BOOM – I told you this is what had happened to Liz Gunn!


Ok, this is what I wrote when Liz Gunn was arrested at the airport...

I don’t know ANYTHING about this case, but here is my stab in the dark hot take.

Dear old Liz has rocked up to the Airport to interview some grief stricken family she is parasitically attaching to and emotionally manipulating off and Auckland Airport Security have decided to be staunch dicks and because she wouldn’t have bothered to get permission to film they have gotten all heavy and over the top and she will be screaming she is a journalist.

The up shoot will be dropping the charges because both sides have been dicks but it gives her the chance to sell her ‘investigative journalism’ shtick.

Why are we so hell bent on building these circus freaks into martyrs for the cause?

Unless she was actually harassing someone, Auckland Airport Security should have been far more chill than this, instead they’ve over reacted to her over reacting and it’s all become an embarrassing melee for all involved AS WELL as building her standing amongst the feral antivaxx Qanon fraternity. read the actual thing that happened to her at the airport AND I AM COMPLETELY RIGHT!

Exactly what I said had happened (without knowing what had happened), happened.

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  1. The necromancer – will tell you tomorrows political news Before It Happens. Makes you think doesn’t it. Check TDB to see how right its reckons are, be your own fact checker. And don’t diss wikipedia. Find the reliable post to tie your horse too.

  2. But! Is msm going to apologise for their attack on her for conspiracy of some kind? Trying to make out she was making it all up?
    And they weren’t the only ones being cunts. Poor old auntie karen.
    It’s time the nutty lefties grew the fuck up.

    • Oh! And the Q-a-nons are a NZ leftie conspiracy group of proto fascist, middle class mainly white fuck ups. Mostly greenies and male white dudes who’s missus have bigger nuts than them.

  3. What actually happened? What’s come out is just what Gunn said actually happened. I mean it says “The (her) message, which made several references to fascism and communism, offered her retelling of the arrest in detail.”

    Yeah, that’d be rational and dispassionate.

    • Nah Peter, it seems to me that was Liz encountered was a corporation not letting her film on their private property, and some officious **** from Police enforcing that corporation’s private property rights. That sounds like good old neoliberalism to me, something Liz is entirely in favor of. Under national socialism or communism you wouldn’t have some filthy corporation running an airport.

  4. It will all be on cctv which hopefully will be played in court. Jumping to conclussions based only on Gunn’s granstanding is very unwise to say the least.

  5. All I can say is New Zealand has a lot of healing to do and it begins with listening to each other without vilifying. The pandemic and everything that went with it was a traumatic experience for a lot of people for a variety of reasons.

    • Jo I have been listening for a long time and am sick of much of the claptrap. I think it is time for some people to face our future and learn to get on with each other without authoritarian measures pummelling us from any direction. Time to button up and get on with working for each other’s benefit.

      Song – ‘Button up your overcoat, when the wind is free, take good care of yourself, you belong to me’ And we actually do – in NZ we are said to have only three degrees of separation.

      • For the record I am not in either camp here, I’m vaccinated, followed the rules, didn’t stir online, but I have been concerned about how communication between opposing views was being handled and the amount of division developing within my people. I appreciate the pandemic was a new situation and a challenge for Governments worldwide. I also appreciate that some people did not want to put the vaccine in their body, for a variety of reasons, and believed it was their right to chose. I thought what was missing was an approach where you could say to people ‘it’s your body, your choice, let’s talk together about how we can keep each other safe,’ some level of compromise. Maybe that did happen at some point, but I didn’t really see that, I saw people who dissented being vilified, ridiculed and rights taken away. I think a natural response to that is for those people to become increasingly hostile in response. I feel like that escalated and started getting a bit irrational on both sides. The bottom line is that happens when people don’t feel like they have an outlet to be heard. You shouldn’t stand for abuse and threats but you also shouldn’t try to censor any criticism entirely, the right response is somewhere in between. I think that got lost and more work needs to be done to restore it.

    • The drama of losing a loved one is far greater than the inconvenience of the lock down and mandates. The antivaxers introduced a layer of hate that was unnecessary and made a lot of noise but fortunately were only a small vocal minority.
      I fear they will disrupt the upcoming election and good people will not stand due to the hate.

    • ” it begins with listening to each other without vilifying.”.. Good luck with that.. The NZ I came back to in 2020 has become a wasteland for adult political communication.. Even the Aussies are better at it than we are now…

      I share your despair at the childish level of “debate” here, but I honestly think that there will have to be a mammoth effort to rebuild NZ’s education standards, its industrial landscape, alongside the rebuild of its manufacturing base, which was hollowed out to a dangerous level by the key government before any truly mature discussion can take place within the proletariat…
      If We still had the capacity that we had even as recently as 20 years ago, NZ wouldn’t be getting held hostage to overseas interests as it is now.. But then…. Kiwis voted for all that to happen with full knowledge of the obvious risks… didn’t they??
      Most expensive housing compared to average wages ever.. and being talked up by a craven real estate sector.. A sliding level of competence within the trades, and lower to middle management…. Reliance on imports to feed ourselves, while some of the most productive cropland is being turned into new suburbs vast distances away from where the work is…
      NZ will be paying the price for allowing the retreat back to old fashioned exploitation economics, or Thatcherism to clarify it somewhat..

  6. The drama of losing a loved one is far greater than the inconvenience of the lock down and mandates. The antivaxers introduced a layer of hate that was unnecessary and made a lot of noise but fortunately were only a small vocal minority.
    I fear they will disrupt the upcoming election and good people will not stand due to the hate.


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