Green on Green unfriendly fire: The Rainbow Parakeet who cried racist

The Rainbow Parakeet and her Woke Emerald Stormtroopers

Well, well, well.

As TDB warned, a new woke clique inside the Greens (who are so extreme they think Marama isn’t woke enough), are coalescing behind Dr Elizabeth Kerekere and Ricardo as a new co-leadership team and these were the co-conspirators Dr Elizabeth was messaging when she sent the wrong group chat.

Dr Elizabeth, aka the Rainbow Parakeet, has had her cancel culture rage unearthed by staff and it ain’t pretty…

Green Party sources accuse List MP Elizabeth Kerekere of ‘bullying’

The Green MP at the centre of a party investigation, Elizabeth Kerekere, has been accused of ongoing poor behaviour – including badmouthing and undermining her caucus colleagues and staff.

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Those spoken to by RNZ said the messages were characteristic of the Tai Rāwhiti-based MP’s behaviour since her arrival at Parliament in 2020.

Many were unhappy with Kerekere putting her own interests ahead of the party, and wanted the inquiry widened to cover her broader behaviour and for it to report back before the party list was finalised.

Approached for comment, a Green Party spokesperson said new revelations would be taken “extremely seriously” and the review would include a “thorough analysis of all relevant information”.

One source told RNZ Kerekere had exhibited “bullying” and “general mean girl behaviour” throughout this term.

“Elizabeth has a tendency to call people ‘racist’ if they disagree with her,” the source said. “People walk on eggshells around her.”

The source said people had not spoken out before now because they were concerned about the reaction from Kerekere and her supporters within the wider party.

…she calls everyone who disagrees with her ‘racist’

Not the fear the staff have towards the woke clique who are manipulating the Party list for this outcome?

The new constitution adopted by the party in 2022, expanded the guidelines for selecting candidates whilst allocating voting rights to previously informal interest group networks. One effect of this has been to de-prioritise talent, effectiveness and electoral appeal in the list-ranking process in favour of a kind of horse trading over how to fit in the right quota of geography, ethnicity, ability, youth & gender into the various positions on the list. 

Kerekere and her Woke Emerald Stormtroopers are attempting to take over using the new list mechanics.

Let’s be very clear what was revealed by Dr Elizabeth Kerekere’s message.

It revealed a naked ambition by someone who has been rumoured to have been positioning a far more extreme woke clique within the Greens (I appreciate you might be choking on the idea of a more extreme woke clique within the Greens, but there is and they consider Marama not woke enough. I know. I know. I know. That’s how off the planet it is)

She was messaging co-conspirators who are involved in manoeuvring a new co-leadership team of Kerekere and Ricardo.

She showed utter contempt to Chloe, whose speech was a case study of how brilliant Chloe is, and when caught out hung up on RNZ.

She has an ambition far beyond her capacity and a Kerekere/Riccardo Co-leadershiop team would be a 3% Party.

Their naked ambition is a threat to the stability of the Party.

This ambition has seen Kerekere placed very high on the Party List provisional rankings that are clique influenced.

At this stage, if we are serious about holding the 8%, the Party must push for a new co-leadership team of Chloe and Efeso.

Those are the only two ready for Executive Power.

We should thank Marama and James for all they could do, and urgently form a new co-leadership team that doesn’t see Dr Elizabeth Kerekere or her co-conspirators anywhere near power.

For Christ’s sakes Greens, Make Chloe and Efeso the co-leaders, banish Kerekere down the Party list and get back to actually solving our problems rather than this bullshit!

I think a Kerekere/Ricardo co-leader Party would become farce level nonsense in a heartbeat. Like demanding tofu is offered up to Gaia at the opening of Parliament where the good Dr performs an interpretative dance routine naked level nonsense.

They have the charm of piranhas with less manners.

These are the wokest of the Wellington woke wokes and their level of self righteousness and self worth knows no boundary’s of human feelings.

And goodness don’t they land a lot of feelings.

A Kerekere/Ricardo co-leader Party would replace the Navy with a flax waka.

A Kerekere/Ricardo co-leader Party would declare the Sun was racist.

