James Shaw’s crocodile climate change tears – are the Greens in trouble politically?


James Shaw is sad sad and he’s getting mad mad…

New Zealand minister decries climate crisis ‘lost decades’ in wake of Cyclone Gabrielle

New Zealand’s climate change minister has made a furious speech excoriating parliament for lost decades of “bickering” over the climate crisis, as Cyclone Gabrielle devastates the country.

…can anyone take James Shaw’s temper tantrum in Parliament seriously?

Who has been the fucking Climate Minister for half a decade?

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Who has consistently watered down environmental policy to keep the polluters happy?

Who has refused to cull cows?

James Fucking Shaw, that’s who!

The price of taking the baubles of Ministership in Political arrangements where you have no actual power is virtue signalling at its most vacant!

The staggering lack of self perspective from James raging against a problem he has made only highlights how unaware so many of the woke are that they are part of the problem for the Greens.

This goes deeper than James, look at the latest Poll…

…in election 2020, ACT got 7.6% and Greens got 7.9%

This week the Greens are 8% while ACT have soared to 12%!

The Greens are barely above where they polled 3 fucking years ago!

ACT, who were .7% 5 years ago (until the woke started a free speech war we couldn’t win), and are now 12%!

This as global warming and the need for radical environmental adaptation is more powerful and present than ever before!

How have the Greens managed to gain no support in 3 years?

Could it be the alienating woke middle class dogma cancel culture purges?

Of course it is!

We still don’t understand the impact of social media in political polarisation and the woke who have been on a drunk with power social media lynching rampage since 2016’s MeToo movement have used ‘inclusion’ to exclude generating pure temple politics rather than Broadchurch solidarity.

The Woke’s influence however is waning because they have caused so much toxic discord on the Left.

Remember how the Auckland chapter of Climate Strike for Students cancelled themselves because they argued they were racist?

That level of Critical Race Theory nuttiness alongside Critical Gender Theory malice is a recipe for factionalism not cooperation.

This is seeing the middle class woke being pushed back, Chippy moving away from Social Justice towards Economic Justice shows he understands delivery is more important than ideology and that woke cancel culture is election poison.

It’s called ‘Bread and Butter’ Politics because most middle class woke are gluten free vegans who will run away from any actual bread or butter.

While the woke’s power is waning across the country, it is only solidifying in Wellington.

Tory Whanau’s surprise win, woke City Councillors and the machinations of the Wellington Central Electorate for an uber woke green candidate all makes Wellington a City State of Wokeness as the Identity over all movement becomes radioactive to the rest of the country

The power the Woke have in the Greens is spelt out by the candidacy of Stephanie Rodgers. Stephanie is one of the wokest woke wokesters on woke world. Her social media timeline will be a feeding frenzy of attention from National and ACT social media teams because all they need is “This is what a Green Party Candidate thinks about you” memes with her tweets as the evidence.

That someone as toxically woke as Rodgers can be a candidate shows the Woke’s dominance in the Greens and in Wellington.

The Greens are refocusing on electorates over Party vote because their brand has become so socially toxic they can only win in urban areas where their diminishing woke acolytes live.

If the Greens can’t gain more than their 2020 election result, there needs to be a serious reflection on how they and their members have actively alienated everyone who isn’t a mummy blogger.

Watching James rage against a problem he is part of is performance art for the stupid.

After the Auckland flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle, how pathetic does being Carbon Neutral by 2050 look now?


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      • Now that there is so much water under the bridge any good deed will go unnoticed.

        God has forsaken us. Jacinda was kind to us. Forgave us. Lead a different path and as I watch people freaking out in raging torrents or water I can’t help but think you shit cunts just don’t listen.

    • indeed bratty spoil is a byproduct of forestry they should pay for every damage caused by their pollution..but this is NZ so they won’t be touched….well maybe a pr handout on learnings and doing better in the future

  1. And lets not forget todays genius headline from the Greens about not building in flood zones.
    Ya think?
    Massive issues with pine forestry slash yet again, remind me what our emissions trading scheme involves again? Hill country in to pine trees.
    How do electric cars do in a flood? They don’t.
    What powers the emergency generators after a natural disaster? Fossil fuels.

