The secret media meetings for political censorship of the 2023 election & why TDB can’t cover them


So I hear about this closed door meeting between the Disinformation Project and the mainstream media and I get immediately curious.

It’s odd that a closed door event like this gets circulated and I am curious as to know what the Disinformation Project and the Science Media Centre are telling News Producers and Journalists in the lead up to the 2023 election.

Many news organisations are juggling journalistic values of both sides of the debate with the academics who argue censorship to stop radicalisation.

It leads to the type of journalism like the middle class docudrama ‘Fire + Fury’ which only focuses on the feral qanon antivax fear grifters rather than Trevor Mallard’s actions to explain the violence on Parliament’s Lawns.

So I very much wanted to go and see exactly what it is the academics championing censorship were privately telling mainstream media and corporate news producers, so I applied on the 19th to enrol and go check it out.

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I didn’t hear anything all of last week, so followed up this week…


Booked out?

It went out on the 17th, I applied on the 19th. How could the entire event be booked out in only two days?

If The Daily Blog can’t go to hear what the academics want the mainstream media and corporate news media to censor, then shouldn’t we at least know what corporate media and mainstream media are going so that we know they might be self censoring?

We just learned that the entire NZ mainstream media self censored any coverage of rich white social media influencer wankers while our Government pulled punches on Iran.

Shouldn’t we at least know if the mainstream media and corporate news are self censoring particular opinions in the 2023 election?

We will continue to try and gatecrash this meeting, because elites shouldn’t be able to collude in public without backlash.


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  1. Seems NZ governance is going down a dark path.
    Nameless and faceless groups deciding what can/can’t be covered in MSM.
    I champion free speech, seems the faceless ones do not, and get to decide what I read/hear.
    This needs to be nipped in the bud pronto…if you can’t get an invite Martyn, at least stand outside and take a photo of everyone who booked a seat (more likely invited).
    Name and shame…..

    • NZ becomes more authoritarian and shady by the day to the point I find my own country’s machinations deeply disturbing

      • It’s NZ’s cultural revolution red guards posing as Green guards. Violence is only increasing in NZ, with these people in charge as they seem to want to control and force their message at all times.

        The majority of people hate the woke and the woke seem to destroy goodwill of anything they come into – the opposite of what they say they are preaching. aka Pride parade.

        • @SaveNZ “the opposite of what they say they are preaching.”

          The iron law of woke projection:
          Almost without exception, the woke perception and critique of society is exactly the society they are ushering in. Burning down the village in order to save it.

        • snz you’ve missed the nature of maos red guard they were for the overthrow of the buraucracy somewhat like the freedumb mob

    • This sort of censorship is already happening in mainstream media. I have lost count of the number of posts I have not had published when I have criticised or pointed out errors or blatant mistruths in articles published by Herald and Stuff.
      Have a go at criticising those that are called opinion writers, if you accuse them of fibbing, or being disingenuous or just using fudged facts you have about a 10% chance of getting it published. I have stopped reading Herald and cancelled sub because they are just so bad. Our local paper will publish letters critical of the local MP (labour) but not the local list MP(national) or the Mayor ( right wing business owner) .
      The biggest joke from them was publishing a letter critical of the DHB of the time for putting speed humps in their roadway for safety reasons while ignoring a letter I wrote about Mrs Kuriger and her conflict of interest while running an article about Ms Mahuta and her perceived as yet unproven conflicts.
      So censorship is alive and thriving in middle NZ.

  2. Now now Martyn. You know what Chatham House rules mean you couldn’t break the sacred covenant of the Professional Managerial Class and tell us anything about what is being plotted in these meetings. Surely you wouldn’t do that?

  3. Martyn I get that Mallard did the wrong thing but I think you are overlooking the reality that Trevor did not make these people “feral qanon antivax’ types. Those in that category turned up on the lawn like that.

  4. If you needed to know, you would have been told. However, we can’t tell you because of…
    A: Privacy concerns
    B: Commercial sensitivity
    C: Operational issues
    D: We don’t have that information available at this time

    If this does not satisfy you, you are welcome to file an OIA by hand writing a 50000 word essay in triplicate on “why you think we should give you the information” and posting it in the nearest waste receptacle. We will then send you a fully redacted version of the information within a suitable geological time frame.

