Ummmm I’m not sure how to tell you this but the Woke just cancelled themselves?? School Strike 4 Climate Auckland Organization disbands because it’s too racist???


I honestly thought this was a parody but apparently it’s true. School Strike 4 Climate Auckland has disbanded because – wait for this – they are a racist organization???

The identity politics cult would eat their own young if they weren’t all vegan.

To disband a youth climate change organization because PoC suffer most from climate change ignores the fact that the planet will burn regardless of your fucking skin colour!!!

To whip themselves into such submission for an intersectionist cacophony of grievances competing for social hierarchy based upon woke dogma that all white people are intrinsically racist as a response to a burning planet is so intellectually bankrupt it’s terrifying.

Pure temple doctrine divides & alienates. Broadchurch universals build solidarity. This is self defeating identity politics madness.

Read it yourself, it’s just so unbelievable…

School Strike 4 Climate Auckland is disbanding as an organisation.
This is under the suggestion and guidance of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) members of our group, as well as individual BIPOC activists and organisations. We are not holding any more climate strikes in the Auckland region. Our members have also separated from the national SS4C team. Going forward, we will only be using our social media to uplift BIPOC-led climate justice spaces in Auckland.
BIPOC communities are disproportionately affected by climate change, so the fight for climate justice should be led by their voices and needs, not Pākehā ones.
We are disbanding because, since 2019, SS4C AKL (as well as the wider national group, though we can’t speak on their behalf) has been a racist, white-dominated space. SS4C AKL has avoided, ignored, and tokenised BIPOC voices and demands, especially those of Pasifika and Māori individuals in the climate activism space. As well as this, the responsibility and urgent need to decolonise the organisation has been put off for far too long. SS4C also delayed paying financial reparations for the work BIPOC groups/individuals within and alongside the group have done for this organisation in the past.
This is a non-exhaustive list.
We apologise for the hurt, burnout, and trauma caused to many BIPOC individuals, including current and past members, as well as BIPOC-led groups. We also apologise for the further trauma caused by our slow action to take responsibility. We recognise that this apology can never be enough to make up for our actions on top of years of systemic and systematic oppression, racism, and the silencing of those who are the most affected by climate change. This apology is just one of our steps in taking accountability for our actions.
Our disbandment is well overdue.
We acknowledge that our attitude has been racist and dismissive of the voices that have rightly spoken out against us and we apologise deeply for the pain we have caused. In saying this, we also need to acknowledge that racism is a big problem within the SS4C NZ team as well, but that we have made this decision independently from them.
We recommend you all redirect your support, resources and involvement to BIPOC activists, spaces and causes, especially those that are led by Pasifika and Māori people. This includes groups such as 4TK ( 4TK), Pacific Climate Warriors ( Pacific Climate Warriors – Auckland ), Para Kore Ki Tāmaki ( PARA KORE KI TĀMAKI), Protect Mataharehare ( Protect Mataharehare ), Protect Pūtiki ( Protect Pūtiki), Save Canal Road Native Trees ( Save Canal Road Native Trees ), Te Ara Whātu ( Te Ara Whatu).

If you are a BIPOC-led climate/social justice organisation or a BIPOC climate/social justice activist, please let us know if/how we can help by messaging our Instagram, Facebook, or emailing We will uplift your kaupapa and Mahi through this platform, or any other means available to us.
The climate justice space must be led by BIPOC groups and others who are disproportionately affected by climate change. In Aotearoa, this especially means Māori and Pasifika groups.
We fully discourage any future and current Pākehā-led groups from occupying the space we leave behind.

School Strike 4 Climate Auckland

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I love that at the end they threaten any group from stepping into this space. They enjoy all the nuance of a Maoist purge.

This is woke kamikaze cancellation, as every bit ritualistic as a suicide bomber with both hoping for paradise after the sacrifice.

Twitter outrage is woke righteousness porn for the middle classes. A puritanical razoring where the self elected morality police publicly shame and cancel anyone for not using the language protocols of the conclave. That they are now detonating themselves for the cause seems a tad driven and wide eyed.