    • The extreme weakness of the Greens, and the general unpopularity of Labour, seems to suggest that someone should be trying to start a new left-wing party.

      It isn’t at all clear how this would occur, though. It would likely require a defection from a sitting constituency M.P.

      • TOP is on its way to morphing into this.

        I’m a centrist who has supported them in the last two elections but can’t now. They’ve included a policy that all residential investment properties have to be financed 100% with equity (no debt allowed). Which is so economically reactionary that it belongs in the Greens playbook…

    • Mother Nature is nasty.
      However, maybe this is her way to explain that we need to broaden our thinking.
      Free speech and sharing of ideas. Punters can dismiss the idiots and if they fail to this that is no problem. At least we then know what their group identity is.
      Shaw is in trouble……. Any bets on whether he will be around fir the next election.

    • wrong. most ev’s can continue to operate in water depths that will kill cars due to the level of Dino exhaust pipes. Evidence from the recent flooding in the US showed houses with Tesla PowerWalls continued to operate for a while even when submerged, and once dried out, worked fine.

    • You have to cut the trees down to get slash, it has been announced that some areas will not be harvested although who knows how long that will last. While it depends on the size of the flood most vehicles would not survive the big flows. They only need emergency generators because the power supply was built in the wrong place, you would think that will be fixed this time although with the bean counters in charge who really knows again.

  2. Blaming James is part of the problem with the Green Party who have made everything worse while they were in power while not taking any responsibility (all the rest of the Greens seem like layabouts, pointing the finger, keen to humiliate aka leadership challenge, but too lazy to run) while James seemed to be the sole Green Party member attempting to do any work on the climate.

    Homelessness increased while Marama was in power.
    Warm, dry houses have DECREASED during the Green Party in power as they failed to address climate change and thus we now see many new and existing housing under water, land slides and destroyed.
    Poverty increased while the greens were in power.
    Crime has increases while the greens were in power.
    Terror and random public attacks have increase while the greens were in power.
    Climate change has worsened while they were in power, while the Greens spent their energy on race, identity politics.
    The current greens DROVE out environmentalist policy from the party – these are deliberate actions – such as signing off export of water permits and actually championing the ridiculous policy of intensification of housing – without any environmental factors being put at the forefront of planning and building.

    Greens have been so pro housing intensification that they failed to discover that half of all NZ’s emissions are not about the cows, but actually other areas like construction which they ignored and made worse. The constant demolition of existing housing and the replacement of grandiose structures for Kainga ora that literally fall off their foundations due to a lack of insight into poor NZ engineering, poor council practises led by central government forcing intensification through and reducing democracy and ignoring public submissions, terrible environment court decisions (based on removing democracy and accountability from this process), everything in NZ planning and environment court decisions have led to the current disaster that NZ faces.
    Lowering domestic skills in NZ by failing to have any real campaigns to help, apart from woke led Maori and Pacifica which turned most people including Maori and Pacifica blue collar workers who don’t agree with Maori woke led spirituality being cast as real science.
    Created a two tier system in Health and housing for Maori, instead of upgrading the entire system for everyone. The two tier system does not seem to have helped Maori.
    Concentrating on marketing and virtue signalling, signs and branding in Te reo while our services in NZ got much worse and management head count higher, transport situation with Waka Kotahi that constantly fail, instead of stopping flooding and destruction for Maori and everyone else here.
    Stood by – maybe helped, while dysfunction in government departments such as Oranga Tamariki put race above safety for kids.

    Greens lost many MP’s who knew what they were doing and more ethical, aka Kennedy Graham, Gareth Hughes and others have also resigned. Climate change activist breaks away from Green Party

    The rot is not from one person in the Green Party, it is from all the Green Party MP’s who need personal ‘fossil’ awards for their destruction of environment while in power.

    I am not looking forward to male rapists now being able to identify as female as one of their signature policies.

  3. I wouldn’t connect the Greens with woke, I wouldn’t connect them with anything because we never hear them do anything. The Greens used to be a policy power house, punching above their weight and getting their policies adopted by larger parties – all of those members are gone now. Maybe that was due to woke forces, I don’t know, but the Greens are.. basically irrelevant now.

