some miraculous coming together and healing between trans allies and GC members until two fallacies are acknowledged : first that it’s not all “wokesters”who are pushing this ‘trans women are a kind of woman, leave them be ‘, it’s also a lot of women who don’t want people telling them what they feel , and secondly that it is SOME women who feel as the gender critical movement do – not most- and some of us have thought enough forward to understand there will be unwanted consequences for biological women if we follow what GCs are asking for.

    • I am a woman , I don’t understand why all of a sudden women are seen to be threatened by the transgender community.Posy Parker is a troublemaker she is absolutely not the savior of women. My challenge to the women on this page is to tell me honestly if you have in anyway been accosted by a transgender person either in the toilet or going about your daily life. I understand that there are problem people in all guises in our society however how can all transgender people be the same. Not all women are perfect or the same. Looking at Posy Parker her bio suggests she causes problems wherever she goes attracting the hate movement. Now someone please tell me what the white supremacy movement does for women because we are all shapes sizes and colors.

      • Women – quite a few actually – don’t have an issue with males who transitioned, they have an issue ‘with ALL males being allowed into all single sex facilities created for women’ on the say that they are ‘trans’ what ever that means, and some women do have an issue with ALL males coming in and that includes males that transitioned. Cause they are male.

        Women don’t have an issue with females who transitioned, they are women, and they have no issues having them in their spaces/sports / awards etc. On the grounds of their sex.
        Women do have an issue with mediocre males competing against excellent women in the womens category and winning due to unfair advantages.
        Women do have an issue with young boys being chemically castrated with the same drugs that governments used to castrate homosexuals (Turing) and sexual offenders.

        Women do have an issue with young girls – as young as 13 – having radical double mastectomies’, i.e having healthy breasts amputated, having young girls – as young as 15/16 undergoing radical hysterectomies, plunging these girls into early menopause, and effectively sterilizing them.

        Women have an issue that there is no recourse for young people who underwent all that medical experimentation on their bodies and who de-transition and the medical/pharmaceutical/political/media complex is no where to be seen to make sure these guys get the medical care they need.

        Women have an issue with males re-defining women as per their fetishes, their porn faves, their own misogyny and being told to accept that or get he bash, souped, fired, ostracized and the likes.

        Women have an issue with males being locked up in the female prisons all over the western world, women who end up sexually assaulted, raped, pregnant and who then have to decide if they birth the child just to have it taken away right after birth by Child/Youth Services, or if they want an abortion.

        Women have an issue with girls not using mixed sex school bathrooms because boys make fun about them, their periods, trying to film over and under the stalls and in some cases even break in doors hurting anyone behind these doors.

        Women have an issue with young girls being assaulted in public mixed sex toilets because they can’t say ‘sir, please leave’.

        Women have an issue with young women being raped in a mixed sex toilet stall at a bar, cause men now have access to the same facilities then women.

        And fwiw, i am happy that you don’t see any issue, but that again does not mean that you give consent for all the women who do see issues, you don’t get to wash away all the blokes that currently sit in prison in the UK for doing all the shit that i just listed up, you don’t get to pretend that male inmates did not rape and impregnate female inmates, you don’t get to be generous about sexual assault in female shelters.

        Posie Parker is something many women in the western world really wished they dared to be, she is brave.
        She does not hide behind an internet name, she does her thing out in the public, in local parks – free for all to come by to have a listen and maybe even a say.
        She is self funded, thanks to her incredible marketing talent.
        And she is brave and based enough to go on any station / radio or telly that will have her so that she can say what people like you would have her not say.
        Namely, that males will never be women / female and that females will never be males. And that ALL of us have a right to dignity and respect and privacy and that we should have the rights to have organisations that contain the word women to describe women and that women can exclude males from their org, their dating sites and their single sex date nights.

        You do not get to throw away the rights women have fought for.
        The rights to single sex accom in prisons. 1913 the first female prison was established in Addington, so exactly 110 years ago, before that it was mixed sex.

        Female toilets were first established in 1927 on K-Road Auckland.
        https://ourauckland.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/news/2021/11/public-toilets-were-a-women-s-rights-issue-in-historic-auckland/#:~:text=In%201927%2C%2017%20years%20after,councillor%2C%20was%20a%20prominent%20supporter. Not even for a hundred years do we get the right to be free of males in toilets, oh the urinary leash is a good tool to chain women tot heir home. After all either be unsave in a mixed sex toilets or piss yourself, or find a bush. My goodness, can you feel the kindness, the right to dignity, safety and privacy.

        Frankly this ‘i am a women and i am ok about this and thus all women should be and those who won’t are ‘less then perfect women’ and good and perfect women like me don’t care about these issue, are words that often from women who chances are don’t need these facilities as they are not going to be locked up for petty crime or benefit fraud, because they don’t work outside the home/work from home and thus don’t need public facilities, from women who don’t work in malls and thus have not got to use the customer loos as they are the only ones available, who don’t need single sex intimate care because they are able bodied and don’t need someone to come and wash them, help them toilet, and so forth are women who don’t give a fuck about other women.