A Kerekere/Ricardo co-leader Party would have Wiccan Spell Casting in Te Reo listed as  core school curriculum.

A Kerekere/Ricardo co-leader Party would actually open a Jedi Academy.

They have blown their cover and are now in a headlong dash to the membership voting.

Maybe we should all consider joining the Green Party right now so we can all vote.

You should probably do that.


So, here would be my top 5 for Green Party Members who want candidates who have the capacity to do the job in front of us to consider for their ranking.

1: Chlöe Swarbrick: She remains one of the most unique Political Leaders of her generation. Her oversight, insight and understanding of the process, system and solution based approach would unleash more genuine change in just one term than all the Green Party achievements since creation. She is a unique talent.

2: Julie Anne Genter: Our Transport system is fucked, our public transport infrastructure is fucked and the Trucking Industry do what they want. The only person smart enough to fix those problems and stick it to the Trucking Industry is Julie Anne Genter.

3: Golriz Ghahraman: She’s one of the smartest MPs in the Green Caucus, you need very smart people when making decisions. She has capacity to oversee many different issues happening all at once, she’s too much of a star player within the decision making process.

4: Fa’anānā Efeso Collins: He gives the Greens access to Auckland which they have never had. Fes is one of the best political leaders within Gen X, he is ready to be the co-Leader, doesn’t need training wheels and can bring a South Auckland vote the Green Party has never managed to win over.

5: Steve Abel: Steve is one of the m most important environmental voices in the debate. His activism is unquestionable, his values beyond reproach. What is most important with Steve is his intelligence on the climate change science. As a NZ Greenpeace spokesperson, he knows the tricks Industry use to hide their environmental damage. He would be essential

These 5 represent the best of The Greens and are the only ones I have any time for.

Rank them exactly like that from 1 – 5 and then place whoever you want after that, but those are the only 5 that actually matter and will be worth fighting an election for.

If the Membership are sick of the circus and want progress, those are the 5 best we have.

If the wokes who only see identity win, you will have a lot of people put forward who shouldn’t have any access to power.

TDB will be reviewing some of the candidates over the next couple of weeks and you can make you decisions after reading them.

Comrades within the Green Whanau. Let me be as a clear as I can be.

A National-ACT Government would fucking burn every single thing we hold dear to our hearts and desecrate it. We need candidates who have electoral appeal AND the intellectual capacity to do the job. The Top 5 I have pushed for here are those candidates.

Anyone else will fail.

Especially bloody Elizabeth Kerekere!

A Sustainable Eco-Village divided against itself cannot stand!


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  1. You have said this before and it is more obvious every time you repeat this message.
    How many true believers are inside camp green.
    The green party NZ is a blot on the environmental movement.
    Greenpeace have argued as much.
    Where does the environmental message fit into the Green Party philosophy?

  2. Those 5 need to set up new Blue/ Green party that has policy s that can work with both Labour or National. Let the others go it alone. I doubt they would make 5%

    • At first I agreed with you but then you look at the list and remember Genter was less than truthful about her dealings with Wellington council Goldriz was less than truthful about her defense of a dictator,Chloe would be another Jacinda good at speeches poor at delivering .I do not know the other 2 .
      At the end of the day the Greens are auntrustworthy group of self opinionated people with tunnel vision

      • Trevor There you go again, you silly Pommie. It’s as plain as a pikestaff that Ricardo should be leading the Green Party to unification and electoral victory.
        He’s not one of the cisgender white males so hated on by Marama, nor is he old and flat as condemned by Genter; he’s an immigrant rep for the Greens who want immigration galore, and if he’s not as good a liar as most politicians are, then give the lad a chance. The young know everything, so he should be able to teach his ageing TIC Elizabeth a thing or two and give her an opportunity to flourish as a dedicated follower of something or other. Problem solved.

      • And many other politicians are just the same and have things in their background that can be held against them.

      • Golriz, didnt ‘defend a dictator’ She worked on the defence team. Highly likely she spent that time in the middle of the night going through documents. You and your National supporting mates make it sound like she was giving elequent courtroom speeches and cross examinations.