    • Agree the Greens are (probably) irrelevant but if you don’t connect them with woke how do you characterise their leadership selection criteria?
      (Other than leveraging fashionable ideology to ensure Marama Davidson stays in a job).

  4. Like the majority of people I have a sense of shock about what has just happened to NZ. Seeing and hearing the stories of those in Napier and Hawkesbay almost seems like a mini Katrina in NZ, where government civil defence has failed and pretty sure that the frauds etc will follow, just like Katrina.

    Hurricane Katrina: Remembering the Federal Failures

    It is not just the Greens, Labour have done nothing (in fact like the Greens made climate change worse by bad policies) for their so called nuclear free moment. ACT, NZ First, Maori party and National are dinosaurs on the environment and set the stage for this type of destruction.

    All NZ political parties are all equally responsible for their lack of policy on climate change. Blaming James Shaw is typical of NZ inability to engage in long term planning, critical thinking, cooperation or science.

    Instead science and engineering in NZ has been getting worse, more fake engineers, less interest in quality applicants for engagements but more woke criteria on everything government related, lack of real engagement and listening to NZ communities around any issue, especially planning, a bizarre spiritual woke Mātauranga Māori version which has increased at cult like proportions getting huge traction with woke government departments while expelling out anybody that wants to focus on hard science and getting things done.

    Woke led Mātauranga Māori has not been signed off by all the occupants of NZ to be 50% of the knowledge of NZ going forward and be just as important as the international knowledge which by the way, is not a colonial construct as the woke believe – writing is widely believed to originate in Mesopotamia (Iraq), Maths widely originated from Roman times (Greece), etc

    Woke NZ is currently destroying the NZ education system with interjection of woke versions of everything which is pretty off-putting and not exactly engaging the kids, judging by our woeful and increasing truancy statistics!

    “From chaos sprang Papatūānuku, the Earth mother. Then Papa-matua-te-kore, the parentless, appeared. She mated with Rangi-a-Tamaku. Their firstborn was Putoto, whose sister was Parawhenuamea, the personified form of water. Putoto took his sister, Parawhenuamea, to wife. She gave birth to Rakahore, who mated with Hinekuku, the clay maiden. Hinekuku gave birth to Tuamatua. Tuamatua was the guardian of the different stones and gravel found on sea coasts. The younger brother of Tuamatua, Whatuaho, typified greywacke and chert. Next came Papakura, the origin of volcanic stone…
    Retaining understanding in this way has enabled Māori knowledge to be passed on from one generation to another. This body of knowledge arises from the experiences of Māori living in the environment of Aotearoa. Many people have realised that mātauranga Māori contains potentially useful knowledge, for example, about utilising and preserving the environment.”

    There is nothing wrong with learning some Maori spirituality – but when this gets 50% of funding in NZ and now polluting all avenues of NZ research and education, – the woke, cult, continues and more people are going to die, be uneducated, leave NZ and be in poverty while the woke spread their cult like insular understanding of the world and NZ resources are diverted to woke management.

    Council meetings start being about Karakia grandstanding, rather than planning.

    Chippie’s back to NZ reality might give him a bump in the polls, but the real rot is within the Green and Labour Party and their woke, management, power, structures.

  5. “I know Ōhāriu is an electorate full of women like me, who want stronger representation, an intersectional feminist voice in politics, and real change for our whānau.”

    Yep, just what Ohariu and the country needs – more intersectional feminism.