        White supremacy? Good fucking grief, is that all you have in the end, if women don’t consent freely and our of their good and kind hearts to all this shite then they must be white supremacists? What next, it is akin to to the worst crimes that were committed by the Nazis between 1933 – 1945 if a women states that she does not want to shower in a community shower at the pool with naked men present? How dare the uppity women be uppity.

        Honestly can the official left the PR people, the 6 figure paid Comms People and the Queer Party provide you with better talking points cause ‘white supremacy’ sounds a lot like ‘terf’ or ‘transphobe’ and everyone is having a good laugh because the insults have become meaningless.

        • Funny, I’m a caregiver so I do actually do cares – for women and men – and I’m not housebound so I am out and about using public facilities some of which are unisex but you are correct – I’m too ‘good’ to commit any crime cause I’m pretty scared I’d get caught. I’m also aware that there may be some women who – if they even recognized them as trans to start with – may feel uncomfortable with a trans woman in a womans toilet with her. But – again – it is some – like some women will also feel uncomfortable with a person of another race in the same toilet as them – should we racially segregate toilets too?
          Can you – more than one or two cases – put a figure on any of the points you are protecting women (all women?) from? Because there are – as I said – consequences for BIOLOGICAL women if we follow through with this telescopic focus on something that has been happening for years: transwomen and men living there lives as the gender they choose to live by.
          I do not want myself and my friends and family getting harassed by toilet karens telling them they’re trans “get out of my toilet” because they look a bit square-jawed or manly or they’re wearing androgynous clothing. I care enough about women to not want girls to have to get their GENITALS checked by some random person because there is a complaint they MAY be trans.I don’t really want burly transmen using my toilet & changing rooms to be honest but I would deal with it (and I’m also going to be more afraid that they are bio men pretending to be trans). I certainly don’t want bio men in my toilet and changing room policing if there are any of those ‘trannie’ are in there.
          Kellie Jane is NOT brave – she’s doing a pretty good grift from the manufacturing of this moral panic and – by her own words – was sponsored by CPAC to do her world tour.
          I could – with link – dispute all those talking points you have regurgitated but to be honest I don’t think you would be interested. But I do not want the ‘utopia’ that you want to foist on the majority of women.

        • Agree completely. The wheels are falling off the gender identity clown cart. I have nothing to add to your excellent summary re: women but behind the clown cart is a trail of victimised LGB kids who got told (in 2023) that they are broken and need to be fixed, which is so completely not progressive that any true progressive should be hanging their head in shame if they ever knowingly supported this nonsense.

            • It’s not lame at all. How can you watch Parker rant about people consumed in meat products and enormous child sex rings and say she is legitimate? Surely that’s not your take

      • Queeny. There are few, if any, fathers of daughters who would welcome transgendered persons sharing their child’s toilet spaces, no matter what you, or any politician or any policeman or any media mouth may think. Speak with the fathers of girls.

        Kellie-Jay Keen is a pro-women activist, working to enable women to have voices. The hysteria deliberately whipped up against her by politicians and dumb media, and the lies promulgated before she even arrived here, set the scene for what happened at Albert Park, which was anti-women terrorism.

        • GA with respect this woman stirs up her own resentment. There are plenty of people out there with differing opinions and who disagree passionately with each other but who don’t go all out with hateful rhetoric . This woman definitely does not speak on my behalf ( in fact I never even knew who she was before she came here). For once I just wish that people see her for what she truly is. There are many perceived dangers in public toilets for children ( I thought the argument was about women) that’s why they shouldn’t be allowed to go in by themselves ie. both boys and girls in the first place . This woman is discriminating against a group of people who already suffer abject discrimination from a very early age . Unfortunately she is projecting hate for one group of the downtrodden for her own agenda of notoriety. Many women have transgender children so tell me what is the so called Posy Parker doing for the rights of these women by subjecting their children to hate.

      • Not a chance – this blog is full of a bunch of women and men caught in a moral panic and it’s beyond their reason to be able to actually think logically about this at all. I’d feel depressed if I didn’t believe that it really is a minority of people – though they are very vocal, I’ll give them that.

      • I don’t care about trans rights anymore. Transhumans can’t answer basic questions. When confronted by a man in the woman’s toilets I’m not going to ask someone who can not answer basic questions like what is a woman, what there pronouns are or debate human rights with a guy in the woman’s toilets. It’s over. This shit has dragged on way to long and everyone else has been way to accomodating so fuck em these ungrateful little cunts.

        You want to play sport they can bloody well play in sex division that they were assigned at birth everyone is sick of this limitless woke victim Olympics just fuck off.

        • “When confronted by a man in the woman’s toilets”

          Sam, what are you doing in the woman’s toilets? Did you just look in the mirror whilst intruding on that sacred space?

          • Don’t be a retard. These games are over. Trans people can use the toilets that they were born to. It’s over as an ideology.

            • You were the one confronting people in the women’s toilet, am I taking liberties to assume you are not a woman? Did I just assume gender, sorry, my bad, you may identify as you choose.