I haven’t seen wilful self mutilation like this since the 2020 National Party election campaign.

The climate crisis is the largest existential threat we face as a species – to divide and amputate protest against that for some middle class identity politics struggle session is so incredibly misguided.

The polluters who cause climate change must be laughing.

Are we cancelling Greta next? The woke make Maoists look inclusive.

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  1. This reminds me of the image of the baby sitting, combing his head with a potato peeler.

    They really don’t have a clue about anything.

    Somebody tell them the internet is broken and to get the fuck off it!

    • Also … ‍♀️ They can’t even play nice.
      Middle Class privileged whinging kids. Sign’em up for 18 months into the Army. Send them to Gaza on a Peace Keeping Mission! That’ll sort out their fundamental principles for them!!The kids have fallen down the rabbit hole and have been captured by the right-wing doctrine of Qanon!✊

  2. As I have said previously, the left woke will eventually eat itself…seems when your woke you have to be more woke each day till its impossible to be the most woke, and then the impossibility of changing skin colour as that is the ultimate. You see its simple, wokeness is all about skin colour and if you are white, then you will NEVER be woke enough, your not even in the same playing field, not in the same league. All you will be doing is apologising and saying sorry until you become ‘un-woke’.
    I do find it funny though, delicious to watch….hilarious.

  3. “ The polluters who cause climate change must be laughing”. Precisely. Laughing all the way to the bank.
    These Auckland people are frankly unbelievable, but it’s the global divide and rule agenda at work, and working well, because Kiwis are too dumb and too easily distracted to see the big picture.

    • Snow White: “These Auckland people are frankly unbelievable…”

      I read the above post; I can’t escape the impression that it’s a piss-take. Surely these people cannot be serious?

      • D’Esterre – It’s so totally damn insane it’s probably true. This age group is fairly switched on about climate change issues – great. Ergo they could well be under the Green’s mantel – not so great. The Greens, more than any other party frame everything in terms of race and gender – “ racism” is a wee humdinger for garnering sympathy, regardless of accuracy.

        Cast your ex-Catholic mind back to the early Church heresies. One, which I think the great St Augustine was implicated in, was whether the validity of a sacrament was dependent upon the the worthiness of it’s administrator. That’s putting it simply – which is what these nitwits are doing too – but they’re worse, because they’re withdrawing their service with its concomitant benefits, because some beneficiaries are theoretically more at risk than others, but service participation based on ethnic grounds, doesn’t actually affect best practice.

        There’ll be a back story, and hopefully it’s not too unedifying.(Kids could have just got bored with it all…)


        • Snow White: “It’s so totally damn insane it’s probably true.”

          Haha…and subsequent news reports suggest that it is.

          In this household, when we’re doing the daily quiz, we work on the same principle when punting on questions to which we don’t know the answer. We pick the weirdest, most unlikely choice: it’s amazing how often that turns out to be right.

          And on a more serious note: what on earth is being taught in schools, that a bunch of young people could act in such a self-flagellating manner? Does anybody seriously think that large-scale planetary processes take any notice of skin colour?

          A while back, I overheard a couple of teenage girls talking. One of them made reference to “a straight white male” and that said male hadn’t liked her saying this. Again: what’s being taught in schools, that she’d come out with tosh of this sort?

          Really: one couldn’t make up this stuff. We feel similarly about Wgtn City Council’s latest completely barking idea: to name its newly-created committees after the 9 brains of an octopus. Doubtless you’ll be aware of this. It would appear that WCC is determined to make this city even more of a laughingstock than it already is.

          Note to Councillors: you may well be able to do this stuff, but it by no means follows that you should do it. Or that it makes sense to do it.

          • D’ Esterre. Now now dear, at least the Wellington City Council is acknowledging that it needs brains. Some prat probably looked out the window, saw all that wet stuff in the harbour, and came up with an environmental- sounding idea. Sigmund Freud would LOVE it.