  6. Chloe Swarbrick? You’re up.
    Now, re cows. Ok. How about this for a deal.
    Everyone living in the cities stops using LPG. No cookers, no water heating, no LPG powered vehicles.
    But wait? There’s more. No one-person per $100 K + mortgage drawn down car to your pointless employment and back with that naughty detour to the brothels and clubs. If it’s not solar or hydro generated electric-plastic toddle tot cars then nah ah.
    Dairy. Now cows? Ok. I doubt the cow’s would mind. Now cows, no sheep, no deer, no pigs, no chickens, no exports generated income. No milk, no cheeses, no burgers, no meat, fruits or wool. ( Personally, as a farmer, no animal farming at all sounds awesome. Instead, Pot, opium, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables and we convert dairy factories into MDMA manufacturing plants to supply the world with A grade E to achieve two things. Peace on Earth and an end to our balance of payments deficit. )
    I wonder what life might be like if our gang of dumb thug politicians actually did that. All of the above? What might life and everything be like? What would we do? How would we cope? I’m going to drop an E then I’m going to take my spray free dope joint into that flower covered field over there and pick that organic, spray free apple off that tree by that pure and unpolluted creek that’s full of fish and sundry wee beasties to take to eat while I think about it. Care to join me? Or do you want to poison your dog by letter her or him swim in that dead creek? Unbelievably, it’s YOUR choice. NOT THEIRS! All of that’s not only absolutely doable but it’d better happen super fast or we’re all fucked.

  7. The reality is that if Shaw as minister had implemented all the nutty Greens climate policy it would have made not one jot of difference to this weeks or last weeks storms that have hit New Zealand. We are insignificant emitters compared to the big economies. That doesn’t mean we don’t improve how we operate but lets get real and not offer ourselves to the alter of the Climate God when our energy should be in adapting to our changing climate.
    Now I wait for the scorn of the climate zealots who want to change the world………….as long as it doesn’t affect them. Everybody wants to go to heaven nobody wants to die!

    • The storm did not force people to be able to build in flood prone areas, near waterways that breach. It did not delete climate change from free trade agreements, council planning and environment court rulings.

    • Doesn’t matter how many cows we cull or how many cars are switched to EV, it ain’t going to make much difference to our 0.17 climate emmissions and even if we do the aforementioned which will make no difference in the world, we are still required to be “world leaders” and sacifice ourselves economically….

    • do u realise that if all the ‘small emissions wah wah wah cry baby nothing we do makes a difference countries’ actually did something about achieving net zero, that would be around 17% of global emissions, which is a shit ton of emissions and has a material effect on the climate.

      • Probably quite true – perhaps you could name these other countries and add up how each ones contribution adds up to 17%. Then have a look at the policies/leadership of each country as to whether they’re prepared to step up or not – maybe they don’t want to sacrifice themselves economically. If they all agreed, then demonstrate how much a reduction of 17% make to climate change….

  8. I think Shaw is ok,it’s the other members of the Greens that lowers the credibility.
    Seem to have little interest in climate issues but an oversupply of political sarcasms.

  9. Ditto Richard Hills who has chaired the Auckland Council ‘climate crisis ‘ committee for 4 years and achieved zilch.

    Seriously though, NZ is largely irrelevant when it comes to emissions so our climate focus should be on making our infrastructure more robust thus able deal with the consequences, rather than beating up farmers.

  10. Before blaming James also think about how it’s the woke + business led leaders that have been in charge of some of the worst hit areas for years. Interesting reading about the woke backgrounds – could it be that combining woke thinking plus right wing business thinking is one of the worst combinations for the poor – who they champion…. into further poverty?

    Phil Goff – on the side of Roger Douglas, supporting deregulation and free trade.[11]

    “After the 1987 elections, Goff dropped the Housing portfolio, but also became Minister of Employment, Minister of Youth Affairs, Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Education (with responsibility for tertiary education).[12] Goff instigated changes to funding of tertiary studies incorporating financial contributions by students rather than the complete government funding that existed at the time. State funding was seen as unsustainable due to large increases in student numbers. The changes included direct fees and streamlined bursaries and student loans. ”

    On 22 November 2015 Goff announced he would run for Mayor of Auckland in the 2016 mayoral election.[51] On 8 October 2016 Phil Goff won the election, becoming the second mayor of the Auckland ‘super city’.[52]

    “Goff was formally sworn in as Mayor of Auckland at a ceremonial event at the Auckland Town Hall on 1 November 2016. Upon taking office, he pledged to tackle social issues in Auckland, such as homelessness, so that “no one is left behind”; he also highlighted a need for improved infrastructure and housing availability in order to address the social issues.[52]”


    Meng Poon – Meng Liu Foon (born c. 1959) is a New Zealand politician who served as the mayor of Gisborne from 2001 to 2019. Background.

