The NZ media can’t self censor two social media wankers and then attack Jacinda for not criticising Iran 

But ‘they’re just living their best life, namaste’ doesn’t really cut it as a fucking defence does it?

Hold on, hold on, how on.

Let me start this romper stomper blog by making it crystal clear I’m not blaming Jacinda or the Government’s handling of these two smug rich elite wanker social media influencers being held hostage by a medieval Islamic cult.

What else could we do in this situation?

They were holding our bikini model and Billionaire’s grandson hostage, if we had criticised Iran for their dreadful attacks on protesting women and girls with the true vigour the moment demanded, these Iranian thugs know no level of violence that isn’t acceptable to their wrathful version of God.

So there wasn’t anything we could have done differently here, what is required now is a full throated attack and denouncement upon the Iranian regime for their cruelty and utter un-Islamic repression of their own citizens.

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The Islamic faith is a religion of peace and beauty, it is not this vile Medieval version that it has been mutated into thanks to the CIA, American coups and the Petroleum-Military Industrial Complex.

I’m conscious of the looming shadow of American oppression over Iran and acknowledge the role America’s heavy handed economic sanctions have had in the economic chaos enveloping Iran despite Iran signing the nuclear agreement in good faith.

I also acknowledge the friction point that Russia is building with Iran right now.

But that doesn’t justify murdering and killing women for not wanting to wear a headscarf!

What the Iranian mutation is doing right now is attacking, killing, abusing, beating, sexual assaulting, murdering girls and women for the mere audacity of personal autonomy.

If that isn’t denouncement worthy, what the fuck is the point of democracy and civil rights?

It’s why David Seymour needs to pull his head in and allow the motion condemning Iran right now.

It’s why Jacinda Ardern, on her immediate return from Antarctica, needs to hold a formal speech in a formal setting to denounce what the Iranian regime has done while meeting with the Iranian community to seek means to allow fleeing Iranian women to find asylum in NZ.

It’s why these smug rich privileged little arsehole social media wankers should be mocked and hassled for their bullshit living their best life scam funded by mummy and daddy to drive a half million dollar Jeep around the world to visit every country because namaste.

Fuck them!

What rich prick name is Topher anyway?

They were told NOT to go and literally did all the things they were told NOT to do!

Could you imagine the joy in the Iranians eyes when they realised who they had hostage?

The grandchild of a Billionaire who lives in one of the 5 Eye nations?

They would have all cried ‘Allah Akbar’, done a dance and laughed while Topher and his Bikini Model wellness social media entrepreneur go girl white feminism wife sat there looking confused as to why the Iranians were laughing so hard.

Their privilege meant we couldn’t condemn a country abusing human rights, these two smug wankers forced us to alter our foreign policy while someone probably paid a ‘donation’ into some Islamic charity that goes directly into the Iranian regimes bank accounts so let’s make sure these two are made a cautionary tale to every other rich smug NZ social media influencer who thinks doing it for the ‘gram is worth the risk of entering a country we have specifically told them not to enter!

Let’s just agree that from here on in, rich smug prick social media influencers are on their own if they are stupid enough to risk holidaying in a country that is shooting girls.

One part of this fiasco however is the need to discuss why the entire mainstream media self censored themselves by refusing to report on it, and ask the legitimate question, what else are they self censoring?

I’ve covered today a closed door meeting being held by academics who want censorship and the mainstream media who are supposed to be covering the 2023 election.

What other cosy arrangements are the elites making in terms of what is journalistically platformed and what is journalistically cancelled?

The other issue that needs to be raised is this disgraceful behaviour by some in the mainstream media to attack Jacinda over all of this.

The mainstream media all agreed to self censor these smug wankers being held hostage, yet they are in interviews attacking Jacinda for not being more critical of Iran when they knew the couple were being held hostage!

You can’t agree to self-censor yourself and then attack the PM for not being critical enough and asking pointed questions like ‘Is there another reason you aren’t being more critical’.

That’s outrageous!

You can’t self-censor the news and then demand the PM be up front about a story you yourself won’t run!

That’s bullshit cheap gotcha journalism.

Folks, the PM handled this as well as she could, she now needs to voraciously denounce Iran, these smug influencer pricks need to be given some public shaming so as to stop other smug influencer pricks pulling the same stunt, we have to explore how we can take in more refugees, but we also need to ask hard questions of the mainstream media and their self-censorship followed up with bullshit gotcha journalism.

Through all of this, let’s not forget, there are children, girls, women, men all being beaten and hurt and arrested, tortured and murdered all because they want the basic right to choose whether or not to wear a headscarf!

Our repugnance at that and our standing with the victims of it is paramount.

I’m less interested in 2 NZ rich prick smug social media influencers than I am in the people of Iran right now.


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  1. Kia ora,

    thanks for the so far only relevant article in our media about the “prick smug social media influencers” going Iran!
    Thanks Martyn, for so many relevant and informative blogs, over the years. It is so much appreciated.

  2. Nothing like living up to ones name. I can’t even imagine a more fitting name than Toffer Richwhite to describe the person. What a vulgar affair this whole incident is.

  3. Can’t you just pixelate the exhibitionist in her bikini? You’re doing exactly what she wants you to when she posts pictures of herself online, and there’s too much else happening. Thanks.

  4. I particularly like the paragraph in this accurate take on the matter in which Mr Bradbury describes the gleeful Iranians celebrating their illustrious ‘find’. It almost suggests that the prattish pair are traitors to their country and that deserves not just public humiliation (placing in stocks, flogging et al) but also deporting them to a more exciting place than New Zealand. They defied sound diplomatic advice, MFAT Travel Advisories and common sense. Such is their entitlement, they believed themselves infallible. The real problem is that will ‘influence’ the cerebrally challenged and others could follow suit.

  5. Sure, Ardern should have gone full frontal telling it as it needs to be said.

    Then the dumb duo would have got the worst of treatment, spent years locked in wrangling and maybe jail, and then Luxon, Gerry, Hosking and his other zb defectives would have been screaming from here to eternity.

  6. Agree Martyn. Some of these media companies don’t seem to hear themselves.

    As for the two people. I would just reiterate that we don’t tell people who ignore storm warnings and go out in boats to sod off if things go wrong so it’s a bit odd to say these two can rot in Iran. Most of that seems to be based on the fact they have money and one of them is smoking (it’s not Topher by the way). Surely, we are bigger than that.

    • We are poorer than that wheel. Get a life will you. Fronting up for the spoiled children of the rich is one of the millstones that drag us down at the bottom end where everyone is sinking in quicksand while the rescue vehicles go out for miss curvey and mr bold chest.

  7. things not to do in life…go to iran for clickbait then violate their rules and start crying like violated snowflakes when they get pissed off with you

    sidebar, our view of irans laws don’t come into it they are repressive but they are their laws and these douche canoes went their of their own accord…..presenting themselves as ‘freedom fighters’ will be the next manouver.

  8. “The Islamic faith is a religion of peace and beauty” – Yup looks like the women of Iran can’t get enough of it right now . .

  9. ” to seek means to allow fleeing Iranian women to find asylum in NZ ”

    Yes. But Adern will not do a Lange and impose a independent foreign policy as she has supped from the devils cup and will be told what to do and having no backbone she will comply.

  10. FYI – What is the meaning of the name Topher? The name Topher is primarily a male name of American origin that means Christ Bearer. Short form of Christopher. Topher Grace, actor.

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