    • I have said it before and I will say it again.


  3. Former “insider” here. Could not agree more, especially about Steve Abel, who is a quality human being. Personally I would put him at 3 and GG at 5.

    I warned people in the Greens about this literally years ago, and repeatedly since then. I told them:
    1) EK is going to be a problem
    2) Trans rights are human rights but the current model is wrong, and will result in LGB kids being hurt and women’s rights being trampled
    3) The non-progressive and fundamentally misognistic postmodernist wafflebobble that is gender identity theory is not good for anyone, not women, not LGB kids, not even trans people. It’s not a solid foundation for a sustainable model of trans rights. And it is particularly toxic to women because who wants to be told that as a woman, you’re nothing more than an idea in a man’s head? Or a set of regressive social stereotypes?

    I thought progressivism was telling girls and boys that they are not restricted to stupid social stereotypes, not that stupid social stereotypes are literally what it means to be a boy or a girl. How did it come to this? How is this progressive?

    Some people in the Greens responded and some of them get it. I’m not in any way an insider anymore, so I have no idea what’s going on, but I strongly suspect that the reasonable people in the Greens are in despair because they know that if they push back, the extremists will burn the party to the ground, just as they threatened to do with the Linda Gale affair in Victoria.

    The irony is that whenever the Greens talk about any other subject, I’m usually punching the air in total agreement.

    • Hi Jack.
      Only defence these days, is low blow.
      Some at Stuff are trying to help out.
      They are well practiced at this type of undermining.

      Let’s see if they can Simon Bridges Elizabeth.

        • Like in “hijacked”.
          The fightback can be self destructive. (For Environmental faction)
          Therefore, useful if a third party, the fourth estate, takes up the fight on your behalf. (Less collateral damage.)

          • Yeah, she is OK. In some areas fantastic. But overall, OK. Which coming from me is a complement. Even a genuinely brilliant person can have blind spots. I feel the same way about GG.

    • @That _guy
      Great comment, yes there is nothing progressive about the (modern) woke movement, a cuckoo in the progressive nest. It pretends to be a continuation of earlier activism but is typically in direct opposition. Rehabilitating racist ideas, misogyny and homophobia with clever rhetoric.

      • Tui. Yes. Kerekere’s area of expertise, the historic sex/gender practices of New Zealand Maori, isn’t relevant or applicable to justice or environmental issues, but seems to be a cause of her resentment towards white “ colonialists”, for allegedly curtailing their activities.

        The genderID ideology being forced upon young school children, is so self-evidently damaging that every politician who voted for it should have to explain why they did; the punitive aspect for concerned parents, and government usurping parents of would-be transgendering children, is horrendously Orwellian. All this has been led by a Green Party which has lost its way.

      • Agree. I just cannot understand this strange lack of concern for the minds and bodies of LGB youth from the supposed Rainbow wing of the supposedly most Rainbow-friendly party. And don’t get me started on the rights of women. I want the Greens to succeed, but I don’t know how many more shit sandwiches I can stomach.

      • @That_guy
        Understand what you mean by shit-sandwich. The gaslighting of lesbians a few years ago was my exit from other groups.

        From their ideological (religious) perspective they are exercising concern for the minds and bodies of LGB & T youth. The public resistance to modern trans activism (not the same as trans people) is taken evidence of how transphobic and anti-2SLGBTQIAA+ society because everything is seen through a cultural-conflict theory lens.

        I expect a doubling down on the ideology and authoritarianism to ‘protect’ vulnerable people (coincidentally affording the activists influence and status in their peer group). That is till the overwhelming evidence of the damage to LGBT people goes fully mainstream, a Solzhenitsyn-like moment.

        As Anker says, it’s horrendously Orwellian.

        • Agree completely. And the prospects of the Greens basically depends on whether the Solzhenitsyn-like moment you mention happens before or after the election.

  4. The Greens – You think they can’t possibly become any more of a shitshow than they currently are and then Elizabeth Kerekere takes them up a few more notches.
    Calling anyone who disagrees with you a racist also seems to be standard operating procedure for many Maori so no surprises there.