    “Foon expanded his family’s market garden business into several shops. During the 1960s, Foon and his family also bought Gisborne’s Kaiti Mall and opened a liquor shop called TAB. In 1985, Foon’s parents retired and emigrated to Sydney, Australia before retiring in Hong Kong. Men, his brother, and their wives subsequently took over the family business.[4]

    In 2018, Foon and his relatives sold Kaiti Mall. By that time, Kaiti Mall’s land and buildings were estimated to be worth NZ$3.8 million. By 2018, Kaiti Mall had 12 tenants including businesses, government, and commercial tenants.[6]”

    In 1998, Foon unsuccessfully ran for the position of Mayor of Gisborne.[4] In 2001, Foon ran again for the Gisborne mayoralty and was successfully elected. During the mayoral campaign, he highlighted his family values, business acumen, Māori language fluency, and financial management skills.[4][3] He was the first person to serve five consecutive terms as Gisborne mayor since Harry Barker retired in 1977.[7] In 2016, Foon won his sixth consecutive term as mayor of the Gisborne District, defeating three other candidates.[8] His mayoralty extended across New Zealand’s easternmost province with the largest proportion of native Maori population (45% according to the 2013 New Zealand census).[4]

    Following confirmation of the Ngāti Porou deal, arranged under the controversial Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004, Foon was quoted as saying that “he did not believe many people would be disadvantaged by reduced access to the beach, as 90 per cent of the East Coast population was Maori anyway.”[9] Foon announced in March 2019 that he would not stand again in the 2019 local elections.[3]”


  11. Best thing that could happen to the Greens is they get wiped out in October. Then they can get rid of all the freeloaders…no names mentioned Marama. Please NZ wokester and fake climate warriors, be sensible and punish the Greens by not voting for them. Vote Labour instead…you can do it!

    • Agree don’t vote Greens they are a pack of freeloaders bringing nothing of any substance to Government.
      Vote National/ACT.

      • Act the biggest freeloaders in political history. Couldn’t stand alone, needed Epsom “gifted” to them, fact.

    • Not going to happen. There’s at least 5% of the population that are delusional. They’d vote for them even for them if their leader was caught with benefit fraud. Oh what…

  12. Marama blame white pakeha males for the Chch massacre .Chloe insulted my age group by calling us boomers James comes across as fish looking for a backbone . The Greens were singing the praises of biofuel until it was discovered to be very bad for the plant. Genter was in charge of transport and would increase the fine for mobile use while driving and road deaths climbed under her watch.
    When they finally got a chance to be at the table in 2017 I was interested to see what policies they brought up .In my eyes it was a great big vacuum of nothingNess .Such a wasted oppetunity no wonder Labour did not want to invite them to join them in 2020 except for the climate role.

    • They are as I’ve said many times freeloaders providing nothing of substance.
      They display an ignorance of science,something they think they’re expert in.
      All they excel in is snide remarks and insults.

      • You say a lot of crap many times, that’s why no one takes you seriously. You just don’t know anything of N.Z. politics. Leave the science to the Greens, you don’t even make the amateur ranks dumb Bob square pants.

  13. ” Chippy moving away from Social Justice towards Economic Justice shows he understands delivery is more important than ideology ”

    But sat in cabinet and caucus and supported the direction and never spoke out to my knowledge and the last leader that was even remotely interested in advancing economic justice within the unregulated capitalist environment was David Cunliffe who Hipkins being from the right of the party obviously never supported.

    Before we begin to worship at the feet of Mr Hipkins as the new working class hero of the Labour party let’s see that all important delivery and begin to address the structual crises of the economy no one has dared interfere with for 30 years despite the millions spent on ” we have a plan working groups ” then don’t follow any of the recomendations or warnings because they might be …shock horror …idelogical or to ” radical ” for the wealthy powerful classes that control this country and the politicans in parliament.

    An uprecedented mandate and majority that even with FPP no one could achieve since 1935 or 1951 under the threat of near civil war and they threw it away.

  14. And yet all the mess and lack of infrastructure etc is very a hue of blue and red. The Greens have not been at the helm.

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