  5. This is all part of the WEF agenda. They’re pushing for an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”, where the government and media work together to take complete control of “the narrative”. Jacinda was openly pushing for this at the UN a month or so ago which lead to this parody video (which I’m surprised is still up tbh, given that “Big Tech” firms like Google are very much at the bidding of “Big Government”, including China, which this satirical video of course is also taking a shot at):

    • Correct. The only thing we can hope for is a red wave in a couple of weeks time as the US revolts against the “great reset” and “build back better”.

    • Maybe they don’t realize it’s a parody 🙂 A bit like when Titania McGrath first appeared on twitter – her early tweets drew unironic reactions from both wokesters and conservatives.

      But I couldn’t watch for more than a few seconds – I voted for her in 2017, but now can’t bear the sight or sound of her.

    • Good post Nitrium.
      Amazed how little comment there has been following Jacinda Ardern’s appalling left wing control of free speech address at the UN.
      Overseas media stunned by her address.

  6. What happened to the promise of “Free and Transparent” Government, that now we have shadowy state powers possibly dictating terms to the media? This is the stuff of totalitarian nightmares. It reminds me of the banning of the CHCH shooters manifesto. I didn’t read it because I don’t want to go to jail for ever, but everyone who did read it seems to suggest it is a rambling heap of excrement that will inspire or influence no one. So why ban it? It made the Ardern Govt look like they were hiding something, or at best, that they thought the public were too stupid and gullible to be trusted to read it for ourselves.

    I see parallels between this ‘disinformation project’ and banning the manifesto. It gives the appearance of an arrogant Govt manipulating us ‘for our own good’, which is not the job Govt is supposed to be. They are supposed to work for us, not act like semi-divine infallible leaders.

  7. How ironic that the numbers of those interested in attending a meeting on censorship should be restricted.
    Censorship is about controlling the narrative. And don’t let anybody suggest that’s not been happening forever or that it’s not happening right now. Nor should we allow those calling for censorship to get away with any crap about it being necessary “in the public interest” – to protect us from “disinformation”. Indeed in the world of ‘black propaganda’ the deliberate posting of outlandish material is one of the very tools used to provoke censorship restrictions being instituted, to clear the field for total control of the narrative.
    Instead of censorship, what we need is a commitment to something really radical like; telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. If such a commitment were ever to become our media’s guiding light we would be far better informed and far less divided, and far better equipped to deal with those who would lead us to war. But of course it’s for that very reason that we can’t be allowed to have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. “Divide and rule” is the only maxim that matters to those who hold the reins and so it permeates every aspect of our lives, and will continue do so for as long as we allow it

    • Agree this is censorship in the extreme.
      Government wanting to control our lives instead of improving our lives.
      How did we get here?
      How do we get out?

      • What absolute gobshite Bob, I can see why you have the retard reputation on this site. Thank goodness for free speech in N.Z.

  8. Agree with everyone here, alarming and anti freedom of speech. I’ve always voted Labour or Greens every election and not sure I can tick them again.

    My biggest worry about Labeen is them creating so many fringe groups with big questions about their appointments, huge powers over others and the secrecy that they then demand.

    Too many unexplained ‘bullying’ examples of appointments in NZ, such as the strange case of Joanne Kidman now heading a committee about extremism when she seems to be an example of it, and the bizarre appointment process.

    Very unusual behaviour when the hiring committee then decides to hire themselves after ‘strange’ leaked reports knock out other people who can’t defend themselves with our MSM not being too worried about media standards.

    PM’s terrorism, extremism expert Prof Richard Jackson hired then dropped

    “Kidman and Spoonley were two of four people on the hiring panel put together by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet that chose Jackson as the preferred candidate. Kidman was appointed for three years and Spoonley for a year as an interim co-director.”

    Documents released through the OIA material show Jackson was one of six chosen from an initial field of 28 applicants who interviewed for the role in November.

