Claim’s that the Public Service is ‘Left wing’ misdiagnoses the disease, symptom and patient!


If only this was true!

The Wellington Bureaucracy isn’t left wing! It’s a self interested Professional Managerial Class who use identity politics to mask their neoliberal hands-off-do-nothing-but-build-glass-palaces fiefdoms.

Oh they do the reo, and expose their pronouns and militantly ride bikes, they are effortless in their use of inclusion as a means to dominate and control the narrative, but they are a middle class clique, not left wing egalitarianism.

The Wellington Bureaucracy is a culture war of woke middle class Identity Politics aspirations backed with State funding, they may aesthetically be Left but they sure as fuck aren’t economically Left.

To brand the Public Service as ‘Left’ misdiagnoses the disease, symptom and patient!

The Wellington Bureaucracy is a cacophony of intersectionist self pity melded with a desperate attempt to never be directly responsible for anything on the ground.

The 30 year neoliberal experiment cut the State down to the bone and the political project of National and ACT is to starve the State of any revenue so it can’t be redistributed in the first place.

This is the game plan…

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…by pretending the Public Service is Left wing, ACT can justify a purge.


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  1. You probably need to add Labour to your graphic, they are as Neo-Liberal as the others, they just pretend to care & fake kindness.

  2. If the Wellington bureaucracy really is a “cacophony of intersectionist self pity” devoted to building glass palace fiefdoms then surely a purge should be welcome from both the Left and Right.

  3. I’ve read only a few sentences and so far I am fully agreeing with the sentiments expressed= in this post – the idea that the ‘Public Service’ is left wing is a porky. A little devil injecting toxins into our political discourse keeps this sort of lie and confabulations going.

  4. The Public Service in New Zealand is definitely left wing.
    The Labour Government pretends to be to win votes.

  5. The Public Service in New Zealand is definitely left wing.
    The Labour Government pretends to be to win votes.

  6. We just witnessed a governmental lefty be told to to resign for being partisan while on the government tit. Maybe he has a point?

  7. If the public service isn’t left wing, then why has Labour grown the public service by thousands and thousands and thousands. Case closed. Bomber you think we are stupid but we’re not. Hey Bert?

    • because sour cabbage the administrative class are a newish addition outside the left/right continum…and as LINO isn’t left neither are it’s accolytes…anddddd moving on

  8. So true just like in GB, underfund the public services and then use their failure to justify – ultimately – their privatization and further crippling.


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