            A daughter had a teacher who announced to her class that she was a lesbian. I asked whether any other teachers announced that they were heterosexual, and received a negative answer. I wonder why.

            • Snow White: “Some prat probably looked out the window, saw all that wet stuff in the harbour, and came up with an environmental- sounding idea.”

              I believe it’s another of Jill Day’s bright ideas. And the octopus in question is the one Kupe chased and killed in Cook Strait. Or something…..

              I suspect that Council will accept anything she comes up with, no matter how daft, because they’re intimidated into silence by the fear of being accused of racism. It’s a further instance of “the emperor has no clothes” problem.

              “….announced to her class that she was a lesbian.”

              Dear god. What the hell is happening in the education system? I recall hearing about a high school teacher who regaled her class with tales of her marital woes. Bad enough, but that was 30ish years ago, and she and her (male) husband were straight.

              • Ah ha! I guessed that it would be Jill Day ( or that other loud femme), doubtless inspired by all the roundabouts placed everywhere in Tawa to stop people escaping from it.

                I won’t challenge the Kupe narrative just in case I trigger some nutter from the National Library – or Nelson – claiming Bacon wrote Shakespeare again, but I bet Day’s never even caught octopi or cooked them, like from the sea, and not a supermarket packet.

                We caught one from the cleaner fresher southern waters, and cooked it according to a local library’s Japanese cook book. Interestingly, the soup from the cooking water was quite sweet, and differently flavoured from the tentacles, which remained tough, no matter what was done to them.

                But if Jill sees the WCC as modelled on fish heads, she should speak for herself – it is unfair on those councillors who deserve Victoria Crosses for the pc tunes they’re gavotting to now – while the pc grandchildren chant “ vulva” and “penis” at pre-school, and the rest of us scan the horizon for buses.

                • Snow White: “I won’t challenge the Kupe narrative…”

                  The only reason I know about that is because it was in the Scoop piece, which was itself a press release from WCC, if I remember rightly. Day is behaving like a true born-again: a pity that nobody there has the cojones to tell her she’s making a spectacle of WCC. And of herself.

                  “….the tentacles, which remained tough…”

                  Ha! Yes, like eating rubber bands, as I recall. Much like tripe, though our late mother did her best to convince us to eat it. In which enterprise, she was spectacularly unsuccessful. The citizens of Rome, we discovered, are very fond of offal. Including tripe: trippi, on the various menus. I couldn’t be persuaded to eat it.

                  “…those councillors who deserve Victoria Crosses for the pc tunes they’re gavotting to now…”

                  In truth, I struggle to muster any sympathy for them. Among the derisive comments on Scoop, there was one, I think, which suggested that the octopus brains would fill a very evident brain gap in the present Council. Difficult to disagree, really.

                  “…the pc grandchildren chant “ vulva” and “penis” at pre-school….”

                  Bloody hell….

                  “….the rest of us scan the horizon for buses.”

                  You’ll have seen Metlink’s latest Bright Idea: increase off-peak services, while at the same time cutting peak services. You couldn’t make this shit up, could you? Looks like you’ll be scanning the horizon for a while yet!

                  • Preschoolers are taught anatomical terms so that if they become victims of sexual interference etc, then they know the correct terminology to use when questioned, I daresay by the sort of weirdos who made life hell for Peter Ellis and his colleagues. No ‘hands up knickers’ stuff any more, but legal and medical exactitude is required for future-proofing two and three year old kiddies.

                    The fact that this may prematurely sexualise children is beside the point – and sex issues do dominate in Parliament now, except when it’s gender issues – or maybe tax-payer funded adultery.

                    And if it’s not sex, then it’s race. This avoids having to address shoeless or homeless or wellness issues, or the cost of electricity and fresh food – the stuff that affects the punters.

                    Wellington City Council has at least two really good males, who alas could both resign, and two or three good women, but the emptier vessels can be too taxing.