    Kidman and Spoonley helped select Jackson as the preferred candidate from the short-list of six people. The others on the appointment committee were DPMC’s strategic coordinator for counter terrorism in the National Security Group, Andy George, and National Security senior policy adviser Julia Macdonald.

    Jackson was invited for a second interview on November 23, the same date the panel and DPMC had decided to shift the role to one with co-directors. The OIA material showed Jackson was told this and agreed to it at the second interview.

    Then, on December 17, Kidman expressed an interest in the job herself. She applied on January 20. The DPMC summary of events provided to the Herald said: “Once her application was received, she was immediately removed from the selection panel and played no further part in any selection decisions.”

    An article penned by Siousxie Wiles and published on has been found to have breached media standards.

    Note at least one of the professors has already resigned from this job. This is how woke mobs and media without standards seem to operate in NZ, these days.

  9. Oh well Mart, you’ll just have to follow that time honoured NZ tradition and get some old mate to leak it for you.

    Surely Hooten will be going, although he has probably been banned for life by this stage! Be interesting to know if Yvonne van D gets to go or whether her free speech article in North and South has made her PNG with the powers that be.

  10. But Martyn, you’re probably considered “far-right adjacent” because you’ve published several articles on The Platform.

  11. Of course there will be a gag clause for those attending. There will be a confidentiality agreement to sign when registering. But now that Martyn has aired this hopefully it will grow legs and people become more aware of what is really going on.

  12. ” How ironic that the numbers of those interested in attending a meeting on censorship should be restricted.
    Censorship is about controlling the narrative ”

    Ah Bomber I would definitely pursue this ! Once again this stinks and it should not be allowed to ” disappear ”
    into the neo liberal graveyard !!!

    • It’s being run under Chatham House Rules so the participants and censored before it begins.

  13. I suggest you report them to NZSiS Chief Ketteridge immediately or one of her gangs listed below.

    Tell her that its a highly motivated well funded group of well organised professionals meeting in plain sight!
    They demonstrate and show the characteristics (50), as listed in the influencer stuff article.

    Mainly academics, and nobodies, pretend journalists and ‘karens’ from the burbs with extreme political views of how the world should be. Woke that is.
    Theyre projecting their woke views in society and onto our kids by narking on them in school!

    They should be monitored closely and their funding should be cut off!

    The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)
    The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
    The NSG (National Security Group)
    The Police Intelligence Unit
    The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
    The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
    The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
    The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
    The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
    The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
    The NRU (National Risk Unit)
    The NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

  14. If you read Finn Flynn’s excellent Post here : you will notice two things re the above topic. Firstly, global heating, which will lead to Global Oh Fuck No’s! Secondly, Flynn mentions the rich yanks lining up to come here or are here already, as in thiel etc. The yanks will want a bleached white earth policy ahead of them arriving so as they won’t have to share the front row seats to the destruction of what they believe is their planet with we hoi polloi who will suffer the most. Do you know of any low paid of WINZ ‘client’ with a Gulf Stream and a dooms day bunker? No, is probably your answer.
    Everyone here is entitled to know about everything here and that fucking so called secret media meeting should be disrupted in a vigorous and strident fashion by all of us. Or better still ! Let them in to the building, then don’t let them out. And here’s another thing. There’s no underground rebel movement here. There’s no extremism lurking, waiting to pounce. That’s all bullshit. The most radical anti-government movement was a few farmers driving tractors while being waved at by their mums. Ooooooooo….. scary! Lets then ban people from gathering anywhere at anytime for any reason. Them old grannies can get feisty ya know and lets not forget the Urewera raids.
    They set up two unlawful road blocks in Ruatoki and Taneatua, detained innocent people and searched private property while hunting for people they believed were involved in military-style training camps in Te Urewera Ranges.
    The thing is, that right now, we should all be very, very concerned about our enduring steerage of our AO/NZ. and now would be an extremely wise move for Maori and Non Maori to join hands against what will certainly be a play for the ownership of our Aotearoa / New Zealand. King Charlie? Got a minute?

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