The ridiculous truth about Government Comms Staff

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Prime minister defends increase in communications staff since Labour came in power

The prime minister has defended the rise in the number of communications staff in the public service, following attacks from the National Party.

Data compiled by National, and verified by RNZ, showed the number of communications staff in the core public service had risen to 532, as shown in the 2021-22 annual reviews from 31 different departments and ministries.

It is an increase of 7.5 percent on the previous year, and a 56.87 percent increase since Labour took office.

The most hilarious part of having all these Comms staff is that they work not to communicate Government Policy, but to social engineer and avoid answering questions that highlight Ministry failings!

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Arguing about how many liars you have isn’t much of an argument.

Here’s the PSA to the rescue…

The Public Service Association (PSA), the union representing the communications staff, said National failed to understand the importance of the government communicating with the public, and were undermining confidence in the public service.

…ummm. I think the Self interested Public Service is undermining confidence in itself all by itself.

The OIA has been so abused by these Comms Staff that the Ombudsman has had to investigate and their investigation is damning!

Remember, the chinless wonder from down under, Big Davey Cormack is a Coms person for Pharmac and instead of making them be better, he helped them be worse.

The focus by the Wellington Bureaucratic Elite is they will skimp on the actual service provided to con you with social engineering campaigns and call that democracy.


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  1. That is what one gets when politicians are gullible.
    How the hell did we get here?

    We could have increased the social housing stock.
    Improved education………… or as last resort we could have build another prison. Even that last one would have provided value to our community. A place to house an anti social element of society and re-educate them.

    But no. We chose to prioritise moving the dial on “progressiveness”.

    Unintended consequences, anyone?

    • Whilst you are correct we should have done this 13 years ago when National ramped up the great immigration ponzi scheme.
      Imagine the investment in housing stock, education.
      The consequences such would probably have not required the build of an extra prison.
      As such we are reaping the reward of National doing nothing in regard to investment in infrastructure to match immigration.

      • That is my fear also.
        I prefer to see the good in people.
        The problem is that public good is relative to where one stands on the spectrum of ideology. Jonathan Haidt explains that in his book “The Righteous mind”.

  2. Employed to help the Government spread falsehoods,shield them from scrutiny.
    Build some houses,help the poor.

  3. if you need comms staff to explain your policies you are not a good communicator and should find another line of work

  4. Labour Government hasn’t helped the poor for almost 6 years.
    Too busy redefining democracy.

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