                    Tripe isn’t tough – slippery perhaps, but, unlike octopus, it’s fine just boiled up with onions, or French style eg Tripe a la mode de Caen, I think, which could be bought in jars. Most of that offal is now exported to discerning Europe at rather high prices; my local NWS butcher said that he no longer stocks kidneys because they are too expensive, quoting me the high price for a bucketful.

                    Baby octopi also come cooked spicy in little tins which mean restaurants on Courtney Place just tip straight out and heat up.

                    None of this explains why the WCC chose octopus brains as team names, but it could have been a ‘ desperate ‘peace at any price’ gesture from councillors aghast to suddenly discover that to do other, makes them into racist colonialist pigs.

  4. As someone who has been involved in the climate justice movement for ten years or so, we don’t know what conversations have happened here or how this “decision” was made so maybe just wait it out and see what comes next. This sort of blog post is not helpful, but maybe you’ve given up on trying to promote positive change Bomber.

    Yes it’s at face value a disappointment but unless you were in the room at the time maybe save your diatribe until we know what’s actually going on.

    • No. You don’t get to say these school children are the most disadvantaged in the world and then leave them to managed a crises that threatens humanity. They need to be trained. They need at least a rudimentary level standard of competency above being disadvantaged. They need to be organised. There must be order to chaos. Setting up a help line does not achieve those goals. Atleast have some sort of buddy system until they get up to speed because the movement has to progress in triple quick time.

    • James you make a valid point. But it’s important that people like Martyn bring these things to our attention.

      However the Woke wouldnt wait 60 seconds to cancel someone if they offend them. At least Bomber tried to find out if this was for real. The reason the Woke get away with so much damaging stuff is that the vast majority of reasonable people chose to keep quiet rather than call them out.

      I love waking up to Bomber every morning, he deals with serious issues with humour and common sense.

    • It is perfectly flamin obvious what is going on. The inherent Monty-Pythonesque uselessness of the Left in 2021 is on full display. The blog post could not put it any better. The right will win on all fronts because the rest of us are either put off by the constant obsession with identity politics or because by the time we work out what toilet we should be using it will all be over.

  5. Obviously this group are lining up to join the Green Party but they are not sure incase the green aliens could be upset they have not been consulted

  6. South Island Prayer

    Don’t let me die in Auckland.
    Rotting in the heat before your
    eyes are closed: a greasy take
    away after the soul is gone.
    Jesus, no.

    Let me go with the old Southerly
    Buster: river stones in the grey
    flecked sky and that white wind
    to keep your chin up.
    Christ, yes.

    Owen Marshall

        • Arcch ! Don’t like it. Too much liberty’s taken with Gods name above. But I don’t like north island bullshit and the heat up here as I age so Dunedin bound one day I will be.

          Here’s a poem I made up in response just for the fun of it:

          Grant me a shed before I is dead,
          A quiet one that I can sleep in.
          A simple old shed, with me own single bed
          That I can dream of times past and reflect in.

          Of Otago of which said,
          The Scots they did head, in quest of their gold and their splendour

          The Irish they came, the Chinese and English as well, and for a time all on those goldfields were brothers.

          Then the cry did rise up, ”the gold has run out, and its time to become shopkeepers and rovers”.

          So we all settled down, with our pennies and half crowns, to become rovers or traders or farmers.

          And so in me quiet shed, – and before I am quite dead, I’ll drift off to sleep, dreaming of the old days of Otago !

          NB: was a gold miner down that way in me twenties. I kid you not. Hope you can make sense of me poem-ish. Id like to meet Owen.

          If you can imagine a 19th century sea shanty, that’s how I’d put it. 🙂

          Piss take 101.

          • Wild Katipo – I apologise. I don’t like it very much either, I just rather liked, “ river stones in the grey flecked sky” and “ the old Southerly Buster, “ coming as a reasonable sort of reaction to Auckland’s noisy humidity. “ So how about ( just for you) :


            At Gabriel’s Gully first the rush broke out,
            “Broke out” we say, as if it were a disease;
            Here flocked the gum boots and the dungarees,
            A motley crowd and noisy, reckless rout;
            With shovel, pick, tin dish and cheery shout,
            They broil in summer and in winter freeze,
            Put up with harder accidents than these,
            And gold, gold, gold is all they think about.
            Now the prospector tracks the lonely streams
            And treads where never man has trod before,
            And gets the colour of the magic gleams
            Shaking his tin dish on the pebbly shore,
            And lives on hope, and ever in his dreams
            Finds the great nugget and prospects no more.

