America (and the World) holds it breath as Trump is indicted and set to be arrested


Former President Trump indicted by NY grand jury

  • Former President Donald Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud in an indictment from a Manhattan grand jury, according to two sources familiar with the case. It marks the first time in US history that a current or former president will face criminal charges.
  • Trump is expected to appear in court Tuesday for his arraignment, multiple sources tell CNN.
  • Trump released a defiant statement, calling it “Political Persecution and Election Interference at the highest level in history.”
  • The Manhattan district attorney’s office has been investigating Trump in connection with his alleged role in a hush money payment scheme and cover-up involving adult film star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.


It has happened, Trump is indicted for the dumbest, most shallow and ugly of reasons.

Paying hush money to a Porn Star.

We are now at the moment where every single one of us ask, “How crazy are MAGA supporters”?

How fanatical are they going to be to defend this orange fascist?

Don’t pretend he isn’t popular…

Trump’s lead over 2024 GOP field grows, poll finds

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A majority of Republican primary voters support former president Donald Trump, according to a new poll from Fox News published Wednesday evening.

Support for Mr Trump jumped from 43 per cent among Republican primary voters in February to 54 per cent of Republican primary voters in March. The polling boost comes after Mr Trump has kicked off his presidential campaign in earnest, campaigning in Iowa and holding a rally in Waco, Texas.

“The rumor that Trump is going to be indicted by the district attorney in Manhattan has helped him quite a bit among Republican primary voters,” Republican pollster Daron Shaw told Fox News.

…will the Emperor with no clothes on suddenly fold like the coward we know he is or will he become a martyr to a new kind of American Fascism?

This has the potential of rupturing existential fears as demented Qanon realities fracture like a multi-verse implosion. This could trigger a thousand personal armageddons misread and mis-interpreted by thousand Qanon foot soldiers.

America (and the World) holds it breath as Trump is arrested.

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  1. The error in this piece is to assume all the other Presidents/politicians are fundamentally any different.
    Spend 10% of the energy used to ‘look into Trumps undenialable crookedness’ on Biden, Clinton, Obama etc etc, and you’d find the same IF NOT more reasons to be ‘up in arms’.

    • Genuine question…did Clinton pay hush money to conceal his relationship with Lewinsky?
      We know he lied until he no longer could, so in a way you’re right,Trump is the same.

      • Hillary was fined $8000 and the DNC $120000 for electoral funding being used on the later discredited Steele dossier. Bush Jr and the senior members of his administration lied the country into war causing hundreds of thousands of deaths downstream other incalculable effects. Every president for the last couple of decades is arguably a war criminal.

        Trump is terrible but the real difference from other presidents is he is be terrible in the ways that the Washington DC elite do not approve of.

    • “The error in this piece”… Actually, you’ve completely missed the whole point of the post.. Whatever trumps similarities, or disparities with other presidents, it’s the mindset, and actions/reactions of those who follow him that are at issue.. Try to keep up..

      • He was responsible for an insurrection and people died, he had sex out of wedlock. He is a piece of shit

    • It sounds as though they want to keep him out of the 2024 primaries, for fear he might gain another term as president. Is the GOP/DP oligarchy that afraid of him?

  2. Come on Martyn. Why should this arsehole be above the law? Just because f’ing idiot Republican voters support him is not a reason. It’s a pity he didn’t burst into flames in Waco.

    • An allegation sometimes ends up in a knee on a neck. Even over an alleged counterfeit $20 note.

      Meanwhile in splendid calmness the New York District attorney seeks $250 million from a Trump company for fraud.

  3. I stand with President Trump! The truth will be revealed in due time, and you are the only person who can make America great again.

    You have the Lord on your side, and He will use you as His instrument to set the record straight and overcome those who oppose you. The Democrats should be going after Sleepy Joe, Crooked Hillary, and so many others.

    God bless you, and God bless America!

  4. Look it….over there….. the shiny sparkly object and just ignore the accumulating piles of shit everywhere.

    • People are stupid. They think that, even if true, Trump paying off a women with whom he had an affair nearly 20 years ago outweighs the ongoing criminal enterprise that Trump got into politics to oppose, i.e. the cabal that has just indicted him.

  5. Will he make court. DeSantis has already come out and said Florida will not support extradition. Not sure the federal versus state based nature of this indictment. Will be interesting if they require Florida’s support to extradite.

    Unless there is something dynamite in this case this will back fire spectacularly for the democrats.

    • Even if they secure a conviction, it will backfire on them.
      I find Trump to be a detestable prick and am 100% confident he is corrupt in a dozen or more ways.
      However, this makes him no different from all the others and the democrats have been trying to impeach/convict him non stop since before he took office.
      At this point even I don’t give a fuck if he is guilty or not, the very fact that Democrats have behaved this way means I want him to be cleared.
      America could well see mass violence if they manage to convict trump and it will be entirely the democrats fault.

  6. Trump may be the most racist, homophobic, etc president in USA history, but he is first and foremost, a rich prick, and rich pricks in the USA are treated with considerable leniency. Especially if he is a racist rich prick.

      • His refusal to let flats to black tenants while managing his father’s rental properties in the 1970’s, his full page ad in the NYT calling for those boys accused of raping that woman in Central Park to be executed, even though they were innocent (even to this days, he thinks thay are guilty), his blatant condoning of police brutality towards, blacks. Need to I go on. But then again, you dont care, as you are racist yourself.