    • Under 5% is my wish.
      Being in Government is a huge responsibility not a place for personal amusement

      • Not much detail, but he managed to get himself to hospital by car despite being hit in the liver and is now in stable condition.

    • If (and I don’t know why they don’t since they’re supposed to be the liberal party) Act had a cannabis reform policy, it would be game, set and match for the death of the Greens.

      Act would be at 20%

      • The fact that ACT are even above 2% is largely down to the reaction to woke nonsense from Labour and the Greens, it’s almost as if they haven’t heard about the concept of push too hard and get a backlash.
        Unfortunately National and ACT are all too familiar with the idea of slowly slowly catchee monkey, expect the “partial” privatisation agenda to be advanced further if they get in, for a start.

  5. Any party that operates by consensus rather than by democratic voting will always be vulnerable to a hostile internal takeover – although democracy didn’t help Labour in the early 1980s.

  6. Martyn stop it. As I’ve said before, listing the Top Five Green MP’s is like choosing the “top five” diseases you can catch in the tropics.

    • “Listing the Top Five Green MP’s is like choosing the “top five” diseases you can catch in the tropics.” – Gold.

  7. I’m actually quite blown out the greenies poll as high as they do. I’m as cynical about the political scene in this country as anyone and despair a bit at the choices we’ll have in 6 months.

  8. Have part voted Green all my adult life…..Not this time!
    The Greens have completely lost their way.
    First it was their gender discrimination around who can lead the party.
    Then it’s misandrist Marama showing her true colours, declaring war on white cis males.
    Now we have a faction of delusional gender indentitarians actively undermining the party for their petty personal ambition.
    Meanwhile the climate burns and the biosphere is in free fall.
    The Greens have become nothing more than a joke worthy of scorn.
    Can we please have a political party that actually stands for the environment,sustainability and true social and economic justice before the next election.
    ….and no Rednecks I won’t be voting Act.

  9. Also, the Sun is racist. White people can produce more vitamin D from the same amount of sunlight.
    We should dox it, swat it, and cancel it immediately. Better frozen than fascist!

  10. Martyn – She (EK) is a smug looking person…not sure why…I read her Wikipedia entry, red flags everywhere in that entry

  11. No particular insight into the Greens, but I thought Kerekere was a patronising bit of work when I saw her on Select C’ttee last year (can’t recall if this was before or after she went against Covid restrictions). Labour person I spoke to lately said EK was hard-working and smart, which I can well believe. But she’s coming across as nasty and too radical to attract voters. Hope Lawrence Xu-Nan (7 on the draft list) does well: knew him a bit in his student days, and he’s smart, not nasty, and presents well verbally.

  12. This entire blog entry reeks of bigotry and transphobia (not to mention unacceptable micro-agressions). Dr Elizabeth Kerekere and Ricardo are the future of “Green”, whereas you are still desperately clinging on to irrelevant past ideology. Let go of your hate! You need to do better Martyn.

    • Please, share with us some more details about these unacceptable microagressions, so that we can do better and become more enlightened.

        • I thought micro-agressions would be like calling passersby rude names or even looking like you could possibly do so. Maybe while standing behind big walls of racial privilege or up on the roofs of tall buildings of economic or social entitlement where they can’t get you to counsel you on your behaviour without causing a real scene. Like sitting in the front of the window of your Mum’s lounge making faces and giving the fingers to strangers as they walk past on rainy days. In both examples at this point sexist, classist or even transmorphic content could be a requirement. That sort of thing. I have real no idea however though as I haven’t been to a university lately.
          Macro aggression is maybe invading their personal space and scaring people and their pets and knocking over stuff. Again verbal insults of a escalated nature at the personal level are a key requirement for this category. Like the verbal/ physical assualt you inevitably get into leaving the pub or nudey bar at closing time. Sometimes you won’t have to be the starter for it all kicking off hence claims of victimhood and provocation as a legit defence. Such defence can be intergenerational. Again I’m no expert and only going off what I see on the internet and YouTube recommendations.
          Mega aggression, if there is such a thing is naturally an escalation of things and should only be seen as a last resort or when your Mum’s not at home and could feasibly involve stuff like, maybe up to the use of thermobaric and hypersonic weaponary by the big players or on a personal level playing loud, obnoxious music late at night and telling the neighbours to fuck off if they ask to have the racket turn down a bit.
          Or I could be totally wrong and merely leading everyone up a blind philosophical alley with my undereducated speculations but when has that stopped anyone before? I would however like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for reading this this far and apologise if I’m totally wrong.