                • Females can be called Sam (Samantha), but in this case (having read this Sam’s many, very masculine styled comments), I feel fairly safe in assuming that this Sam is male, and a somewhat macho one at that.

                  • More woman take on masculine traits than men take on feminin traits which just proves that masculinity is more valued.

                    • Certainly as a man, you’re much less likely to sexual assaulted or be subjected to domestic violence, you’re also more likely to get paid more, your opinions more respected, more likely to be promoted, etc, you can thank the patriarchy for that. That’s why you feel masculinity is more valued, because you live in a misogynistic patriarchy that hates trans people.

                • Consequences for you beating up people in the women’s toilet? But of course, you shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

                  • You’re taking the piss. There’s a long standing convention that guys don’t hit girls. End off. Trans activists broke that convention. As such there female privileges are revoked.

                  • There’s a reason why you can’t answer basic questions instead relying on (s)hame, (I)nsult, (g)uilt, and (n)eed to be right language. Thats the woke debate tactic by starting with a conclusion. You represent hate.

          • Helen B. Do you really not see that Sam is speaking metaphorically, or are you just a silly extremist blockhead?

  26. Bomber the mediation idea is nice, maybe the kid will see the impact of his choices and learn from them. but Eli, the Poster boy for Trans Wonderfulness, needs to go down!

    He has made himself a Causes celebre throughout the Woke Kingdom and needs to be punished to show A: NZ wont tolerate Assaults on others and violent attempts to curtail Free Speech and B: It wont tolerate politically motivated and organised Assaults designed to further a cause. Because make no mistake, Otago domiciled Trans Activist Eli didnt just happen to be in Auckland that morning with a bottle of Tomato Juice.

      • It’s in the full video, take a look if you can. It’s hard to find because it ruins the narrative.

        • Trust the police to fuck this up.
          They can’t protect us and they can’t even view the video evidence and charge right idiot. They trump up charges and frame the real victim.
          How will the poor victim defend himself?

      • It is on the video but according to witness comments on the platform she was being chased by other protestors outside of shot. And when you look closely she is running at them yes with arms out, looks aggressive until you notice it looks like she is clutching shopping bags in each hand. If I was 72 and had shopping bags in hand I would be swinging them for all they were worth if I was looking to bash someone.

    • And the other victim chucked tomato soup over the Nazi.
      Now the police dare to charge them with assault.
      If it was chicken soup OK, but tomato soup.
      Are the police for real!?
      Yeah, right.

  27. Geoff lye .. I suggest you get a hold of the drone footage that shows the guy crash tackling the elderly lady first .. she had no prior altercation with him. It’s also disgusting that even if a lady over 7” did have a closed fist and was advancing on a 20 year old man, you’d think beating her was acceptable … I hope you don’t have a wife .. or are near any kids

  28. I am not looking to be vindictive but the Judge really needs to make a good determination here. I am not sure the elderly woman should sit down with the perp. She has been pretty wounded, physically and mentally by the ordeal. But reading out a victim impact statement will be available to her.

    What will be the message to elderly women if an appropriate sentence isn’t passed down?

    The man who throw the tomato soup is also up on another assault charge, so it’s more than one offence. They pretended to be a gender critical person, so they could get access to PP. they completely illustrate why women don’t want them in their spaces.

    We are the ones who have been shut down, vilified and assaulted. Shouldn’t the onus to reach out be on the likes of Marama, Minister of VP to reach out?

  29. “Political violence is never acceptable and if we allow the woke to drive us into violent political street movements we are doomed.” I beg to differ. If it came down to real conflict and the non woke return the violence, then the woke causing all the trouble are doomed. They’re counting on ordinary kiwis being laid back and chill to tolerate their crap antics, but at some stage that chilled out patience will surely snap. If it ever does, it will get ugly. If Posie Parker had a few thousand fans at the park, the woke wouldn’t have dared their shit. They would have come off 2nd best for sure.

    • I don’t think the let women speak crowd are interested in violence

      One thing I think needs mentioning is why did the tras who want to shut free speak take on Tamati and his mob? Afterall many of the women at LWS are lesbian and part of the Rainbow cmty.

      I am not sure where Tamati stands on gay rights now, but surely Tamakis guys are a bigger worry for tras? I know they are big men who ride big bikes, but surely they are a better target?

      Couldn’t be perhaps that the mob are anti women and like to pick on people it is easier to intimidate and man handle?

      The thugs at the trans joy event should have picked on people their own size. That they didn’t speaks volumes

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  30. Ian Powell, is that the same person who writes on this blog updating us on matters in the medical fraternity? If he is straying into trans territory, I think he is biting off more than he can chew. And he should eschew straying away from his important subject for which he is uniquely informative and wise.

    The rainbow as everyone knows is hard to find the end of. Leave it please for those whose thoughts wander and carry their feet along with them like Mary’s lamb’s’ tails in the nursery rhyume. There is big adult stuff to debate and improve in his regular topics which others cannot meet and greet on a similar high level. The social turmoil has too much similarity with that swirling round in 1960-70. Personally I’m thinking deeply about it on my own cognisance and an excited mob at protests brings a circus atmosphere to an important social movement.

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