  7. Yeah! They’ve got him this time! LOL

    It will just confirm to voters that their suspicions are correct about the politicisation of the justice system, and make Trump a martyr. At best it’s a misdemeanour not a felony, which expired in 2018.

    The DA in question is a Soros man who is busy bailing murder suspects and driving up NY crime rates. No wonder so many are leaving!

  8. yea the law in yankland is certainly politicised especially when it comes to rolling back womens rights and allowing the mentally ill assault weapons andrew

  9. They’ve been trying to impeach or convict him since before he took office.
    This is just the latest attempt which has assured either Trump the presidency or DeDantis.

  10. In surprise move Trump comes out in support of his indictment as the most important step towards securing his nomination for GOP Presidential candidate.

    The DNC are thrown into turmoil being forced to oppose anything Trump supports.

  11. Yep Trump is so corrupt no USA bank will touch him .
    He had to go to Deutsche bank in Germany and he screwed them over for $400 million during thew 2008-2009 depression and his son n law is currently being sued by them for 300 million on a loan he took out on behalf of the trump corporation that remains unpaid.

    This prick deserves to be in jail.


    • Geoff Lye = Talking Conmen…most former Presidents of the USA are conmen…examples, Bill Clinton with Jeffrey Epstein, George Bush Jr knowing the Iraq war was based on BS, Obama taking the USA into 7 wars, rather than the 2 wars from the previous President…so on.

  12. As always, Trump will find a way to make this indictment work in his favour. He’s going to make himself look like Nelson Mandela before this is over. “They’re trying to silence you, by silencing me!”. Sounds pretty good, right? I expect a massive MAGA resurgence come 2024.

    • MAGA factions have fractured and splintered as individuals have come to realise, and are realising, that path did not serve them. MAGA is in the past. Not even a mere blip on humanities timeline.

    • This dirty fucker that dares to use a revered revolutionary’s name should be banned from The Daily Blog forthwith–Nelson spent 18 of the 27 years he was incarcerated for fighting Apartheid on bleak Robben Island–most keyboarders here would be crying for mommy after one day!

      Mandela fought for justice, lies like this are a travesty of the original kaupapa of The Daily Blog.

  13. Let’s assume that Trump has indeed committed an offence: even so, he would not be facing the kind of campaign that he is if he were to simply play ball and go along with whatever The Machine dictated to him. The sole reason Trump has been subjected to a coordinated institutional campaign to discredit, delegitimise and even remove him from the scene is because he is not “one of them” (he is what you may call an “elite” but he has shown every indication of a willingness to do what is right for the Average Joe instead of Wall Street, which makes him a class traitor).

    Instead, what we have is The Machine doing all it can (and has been doing since even before Trump was elected in 2016) to prevent the popular will from derailing, even a little bit, the collective agenda of The Machine. You don’t have to like Trump to see what is going on and to see why it is happening. If someone comes along who is largely independent and has a huge popular following, then that is deemed to be an existential threat to the oligarch’s looting operation, and so someone like Trump must be negated at all costs, and even jailed on specious grounds if necessary. Banana Republic lawfare, in other words.

    • Before Lincoln there was no Republican party. It was founded during a crisis. I suspect that with the right team around her Tulsi Gabbard might upset the monopoly of the Republicrats.

      • Doubtful. She’s mobbed-up with the WEF just like all the rest of them. Whether or not he wins again, Trump’s greatest achievement has been to inspire and politicise a generation of young and youngish American men, to show them what is behind the neoliberal curtain and thus to see who actually pulls the strings in America, and therefore, what the problem with America really is. MAGA Boomers is one thing, but MAGA Zoomers will be the future.

  14. America, like Russia, China and the United Kingdom, are teetering on the very edge of a boring fartdom of oblivion.
    “I gotta gun! I gotta missile, I gotta a bomb… ” You also only gotta one planet and y’awl dicks fucked it. You dick-fucked our only planet for to buy that there V8 Puff-Wheezy to squirt between them traffic lights. Wow!
    Ask any chicken. ” Did you cluck the planet? The answer, to save you the trouble of interpreting Fowl would be “Nope siree be-gawk! ” Now. One could reasonably expect a chicken to give an honest answer. They’re merely chickens, what have they got to lose. They have no reason to lie because chickens are chickens. They have no agendas, they have no political contortions to fit within. They are, after all, the noble chicken. They’re cute, and they’re edible. That, is all chickens are. The noble role they play is within the pecking order of what’s edible, and of who does the eating.
    We humans are not even that. In the great scheme of things we’re spiritually invisible, an irrelevant bipedal species who’s minds confuse intelligence with cunning. If we were intelligent, I’d not be here writing this. I’d instead be in a paddock with a chicken being vegetarians. But oh no. Here I am. Witnessing a cavalcade, a congregation, and once drunk, an avalanche of stupid. The human American species particularly has become adept at being both the cannibal chicken and the predator. Consuming themselves to make good coin which surely exposes the myth that’s ‘wealth’. They made a pact with the Demons of their own making to be able to eternally devour themselves for a profit and for the dubious entertainment of the vegetarian chickens of the world. Is that the best that’s available to us? Is this it? I want my money back. I want to reacquaint myself with my inner chicken and I can only do that if I live in a world that’s hostile to my inner chicken. I like irony but that’s ridiculous. ( Peace. What a wondrous idea? What would we do with it? Nothing to fear, no one to hate, no one cower to. No one to see crying over a bullet riddled meat pack. No cocks, no cunts, no flex and pout. No rage, no hate, no fear. Only a little chicken can imagine that. ) Sos not sos. But I’m getting pissed.


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