            Arnold Wall.

            Arnold Wall’s fascinating poetry book was first published in 1912, and much of what he wrote would now be regarded as historically questionable but such happens. (Two good poems on Dunedin though.)

            Marshall’s verse is from a more recent book edited by Paul Morris et al on spirituality in New Zealand verse – and in N Z society – rather than religion, but it is in fact very much religion focused, and I can’t find it at the moment – it was on the floor beside me two days ago, but has vanished – such happens.

            I think Owen Marshall lives in Timaru, and Dunedin is better living – in my experience – but Timaru and its off shoots are more under the close watch of the sleeping gods in the mountains – my words and spirituality- but Baxter saw the magnificent Southern Alps as crouching like tigers, so we differ, but we all see the south as cold, and cold is much more invigorating than the other…

            very much religion focused

  7. This is Life of Brian – the non fiction version.

    They can’t possibility extend support to the People’s Front of Judea because they are the Judean People’s Front/racist pakeha whose recommendation would contaminate and taint the purity of the noble non tainted causes they recommend. And in English!!!

    I myself are droppng in 70 litres of 98 octane into my V8 ute and going for a thrash. It’s what us unpure do!

    I’m also going to take a punt Golriz backs the SS4C AKL action. Or inaction.

  8. No mate. We don’t need apologies, we need everyone to nail there role. Don’t just fucken sit there and say job done because y’all apologies. You actually need to do shit. Standards will be maintained or rising at all times. All of the time.

  9. This is without a doubt the single most stupid thing I have read all year. All decade. May they take their white privelege and hide under their beds until the shame eases in 20 or 30 years time.

  10. I’m confused. Does this mean whites will not be affected by climate change? Looks like i can relax then.

  11. My god I don’t think I seen so many apologies………

    I understand what James Barber is saying but the thing of FB is seriously disturbing. It’s preventing young people working together and getting on with things.

    I was going to make a joke and say what an earth did the white kids do, forget their birthdays, but I will out myself for poor taste.

  12. “Hi BIPOC, while you’re dealing with all the other disadvantages we think you have would you mind also fixing climate change for us too? Ta, the Woke”

  13. It will be interesting how the woke develops over the next couple of years. As a concept it appears to have run full course like a supercharged strain of ebola that kills all it infects and therefore is left with no one to infect.

  14. I guess the 3 million Pakeha which is a blip of a small race of the world, should just kill themselves so that majority countries with over 1 billion nationals who have polluted their countries, can come here and tell us what to do! Woke logic.

  15. There are people around the world who are buying up NZ property as ‘gold bricks’ and disaster real estate or political and economic pawns.

    Lucky NZ real estate and residency here for the ‘family home’ is for sale. Sarc.

    Overseas businesswoman fined $110,000 over purchase of $9.4m Auckland properties with WWII heritage site

    “Cong Zhang bought two adjoining properties in Mellons Bay in September 2015 to use as her family home.

    But as a overseas person she was required to obtain consent under the Overseas Investment Act 2005 because the land is next to the foreshore, exceeds the land area threshold and has a Heritage New Zealand listed site – the bunker built in 1942 due to the threat of Japanese invasion.

    Zhang admitted she breached the laws and was fined $110,000 this month by the High Court at Auckland and ordered by Justice Gerard van Bohemen to pay $15,000 in costs to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

    The Chinese citizen had been approved in principle for a residence class visa in July 2015, however, the visa was not issued until March 2017, according to the court’s judgment.

    LINZ acknowledged that when Zhang acquired the properties she believed she had ordinarily resident status in New Zealand because Immigration New Zealand approved her application in principle.