          • You’re wrong ? I’m wrong. I’ve been thinking that micro aggressions were those little bits of plastic inside sardines caught in octopuses gardens in the sea. Macro aggression is the bus driver who smiles like a maniac when he drives past without stopping. The cost of a cabbage used to be a micro aggression but half a cabbage is now a macro aggression, so anything is possible.

        • OOH! OOH! I know this one.

          The concept of “microaggressions” is where people take the general principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (a very effective non-drug treatment for depression), do literally and exactly the opposite of what the principles of CBT suggest, and then wonder why there’s a youth mental health crisis.

          The thought patterns that CBT says you should avoid are:

          All-or-nothing thinking: This is the tendency to see things in black and white terms, with no shades of gray. For example, “If I don’t do this perfectly, I’m a complete failure.”
          Overgeneralization: This involves drawing broad conclusions from a single event or a limited set of experiences. For example, “I always mess things up.”
          Mental filter: This involves focusing exclusively on negative aspects of a situation while ignoring positive aspects. For example, “I got a good grade on my exam, but it doesn’t matter because I didn’t do well on one question.”
          Jumping to conclusions: This involves making negative assumptions without evidence to support them. For example, “He didn’t text me back, so he must be angry with me.”
          Catastrophizing: This involves exaggerating the negative consequences of a situation. For example, “If I don’t get this job, my life will be ruined.”
          Personalization: This involves taking responsibility for events that are outside of one’s control. For example, “It’s all my fault that my friend is upset.”

          So if someone sees someone doing a “microaggression” towards you, they are often overgeneralising, jumping to conclusions, catastrophising, and personalising. And also probably making themself depressed for no reason and for no gain.

          • Jonathan Haidt is onto something with that link between depression/anxiety and Green ways of thinking. I’m putting that very crudely.

            • Cheers I’d actually forgotten where I came across the concept, but yes Johnathon Haidt is a smart cookie.

          • Great comment.
            One can only be responsible for that what one can control.
            Responsible, responsible……..

      • Nitrium, I wholeheartedly agree. It’s time the greens were honest about who they are and leave behind all the pr and spin. I fully support true progressives at the helm.

  13. Although not a big fan of Chloe, is it nearly time for her to excuse herself from the Green Party and form an actual environment party?

    Let’s face it, they all owe her for being there, she actually won a seat (how doesn’t matter), she can string two words together without abusing men, non-maori, hetrosexuals or anyone’s intelligence. She has enough people in the media rooting for her, so she may very well win Auckland Central again, and then she wouldn’t have to put up with these loonies.

    I’m sure labour would be for it, then they wouldn’t have to explain how a minister just accused nearly have the population for all violence, or defend tax payer growing crystals in schools. A cup of Epsom Tea Deal and all sorted.

    Just a thought.

    • Ah forgot that, and don’t worry the adoring NZ media thought it funny, because we’ll it’s ok when the left do it and throwing insults is part in parcel of being a green mp.

      • The right throw insult all the time. They have consistently bagged non whites, women, atheists, beneficries, single parents, low income workers, the sick, the poor, you name it. LGBT’s are being harrassed and bullied throughout the country by people like you.

    • Yep maybe. But Elizabeth is ensuring the Greens head for under 5%. Can you see the small difference?

  14. ” I am hoping for a Kerekere/Riccardo victory ”

    YES ! then when they get wiped out and have to rely on Chloe winning her seat it is all down hill from there.

    Time for a new social environmental justice party with a backbone to represent the many instead of the few which is what we have now… Labour, National ACT , TMP and the Winnie Shane party.

  15. But the slur “OK Boomer” was fine.

    Seems the Gweens can’t handle what they dish out every single day.

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