    However, this belief was based on a misunderstanding the approval was sufficient when Zhang didn’t have the status until March 2018 when she entered New Zealand.”

    Move over current NZ citizens, there are people with plenty of money to make NZ their ‘family home’. But they do not tend to be used much.

    Sir John Key’s former Parnell mega mansion sits empty and neglected

    “Former PM Sir John and his wife Bronagh sold the Parnell mansion for $23.5 million in 2017 to a buyer reportedly out of China, but neighbours have said they were yet to see anyone move in since the sale.

    Now grime has appeared on the home’s once immaculately kept walls, the garden is unkempt and autumn leaves are piled up against the entry gates.

    Neighbours questioned why a buyer would pay a fortune for one of New Zealand’s most famous homes only to apparently never visit and fail to maintain the place.”

    Super yachts are also popular for climate change!

  16. I just wonder if there’s an invisible hand of vested interest groups working behind the scenes, – those with trillions of dollars at stake if the Climate Activists were to be heard.

    As far back as the ’80s, at least, Green groups trying to work towards change were infiltrated by paid reps from Big Oil et al, specifically to sabotage their efforts.

    However, I’d bet those Big Oil and Mega-Corp reps never, ever had such an easy ride as they are having here AO/NZ in 2021, the ‘bran new’ Age of Woke.

        • Kheala – There’ll be all sorts of options globally, and good you’ve raised it. NZ’ers are cottoning on to the fact that splinter and extremist oddities can get enabled by global connecting; this is more likely to be a direct interference or
          infiltration and it will be interesting to see if other school groups follow suit.
          (Pondering a domino effect, starting in Auckland, following thru’ to I’cargill.)

          The racist/colonial dimension is sounding a bit too contrived and cliched to me – perhaps more in line with some of the overseas indigenous articulations – we’ve been a couple of steps behind Nth America with these issues, and we have a differing history.

          • Snow White: “….splinter and extremist oddities can get enabled by global connecting….”

            A couple or so years back, I read that this fellow funds groups such as Action Station:


            As a result, I stopped signing up to petitions run by that lot. I now look critically and sceptically at any activist organisation which approaches me for donations.

            Absent countervailing evidence, I assume that they’re getting at least some funding from foreign interests with questionable motivations.

            • D’ESterre – Ditto, stopped signing Action Station, and most other petitions about two years ago. My one attempt to follow up a suspicious door-collector, allegedly from Forest and Bird, was a waste of time. N Z Sallies and V de P are ok; there’s been a recent influx of Asian- accented phone calls wanting to know how I am. I often answer the phone in another language, which generally makes strangers hang up.

            • The funding will be going to the persons of colour groups who, it seems, pressurised the kids to pull out on racist grounds, and such money used to come from the USA, and they used to masquerade as religious nutters, but that may not be so at all.

  17. There’s no need for confusion here.
    Current youth in New Zealand are the least educated in many, many years.
    There’s hope though they will age.

  18. “We fully discourage any future and current Pākehā-led groups from occupying the space we leave behind”. Hopefully any of these future groups will involve themselves more in conbatting climate change than weaving themselves into a convoluted series of arguments that mean they are not worthy of the task. I am reminded of God in the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy where his actions formed a proof of his existance and required no faith. “Oh said God I didnt think of that and dissappeared in a puff of logic”. The key word being logic, something entirely missing from the mental ruminations of this group.

  19. So basically their theory is that white people should divest themselves of all responsibility for climate change activism and leave it up to a sub-group that is historically more marginalised and poorly-resourced to take on the corporate moneyed interests of the other side. GOOD PLAN!!!! At least we’ll all be the same colour when we’re dead.

    • You said it, Leighton. Yep, they’re saying that colonialists did it (sigh), and it impacts most on poor and marginalised tangata whenua, so let them clear it up while the colonialists swan off to La La Land. Little bastards.

  20. These pakeha kids are 17, they have essentially been accused of being white supremecists and gone fuck it were out of here. They’ll go to Six60 concerts instead.

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